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Pornographic VideogamesAnonymous
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As the Subject line indicates this is a thread for mentioning and discussing vidya that have explicit sexual, erotic and overall pornographic content.

I feel they've become much more mainstream in more recent years with things like porno games with actual budgets and gameplay appearing on heavily used digital marketplaces like Steam.

Corruption of Champions is a mostly text-based erotic game and CoC2 appearing on Steam is an instance of something that caught me extremely offguard considering the degenerate content of them
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image:162602380328.png(865kB , 1024x576 , 0dc1dd1558ebfaeae9dfa7f8a9b00f3d_original.png)
SUBVERSE is another example also on Steam, though still in early access.
Much more graphical and animated in this case as you might expect a porn game made by Studio FOW, though apart from just sex it also seems to have made an effort in gameplay in having a shoot-em-up space fighter section and a ground combat XCOM-tactical experience with the various bitches you can fuck being units.
- - -

Despite these particular examples you don't have to only bring up modern games that appear on normie outlets like Steam in this thread.
Also talk about classic examples of filth near & dear to your hear that showed up on ancient computers, were indie-made in rpgMaker and/or have to be translation patched from Nippon to grasp the deep and meaningful story for why you are raping innocent schoolgirls and divine maidens.
This thread is fine here, but don't forget to use the NSFW tag when appropriate.
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image:162638291695.jpg(229kB , 780x1100 , 258709-viper-v16-windows-front-cover.jpg)
Does plus4chan not like pornography in their vidya?
we like them, it's just that there's not too many people to discuss them here.

I liked that Dune based game, the one that played like the first PC game from Cryo. Even used the same menu in early versions, until the author revamped it.
>that Dune based game
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Behind the Dune.
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image:162645319214.jpg(187kB , 1280x720 , eva dating sim newgrounds.jpg)
Back in my day when you searched for some game online to desperately masturbate to this is what we had.
Yeah, well, I too remember the days of yore, when we were swapping bootleg divx cds of La Blue Girl.
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image:162662439426.png(366kB , 640x480 , 1626619856378.png)
>La Blue Girl
>appearing on heavily used digital marketplaces like Steam.
Is there any other good places to find porno games? Used to follow a blog for a project making their own game but it got cancelled presumably for having /ss/ content.
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image:162697837688.jpg(296kB , 1024x683 , rqrer.jpg)
Seen 'cosplayers' of the girls from Subverse on social media.
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image:162699929697.jpg(5kB , 1024x576 , House Party teaser.jpg)
House Party is THE MOST normie porn game of normie porn games. Was reminded of it recently because they are teasing upcoming content that will feature someone from real life ingame as a gimmick. Porn star maybe?
Played it
Pretty good
You can punch Arin from Game Grumps in the face
This is an rpg I've been following on-and-off for years now, its still been getting worked on and new content added to it in all that time.
GoG has started adding adult games to their store including >>420300
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image:163008011380.jpg(319kB , 683x1024 , tentacles.jpg)
Subverse is live on Good Old Games
unless you are German of course
So it seems the China army of soulless internet shills are getting themselves all in a tizzy over the game Subverse.

They were offended in some minor way and now are on a spampage trying to get people fired and generally proving themselves the engrish-spewing blight of the internet.
Japanese porn games seem too overly obsessed with raping chicks, making sex into a negative thing and often even a 'fail state'.
Why the obsession with violent force or corruption instead of being a happy activity that people actively choose to engage in together.
So the game is on Steam now, only the SFW version for some reason. You have to do the classic thing of downloading the patch elsewhere which puts all the porno content back in the game. No idea why they did that. So bizarre.
A bit too much piss and shit in terms of content.
That part can be turned off. I don't mind the piss part though, especially given that it's Dune, where your first task is getting suits that convert your own pee to drinkable water so you can live 1 day longer in the desert.
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image:163978669506.png(1.36MB , 1426x812 , Karryn's Prison.png)
People are talking quite alot about this new game that came out recently.
Apparently it actually has in-depth gameplay. Not checked it out personally because the content doesn't really appeal to me.
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image:164200773474.jpg(358kB , 1643x1460 , 1639471218458.jpg)
Anyone actually made use of nudity and sex mods in non-porno game?

Often seems like too much effort to go through.
Yeah, they are just too much trouble, and most of the time they look horrible. Unless it's something like a decensor patch for something that was already there just obscured, and that's usually just for games which are meant to be pornographic (but they censored it for Steam or something).
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image:164564042933.png(2.01MB , 1709x966 , 321413241234.png)
Its weird when a porn game being sold on a major marketplace just has characters taken directly from a major franchise with maybe a different name slapped on them.
>with maybe a different name slapped on them.
That's not actually weird though, that's how parodies worked for decades. If the character is mostly the same except maybe different shade of hair and a different name, then it is a different character and does not infringe on the trademark. The amount of difference required depends on the legal muscle of the original IP owner (you probably wouldn't want to try it with Disney).
It's why you have so many chink knockoff brands too - technically, they are legal.

Porn parodies have also used that rule for so long. You can't use Super Mario Brothers, but you can use Super Hornio Brothers. It's why Nintendo had no legal way from stopping that VHS era Mario porn parody from circulating, other than outright buying up the rights for Super Hornio Brothers. So Nintendo technically owns the rights for a Ron Jeremy porn flick.
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image:164683008484.png(1.23MB , 1024x819 , 1646771839489.png)
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image:164932114190.jpg(66kB , 616x353 , 1.jpg)
...who even is this chick?
>Unless it's something like a decensor patch for something that was already there just obscured
>(but they censored it for Steam or something)
Hate games that do that shit when putting their product on storefronts that sell explicit and totally uncensored content right next to them, like on Steam for one. Its just needless complication.
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image:165117547945.jpg(39kB , 512x288 , FRc8JQ0XMAEuBiV.jpg)
I personally appreciate alien shortstack milfs
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image:165453844392.jpg(151kB , 1280x720 , 4533.jpg)
They are starting on making a sequel to House Party named "Office Party".
This seems somewhat jumping the gun since they haven't even finished all of the major features for the first game, like being able to choose a female playable character.

Human Hacker Girl fanart.
Speaking of this, can anyone share the latest version?
What is the latest version?
I played the game ages ago but can't even remember where I got it from.
>Corruption of Champions
CoC2 just had a big revamp done on the combat gameplay part of its rpg system. Not sat down an played it yet so don't know how huge a change it is in practice
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image:165618984079.jpg(2.06MB , 3338x1874 , 23432423.jpg)
In talk of adult games and their availability, one called Orc Massage just got region-locked on Steam for anyone living in South Korea.
No Orc masseur action for you, SKooks.
You could put a Soul Calibur logo on that and I'd believe it's from that game.
As one of the goofy looking CACs people make or because Ivy Valentine had turned blue for some reason?
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image:165712053212.png(549kB , 1232x706 , BoneTown Second Coming.png)
Anyone ever played BoneTown? Its an old-school western porn game that awhile back got redone and rereleased with more content.

Alot of it looks cheap, low-rent and low-brow but that's probably to be expected by its age and the sort of people that produced it.
They also made a game called BoneCraft.
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image:165713645728.jpg(201kB , 1700x600 , THOTevolution.jpg)
Those designs remind of Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude.
Its probably made by a group of people with the same mindset as them, though instead of being a classic adventure game its more a straight-up fuckfest with some action/exploration gameplay on the side.
Looking up the game and finding out that Ron Jeremy shows up in it... which led me to finding out the current state of said famous porn star... Shit's completely fucked.
They got around to adding the female PC to house party. Honestly going back to it the new content is alright but the game doesn't grab me like when I was first playing it, sex animations are alot more jank than I remember. Doubt I'd bother paying for a second game by the same people.
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image:165889842038.jpg(183kB , 1280x720 , 1658778448665840.jpg)
Why does a shitty NTR game get to have such high quality art?
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image:165912895409.jpg(1.74MB , 1280x2276 , 1658620030.jpg)
Uh, this is some bizarre-ass crossover news and there's no better place to mention it than here.

Black Lagoon is getting a crossover with the Taimanin series in a video game called Taimanin RPGX.
【ブラックラグーンコラボ】第10回対魔忍RPG公式放送youtube thumb

Now its just some adult japan-only gacha-shit rpg game, but when you run into weird stuff like this you feel the need to tell someone about it.
For all the gritty content of the Black Lagoon setting you wouldn't expect it to interact with a porn series in this direct a manner.
Subverse - Sova Release Traileryoutube thumb
Her voice acting reminds me of Toot from Drawn Together
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image:165928282083.png(403kB , 1026x800 , 1659267017040012.png)
Jubilee is being added to Onis Rogue-Like.
>Onis Rogue-Like
Tell me more about it?
It's a buggy ren'py game set in the world of the X-men Evolution cartoon, you are a kid whose power is to negate the powers of others. You are newly admitted to Xavier's school, and paired up with Rogue, who you can work on picking up since your power allows you to negate her death touch. As you progress, you meet more girls (X-23, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Storm, and apparently now Jubilee).

The idea is of course to woo each girl until you can bed them. The twist is that you can do that in multiple ways; either via traditional romance, or by abusing their sex drive, or by making them submissive. Each one unlocks a different bunch of things you can do with them, from telling them how to dress to kinky sex/exhibitionism to teaming up against Xavier.
I don't know if there's any end-game beyond having all the girls conquered to the point where they go around naked in the school and have threesomes in public or during class.
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image:165953833655.gif(613kB , 640x400 , viper strapon orgy.gif)
Viper is like some of the Oldest Skool of stuff you would find when looking up hentai on the early internet.

Browsed so much 'free sections' of hentai sites on the family computer without knowing about deleting search history. My mom must have found out but she never said anything.
man I still have a lot of videos of the games, someone on Share (or was it Perfect Dark) put up a full compiled capture series of basically every game.
Do you have an idea on how many different Viper games there actually were? Like I remember the one where the redhead waitress was the main character, then another one that was fantasy-based and seemed to revolve mostly around the pink haired elf chick being raped by various monsters.
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image:166040171592.jpg(137kB , 1024x576 , hilde-soulcalibur-iv-screenshot-1024x576.jpg)
Looking back on it was actually pretty funny, the female character designs got so over the top they specifically chose one new woman and decided as a team "This one character will be dressed respectably in terms of appearance"

And even for Hilde over time in each following instalment her breastplate morphs further and further into being titty armor.
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image:166040183932.jpg(168kB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg)
>Hilde as a dlc character in SC VI
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image:166084890269.jpg(147kB , 1014x998 , Jessica Bodypillow.jpg)
Behind the Dune has physical merch? The Fuck?
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image:166177305197.jpg(221kB , 1920x921 , ss_9ed95c27e49eef11026e0182499bd384fba794e6.1920x1080.jpg)
Are people into Slime girls?

I'm getting news updates about this new game (Slime Girl Smoothies) because of some other I'm currently following on Steam.
Seems a bit too freaky for my tastes.
>ren'py game
Is ren'py a good thing to make games with? It is basically rpgmaker for visual novels right.
The devs are really pushing this bitch (as paid DLC) through their news updates.
If she turns out not to be fuckable because she's a real-life celebrity/singer that's going to be a goddamn travesty.
She's confirmed to not be fuckable. Just 'romanceable'.

>Alright folks.

>We are still finalizing the Doja Cat content, which is why we've been a bit quiet on this. We've worked closely with Doja Cat and her management, and Doja Cat herself has had direct involvement with the development of the DLC as well as the story. Doja Cat is a real person, and just like the other characters in House Party that are based on real people, there will be limitations of her character based on the individual's particular comfort level.

>That being said, as it stands currently, there will be a romance scene in Doja Cat's story that adheres to the above statement, and her story content will fall into line with House Party's silly and crude humor. If you are looking solely for additional graphically explicit content, we've got you covered with some future DLC packs we have planned.

You are literally just paying them money to have some shit rapper shilled at you.
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image:166366472822.png(3.4MB , 1920x1080 , Tina is a wrestler.png)
>A fighting game where all the characters compete in the nude, just like the ancient greeks woulda done
Shilling this here because I like the artists work.

it looks like the art pack is available on their patreon in case you don't want the game.
Not going to fault you for it anon.
Looks decent enough, may or not may not pick it up in the future.
They just announced further updates for this, upgrading the engine and adding a "Fetish DLC" that plans to include multiple partner and gay content as options.

Kind of weird to put all that work into such an old game.

(Also announced a crossover with another porn game called 'Shady Lewd Kart', in the form of a racetrack and cart based off Bone Town added to that)
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image:166619489596.png(1.54MB , 1080x1080 , 768f1932e3b39a44cfc3b0495e56e0164e134db9.png)
They're doing it again with another "minor celebrity".
Although this time they've at least learned enough from their mistake that are confirming from the beginning that the dlc will have porn content.
They are also adding outfit dlc to the game, to change what the NPCs at the party wear.
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image:166670050128.jpg(219kB , 1729x946 , ss_c6844d28e007f10b323a98090ee49b455715853b.jpg)
lol there's a new dark gothiky-horror porn game coming to Steam, Book of Korvald, where you play as a demon-possessed Viking sage.

Some of the screenshots shown off as part of the announcement or on their store page are 'interesting'.
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image:166727331105.jpg(1.06MB , 1920x1080 , FgcXXm7XgAAijYi.jpg)
Heh, a Halloween image from the Subverse devs.
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image:166748814256.jpg(648kB , 1920x1080 , ss_885f543749367ed82b3447c42b3b2dcac1bed472.jpg)
There's a game called Sex Chess coming out soon.
Because that's what the sport of chess was always missing, nudity and sex scenes.
Wouldn't mind jumping into that lot.

anon, sex is as competitive as any other sport. Combining the two isn't too far out of an idea.
There's not a Sex Olympics.
Not correct. There were several.
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0197343/ - Carnal Olympics
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0134960/ - Sexual Olympics 1
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1411919/ - Pornolympics: the Anal Games
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image:166893202389.jpg(175kB , 1920x1080 , ss_74d9277f53d293182446931c5f63edddd6aebe0d.jpg)
Why is there so many games popping up on Steam nowadays that use the combination of nudity/sex and the torturous afterlife realm of Hell to try and sell themselves?
It sucks when you click on what seems like it might be a promising game of an erotic nature, then it turns out to be corroded with shit like NTR... or feetfaggotry.
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image:167010365627.jpg(427kB , 1919x1079 , dyel.jpg)
People need low-quality shovelware so they can live out their impossible escapist fantasy of... going to the gym, doing some exercise and actually getting fit enough to attract a woman.
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image:167010373587.jpg(466kB , 1919x1079 , workout.jpg)
Why not just go Home Gym Master Race.
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image:167302221055.jpg(183kB , 668x900 , Bustyfy Dune hotties.jpg)
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image:167494101997.png(988kB , 1600x400 , stUHnV.png)
Did people ever yearn for the combination of rhythm games and porn?
This actually looks pretty good but I fucking suck at the genre.
There's nothing wrong with porno games in a general sense and they should be openly sold, but there is one downside into them being added to a mainstream marketplace like Steam. Specifically that it has led to such an increase in the tide of cheap low-effort shovelware being dumped into the listings, with the fact that poorly animated sex or still images of bitches naked/being fucked is its only selling point, where you can tell from even just seeing the name and store icon alone the lack of quality due to them all sharing the same commonalities.
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image:168090346202.jpg(115kB , 1000x1500 , 36743576.jpg)
Hmm, is Liz Katz popular? To be entirely honest I have no familiarity with any specific cosplayers/porn stars in real life.
My browsing of 3dpd pornography is very much a generic scattershot affair.
Steam is being silly buggers at the moment. Random games are having community content blurred out all of a sudden and it isn't letting me change the settings to fully display them.

It isn't strictly just porn games, being any that have a hint of nudity or sexual content but some seem far too mild to warrant it.
Not a big deal since nothing serious is being blocked but still weird, did a new update go through recently or something?
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image:168849558455.jpg(138kB , 1280x960 , kas.jpg)
Well shit.
>Corruption Of Champions II
With the power of modern technology fans don't even need the creators to milk them via physical merchandise of their waifus, they can milk themselves!