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image:143508887800.png(1,013kB , 1678x835 , Nintendo_amiibo_Lineup.png)
Amiibo Thread
Who's store is still selling only Wave 1 Amiibo and none of the other waves
Literally every store I've seen only has like. Mario, Luigi and Bowser. Sometimes Peach from the Smash line.

I want a Samus.
T4 was here
I got Pit and DK cheep during the first week of Game's death sale, go me!
But try smaller toystores, they may have been overlooked.
I know my walmart only has Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Pikachu and Kirby. the only other amiibo they have are the super mario world line but no toad not even in the display and sonic, They just started selling megaman this week and I bought toon link and he has not been sold since they need to start selling the other waves already there not even selling the Splatoon amiibo.

I Want a pacman, dedede and charizard, but my Walmart needs to start selling them first
oh an I want a Inkling Girl also but like I said my Walmart needs to sell them first
I only have Shulk. I managed to get him when someone else didn't pick up their pre-order at a different Gamestop, and the guy at the one I went to had it brought down and held it for a day for me.

I have no real interest in amiibo (I'll probably pick up some of the common, used ones at some point), but I'm a big Xenoblade fan so I asked if they had any on a whim.
I don't plan on getting any amiibos but I will say I actually really like the idea of physical DLC. It comes with all the same benefits a physical copy of a game has over a digital one, those benefits being you can sell it later on or bring it to a friends house instead of having it locked to your system (my buddy brought over his Link amiibo and it gave the spinner weapon to both our copies of Hyrule Warriors, which is pretty rad). There's still potential for abuse with this form of DLC, like arbitrarily restricting content that otherwise would have been free, but I still see it as much better than exclusively digital DLC.

So far I haven't seen any amiibo bonuses that actually seem worth getting to me, and I don't really like how they give you little bonuses across many different games rather than a sizable amount of new content for one game. Still, if other companies start using physical DLC in the future I'd be happy, especially if there are options between getting these figurine type ones, or paying less just for the stand as a physical carrier for the in-game content without the figurine. Or just buying digitally for even less.

I'm just kind of surprised I haven't seen other people talk about it from this angle. Or maybe they have and I just haven't seen it? Usually I only see people talk about the collection aspect of amiibos but a major game publisher pushing a different format of DLC seems like a pretty big deal to me, and this (imo more important) side of things seems to have been downplayed. If I were part of Nintendo's marketing I'd be pushing the pro-consumer angle of this pretty hard.
>I don't really like how they give you little bonuses across many different games rather than a sizable amount of new content for one game.
I actually prefer it that way. If an amiibo was more-or-less tied to a single game, then once you lose interest in that game the amiibo just becomes another figurine. By being able to use it across multiple games, you get more value out of the amiibo. Plus, with that focus you don't have large portions of games locked away behind amiibo connectivity.
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image:143518537100.jpg(121kB , 1494x354 , Img_5094.jpg)
I picked up a Toad.
your veary lucky my Walmart are not even selling toad or the splatoon amiibos toad is not even in the super mario world amiibo display
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image:143520425400.png(29kB , 290x300 , 1260576212282.png)
I only have a Villager and a Megaman at the moment. Both very high quality and I'm very happy with them. I hope to get a Greninja by christmas. Fingers crossed!
I don't think I'd mind amiibo's so much if Nintendo actually made more than 30 before canning a model.
Kind of want that hybrid skylander/amiibo Bowser.
I kind of want him and his clown plane
who is going to get a yarn yoshi amiibo and a mario maker amiibo
why are walmart stores only selling wave 1 amiibo?
T4 was here
Hopefull if Toys for Bob handles the distribution it will be easy to get.

And what are the odd that they will other Nintendo figures?
There are more elements to go after all~
Man, the amiibo shelves at all the local stores just get smaller.
but the amiibo at my walmart just stay the same with wave 1
when are walmart stores going to sell the other waves of amiibo and not just wave 1 and super mario world amiibo?
T4 was here
Atlest your super markets has them at all.
T4 was here
But Gamestop and Media Market keeps getting "most" of the new stuff.
See the Wooliy Yoshi's, Jigglypuff and Gannodorf today.

And at the CSS gameclub I met a guy who just pulled Little Mac, Lucario, Cap Falcon and fucking Dark Pit out of his backpack.
To bad it was closing time so we could not have an amiibo fight.
I just found out that my Target store are selling the splatoon amiibo even the 3 pack but the shelves are sold out all they have right now are wave 1 mario, wave 2 luigi, super mario world bowser, luigi, peach and yoshi and zelda and 1 diddy kong
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image:143628685300.png(8kB , 591x361 , Screenshot 2015-07-07 at 11.31.51 AM.png)
To be fair, this is not unusual for Skylanders.
That's what being a collector entails. If you want to get EVERYTHING, meaning every shitty "special edition" and re-color, you gotta pay out your nose for it. That this is somehow new and shocking to Nintendo fans is just baffling.
I don't think the baffling part is paying $100, I think it's paying $100 for a game designed for a nearly-10-year-old system that hasn't been heavily marketed at all for years and hasn't been supported for at least a year.

Granted, you will be able to play it on the Wii U (I assume), but it still seems silly.
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image:143629747500.jpg(187kB , 1280x973 , wiisgbundle.jpg)
That's how I got my blue nunchuk!
 I just bought the last megaman amiibo that my walmart had and the plastic was open and it looked like someone tryed to closed it back up with tape
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image:143638881200.jpg(318kB , 1632x1224 , Img_5127.jpg)
I managed to find a Sonic!
I thought I had lost my chance, so I'm quite happy to have completed Red, Blue and Yellow.
it's easy to find a sonic at my walmart with wave 1 and the super mario world amiibo minus toad. I just want my walmart to start selling Pacman already
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image:143700885000.gif(132kB , 320x320 , 1276667341082.gif)
I only sort of want the pixel mario amiibo.
Like, if they happen to have it when I'm there, then rad.
I know I want the pixel mario also but only if my walmart will sell it with the wave 1 and super mario world amiibo that they have been selling since the day they came out in the usa
T4 was Here on android!
Ah man I got real lucky at Media Market today.
Both Cap and Marth for only 179kr apiece.
T4 was here on PSVita
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image:143713648100.jpg(75kB , 640x360 , 2015-07-17-143318.jpg)
cake wars on the food network channel is doing a thing for mario maker
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image:144073704600.jpg(57kB , 847x468 , CNeCVhyVAAAKXl_.jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=CBI9kvbaQVQyoutube thumb

Arin actually hinted about this in one of the Super Mario Galaxy episodes.

//youtube.com/watch?v=NNDVLPuilcwyoutube thumb
The pose of the amiibo and the pose of the artwork are different, that's not how amiibo packaging works!!
>Certain other characters from outside Nintendo, like Pac-Man, have already joined the lineup of figures. But what makes Shovel Knight different, as Nintendo confirmed that night, is that Yacht Club is manufacturing and distributing the Shovel Knight Amiibo, and Nintendo has simply granted the developer a license to put the Nintendo brand and the Amiibo name on the figure.

who wants a Shantae amiibo that unlocks content in the new half genie hero game
Only if it's stuff like costumes ir alt skins.
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image:144115709100.jpg(86kB , 816x612 , Img_5257.jpg)
I got a Captain Falcon!
Could I successfully expand original 8 to 12??
Amiibos are such a con.

But what is worse than being overpriced piece of plastic that are required to unlock content in games is Nintendo doesn't even do the work to make them available to buy in the first place, with so many being Out Of Stock.