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>"You shut your mouth."

And so it begins, Evolve general.
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People still play Evolve? Did they ever balance it?

Kraken is really the most notable thing right now that needs to be balanced, but in general, the game is pretty fine.

I wish, though, they would add more protection, strangely some monster players seem to have waaaaaaaaay too much of a perfect sight to aim quite perfectly their attacks following the micro footprints when cloaked, the jetpack's flames while cloaked to land precise airshots, and not having trouble at all with Slim's spores while in them. Makes more sense now why the devs disabled the use of console commands after release.
Thirteen !!kQlIMDjk9sG
I get such mixed messages every time I hear people talk about Evolve. Three out of four times I hear them bitch about it, how unbalanced it is, how inconoetent the other players are and so on. And whenever I ask if they enjoy the game, they always say it's a really fun game and I should get it. What's up with that?

In your first 2 sentences, it's your average pub play, can be fun or can be frustrating. Also, Kraken.
For the last, it is pretty enjoyable, at least it is for me.

The game has an essense of competitiveness, so you really don't find people messing around usually beyond selecting characters that might not have the best synergy with the rest of the team when playing as hunters, but they want to play.
And there is still the situation of players matched with different skill levels, but hopefully that will change once they introduce matchmaking based on ranks, which I believe it will make it less frustrating for everyone.
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>Season Pass 2

Ok, now this is pure bullshit. As if waiting for long periods weren't enough, 2K gets here with its usual things, but now full of rampant shit.
I'm really sorry for the devs, the game has great potential, but overpriced stuff and content that should be in the game by default THAT isn't there? That's a real killer for me, no thanks.
Also, season pass my ass, it's just another way for 2k to say "another DLC bundle".
Well this is a game like Destiny that was built up as a DLC sinkhole. Such a shame really.