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Charts in spaaaceAnonymous
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I beseech you, servants of the Imperium, for help. "Stars of Inequity" for Rogue Trader has some very fun planet generation rules. Of course, these rules are stretched across miles of paper and there is no consolidated chart segment in the book. Does /cog/ know of any simple random number tools I could use to autogen planets using preestablished charts? I definitely don't want to spend hours rolling d% in front of my players, and I don't want to do it in advance because discovery should be spontaneous and pull in the players with novelty and mystique. I was thinking maybe a VisualBasic program or something similar for the tables--any ideas?
I know the thread is old, but just in case you are still around here somewhere and haven't solved your problem, I might just write a simple program for that. From how you describe it, it sounds simple enough. I know nothing about the game itself though so maybe there is something not immediately apparent that could be an obstacle.

So, from how I see it, you just need a number of parameters to be randomly picked from pre-established ranges, some of which (the individual parameters, not the ranges) may affect availability of parameters in other ranges.
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