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So, with Hearthstone out a while now, are there any lol cards on the internets yet?
Who actually talks like that? Are you someone's dad?
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>trying out other people's YGO decks
>find a Fish deck
>modify it a bit
>try it out
>"Holy shit this kicks ass and it's really fun and not meta!"
>half the cards are OCG only

It makes no fucking sense. OCG has exclusive cards. Ok, well that's just fine, but why is it illegal to use those cards in TCG tourneys if I have an English translation on hand? You can use TCG cards in OCG tourneys as long as you have a moonrunes translation, so why can't the reverse be true? Both TCG and OCG are the EXACT SAME GAME with the EXACT SAME RULES.

>Arbitrary bullshit rules
There's your problem.
Because Konami doesn't care about Yugioh's quality as a game, only about how much money they can squeeze out of kids by repeating the print broken shit -> ban it -> print more broken shit cycle forever.