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image:140563096100.jpg(97kB , 722x497 , Best trailer.jpg)
So what are some off yours favorit game trailers?

One of mine is:
Phantasy Star Online Episode I…youtube thumb
Its just screams adventure in a whole new world. (I know its the intro too but it is what played on old gamecube demo stations, remember those?)

Also I have been wanting to make this thread for ages(years maybe) and now I finally found a good starting pic, joy!
T4 was here
And this one is just haunting.
Resident Evil: Outbreak official traileryoutube thumb
DA MUSIC! So creepy, I love it~
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Dead Island: Official Announcement Traileryoutube thumb
Dead Island Backwards Trailer - Live Actionyoutube thumb

T’was a goddamned shame that the game didn’t even come close to being as fucking amazing as its trailer.
Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 2010 Trailer [HD]youtube thumb

I recall watching the E3 trailer for Deus Ex Human Revolution, and thinking "damn, I want to play as that guy".
Crawl Greenlight Trailer (HD)youtube thumb

With a trailer like this, it's no wonder this got greenlit the same day it was put up. Shame it got delayed.
I remember watching that trailer and thinking "Damn, this would make a badass movie."
T4 was here
Still cant belive they put this trailer on the demo when its the better one of the two.
E3 Trailer -- Official Transfo…youtube thumb
Well if it sold more copy maybe...
Darc Discordia !!VzpfrKjhXFf
Wolfenstein: The New Order - A…youtube thumb
Doesn't get much better than this.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Happy that game surprised so many. Went way deeper feels than most thought it would. I really want another.
I think it went too far with the grim and gritty compared to previous games. I'm surprised it isn't n a separate continuity.
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image:140596357500.jpg(126kB , 608x800 , Bundesarchiv_Bild_146III-373,_Modell_der_Neugestaltung_Berlins_('Germania').jpg)
Yea focused on some shocking accurate alternate history bits in there. Because the Berlin we saw parts of what what they wanted to design as the world capital. Would have loved to have gotten into that building for a mission. Architects and Engineers have said that dome would have been so massive that its environmental control systems (Heat/AC?Etc) Would have created its own climate and weather inside the building. I hope we get a Sequel, Maybe Focusing on the Son of BJ if not him saved by the Black Sun Dimension Critters and spat out later.