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image:139968253000.jpg(23kB , 348x242 , TBFPcomedyoferrors.jpg)
Let's Play general

TBFP plays Resident Evil 4 is more hilariously terrible than The Last of Us.

Pat & Matt for some bizarre reason are under the absurd impression the TMP is useless and sell all of it's ammunition despite it being one of the most useful guns in the game.

It's especially funny because of how much trouble they had with the El Gigante when it's weak to the TMP.
You can do without it Tiki
Right, but it makes the game way harder than it needs to be.
Penguin God
It really is the easiest gun to get rid of, there's not nearly enough ammunition for it to justify itself compared to the others.
>using anything but the Striker, BAR, and Punisher
Full-on pleb.
Umm, what? They hand you TMP ammo like candy, it has the most assured ammo locations of anything next to the handgun and is the most plentiful ammo in the game and it has X4 damage against Navistadors, Dogs, El GiGante, U3 & Jack Krauser.
However it also chews through that ammo rapidly. The ammo stacks at a low Damage/Round count and it's the least interesting of the guns.

I personally don't like the Red9 due to the necessity of a stock and prefer the base Handgun.
Yeah I've never liked the TMP either.
Wow, I'm amazed at this honestly, to each their own I guess, but just so we're clear makes it WAAAAAY easier in a lot of places.
Penguin God
I admit it's good for bosses, it's just inferior at dealing with regular troops which a lot of people find far more important. It doesn't do enough damage and it's not accurate enough, so just shooting kneecaps and heads with a handgun or rifle while farther and crowd control with the shotgun at closer range ends up much more effective.
If you're not gong to bother using the TMP then not wasting money buying it (and possibly the stock), not wasting money upgrading it, and selling all the ammo you come across for a small profit does give you more dosh to upgrade your other weapons.

Plus it saves space in the case for other things I guess.
We interrupt this RE 4 thread for a quick disclaimer on how fucking weird it is to see the people that belong to the voices.
C2E2 2014 Let's Play Panelyoutube thumb
The Sneaky Tiki
Again, what are you talking about? It's one of the best crowd control and grunt killing weapons in the game, it only loses accuracy in automatic fire, otherwise it's the ultimate in kick spamming and quick kills hence why it vastly saves on resources.

This is true however having tested this the TMP pays literally for itself, by allowing you to so easily kick and knife jobber enemies to death you save so much other ammunition and TMP ammo that by selling the surplus you actually GAIN MONEY by using the TMP even taking into account it's costly exclusive which again GIVES YOU MONEY because of how easy it then becomes to kill the U3 which is a bullet sponge and Krauser whose dodges are useless against it's spray, thus you was none of the boss fountain resources.
>killin these foreign bastards with anything other than WHITE-HOT AMERICAN-MADE LEAD INFUSED WITH LEON'S BURNING PATRIOTISM
You ain't playing this game right, Tiki.
The Sneaky Tiki
Forgive my for being comfortable with my body and not needing to compensate with a giant gun dick replacement oozing with semen spraying conotations.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Needs more Sonic 2006 (better known as ‘the worst thing Sega did after the Saturn’).
Super Best Friends Play Pokemo…youtube thumb

Fine, but just this once.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM

Best Friends Play Barkley Shut…youtube thumb
I like that the LP thread is only filled with TBFP.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Well My Name is Kaz is playing Way of the Samurai 1.

Shadow Warrior [Part 1] - You've Got Wang!youtube thumb

Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFx-KViPXIkEHQYRxJGRlcv-103jf_gp_

It took forever for Jesse to finally upload a play-through of Shadow Warrior. I had been waiting for him to play the game since he showed it on a Fan Friday last year. (which was actually what convinced me to get it).

Also: Two Best Friends Play Shadow Warrioryoutube thumb

I had through this game had completely gone under their radar.
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image:139992549000.jpg(130kB , 640x480 , 936full-the-mystery-of-the-wax-museum-screenshot.jpg)
>Pat sells the first shotgun and buys the riot gun.

Oh my God I love this terrible, wonderful playthrough.

They haven't done a spectacularly awful playthrough like this since Fusion.
There's... nothing wrong with that decision.
Firstly, the Nuzlocke Woolie is doing is unwatchably bad and is the new lowest point on the channel so you're already wrong there.
Secondly, the Riot Gun is a straight upgrade compaired to the Shotgun.
Tiki, why are you being such a twat? Its like you are looking for a chance to show off and prove your superiority but none of the things you hold up are of substance.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>Firstly, the Nuzlocke Woolie is doing is unwatchably bad and is the new lowest point on the channel so you're already wrong there.
Nothing's going to the truly awful old machinima episodes where they scripted things and relied heavily on schtick, and even at its worse the Nuzlocke is better than Fusion or the multiple repetitive beat em ups/fighting games/retro games that Woolie and Matt have messed with by themselves. Besides, the Nuzlocke has Liam nearly succeed in murdering a team member by running them poisoned down cycling way which was pure gold.

But yes the Riot Gun is better.
Remember that time Liam saved the Fusion playthrough?

So we can all agree Woolie is the worst?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Yes, Woolie the Liar, worst among equals.
The Sneaky Tiki
The Riot Gun is a waste of money in every sense, the straight shotgun upgrades earlier for greater damage at less money, The Riot Gun's only virtue is the longest distance for grouping which is useless for a number of reasons, primary being it's a shot gun or that the exclusive on the straight shotgun actually gives it a better version of the same ability, it's only real purpose in the game is to function as a money trap, a point supported by the fact it's the most expensive despite being near identical in stats to the standard despite many of the upgrades only becoming available late game and clashing directly in timeline with the Striker which actually is the best shotgun. The Riot Guns late game upgrades exclusive which costs 120,000 gives the whooping power of 10, oooh if it was worth half that it would be the level five upgrade for the striker that gives it 12 damage for LITERALLY HALF at 60,000.

You can argue with the actual stats if you don't believe me

In Mercenaries it's a handicap like most of Leon's load out is, the weakest equipped character in Mercenaries uses the Riot Gun as his strongest weapon should tell you everything you need to know about it, it's a handicap or a money trap and serves no other function.

I'm not trying to be a dick though I'm obviously succeeding, it's just a bad move to buy the riot gun.
The Sneaky Tiki
Trolling the SA-X 24/7
I have no idea why people are sperging out so fucking hard over the nuzlocke shit. I've played like 3 pokeman games and it seems perfectly fine to me. They're not trying to make a 100% factually correct walkthrough. The only thing that annoys me is Woolie pretending like the guys have any say in the naming process, when he's already made up his mind.
Also, Tiki, nobody fucking cares about your dick-waving about RE factoids.
The Sneaky Tiki
I'm not dick waving, I'm just pointing out why I'm having so much fun watching them play it and get so many things wrong, which is the fun in a lot of their videos, Nuzlocke too, like you say some people are genuinely mad when don't do everything perfect but I just think it's funny which is why I watch them in the first place.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>Vinnycast featuring Danny and Greg Kasavin
Pretty god damn good, particular highlights:
+Drew's horrifying story about his butt
+Patrick's hilarious and totally wrong Kinect predictions
+Danny and Drew's observations from the abomination unto music that is Eurovision
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Kung Fu Jesus Crew fans will be happy to know that the entire classic gang is on board for yet another FF13 game.

Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb

Moments of confidence followed by agonizing failure.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb

Pat continues to tell it like it is about both the TMP and Snatched.
The Sneaky Tiki
Yeah he's sure demonstrating his prowess and knowledge of things like the TMP with his constant failures and dying and being damn near completely unable to hold on to healing items to the point where the game hands him more in in random drops the name of fairness.

Super right about Snatch tho, no fuck up there.

BTW just a reminder for when they IMMEDIATELY and hilariously fuck in the garden, the TMP deals 4X damage to the wolves which is why they HAVE A PICTURE OF A WOLF ON THE AMMO TO HINT AT THAT.
Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts…youtube thumb

This might be the first Nuts & Bolts speedrun I've ever come across. It actually makes me want to replay the game, just to see if I can do any of the exploits.

Same goes for Banjo-Tooie in this glitch-run.

Let's Play Banjo-Tooie With Gl…youtube thumb


Vinny's being sent into exile to work with that punk Navarro.
Matt Lees's Dark Souls II Diary - Part 1youtube thumb
I really like what Matt Lees does with his playthrough of Dark Souls 2. The game lends itself really well towards that narrative kinda style.
The Sneaky Tiki
I fucking love shut up and jam gaiden.
It's just not the same site anymore and it never will be. I'll look forward to the new content and the new crew members, but it will no longer feel like Giant Bomb. More like new projects of the guys you loved (or didn't, whatever).
People have been saying that since Alex and Dave left, but even Ryan fucking dying didn't stop them from putting out incredible, GB as fuck content. Vinny being declared king of New York and being put in charge of an actual office (as opposed to Alex being trapped in his apartment) certainly won't.
Best Friends Play Final Fantasy 8youtube thumb

....This...is goinna be good.
Is this still the most unpopular Final Fantasy?
I hate 10 more but its close
Thirteen !!PEPfdTX0AFY
Do yo uthink that Two Best Friends will outdo the freelance astronauts in the knife fight?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
TMNT, Gundam Wing, and FF8. This is the darkest Friday.

Oh boy, I hope you guys like card games.
I do. Which is why I was sperging out when they missed several Plus combos.
I never liked the plus combo system myself with is why I never talked to that bitch the queen of cards fuck her and random.
The Sneaky Tiki
Goodbye NWFC: Mario Kart Wii Part 2youtube thumb

Salty Simmons strikes again!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Watching Jesse Cox play of Wolfenstein New Order and even though I've watching the LP which is usually enough, its got so many good lines and feels that I'll still get it when it goes on sale later in the year.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
cool love to have more LP to play in the background while gaming
Goodbye NWFC: Mario Kart Wii Part 5youtube thumb

Yoshi abuse is a terrible thing.
Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb

Among the Sleep - Hush little babyyoutube thumb

The mother is creepier than anything else.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Mother being an actual Monster I think being part of the twist.
Dr. Professor
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image:140230574700.png(47kB , 195x134 , drew saving his sweetheart alexis from the dangers that be.png)
Oh God, the Giant Bomb site redesign for E3. I can't even right now.

You guys I don't think Jontron was happy with the E3 news.
Whoa, that was fast.
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image:140239953900.png(21kB , 556x201 , jeff died on his way back to his home planet.png)
Noooo! The death flag has been set!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Oh dear, what did they talk about? All I've heard is the possible ME4.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Watched that one, dang that was messed up stuff and kept going further down the hole.
Holy shit. I can't believe Giant Bomb got Shuhei.
I was dreading this week's bombcast, because Brad was gonna be moderating it. It actually turned out pretty decent. Huh.
T4 was here
Best Friends Play Sword of the…youtube thumb
>da opening image
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Friday Night Fisticuffs - The …youtube thumb

Did Pat just write Vanessa/Dudley fanfiction?
The Sneaky Tiki
Yes, yes he did.
Super Best Friends Play Pokemo…youtube thumb

Something actually happens this time!
Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb

In which we come to the revelation that everyone in the Resident Evil universe is celibate.
The Sneaky Tiki
I'm gonna miss this completely beautiful clusterfuck and all it's wonderful failures.
I'm starting to get annoyed with this playthrough.
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image:140387787600.png(220kB , 1920x1080 , baz.png)
I knew they backed and promoted the game, but this still took me completely by surprise. His fight was pretty awesome, too.
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image:140389437000.jpg(812kB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n5w8xm4uj51rqgl0go2_1280.jpg)
>Use the TMp

>Immediately realize it's great

Well, at least they've kinda figured it out.
The guys seemed surprised at Baz Knight, did you not get to submit your boss's moveset or was it more like you could with the understanding that the devs could change it?

There's also not one but two OSTs available for download. Or just listening, if you haven't organized your shit like me.
I'd wager it was more like submitting a broad description on how he fights, like "he uses a whip and lightning and shit" and it would be up to Yacht Club to design the mechanics around that. I wouldn't really trust my backers to be able to balance the boss they submit, if I was in their shoes.
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image:140395010800.png(261kB , 1920x1080 , matt.png)
Yay, I found him! There's also what seems to be a portrait of Jeff Gerstmann. And of course there's some fuckface's fursona ruining the entire fucking thing.
The drama over the new guys at Giant Bomb is fucking disgusting.
Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb

Pat and Matt are united in their dislike of Woolie. Also, guess what Egoraptor finally finished?

Sequelitis - ZELDA: A Link to …youtube thumb
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image:140426954100.jpg(441kB , 377x4900 , 1292462287073.jpg)
Yeah, Ego, we get it. You have nostalgia goggles and ADD. This video is 1 year too late for me to care any more.
While Skyward Sword was pretty mediocre (the hate it gets is excessive but it still left me feeling unsatisfied) the rest is pretty spot on.
Not him, but although the complaints are valid, who the fuck cares? He complains about shit nobody cares about and nobody notices. He's yelling, nay, SCREAMING over these flaws. Flaws that, when it comes right down to it, when you get RIGHT DOWN to it, are nitpicks. It may not seem like nitpicks, given how he criticizes how the game is designed and the story and the combat, but given how much praise this game gets on a daily basis, do you think anybody honestly gives a shit? I guarantee you that anybody who watches that video, with all the anger over these flaws and the way he redesigned the art on himself to make me want to punch him in the face, is going to take him seriously? The whole time I'm just thinking "Wow, he must have no friends whatsoever."

Not only that, but he's acting like a total douche. He openly criticizes people who think OoT is the best Zelda, even those who disagree with him, tells them to "wake up", and then despite all that, he tries to save face by saying "Hey I respect your opinion" at the very end.

It's one thing for you to think Ocarina is a bad sequel. That's FINE. That's what I was looking forward to, because all his complaints ARE valid and probably noticeable to those who played LttP first, like I did. I believe LttP is superior too. But instead, he not only calls it a bad sequel, he calls it a bad game. Period. Like really? Are you just doing this for attention? His incredible lack of taste, evidenced countless times on Game Grumps, has never been lower than it is right now.

Castlevania 2 is a game that only a few hardcore CV fans like, and with the AVGN having his impact on the internet, it's become common knowledge. But even AVGN doesn't think it's particularly bad, it just has a lot of annoying shit that makes it not fun to play. And that annoying shit has since been fixed with various patches, to where it may still be a bad sequel at the end of the day, but I would argue it's a good alternative to Zelda 2. So that episode was fine. So was the MMX video, because that was about how it was a good sequel. For Castlevania IV, he never said it was a bad game, in fact if I recall Game Grumps right, he quite likes it regardless.

But flat out calling Ocarina of Time, something billions upon billions of people have not only claimed to be a damn good game, but the best game of all time, BAD? No. I'm sorry, but you are WRONG, Arin. Your opinion is officially, literally, wrong.
T4 was here
Hey Arin, know what game does the things you want?
Dark Souls!
Oh, thats the crucifying he was talking about.
Atlest he knew it was coming.
You have to be even more patient in Dark Souls. And the dude clearly has severe ADHD.
Where? Is the purple one thing I can't even tell what is?
Whatever credibility Arin had as a game design guru after the first Sequelitis episodes has been completely burned away by his incompetence on Game Grumps, especially when it comes to Zelda. He had a guide on hand and that Wind Waker playthrough was still nonsense.
This will always be the best summary of the Zelda fanbase.
It's in another room. There's an entire castle full of backer portraits.
I was talking about the Courage image. I already lost most of my respect for Egoraptor after Game Grumps.
>something billions upon billions of people have not only claimed to be a damn good game, but the best game of all time

While I don't agree with the man who claims to understand game design yet regularly pulls shit like skipping tutorials and hints then literally minutes later crying how the game doesn't tell him what to do, is the idea of "popularity => quality" really something you believe in?
Even though I knew I'd get this kind of response, I don't think you read my post at all.

>It's one thing for you to think Ocarina is a bad sequel. That's FINE. That's what I was looking forward to, because all his complaints ARE valid and probably noticeable to those who played LttP first, like I did. I believe LttP is superior too.

Yes, it's overrated. But it is not, it CAN NOT be classified as a bad game. It simply can't. It's one of the biggest games that completely changed the industry, like Mario 64, DOOM, Half-Life, Sonic. No, popularity does not equal quality, but you have to understand just how popular the game really is.

It's not like Call of Duty, where there's a ton of hype and a lot of people play it so it must be good. Look anywhere on the internet and the series is a laughing stock. Every hardcore gamer knows CoD is a mediocre series. And it's not like Final Fantasy VII, whose popularity can be attributed to the fact that most of the western world had never experienced an FF game before and was completely blown away, especially with the anime craze that was going on at the time, even though VI was by all means a better game with a better story.

Ocarina of Time has no excuse for its popularity other than the simple fact that it was a great game and revolutionized the industry, and was a perfect transition to 3D. Almost everyone, when they take it seriously, will say that if it's not the greatest game of all time, it comes very very close. Are you seriously going to say that everyone around you, LITERALLY everyone, is wrong? Billions and billions of people. Wrong. You, sole person, are right.

Even /v/ had a vote once about what was the best Zelda game, along with a poll about it being the best game of all time. /v/, of all people, are not to be trusted in this situation. And yet, the thread was incredibly popular and everyone had their own unique detailed opinions for why they voted. And guess who won? Ocarina. Because when they're not shitposting all the time, they actually like video games. Saying Ocarina of Time is a bad game is the equivalent of saying Citizen Kane is a bad movie. Maybe you just don't see the appeal. Maybe you can name a better game (LttP). That's fine. But there's a thing in this world called taste, and you clearly don't have it.
Where did I call OoT a bad game? You're doing a /v/ impression here. Cut down on the hyperbole, it undermines your point.

OoT is a mediocre game. It offers little challenge of any sort. The story is formulaic (this is relevant because games other than Zelda games exist). There isn't much to explore in the game's world; it is mostly linear (this is a strike against it becasue of the previous points).

Do those things make it a bad game? No. Do they prevent it from qualifying as "great"? I would say yes.

A large part of OoT's popularity is rooted in NOSTALGIA, with a non-insignificant part of brand loyalty too.

What makes the game "great" instead of merely "good for its time"? Why would you believe it deserves the title of "best game of all time"?

Anyone who genuinely believes that OoT is "the best game of all time" has never owned a gaming platform (this includes PC) not made by Nintendo. You cannot seriously claim that OoT is "better" than the likes of Thief, Deus Ex and Baldur's Gate.

Now before you throw more hyperbolic nonsense at me:

I like OoT. I am aware of its flaws, but it is not completely without merit. The music is good, the visual design is nice despite now-outdated graphics and I enjoyed it a lot back in the day. I do not call it "great" because I'm not an idiot who believes that subjective enjoyment implies objective quality.
I don't agree with everything the guy said, but I've long felt that Ocarina was way overrated--not only Link to the Past, but Wind Waker was also better than it, and Majora's Mask was better than either.

But I do approve of him calling out the slow (and repetitive!) treasure chest nonsense. That stuff is way too slow and if Nintendo would cut that shit out I would be so grateful. And he made a pretty good point about the limited nature of strategy in the "Invincible until X happens" battles in Ocarina, and how damned many monsters used that in place of real challenge.

That said, Ocarina certainly deserves its place in the halls of gaming history for the influence it had on future games if nothing else.
I'm just wondering when everyone got so impatient that it was imperative that a game must continue moving at all times it otherwise ruins the experience.
It's clear to me that Arin has ADHD, thus his opinions should be taken with a mountain of salt. Mike Matei and AVGN do this too and they complain about it in the same way.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Didn't really get a fell for the other new guy from the podcast, but Dan appears to be a case of Jeff hiring another Jeff.


That said, only Drew's interjection saved me from popping a blood vessel at that particular exchange. And then Jeff blasphemes against Dark Messiah.
>but Dan appears to be a case of Jeff hiring another Jeff.
And I don't mind it one bit. It's been a while since Jeff's been this relaxed and happy.
If I wanted to sit down and watch events unfold around me, I would have put on a movie instead of playing a game. It's not so much that it ruins the experience as that it runs counter to what I set out to do--I wanted active engagement, not passive observation.

Or heck, these days I could've just watched a Let's Play instead of playing a game if I didn't want to actually be playing something.
>If I wanted to sit down and watch events unfold around me, I would have put on a movie instead of playing a game

While I'm certain we can all agree or at least understand that sentiment, >188614 seemed to be commenting on the Sequelitis issue where entering a room and not immediately being able to see all of your surroundings was presented as a flaw in game design of OoT. The argument used by Arin was that it stops your forward motion. The other instance he mentioned being sick of the "waiting" was when fighting an enemy, you have to wait for them to make an opening to attack them, as they often have some sort of indestructible shield they hide behind.
I like story being presented to me in a game. It all depends on the quality of the wirting and presentation. Different people want different things out of a game. If you don't like story elements in your game, there's plenty of games that have none. Not every game needs to be all action at all times. But I feel people in general are getting less and less patient.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Please don't do the GB Psych Analysis shit.

Anyway I absolutely didn't mean that as a negative, the two of them seem to have an almost VJ level interplay already.
Exactly. I like my worlds to be more or less alive and natural feeling.
I don't mind waiting a moment or two for an opportunity to attack a special enemy. I like exploring and analyzing a room to figure out the puzzle surrounding it. I enjoy crafting breaks and soaking up the scenery. Making a game world feel more alive is what I love most about games. And sometimes that means not having constant action 100% of the time. I get burnt out on that. I need variety and balance in the pace of the game. Maybe not to the extent that OoT takes it with its enemies, but environments that require you to study it for a moment or two minimum shouldn't be a negative in my eyes.

Also, did his rant on SS come off as a little telling to anyone else? I don't disagree with his points overall (I still enjoyed the game in spite of the hand holding), but that comparison with a 'spoiled rich kid' seemed a bit too...I dunno, passionate? Direct? Something was weird about it.
In less Arin/GiantBomb news Max from YoVideogames is playing Super Metroid for the first time ever.

Super Metroid: Part 1youtube thumb

And I believe him.

Because I want to throttle him.
Oh man.
Wait till he gets to the part where you have to run.

I get that he's doing this for the exploration and that giving him hints defeats the whole purpouse but A)He's just passed two important items and B)if he up and quits the playthrough because he got stuck and can't figure it out I'll never forgive him.

But that's just par for the course huh.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
Arin raises some good points and his analysis is clearly thought out. He's not just saying that he thinks OoT is poopybutts, he gives pretty well-developed reasons why he's not so big on it. I disagree with him on a lot of it (like, he seems to think waiting is a mortal sin for video games, and I don't. Also he ignore the fact that almost all OoT enemies can be provoked to attack immediately by walking close enough to them) but that comes down largely to out gaming priorities. He clearly doesn't give two fucks about story and context whereas I think those are extremely important. He shows off him burning a random fucking bush in the original Legend of Zelda to progress forward as if it was a good thing, whereas I look at that and say 'yo, that's some bullllllshit'.

Some of his points are a bit less well-thought out. Like his claim that puzzles in OoT are always about looking around the room to find the eye or diamond to shoot. There are some rooms that are like that, typically either to demonstrate how that interaction works (right after you pick up a new ranged weapon) or to demonstrate how shooting the switch interacts with the dungeon's mechanics. But for the most part the puzzle isn't to shoot the switch, it's to shoot the switch from the right place, at the right time, in the right order.

I've tried playing LTTP multiple times over the years, and every time it's the same story: I get up to a certain point, a few dungeons in, and then I abruptly have no fucking clue where to go next and I bounce off of the game. The only reason I was able to finish Link's Awakening when I was a kid is that I had the Nintendo Power issue that tells you fucking everything about the game sitting open right next to me the whole time. I didn't get the feeling of fun and exploration he describes. The parts of the game I did enjoy were the dungeon crawling parts; that is to say, the parts that are fundamentally unchanged in OoT.

(Also I do not get his over-the-top hatred for Skyward Sword. Even if you think it's the worst of the 3D Zeldas - I quite liked Skyward Sword and thing that prize pretty clearly goes to Twilight Princess, personally - it's at worst a slight exaggeration of the series' bad tendencies. Disappointing, maybe, but holy shit not worth all that screaming rage, Arin)
>(Also I do not get his over-the-top hatred for Skyward Sword. Even if you think it's the worst of the 3D Zeldas - I quite liked Skyward Sword and thing that prize pretty clearly goes to Twilight Princess, personally - it's at worst a slight exaggeration of the series' bad tendencies. Disappointing, maybe, but holy shit not worth all that screaming rage, Arin)

I'll never understand people that think Twilight Princess is worse than Skyward Sword. I realize it's an opinion, but it's disturbingly common. Even Yahtzee, hell even /v/ think Skyward Sword is awful and Twilight Princess is, at the very least, a pretty good game. SS had awful control, TP didn't (on the Gamecube of course). SS had a ridiculous amount of backtracking and repetition for artificial length, TP didn't and was a legitimately long game. TP had a very likeable helper with a fleshed out story that didn't pander to timeline theorists, SS sure as hell didn't. I want to nail Fi to the fucking cross.

Now, is Twilight Princess too easy? Yes. Are most of the items useless outside dungeons? Yes. Is there a total lack of things to do outside collecting bugs and ghosts? Yes. But despite those flaws, I love the atmosphere. The story. The music. The realistic cinematic graphics. The bosses. The long length. And especially Midna. There were things that made me forget about the debatably sub-par Zelda experience, like the totally empty overworld and boring dungeons, to where by the end, I was glad I played it. In fact I played it twice.

But Skyward Sword? Hell fucking no. I am never playing that game again. Too much blatant backtracking, the world segments are stock, the bosses are seriously boring, the only good one being Ghirahim and you fight him 3 fucking times, there's WAY too much emphasis on story, the music was just sorta there, along with all the other things I mentioned like the godawful control, I was stunned that this is what they did for Zelda's 25th anniversary. I couldn't believe it was this bad.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Skyward Sword is the worst Zelda since the CDi games.
Not this shit again, we've been at this before and half of the points you've brought up are ridiculously petty stuff like "I don't like how their noses look".
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>Not this shit again, we've been at this before and half of the points you've brought up are ridiculously petty stuff like "I don't like how their noses look".
Yeah I don't like the artstyle in lots of places in that game but, ya know, it's not the main reason. It's everything>>188630
just said.

Well except the part about TP's graphics, I'm not super into stuff like the weird Twilight filter that game's so fond of.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Actually I'd also disagree that "story being too much of a focus" is a flaw of SS's since it's not really any different from the other 3 post-Ocarina 3D Zeldas in terms of story focus, it's just the writing is mostly worse. The only character that game introduces that's any good is Groose, and Groose can't carry a game like Midna did because he's not your partner. Fi is your partner, and the less said about her the better.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
This Freedom stream both confirms that Dan was the correct choice for New Ryan and unveils even deeper secrets within the twisting maze that is Jeff Gherstman. This time, it's his amazing stories of buying illegal fireworks and his semi-extensive experience with Japanese Horse Racing.
There are 4 things I love about SS:
1.The art direction
2.The story and characters
3.Not every dungeon was an elemental theme dungeon, and when they where, they had a lot more to offer
4.The controls. They actually worked very well for me.
I just liked the dungeons. Not thrilled with the rest of the game, but the dungeons were fun enough for me to say it was a positive experience overall.

Now this conversation should probably move to the Zelda thread. And not just because I want to talk about how baller the DS Zeldas were.
Wait people had problems with the controls in Skyward Sword? I thought it was super responsive and controlled fantastically aside from the forward jab (which I didn't have to use all that much). It's the combat system and shallow fighting that I didn't like about it.
Really? I liked the fights being little challenges and puzzles. More than most of Zeldas actually, which I find to be a form of thought weak tedium. I can't really recall where regular fighting was all that engaging. Mostly it was just attack on the moment of opportunity or stun open a moment of opportunity.
Yeah, and the thing is, it's sort of an irony that Arin dislikes Ocarina because of the "fake strategy" involved in just waiting for an invincible enemy to become vincible, but also loathes Skyward Sword without acknowledging that there is a good deal more engagement in making the player actually have to pull off specific strategies for how to utilize their sword against specific enemies.
Spawn The Eternal - The Amazing Superfriends!youtube thumb

This month, the Zaibatsu are digging through as many bottom-of-the-barrel superhero games as they can.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Before I say this let me be clear that I've never actually played a Zelda game I didn't like, and I've played them all except for the Oracles games and Link Between Worlds (obviously not counting the CDi). I have no ill will towards Twilight Princess and enjoyed it quite a lot. When I say it's the worst, I am speaking only in terms of Zelda games. It's still a pretty good game in its own right.


1. Let's get this out of the way. Midna is amazing. Absolutely fantastic, and definitely the best companion character in the series (except maybe Spirit Tracks Zelda). But unfortunately, outside of her the narrative side of Twilight Princess is kind of lacking, and this is coming from someone with way more affection for its supporting cast than most of the internet.

Zant was a huge wasted opportunity. He was actually pretty cool and threatening in his own right until midway through the game, when he just basically slid down into the toilet. Meanwhile, Zelda herself was almost totally pointless, and was completely upstaged by Midna. She might as well have not been there.

That's not to say that there wasn't some cool stuff going on; like, everything involving Midna was good. And the journey through the ruined Temple of Time to get the Master Sword was great stuff. But even that suffers from another flaw, namely...

2. It leans too heavily on nostalgia for Ocarina of Time. This was probably inevitable, given that it was made in large part in reaction to fan desire for a more serious, 'adult' Zelda, something that more closely resembled the test footage used in Gamecube promo reels that everyone assumed (erroneously) was a game under development. Although the controversy surrounding Wind Waker's aesthetic had died down after the game was released and was awesome, there was still a vocal contingent that hungered for a new Zelda game more in the vein of Ocarina of Time. So what they gave us was in large part a redux of Ocarina of Time. Kakariko Village, the Lost Woods, Death Mountain, Zora's Domain, Hyrule Field, the goddamn Gerudo desert...Twilight Princess took us on a tour of all of these familiar places from Ocarina. And unlike in Wind Waker, where you might go to somewhere from Ocarina but the ravages of time had so thoroughly changed it that it was only just recognizable enough to lead to an a-ha, I know where I am moment, these places were not that different from their OoT counterparts.

Obviously, they weren't actually exactly the same, and Twilight Princess had areas Ocarina of Time didn't and vice-versa. But they were similar enough to feel overly similar.

3. Aesthetically it's quite drab. Although we think of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask as being darker and more series in its aesthetic than Wind Waker, in reality these are very colorful games. They're not afraid to delve into the darker end of the color palette, but they're also not afraid to throw in splashes of bright green and blue and purple and other colors where they're suited. In Twilight Princess, on the other hand, the dominant color of the entire game is brown. It could be argued that this is thematically appropriate, as it ties into the theme of twilight that pervades the whole game, but that doesn't change the fact that it just looks dull by comparison.

4. The items suck and, outside of series staples like the bow and hookshot, have absolutely no practical application outside of the dungeon where they were found (except possibly in another dungeon where a puzzle is designed for them). I know this complaint is voiced about every zelda game since Link to the Past, but it's REALLY bad here. Why would you ever use the spinner, or the double claw shots, outside of situations specifically designed for them? Hell, the control rod absolutely has to take the cake: it's actually impossible to use it unless there's a giant statue around for it to control. Guess what aren't very common!

Whereas for Skyward Sword, I really liked the aesthetic and the story. It has probably my favorite version of Zelda (again, possible exception of Spirit Tracks): not only is her design adorable as fuck, but she has her own epic quest that runs parallel to yours, and which is actually depicted during the credits sequence. I absolutely loved that about it.

A lot of your complaints just don't apply to me. I didn't have much trouble with the controls - occasional bits of frustration on the odd occasion I actually had to use a thrust attack, but otherwise I thought they were quite good. And I never felt like I was going through excessive backtracking, not any more than I did when I was climbing Death Mountain a second time to get to the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time, or going back to Hyrule Field in order to reach the next area. Zelda games all involve a degree of backtracking. Hell, Majora's Mask is a game about backtracking, and everyone (rightly) loves it.

Does the game have flaws? Of course it does, the sky is way too empty, for one thing. But the same can be said of all Zelda games. Wind Waker's amazing, but everyone glosses over the triforce hunt when singing its praises. The idea that Skyward Sword is so much worse than its contemporaries just does not hold up to scrutiny, as far as I'm concerned.
>The idea that Skyward Sword is so much worse than its contemporaries just does not hold up to scrutiny, as far as I'm concerned.

Rest assured, it is merely in the Zelda cycle right now. Once Zelda U is released, everyone will dump on how it is the worst Zelda ever made and start highlighting the good aspects of Skyward Sword as an "underrated gem."
>And I never felt like I was going through excessive backtracking, not any more than I did when I was climbing Death Mountain a second time to get to the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time, or going back to Hyrule Field in order to reach the next area. Zelda games all involve a degree of backtracking. Hell, Majora's Mask is a game about backtracking, and everyone (rightly) loves it.

Really? What about having to fly up to the sky, and go all the way to the temple, just to hit it with your sword and reveal the next area, then go to said area. And what about all those moments where you have to find a specific object on the ground, call your robot buddy to pick it up, carry it back to the fucking sky and do something with it there? What about having to go through the Forest Temple TWICE with only minor differences?

Yes, there is a lot of backtracking in Zelda games. But they always mask it in some way. They don't make you think the task is tedious, because it feels like you're actually doing something related to advancing the plot. But here, it's just "stuff you gotta do first". Not only that, but you backtrack for different reasons each time in the other games. Here you're doing things you've already done 5 times and it gets old.

And it's not just backtracking, it's the sheer tediousness of it all. Using your sword like a walking stick to find an item, fighting the Imprisoned 3 times, revisiting the same 3 locations (I repeat: THREE locations) over and over to pad out the game, listening to Fi's stupid bullshit. It was the first time in a Zelda game where I wasn't engaged or immersed at all. I could not convince myself that I was having fun.
And as far as the control goes, they shouldn't have made it 1:1 controls when it's not actually 1:1. You still can only slash in 8 directions.

The enemies that kept blocking your attacks are not fun to fight. Let's say they have their weapon on the right. Obviously if you hit it from the right it gets blocked. But if you quickly move your Wiimote to the left, in order to hit him from the left, you'll instead slash to the left, because a quick Wiimote movement is registered as a swing. No, instead I have to sloooooowly guide my sword over to the left, then swing, and do that a million times over because Nintendo can't get enough of enemies that show off their oh so impressive Wiimotion+.

Really. None of that felt significantly more bothersome than the backtracking from previous games. Not even the return to the Skyview temple, which was utterly trivial because you had already opened up shortcuts that took you right to the end. Certainly no worse than trekking back to Tingle's tower to read your triforce charts, or having to redo shit in Majora's Mask because you fucked up and ran out of time.
>Certainly no worse than trekking back to Tingle's tower to read your triforce charts
You're acting like I'm thinking that's different. That's part of why the original version of Wind Waker is on my lower tier as far as Zelda games go. It wasn't any better there, no.

>having to redo shit in Majora's Mask because you fucked up and ran out of time.
As long as you have the double time song, you have plenty of time to get shit done. Half the difficulty in that game is managing your time, and it builds tension. After clearing a dungeon and doing whatever stuff you want to do now that you've made an area different, just reset the clock. You're a fool if you try to do two dungeons in a row in only 3 days.

Now, is it a little tedious having to defeat bosses in temples to clear the snow on the mountains or clean the swamp? Yes, but you'll notice you NEVER have to do that to beat the game. It's all for sidequests. Meaning you're going out of your way to do that, and thus you can't complain.
So I guess I have to watch the Arin vid now.
He's talking out of his ass.
I wouldn't say he's wrong exactly, but he undermines certain issues a lot of us are just fine with, or even love.
Fuck this guy. He's just being a nitpick. I don't even know why we're talking about this guy. Fuck him.
T4 was here
Atlest he made a video explaing why I gave up on Heart of Darkness.
Heart of Darkness: They're Mul…youtube thumb
Yeah fuck the multi guys...
Let's Drown Out... Smash TVyoutube thumb
Yahtzee's mental breakdown in this was just amazing.
Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb

At the end of the playthrough, Pat believes the game is delivering unto him retribution for all the shit he talked about the TMP. Or perhaps he's just terrible.

Also, the game REALLY wants the player to use the crossbow.
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013:…youtube thumb

Apparently, Arin can only read prompts when he's not the one playing the game.

This episode of Let's Play The Wonderful 101 was recorded before a live convention audience!
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image:140491626700.png(182kB , 365x368 , whoevenhastimetowatchallofthis.png)
Damn, GB's cranking out the content now that the new blood has arrived.
Also, I love Dan. They couldn't have chosen a better duder to join the crew.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM

Warning: Amazing Video
Green Lantern: ROTM - The Amaz…youtube thumb

Matt & Pat aren't fond of Green Lantern.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Poor guy never gets positive press, second to Aquaman in that especially after the movie.
Two Best Friends Play Murdered…youtube thumb

Looking forward to this one.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Feels very Alan Wake so far as they kinda noted.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Everyone who was worried about Vinny's departure has been proven to have been needlessly paranoid. The site is cranking shit out now, and it's all gold. Jeff/Dan, Drew/Danny, and Vinny/Alex are all amazing combinations.
Speaking of Aquaman, he had a game on the Gamecube. It was pretty terrible.

Aquaman - The Amazing Superfriends!youtube thumb
My mistake, this garbage was also on the Xbox. It's like Superman 64, but with repetitive combat instead of flying through rings.
So the new(?) site is pretty great. Now we no longer have to go to shitty Youtube for 2BFP stuff.
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image:140569674500.png(327kB , 320x460 , Otogi.png)
In answer to TBFP's claim there is no way to do a Superman game I present the game that the ideal Superman game would be based on.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Best Friends Play Dark Souls 2 (Part 5)youtube thumb

Saber Lily wasn't even TRYING to play proper dress up.
He probably didn't have the gear he wanted for the build yet.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM

One of the best QLs in awhile. Dan's childlike wonder about space and the game's ability to wear down the patience of Drew Scanlon, the man who makes graphs and flight manuals for fun, is incredible.
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image:140619319600.gif(2.67MB , 236x467 , 1385161935070.gif)
Goddamn the latest Bombcast is fucking incredible. That Dan Ryckert egg story.
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image:140624120200.png(767kB , 521x1113 , bonus-depression.png)
Pokemon Nuzlocke Livestream on…youtube thumb

They're wrapping up the Nuzlocke challenge in one long stream.
//youtube.com/watch?v=OCozvx7OKOIyoutube thumb

This game really is as terrible as everyone says it is.

//youtube.com/watch?v=dGk3xQJiBLMyoutube thumb

Is it possible to save any of those people in the church?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM

The 3 hour, ritualized murder-suicide of Jeff & Pals.
The Sneaky Tiki
The TBFP DC scribblenauts games makes me realize that I still love DC despite FUCKING HATING DC.

It never ceases being painful when TBFP talk about anything related to DC because of how wrong they are about everything.
I stayed up until 4AM on a work night, so I could catch it live. Worth it.
save file
image:140675009300.jpg(691kB , 1988x1528 , 5c1db366b6e294afafde3e3fd93da6cd.jpg)
Tell me about it. I kind of wish they'd just admit/accept that they don't know much about it instead of spouting random things they've seen on the internet as law. Still a mildly entertaining video though. Flaming Aquaman was funny.
Then, why don't you write them?
They seems to be eager to listen.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Yeah Matt posts in the SA thread all the time and Pat lurks in Neogaff.
They're right about DC stuff a lot more than people give them credit for. Yeah, a lot of it is entry level "I read this on a Cracked list" stuff, but it isn't flat out wrong.

Example: I kept seeing people complain about the factoid they bring up that Aquaman got his hand eaten by fish, except that actually happened.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
//youtube.com/watch?v=YTm9IYWCKc8youtube thumb

I can't believe how many non-believers out there dismiss the idea of paying for GB.
Would you like to be in a conversation with someone explaining why a certain character doesn't suck?
Would you like to find that out?
//youtube.com/watch?v=9TX3BGuKdg0youtube thumb

>Peace Walker sucks

Matt no
Stop that this instant young man
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image:140713107100.jpg(21kB , 480x269 , BuK0PNtIIAABA3X.jpg)
>Meanwhile, on twitter...
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
What the heck went down, I saw some chatter about that on the outskirts but I didn't proceed further in.
Jon called some thing retarded specifically a PS4 and someone took offense and tried to get him to apologize. He didn't. Now the stupid parts or tumbler are being babies about it.
Ok, I'm going to go ahead and just say this: I don't like Matt or Liam. This is my opinion.
I feel that Matt is trying to be this wise-ass while constantly repeating stuff from shows that are several years old. That and the constant "I work on games and (insert thing he saw ex: screen tearing) is bad". Yes, we get it. You're a tester testing games. And Liam....Liam is trying to become Matt 2.0. Put Liam with Pat or Woolie and he becomes mostly tolerable. Liam also cooks...so that's a plus.
The Liam and Matt combo is just dry and uninteresting. It really showed in the "X-Men Destiny" video.
Lots of "this game sucks" and "I work in games and that's wrong".
.....I know this is a pointless opinion and I probably missed the point of something, but I just don't care for Matt or Liam at all.

>Call a thing retarded
>People take offense, become angry babies.
>John insults (Because People will chose to see it that way)Tumbler as a whole

No John, no. You don't stop a bee attack by hitting the bee hive. Unless you just want the honey.
My point is that people don't make honey, and that should change. Like a man/bee hybrid thing.
Oh, and John should just say "my opinion" and leave it alone because there is no such thing as internet honey.

I think everybody has some of the best friends they like and dislike, just because their personalities are so different and they all have different quirks that can grate against someone. For example, I hate Woolie and Liam because of how completely rock-stupid both of them tend to be. But then there are people who think Woolie is the best thing ever. I mean, they're dead wrong, and there is actually no way they could be MORE wrong, but that's how it is and there's no changing it.

Man, Matt and Pat have been shit talking Peacewalker since Deadly Premonition, which I just re-watched because god damn was it entertaining to see Pat's slow descent into madness.
Geez, sure is OPINIONS around here.

Eh, fuck tumblr children and their fuckin trending.
I like all 4 BFs but Woolie's musket incident underlined how he really is the worst.

Pat's has the best opinions and Liam is secretly the best player in the group (excluding fighting games).
Well, while the guy who took offense to him saying "retarted [sic]" was being a bit oversensitive he wasn't that mean about it, and Jon took unnecessary offense at it and even resorted to Godwin's Law, a big nono. That said I don't disagree with Jon's final assessment of Tumblr, and the SJW probably were overly vicious to him (as they always are) to push him to that point.
I'm still miffed at TBFP over the Jojo video. If they never watched beyond the anime and can't even get through DUWANG then they don't have any right to call themselves hardcore Jojo fans. And I can't get over Pat's obnoxious "I MUST YELL AND SOUND LIKE A FRATBOY ALL THE TIME" bellowing.
What was the musket incident again?

And as long as we're talking about our opinions on the Best Friends, Liam always seemed quick to point out how not-wrong he is about most anything. Re-listening to some of the old Bestfriendcasts, he's usually quick to say, "No, but that's what I'm saying!" or something of the like almost every time someone else pointed out some error on his part. Like, dude, Liam, it's cool. The other guys are allowed to correct you especially when that wasn't at all what you were saying.
Jon definitely didn't respond in the best of ways, but the way Tumblr reacted was way worse. You'd think he trigger warning: raped and killed someone based on their reaction. They probably provoked him themselves.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Woolie once insisted WW1 was fought with muskets. The others were all like, "Uh, NO?" but he defended this position repeatedly. Next podcast opened with them just shitting on him mercilessly over how many people called him out.
Woolie has read through the entirety of parts 1-6 and Pat has read through 1-4. They also apologized for the original Jojo and gave it a fisticuffs.
I don't think people are so mad about him using the word retarded. He didn't apologize for using the word to describe Playstation Now, and he didn't have to.

But Jon responded to the person who initially took offense in the comments, saying this:

>"I'm sorry I forgot you were retarded, my bad"

In those exact words. The way he reacted was akin to a spoiled teenager. He could've been way more professional, and said something really witty, and people would've PRAISED him for that and there hardly would've been any controversy. Instead he did that. Something that actually WAS offensive.
Pretty sure that wasn't until after the fallout over that incident. Plus didn't they make up a bunch of shit over that game like claiming the main story was pay-to-win or something?
//youtube.com/watch?v=xlP7A_BIO5cyoutube thumb

Remember when Chico was just that kid who was obsessed with dinosaurs and cryptozoology?
I don't really see it that way.
//youtube.com/watch?v=QEt2U9BTWIEyoutube thumb
Oh yeah, the new Turtle movie is coming soon.
I doubt it. Once people bust out the accusations of "ableism" the SJW would have busted his door down, no matter how he responded. What he did was exacerbate it but even if he gave out an intelligent response he would've still been the victim of immense harassment and come out feeling the same way, considering the disturbing popularity of shit like Your Fave is Problematic or Medieval POC.
//youtube.com/watch?v=efoLawakTlIyoutube thumb
Turtle time travel shenanigans.

>Your Fave is Problematic
What is that blog about?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
It's about not shitting up the LP thread.
YFIP is an SJW blog dedicated to grudgeposting about celebrities the owners personally dislike. Supposed to document all the ways in which celebrities are "problematic", except the vast majority of incidents mentioned are either taken way out of context, possibly made up altogether, looong apologized over, or sometimes as heinous as calling someone "d*mb". They've also stated in the past that if you ever write a character with bigoted viewpoints, you are guilty of being a bigot yourself and must be held accountable for all their actions, no matter how wrong they're supposed to be. And people have gotten doxed or harassed in the past for defending the people listed on the blog.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>if you ever write a character with bigoted viewpoints, you are guilty of being a bigot yourself and must be held accountable for all their actions, no matter how wrong they're supposed to be

[headdesk ×100]

Let’s let that be the last time we bring those nimrods up, ’kay? BACK TO THE TOPIC, PEOPLE, MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT
save file
image:140736423100.png(393kB , 554x904 , 1407144339004.png)
Not sure if this goes here or not, but...AVGN is definitely going bald.
//youtube.com/watch?v=o4y801dEPzsyoutube thumb
Didn't knew about this one.

Of course, he also has a Let's Play like show with Mike Matei.

And I'm going to assume that the Medieval PoC is about "how THE MAN is erasing any trace of people of color (that's what PoC means, right?) from history". I bet none of the kinds who write on that blog are even history students, and while there is some true abut that, whatever they post will be a huge exaggeration of factual data.
Yeah, better shove that into oblivion.
Pretty much. Most of the supposed PoCs are definitely white people who were drawn slightly darker due to things like shadowing or the art technique used to make the piece, or had curly hair. Also apparently the person who runs that blog is basically Tumblr Dan Brown and a real nasty bullying piece of work on top of that.
save file
image:140740880500.jpg(138kB , 909x1024 , haircuts-for-balding-men-with-beards-hd-short-hairstyles-for-balding-men-hipsterwall---top-stylish.jpg)
The thing with the medieval poc tumble was that he used stuff from the 16 hundreds mainly, the danger in tumblr is that people do shit like this for followers and so they can feel like big dicks when they are limp.

But yes, it was a fraud despite there actually being a lot of medieval pocs, though they usually lived in a distinct culture and were typically referred to as moors and were some of the most intelligent people of their day.


The best thing to do when bald is get an accommodating haircut.
//youtube.com/watch?v=W9Zu7lwFnEAyoutube thumb
Oh boy, who's ready for a wild ride?

//youtube.com/watch?v=iibER92yLmYyoutube thumb

>tumblr Dan Brown
Guys I'm at an impasse. When the Game Grumps lost Jontron I quit watching them. Then Max and Matt did attempted a playthrough of Super Metroid on his YoVideogames channel but seemed to abandon it. Now I'm jonesing for a playthrough. Should I watch the Game Grumps Super Metroid Playthrough.
Its along with SM Sunshine just about my favourite one they've done. Yeah, watch it.