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image:143478607200.png(1.08MB , 1015x761 , naked puppets.png)
Someone suggested I should take this here, so here it goes.

>What the fuck is this shit?

It's a chilean puppet show that gathered a cult following over the years all over latin america. It's a fake newscast led by egotistical anchorman Tulio Triviño. It originally ran for three seasons, with a fourth season aired last year.

>Is there going to be more?

Only if I manage to get a new timer/the old one comes back.

Please enjoy the episode!

Anyone who wishes to join me in this magical subbing adventure is more than welcome.
31 Minutos english fansubs
Forgot the link to the first episode

Les Grandes Grandes Vacances fansubs
I can probably help with timing. Do you have translation?
31 Minutos english fansubs
I'll have to redo them since my hard drive got wiped, but I can whip up a few episodes in a couple of days. It might be kinda hard for you if you don't understand spanish, though. Thank you for your interest either way!
31 Minutos english fansubs
Thanks to the cool anon above, the project is rolling again.

You can follow our progress over at http://policarpofansubs.tumblr.com/
31 Minutos english fansubs
Thanks to the cool anon above, the project is back.

Follow our progress over at http://policarpofansubs.tumblr.com/
31 Minutos english fansubs
Sorry for the double posting. Site's not letting me delete my own posts.
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Full musical album "31 minutos", bought and downloaded from Google Play. Enjoy:

There are 3 more "31 minutos" related albums available for purchase. If the project keep going this well, I'll buy probably and upload them too
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image:143633535400.png(407kB , 640x640 , thumb-tulio2.png)
Timings guy here. I'll be posting episodes on MEGA and Google Drive. Below are the links to folders with episodes. English subtitles are muxed in. New episodes will be added there as soon as they're translated and timed

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image:143669557800.png(558kB , 640x480 , 31.minutos.S01E03.Guerra.en.el.Mar.Despensico.480p.WEBRip.mkv_snapshot_07.49_[2015.07.12_15.01.54].png)
Episode 1x03 added to MEGA folder
Good to know people outside latinamerica are appreciating this show.
I'm not chilean, though.