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image:142656727500.png(1.01MB , 1500x919 , 1426547778008.png)
Talespin-off project

We’re doing a spinoff story (anthology?) based on ocs created from a talespin discussion. MAJOR props to drawfriend DK for sparking life into this

google doc, contains bios in the making:

First ITT from /co/. Still patiently waiting for Akela, Tabaqi and FemBagheera. Take your sweet time, DK, your drawings are great.
Mister Twister
Excited as everyone else, but Bagheera was female all along. Read The Jungle Book.
I did. And Kipling has some great poems, too.
Someone in the Steam group invite me
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image:142669952500.jpg(74kB , 684x981 , fritzsketch.jpg)

done, sorry for the hassle. have a sketch of fritz
Mister Twister
Okay, since I want to read it, who will write? I don't think it is right to expect the awesome art anon to do everything.
I'd be willing to do some writing from time to time.
Mister Twister
Thanks. What format will it be? Tabletop or a comic?
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image:142680018200.jpg(26kB , 405x517 , tabaqi_suck.jpg)
Argh. I suck.

Why are you make me do this?
Don't know anything about tabletops.

I guess it'd depend on what everyone else wants.
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image:142680113500.jpg(89kB , 774x585 , plot outline.JPG)

I'm not sure of any of it, honestly. i figure we could do short stories with illustrations with occasional comics once we get our organization proper.

Speaking of which im working on a scenario timeline. what do you think?
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image:142680208700.jpg(15kB , 225x508 , general_akela.jpg)
Damnit, and yes, i'm tracing.
Some good ideas so far.
welp seeing as the main thread is down i salvaged as many ideas as possible to the doc. in a few i want to start giving a few assignments to get the ball rolling a little faster.

not bad on the character sketches tba guy.
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image:142680933100.png(222kB , 1051x1927 , fem_bagheera.png)
Wow, completed my own request.
You guys need some planes, seriusly.
Mister Twister
Might as well repost my one and only idea. A young but brilliant scientist hires a pilot to make a minor delivery. The scientist gives the pilot his own experimental long range pocket radio, to stay in contact. The goal is to test the radio. The delivery turns out to be troublesome due to air pirates. All the scenes feature the pilot describing to the scientist every crazy thing that's happening. Whether or not the radio is broken during delivery depends on the writer.

Use it if you want.
Mister Twister
Late addition. Almost all the action is described through radio, with only snippets of actual action.
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image:142681224700.png(170kB , 1541x801 , 1426453557417.png)
I might try this.
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image:142681279400.png(28kB , 960x540 , engine.png)
So i guess you don't need any 3D planes you can pose in the sky action in every perspective possible? I almost started doing something.
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image:142681590400.png(69kB , 960x540 , gondola.png)
Just saying.
Because should you introduce some air action, it would be probably handier to trace and colour the technical parts, unless you like to draw same things over and over from different perspectives.

Sounds ideal! I wanted to ask if you could once we design more planes. Were you the plane guy?
TBA guy
I weren't, but i could be the one.
Guys, could you provide some front/side concepts aka. reference pictures? I could bring them in 3D.
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image:142688643300.jpg(770kB , 1500x1237 , 1426562725249.jpg)
you could try doing the planes in op and this, if you need more angles i could try and whip something up
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image:142695901600.png(169kB , 1497x1461 , red_head.png)
Doing Red Head right now, still without engines and cannon. What do you think?

A detailed view of Red Head inscription on the side and surface details, like maintenance hatches, scratches, antennas, flaps would be helpful, too.

Use this "blueprint" to add comments, details, changes, etc. Also, a lewd female ace pilot Bagheera would surely motivate me. *wink, wink*
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image:142697180300.png(84kB , 1366x666 , racer.PNG)
Guy who made this thing here >>51709 That's already based on a 3d model in sketchup, no need to make a new one. Have an old screenshot because I'm too lazy to make a new one. Yes it's been a jet at some point.
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image:142697551400.png(110kB , 960x1080 , panel.png)
Lol, i'm not "asking for lewds", i merely said, it would perhaps motivate me, if someone would draw Bagheera, not necessarily ecchi or R34. Just a proper feline female with a seductive look, full dressed.

As for drawing attention, we probably should make a tactical goal, not a strategical one, means, achieve a small accomplishment.

Like, doing a dogfight scene (with dialogue) between two pilots.

For this, we may need:

1. Two modeled planes.
2. Written scene outline.
3. Sketched scene outline (i provide the planes, colored without shading, with perspectives requested by character artist)
4. Character and background art (clouds, terrain and expressions of characters drawn and pasted in planes)

Suggest something.
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image:142697806800.png(268kB , 1700x869 , redhead.PNG)
And now I tried my hand on the Redhead.
Looks better than version of mine, but this is also a full fledged blueprint. Care to make the one for Zephyr?
If you tell me which one Zephyr is, then I'll see if I can't get around doodling one.
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image:142698111900.png(167kB , 960x1080 , akunim.png)
Also, thanks to drawfriend Akunim from /co/, we're able to witness a reaction of Jonathan to his pursuers.

that's awesome. also how embarrassing of me, sorry for misreading that. I like the initiative you're taking, so I'll do my best to draw your request! I do have a similar plan, wherein we illustrate a few short bios of the characters. so farwe have one, plus the plane schematics you two have provided. where'd you get that drawing from? I haven't seen it in any of the threads
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image:142698568100.png(175kB , 1233x1008 , zephyr.PNG)
Here you go.
Mister Twister
Don't know if you're still accepting ideas, but here is another one.

Change WW2 into something different.

Nazis are overdone, maybe more overdone as zombies. Everyone has it drilled into their heads that fascism is bad. We know.

So, if you're up for it, I propose creating a fantasy WW2 equivalent, with a different type of enemy? I suggest a fanatical group that wants to establish a new world order based on an ancient religion they stumbled unto. Basically, "live by our proper rules", or die. No need for racism or prosecution, just a fanatical sect trying to force the world to join them. The followers of this order can be made comedic and sociopathic at the same time, kind of like the "russians" in Tale Spin. They can be deadly and dumb and goofy at the same time.

Anyone except me thinks it's a good idea?
Another suggestion about characters: how about a sinister second-in-command?

You sure know about Stalin, but do you also know about Ol' Lavrenty?

Bald, with mirroring glasses, the only one who can call the Prime with his moniker?

I think we should consider someone like this.
Excuse my drunken mind, but i felt this song needed to be translated.
//youtube.com/watch?v=8p7dJN2UjAwyoutube thumb

"News of the season, down with the harp, take the tambourine!

Off we go!

One time in summer on the sunrise,
I watched over the garden fence
I saw a Moldawian girl plucking grapes from the tree
I'm blushing, i'm paling, i want to say a stupid thing

Let's meet together, morning and the dawn of river's sun
See, the crisp maple, the forest leaf fallin'
I'm love fallin', so confused before you.
Crisp maple leaf, a forest leaf fallin' in this beautiful spring...


So the girl said "we together with our comrades we go down the forest path
We together gather round' the moldawian trooper squad
Tis' morning we leave our home and
Narrow combat forest path of dangers 'wait us for.

See, the crisp maple, forest leaf fallin'
I'm love fallin' so confused before you
By this maple tree, we part our dear ways and
Crisp maple leaf, a forest leaf leaf fallin' in this beautiful spring...



See, the crisp maple, forest leaf fallin'
I have seen you 'gain, my lover, my dear, my heart.
Crisp maple leaf, a forest leaf leaf fallin' in this beautiful spring..."
I can agree with that Nazi germany has been done to death. I'm not sure on the cult thing but I'd definitely be for some fictional enemy, heck even just a Thambria that isn't short on ressources would do.

Cold War gone hot but with interwar/WWII stuff maybe. Then again ruskis have been done to death as well.
I was out all yesterday, not really sure how much of this I missed.

Anyway, here's a story I wrote about Franklin Smitty: http://pastebin.com/34MHcdWZ
It's good. Albeit Käse is a very silly name for a Hitler stand-in.
It's a pun, I like to keep somewhat of a similar goofy tone to the show.

Yes, even if it does involve a Hitler stand-in.
Perhaps I missed the pun but why not Wolf or Adler or something. Then again as mentioned before It'd be nice to see someone other than jerries as the evilton for this. I mean we got a fantasy world to play with.

>Big Cheese

had to get that one explained too. felt like i shoulda known it, too.
Looks like an ideom I didn't know about then.
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image:142770272200.jpg(42kB , 807x613 , ZhkNVmp.jpg)
Just finished uploading most, if not all the TaleSpin comics and books. The Magic Carpet and The Wrong Culprit are in French, but the art is still nice to look at.

I'm going to be organizing a Skype group for the project.
Send a contact request to timetravelingeskimo.