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Digimon Adventure/02 Reimagining: Attempt Number What?Anonymous
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Previous thread here: http://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/39291.html

Probably setting myself up for disappointment by trying to ressurect this project after repeated failures, but my momma never raised a quitter.

The basic idea is to make a revision and sometimes complete rewrite of the events of Digimon Adventures and Digimon Adventure 02 to create a single unified narrative, as there are massive continuity problems and huge differences in style and theme between two series that have created a massive divide in the fan base.

For obvious reasons there should be no new protagonists and no new fan-made Digimon. As this is an English-based project, there will need to be proper localization so as to not randomly and inconsistently insert Japanese words or phrases.

Until a definitive staff is worked out, all ideas and contributions are welcome.
Digimon Adventure/02 Reimagining: Attempt Number What?
Well, there's apparently going to be another part of Adventure starting in Spring 2015, so this may be even more difficult to.
Digimon Adventure/02 Reimagining: Attempt Number What?
Aside from this project being deader than Anne Frank, another sequel to Digimon Adventure beginning in Spring 2015 really puts a damper on this project.