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I'm trying to find raw of Freaks' Squeele (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/freaks-squeele-r2365)
so that i can translate them. copy paste from my 4chan thread: Freaks' Squeele is not translated very far, i searched for raw so that i could try translating it myself but i did not find anything on google.fr.

If you can find it, email me.

I will post it on batoto once done like the part that are already translated.


For proof that i speak french; j'aime beaucoup ce manga (BD?) francais mais je vit au Canada donc ce n'est pas Realistique de l'acheter chez ankama qui est en Europe. C'est simplement trop chère pour moi.
Je n'ai pas de scanner de toute façons donc c'est impossible pour moi de fournir les RAW.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
It's on Comixology if you want to make yourself high-quality rips:

If you're into paper, Archambault ships to Canada for free for orders over $40 but it's going to be more expensive:
I'll buy it for you within the next couple of days.
Such efforts are always to be commended, but I saw english copies of 1-4 on some of the manga sites. Its being slowly taken down though as it is licensed.
Yeah, 1-4 and the 1st volume of the Funerailles spin-off have been scanlated.

But the person who did 1-4 got hit with a C&D and the person who did Funerailles burned out.

And it has been in the process of coming out in English since like 2012
I'd be super interested in seeing this finished.