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image:140467769700.png(234kB , 1000x900 , 1404631262694.png)

It's found by 6 unsuspecting young women on the way home from a Bachelorette party.
In a fit of confusion and curiosity one of them reads the spell engraved on the magical rock from Dimension X and it has unforeseen side effects.
In addition to transforming them all into the Pervy Wizard's perfect woman it also gives them fantastic powers, they become the Cosmic Cuties.

Even if it means sacrificing their intelligence and enhancing their sex appeal!

Links to the premise, character descriptions, old threads and images and misc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dqve5jMQlq3GkHfQdMhyrq_vupstC4CK2i77s8_Qt-A/edit?usp=sharing
Current strawpoll (Open until midnight (UTC/GMT) on the 6th): http://strawpoll.me/2028627/
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image:140467775700.jpg(47kB , 640x640 , 10424626_1429452047339381_256037148_n.jpg)
Beth. She-Hulk parody. Powers: Super Strength. Hero Name: Green Giant. Derogatory nickname: Sea Green Sucker.
A shy and nerdy 23 year old Puerto Rican woman who wishes she was more outgoing and confident. When she transforms she becomes the image of charismatic, outgoing and confident. Her body pre-transformation has wide hips and a large, round ass, but she hides her figure with unflattering, baggy clothes. She has shoulder-blade length, dark brown hair that falls in loose curls and wears glasses. Beth’s bimbo body, while not hugely muscular, is far more so than the other girls, her skin also turns green.

Character model is pic related.
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image:140467784900.jpg(67kB , 458x567 , 600full-natasha-o'keeffe.jpg)
Bernadette. Powers: Self Duplication. Hero name: Dirty Dozen. Derogatory nickname: The Walking Orgy.
22 year old redheaded southern party girl. Not particularly slutty, but loves a good time. Doesn’t mind dancing a little too close or kissing strangers. Her bimbo persona is an exaggeration of that, always wanting to have a good time, finding the fun in fighting villains (Occasionally drawing out a fight just to have more fun) and always begs the girls to go clubbing right after a successful mission. Constantly gropes and teases Beth to mess with her/try to bring her out of her shell. She has above average breasts, while all her other proportions are average. She wears jeans, “cowboy” boots and plaid/gingham tops. Her superhero costume is a variation on Daisy Dukes.

Model is pic related.
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image:140467791700.jpg(51kB , 448x594 , Kumiko+Treasure+Hunter+Portraits+2014+Sundance+wIiV8T0rQw6l.jpg)
Isabelle. Wonder Woman parody. Powers: Super Speed. Hero name: First Strike. Derogatory nickname: The Quick Lay Lass.
A 21 year old Japanese woman. A natural born leader and brave warrior that hails from a mysterious lesbian island. She feels that she’s the obvious leader of the group, even though when the shit hits the fan, everyone turns to Monica for instructions. Her alter ego is even more brash and hot headed than she is, and is also aggressively flirtatious with men she likes. She hates Captain Awesome, because on her home island, the women under your command are considered yours to do with as you please. She understands that things are different in San Leandro, but as she thinks of herself as the leader of the team, she subconsciously thinks of the girls as "hers", and feels that he is disrespecting her specifically with his actions, and that he is trying to steal “her” girls. Her pre-transformation body has the physique of a runner’s body (Athletic, small breasts, small firm ass and thick thighs), and long hair, tied into a ponytail. Day to day she wears loose tanktops and leggings. Her costume is a Wonder Woman style breastplate (With a cheetah design) with straps over her shoulders and semi-transparent leggings that come to above the knee.

Character model is pic related.
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image:140467797300.jpg(232kB , 663x937 , sue storm.jpg)
Monica. Sue Storm parody. Powers: Invisibility and force field generation. Hero name: Wallflower Derogatory nickname: The Disappearing Bitch.
A 38 year old white American MILF with classic long blonde hair and blue eyes. Over protective and motherly, she tries her best to help anybody and everybody she can. Her bimbo persona is much the same, trying her best to help out her friends and the public, sometimes to the point of putting herself in danger. In combat she is more likely to hang back and try to politely advise the girls, using her powers from long range to contain the fight and keep the public safe. Happily married to her oblivious stay at home husband who looks after their two children and has no idea his wife is a super hero. He has a huge crush on her alter ego. She is the aunt of Ophelia and her sister through marriage. She has the largest of all proportions (Breasts, ass, hips, lips and thighs) out of any of the girls.She barely changes during transformation.

Character model is Sue Storm.
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image:140467806200.jpg(114kB , 630x788 , kerry-washington-image.jpg)
Samantha. Oracle parody. Powers: Intentionally not shown.
22 year old black woman. Stays at the base advising and trying to calm down the girls libidos. Often gets excited herself and ends up turning bimbo to touch herself as she watches the girls being molested. Claims to not turn bimbo, as it's degrading. Her civilian persona is slightly prudish and stuck up, but still friendly. Her bimbo persona is very different, as it’s manifestation of her repressed desires. So she’s lewd as all hell whenever she changes while watching her team mates. Secretly bisexual Doesn’t care about her day to day fashion, so she just wears jeans and a tshirt most days. She has average proportions, but the second plumpest lips.

Character model is pic related.
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image:140468091600.jpg(317kB , 1600x900 , oph.jpg)
Ophelia. Raven Parody. Powers: Magic. Hero name: Black Magic Woman. Derogatory nickname: Easy Medium.
A 19 year old Indian girl who's into punk/classic rock. Sarcastic and pessimistic with slight anger issues. Thinks highly of herself, but knows she’s not infallible. Her alter ego is a boaster and a show off, eager to prove herself and one up the villains, even to the point where she jeopardizes the mission, at times. Wears a nose ring, a leather short jacket (Like Rogue’s but black) with rolled up sleeves, eyeliner and has a haircut similar to Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. She is the thinnest of the girls, with average proportions. Often wears a loosely fitting assortment of punk/classic rock band tees under her leather jacket (which she refuses to take off even in extreme heat).

Character model is MIA on the left but she has hair like Ally Sheedy on the right.
Bimbos? This is the worst project to come from /co/.

If anything you should just go and take it straight to /pco/
It's not porn.
Just like how Supermoms and BreastQuest aren't porn.
Yeah, totally not porn when you advertise the project as "everything but penetration." Take this to /pco/ where it belongs.
BimBro, you there?
new thread is up on /co/
don't know if anyone is here but i'm going to make a new thread in a few after sorting through our info
Gonna post the link to the pastebin when I'm down with it.
I kind of might've changed some info.
Ehh, probably shouldn't just go changing stuff on your own, but I'll look at it when you're done.

As for ignoring the strawpoll I don't think we should do that. We asked what people would prefer and they told us.
I mean done.

And yeah we did but fuck those people, I learned early on that you should never change who you are to fit other people's desires. There are people interested in the Cuties and if we work hard enough that interest can and will expand. I'm about to eat so I'm going to finish the Main Six and then post it so you can look at it and edit it.
I get what you're saying but I'm not gonna start ignoring the majority decision just because one of us thinks it's a bad idea, that's not how a community project works.

Either way the setting is the same, right? The near future, supersci fi, aliens, time travel, dimension hopping etc. setting. So I'll sort out the gdocs for it, then start a SupaFly: Adventures in Pimping thread and see how it goes.
Fine but if you do that I'll make a parallel thread for the Cuties with the pastebin.

And yeah, the setting is the same.
Sorry for being an asshole about this.
People'll probably bitch about it, but that's fine, man. You've still got the link to the gdoc, yeah?
yeah, i do.

BimBro, can you post the villain descriptions? I'm unable to copy them from the Gdoc.
Thanks, man.
Can you post the other characters and misc too?
Do you still think Ashley is still a good villain idea?
Because I don't think Ashley is too good of idea.
I dunno, I think he still works.
I liked him at first and we'd definitely score points for the Bruce Campbell joke but he doesn't really fit the the sci-fi setting and everything else about him is kinda iffy.

It just feels wrong.

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