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image:139965775000.jpg(977kB , 2500x2500 , supermoms02new.jpg)
A /co/-created comic project about a team of MILF superheroes going on wacky and fun adventures.

Old /coc/ thread: http://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/48794.html
Comic scripts (currently looking for artists!): http://pastebin.com/WyEbAbvm
Main wiki page: http://the-conservatory.wikia.com/wiki/Supermoms
Characters who have yet to be designed/drawn: http://pastebin.com/3RASFAU8

Get in here, bros!
This new boards system is weird.
Apparently its only a temp measure, it will be 'fixed' soon-ish
Will there be a thread this weekend?
i hope it isn't 'fixed' too much, this is way easier to look at and way faster to use
Sure. When should we post it?
I dunno... maybe I'll do it
New /co/ thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/61680904
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image:140007636900.jpg(21kB , 500x300 , Boob_Chart_Preview.jpg)
Preview of the Boob Chart requested in the /co/ thread.

File is actually SFW (everything's covered), but still polite spoiler
Wouldn't mind an NSFW version of that chart, too.
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image:140011756700.jpg(68kB , 750x750 , 1399756056948.jpg)
Time for some bounty from the thread. Betsy and Star-Striker infiltrate Lord Darkthorne's evil lair disguised as his loyal minions!
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image:140011761600.png(387kB , 1066x2461 , codex 1.png)
A try at Jeanne Pendragon, AKA Codex.

Needs bigger sweater puppies.
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image:140011764000.png(613kB , 1240x1753 , loudspeaker 2.png)
Loudspeaker in action.
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image:140011767000.png(168kB , 912x1042 , gg 2.png)
Gunner Graves.
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image:140011771800.png(6kB , 2758x3371 , mend 15.png)
Do you want some cookies?
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image:140011773800.png(54kB , 529x394 , mend 16.png)
More Mend.
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image:140011776400.png(142kB , 1173x924 , mend 17.png)
Very cute!
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image:140011786400.png(478kB , 1202x2159 , star-striker 21.png)
Star-Striker looking ready for a fight.
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image:140011789500.jpg(59kB , 936x900 , star-striker 22.jpg)
Star-Striker by an artist who I believe is new to the project!
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image:140011793300.png(572kB , 1602x2219 , tiger 6.png)
An old Taekkyon Tiger sketch cleaned up.

Missing the mask, though.
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image:140011805600.png(1.57MB , 2081x2211 , tropica 14.png)
Tropica smash!

I like this idea, I think I'll try to work it into a story down the line.
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image:140014151700.png(769kB , 1275x1761 , 1400105927384.png)
Someone named Selena Star cosplaying as Mend, by JMD.
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image:140014699200.png(2kB , 1091x1431 , 1399940446188.png)
There's also this LD
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image:140014715700.png(368kB , 2077x1500 , 1399993831263.png)
And another round of the eternal battle for the title of "Best Mom"
She's a pornstar: http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Selena_Star
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image:140018645000.png(476kB , 1362x963 , 1400180762505.png)
Sketch of Supermoms' training with TT
Great thread, guys
did we ever figure out the mask?
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image:140024001200.png(344kB , 1014x1358 , tiger 4.png)
I figure it's a tiger mask like in pic related.
Guys, need your help.

I want to update the script list on the wiki and the Pastebin. But I'm not sure if I got all the new versions. Here's what I have gathered so far:

Garuda's edit to Star-Striker #1. Is this the latest version?

Garuda's new script. It's called "Supermoms #3", and I'm confused, since there's already a different Supermoms #3 out there. Is this supposed to be #5?

The newest but still unfinished version of "Fans". Is it supposed to be #4, as I tentatively wrote on the wiki, or is it a spin-off one-shot?

Mothers of Evil #1, I suppose.

Are there any more new scripts I have missed? Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I haven't yet read some of these! I'll read them soon, and would def give some feedback
Lol: http://justinmdurden.tumblr.com/post/85791702829
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image:140025701600.jpg(199kB , 752x1000 , 1400256347890.jpg)
Chogo.Ri/K2 has just posted this awesome finished Star-Striker pic!
>Garuda's edit to Star-Striker #1. Is this the latest version?
No, I re-edited it.

>Mothers of Evil #1, I suppose.
Really just a Supermoms issue where the lair is established and they fight the Mothers of Evil for the first time. Could be issue #4 or #5 or somewhere along those lines.
Where did he post this? It's not on his usual Tumblr.
I see, thanks.
But now I'm even more confused about the numeration!

He posted it in the /co/ creations thread on /co/, since he didn't know we have our own threads again
Btw, could you post a link to his Tumblr?
Actually, looks like Garuda deleted the old Issue #3 Celtx version, and now only the HTML version of it remains. I'm very, very confused.

To clarify:
Old Issue #3: Supermoms spend time with their kids and each other
New Issue #3: Supermoms go to the Pot Luck Dinner
I still don't get the numeration. I think issue 1, 2, and 3 are set in stone but beyond that who knows.

His Tumblr is http://chogorimountain.tumblr.com/

I think we should replace the Star-Striker in the OP image with >>50695, and change the Tropica to something else (as Tropica doesn't wear shoes and his Tropica drawing in the OP image does have shoes for some reason).

I have old issue #3 on my computer. It wasn't very good, and there's nothing covered in it that couldn't be covered (or isn't already covered) in solo issues of each mom. Also it does a few things that aren't canon, such as none of the other moms knowing Mend's husband is really Shadow Boy.

Also, I think the idea all along was to do solo issues that take place after issue #2, all leading to the potluck dinner issue, so that one being #3 makes more sense than what the old #3 was.
Thanks for the link!

>I think we should replace the Star-Striker in the OP image with >50695, and change the Tropica to something else (as Tropica doesn't wear shoes and his Tropica drawing in the OP image does have shoes for some reason).
I hope I won't offend any of my favorite artists with this, but let me explain how I choose the representational pics both for the OP pics, and for the wiki articles.

The principle I use is: colored full body images with canon outfit. Colored so people can see the design colors, full body so that we don't get over9000 questions or misunderstandings about their leg- and footwear (I speak from experience here), and canon outfit because, well, it's a kind of official representational pic of the characters' designs.

Now Chogo.Ri's current SS picture is cool, it's one of my favorite SS pics, but it's
a) not full body;
b) the hotpants look even less like hotpants and more like a thong (which is very much okay for just a fan art pic, but not for the representational pic of the character's design; it's the very same reason I didn't use Bellend's pic)

As for Tropica, Chogo.Ri's pic has one problem (non-canon shoes), but it's atm the most fitting Tropica pic we have. E.g. JMD has drawn a lot of sexy Tropica, but it's either not full-body, or not in color...

I feel there's no rush in this; as soon as I'll see more fitting pics, I'll use them.

>Old issue #3
I see.
But there were also some good establishing moments, e.g. Keiichi with Shaundra. Maybe it could be reworked, at least partly, into a further issue?
Or maybe make it issue #4?
>But there were also some good establishing moments, e.g. Keiichi with Shaundra
A lot of the same sentiment on the relationship of those two in particular is touched on in the Diva solo, and even a little bit in the Kaiju solo.
I think in the next thread we should focus on designing family members and other secondary characters. As far as I can tell, we have all the Supermoms and Mothers of Evil's designs finalized, as well as Lord Darkthorne and Sinister Sorceress Seductra (well, we could do with designing the villains' civilian identities).
I don't think we should make such an organized push for this. Why the rush? Let it all happen naturally. I'm personally not too hot for a three-thread brainstorm session like with Kaiju.
P.S.: What I feel we should focus on, is discussing the scripts, and ironing out some lore. Meanwhile, iirc, some drawfriends are working on the Boob/Butt Charts. Plus I hope we'll get some random Supermom art, which is always welcome!
I wonder, should I upload Whargleblargle's new pic of SS and Diva, and a censored version of JMD's new Tropica x Mend pic, on the wiki? Or would that be too lewd?
Too lewd. Let's play it safe with the wiki.
Got it.

But does it mean we wouldn't be able to use >>50672 on the wiki, either?
The boob chart by itself would probably be fine. I'm just wary of anything that actually shows nudity.
Ah, I see your point.
Hnnnggggg, this picture. Something about it, the face maybe, makes it my favorite Star-Striker picture ever. She truly is best mom.
Her face is very cute and motherly here, and combined with the ultraslutty outfit, it's just the best combination
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image:140028158900.png(1.95MB , 1666x2500 , Chicken_divine2.png)
While editing the wiki, I stumbled upon this /co/created character: Chicken Divine.
She's a perpetually oiled Brazilian carnevale dancing cat burglar.
She was created recently, and wasn't used much afaik.

Methinks she would look great in Supermoms, no?
What do you guys think?
And if so, maybe we should ask for permission in the /coc/ thread?
Supermoms is a different universe from the /co/verse so I think it would be fine to use her.
idk looks out of place imo.
its cute but feels off.
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image:140028550900.jpg(15kB , 170x135 , il_170x135.483054714_awma.jpg)

maybe like those Asian demon hannya /half mask but tiger motif and mouth is openish so its not really covered something similar to pic related?
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image:140029252200.jpg(54kB , 500x500 , sigrun 3.jpg)
Whatever happened to this artist?
Will there be a thread this weekend?

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image:140045085800.png(193kB , 552x843 , never.png)

All you had to do was ask.
Welcome to the new thread, JMD!

What a sexy Tropica~
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image:140045228800.png(227kB , 1407x1295 , 1400452159759.png)
Star-Striker and Mend getting stuck by JMD.
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image:140045811300.png(215kB , 1092x2006 , diva 15.png)
Diva by JMD.

The neck is kind of long, but otherwise it's great. Dat ass.
Whelp, the Supermoms thread died in the night
Yeah, missed it. Did anyone save the Anti-Kaiju?

Oh snap! Thank you, that's a great Tropica! I didn't want to impose on artists with such formal requests, oh well

JMD was on a roll today.
>Did anyone save the Anti-Kaiju?
It appears LiefeldianAbomination drew it, and I think he's aware of this thread, so all we need to do is wait for him to post it.

Okay, I'll try summarizing the ideas about Anti-Moms we have.

>The world
Most anons seemed to support the idea of a world not unlike DC's "Earth 3", where heroes are villains and villains are heroes. The Anti-Moms are the most dangerous supervillain team in that universe.
Writeup from the thread:
>Hellfire City is a crime-ridden hellhole. After the teenage supercriminal gang, the Teen Fiends, seemingly perished in their ultimate fight against the last major hero, Duke Lightthrone, supercrime has been on the decline (ordinary crime has remained, of course). But recently, the former Teen Fiends have resurfaced, more experienced and dangerous, as the most evil supervillain gang in Hellfire City – the Anti-Moms!

>Sternbrecher (Anti-Star-Striker)
There's a pic of her on the wiki. Judging by her costume and name, she seems to idolize this universe's analog of nazis (probably the ones that create robot gorillas in the main universe) with the same passion as Star-Striker loves freedom and apple pie.
If we go with amplifying and twisting Supermoms' personality traits, then Sternbrecher could be domineering, tyrannical, power-hungry and calculating.

Anti-Diva could have been brought up by villains on Earth, or maybe by Krushorr himself (later overthrowing him and becoming a ruthless galactic conqueror herself). Or maybe Divalonians in this universe were actually a very evil and warlike race, who got blown up while trying to conquer the planet of the valiant space rebel Krushorr?

>Oniyome? (Anti-Kaiju)
Need to hear LiefeldianAbominations ideas on her. Personality-wise, would we go with amplifying and twisting Kaiju's personality trait, or with an opposite of them?

>(Anti-Sig Rune)
An ice giantess who's made of living blizzard. As Sig Rune is haughty towards mortals, and likes to solve problems with force; Anti-Sig Rune hates mortals with a genocidal passion, and likes killing and spilling blood.

Instead of plants, controls metallic plant-like "installations" with lots of sharp and rusty bits. Her costume, instead of vines, is made out of barbed wire. While Tropica likes to flirt and torment men for fun, Anti-Tropica is a sadist who uses her vamp charms to bend men to her will, destroy their lives, blackmail them etc, and literally physically and mentally torture them. While Tropica is very jealous of Juan, Anti-Tropica reserves the worst fates for any woman who had the misfortune of being in the life of her male victims.

>Rend (Anti-Mend)
There's a pic of her on the wiki. Her powers include a poisonous/disease kiss. No suggestions about her personality have yet been made.
Oh and also, reposting from the thread:

First adventure:

Countdown to Issue 3:

Issue 3 and beyond:


P.S.: There was a suggestion of conflating "Issue #1" and "Issue #2" into one Giant-Sized Issue. This idea has some merit, imo...
I think we should also work on creating a character design for one of the Supermoms European allies. If we did who would you suggest we concentrate on first?
I'm the guy who suggested the European Dreams back then, and now I think they probably should be removed altogether. Because
a) we already have a fuckton of characters
b) a lot of character traits that were used in ED, were since used for different characters (e.g., Mrs.Evil is the gothy MILF, Codex is the magical MILF, Lord Darkthorne collects various artifacts from around the world, Diva is the alien MILF, Louspeaker and Protectora are the Italian MILFs, Loudspeaker has a mech suit, etc.).

So, I vote we prune them altogether – maybe we can reuse a concept or two with new characters (e.g. I'd still like to see an Indian MILF)
We absolutely should combine #1 and #2. However, I need to do some proofreading/editing on #1 because I noticed an error a while ago and haven't gotten around to correcting it (Sigrun's hair in her civilian identity is wrong).
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image:140053166300.jpg(827kB , 2300x1560 , newprotectora.jpg)
Update on Protectora visual and her new bio:

Karia Vinneri was a scientist working on a top-secret project of the Multinational Intellectual Logistics & Financing corporation. The project was so secret that neither Kim Ujifusa nor Babs Bushnell knew about its, or even Karia's existence.

The Project involved a new kind of artificial crystal, that could generate it's own energy, but it was also discovered that under certain circunstances these crystals could defy Logic itself. On impact tests, the researches found out that all force that went in contact with it, were lost, with exception of weight. On high temperatures, they would be transformed in a fluorescent and sticky kind of goo.

While Karia was participating in a new test involving sources of light, something went wrong, the reflections generated were too strong, Karia managed to find cover behind a special league of metal that was near her. The results were surreal, all the scientist who didn't managed to cover themselves were completely frozen in place.

In the following day, after tests in the Medical Center located in the lab, she found that she escaped her terrible fate only partially. The reflected light hit her body , somehow, stopping her reproductive organs from working properly and making her cells age slower.

Karia always wanted to have children, and after hearing those news her mind broke. Overcome with feelings of rage, she stole every piece of crystal she could and destroyed what was left. In her escape from the laboratory, she used a flashlight in conjunction of a crystal to freeze all those who came to stop her.

Back in home, she kept researching about the crystals. Finding ways to control and to avoid herself from being affected by them.

Few years later, her dream of becoming a mother became a reality when she managed to adopt 2 girls, Abigail and Ivory. When hearing about the return of the Teen Queens, now know as Supermoms, she knew her former enemies had returned too. The city would become a mess again with their return, and to protect her children from being potential victims of their fights, Karia developed a new gear made of the same metal that saved her life. By the alias of Protectora she now became a vigilante fighting crime and searching for a way to end the existence of Supermoms and The Mothers of Evil.

I'm also working on a "Research Log" to better explain how she uses the crystals on her daily life and what kind of "special metal" her equipment is made of.


Nothing major, just a bit of cleanup.
You did a really great job working on this back story. But I'm a bit confused how see can see with a blindfold over her eyes.
Wasn't there talk about which child personality archtypes we haven't used yet?
Still no Anti-Diva?

Is LiefeldianAbomination aware of this thread?
I think you mean Kaiju. And I guess not. Looks like we'll have to wait until Saturday.
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image:140070702600.jpg(173kB , 793x1000 , diva 16.jpg)
Hm, sounds interesting... will she mostly fight villains, or heroes, or both?
Okay, I really need to get to reading the recent scripts
We were more talking about which ones were already used... since we still haven't decided on some kids' personalities, and on Phero-Mona kids.
Yeah, looks like he doesn't visit here for some reason.
Nice pic! Hope it's not "last" as in last ever, but more like last for now? You rendered her new design pretty nicely (btw, the current wiki profile pic is the same design, just by a different artist). My only complain may be that the booty is not as big as it could be lol
I posted that but I'm not K2. I just took it from his Tumblr.
Please do get to reading scripts and critiquing them because, as a writer, it's really a letdown when I see nobody giving their thoughts on anything I write. I'm literally begging for criticism here.
Yeah, keep it mainly SFW on the wiki. No one really knows what the full wikia policy is on this kind of stuff and I'm not too keen on attracting negative attention from them.

And I've been wanting to ask, but don't you think the pages are getting a little bloated with pics? Seems kind of silly to keep adding pics if the designs are still in flux if you ask me.

Aside from that
I still can't figure out how to get rid of that damn "uploaded by" thing that's now appearing under every thumbnail since the .css that was in place to prevent it from showing up isn't working anymore now that wikia has changed some of their code involving thumbnails.
I think now that we have definitive designs for all of the Supermoms, we can cut down on the pic bloat by just picking the best picture for each Supermom under their current design and using that one on each Supermom page, and that's it.
>Yeah, keep it mainly SFW on the wiki.
Understood. What about the >>50672 Boob Chart? Can it go there?

>And I've been wanting to ask, but don't you think the pages are getting a little bloated with pics? Seems kind of silly to keep adding pics if the designs are still in flux if you ask me.
You're probably right. I think maybe we should keep the bare minimum, and get rid of the outdated designs and most of the templates and sketches. (also see my reply to anon below)

>I still can't figure out how to get rid of that damn "uploaded by" thing that's now appearing under every thumbnail
Actually, this doesn't bother me too much, but yeah, it looks kinda weird.

>picking the best picture for each Supermom under their current design and using that one on each Supermom page, and that's it.
I was thinking, maybe ~2-5 best pics of the current design, by different artists? Looking at the wiki pages for other characters, this seems to be the norm. Plus maybe a pic or two of the civilian/yoga clothes. Plus pics of supporting characters (Betsy Banks, etc). Or is this too much?
Yeah, that pic would be fine.

Let me know which pics need to be trimmed once you guys figure this out.
There's not any rush or anything since I don't think wikia imposes a pic limit.
Of course not. If anything we need more drawings of the moms in their civilian clothing.
Nice work on this script. I don't really see anything that needs rewriting
Well, I did, so I made some minor edits. Download link is the same as in>>50734, it's just an updated version. Nothing major, just a few small tweaks.

And don't forget to look over my Star-Striker #2! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yuetfvd8dsp33b/ss2.celtx
There's one thing we should consider. If we remove most of the pics from the wiki, they'll get reposted again and again in the /co/ threads. Now I'm not saying we shouldn't trim the wiki galleries, I'm all for it. I'm just saying, we should prepare for reposts
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image:140080664200.jpg(89kB , 614x1000 , shaundra 4.jpg)
Does anyone else think we should redesign Shaundra?

Not knocking the punk chick look, because I think it looks good on her and gives her the good rebellious visual to fit her personality, but something about the most recent design just seems...bland.
There are already a lot of reposts in the threads. It's just like the /coc/ threads. I wouldn't worry too much about it, just worry when people start dumping old stuff.

I agree. Her current look is pretty generic, and IMO she needs a more defining look. I'm thinking first and foremost Doc Martens. The mohawk should stay, though.
Reposts are old stuff, aren't they?
Maybe we should make some kind of archive for the pics that are not present on the wiki? E.g., if we delete all old costume Diva pics, that means we'll lose three cool JMD drawings
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image:140086210100.jpg(95kB , 2500x2500 , supermoms02latest.jpg)
Okay, guys, here's the latest version of the OP pic.

I'm not going to upload any new pics on the wiki, until we come to a decision on what pics we should keep there, and which ones need to be deleted.
Someone really needs to replace that Starstriker picture with a better one
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image:140086472600.jpg(14kB , 800x1131 , starstriker02z.jpg)
As I said, I need a full-body color pic that doesn't skimpify her costume too much.

There's also this (picrelated) pic by Corndog, I can possibly use it instead
That seems kinda...flat, don't you think?

The picture, not Star-Striker herself.

Also, it's not super representative of Star-Striker's design. The necklace, the invisible eyes...I don't know.
That's just Corndog's style, mang, don't be hatin'

In any case, these two pics are ATM the ones that represent Star-Striker's design the best.
While I love the Sig Rune pic that's in that image, we really need one in full color.
We need more Siggy pics, period
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image:140091857500.png(2.19MB , 2320x1737 , Oniyome052414.png)

Apologies for having gone A.W.O.L I've been aware of the thread here but I've just been under the weather lately.

But yeah I'm re-posting the initial Oni concept from last week plus a new one I sketched tonight. I included some of the references I worked from, but the bullet points would be predominantly black costume , Dyed hair, wild hair , heavy makeup and eyeshadow, meaner face paint, just a darker and meaner overall look when compared to Kaiju's Yamato Nadeshiko image. I want to work in the the hannya mask in someway as well but I haven't quite figured that out yet. Everything is still super preliminary.


I have a suggestion in regards to the pics on the wiki. Would a Supermoms booru help alleviate the issue? A booru could be used as an all purpose pic dump for anything and everything Supermoms whilst the wiki can be streamlined to the most essential art and references.
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image:140093520400.jpg(185kB , 900x755 , yes__precure_5_the_movie__dark_precure_5_outfits_by_zakuro_onee_chan-d58jhw7.jpg)
Very good! I like the right one the most; it has hints of Kill la Kill and Dark Precure (picrelated), which is good in my book. Maybe some simpler angular design of the left one could be merged onto it, especially in the shoulders/chest area.
I'd also suggest she should have extensive tattoos on her body, since, you know, yakuza tradition.
How do you imagine her personality? A complete opposite to Kaiju, or Kaiju's traits amplified and corrupted?

>Would a Supermoms booru help alleviate the issue?
Probably would. I think it may be a good idea. It's just that, I personally cannot into boorus, due to not using them much. I could help tagging and stuff, but would be better if someone who's a bit better used to them, would be in charge of it (if we decide to create one)
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image:140093534400.jpg(26kB , 300x400 , japan-mob-3-medium-new.jpg)
Example of the yakuza tattoos.
I like the one on the right the most.
New /co/ thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/62132370
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image:140107456900.jpg(16kB , 780x814 , mend 18.jpg)
From the thread, a cute Mend.

Note: logo on her chest is not part of the official Mend design. Still cute!
save file
image:140111954800.png(69kB , 360x324 , 1401116565854.png)
Supermoms button designs for (far) future promotion of the project.
save file
image:140114265400.png(333kB , 1253x1453 , oni 2.png)
And a new design for Oniyome (working name), the Anti-Kaiju of the Evil Supermoms.
save file
image:140118686500.png(41kB , 1843x1355 , 1401172020359.png)
A throwback to the days of the Teen Queens, when Mend was rather rough-and-tumble.
save file
image:140123529700.png(74kB , 513x608 , teenmend 2.png)
And a cute teen Mend.
save file
image:140129359300.png(487kB , 1368x2831 , 1401248276938.png)
Don't forget this cute teen Tropica
save file
image:140129370100.png(256kB , 1121x1350 , 1400960753547.png)
And this Oniyome head (possibly, in transformed form)
Newest script links from the thread:

/co/stess Issue #1:

/co/stess Issue #2:

/co/stess Issue #3:

Tweaked Unfinished Issue #4:

Combined Issue #1 (former #1 and #2):

Star-Striker #2:
So, what should Betsy Banks' superhero name be?

Eventually she's going to have to come up with a name. We can hold it off for a while by having her cycle through terrible names or not being able to decide or something, but eventually she's going to have to come up with a name.
It should be terrible! As well as her costume. That's the fun thing about her character.

Bonus points if Tommy suggests some sensible alternatives, but she disregards them straight away becuase they're "boring"
Reposting the latest Anti-Diva idea from the thread:

Diva's very popmusic-related and campy. While Diva's based on popmusic itself, how about Anti-Diva's based on laser light show effects!

So, her powers could contain:
- Shooting rows of colored laser beams – but as this universe is somewhat cartoonish, these laser beams have destructive laser power!
- If she projects a laser image on a building or surface – she can change it! (e.g., projecting a laser image of a hole on a bank wall)
- Able to create holographic constructs out of lasers
- Can use her lasers to temporarily blind her foes (e.g., starship pilots)

Downsides: Her powers are less powerful during daytime.

Btw, this also means that while Diva was active in the R&B scene, Anti-Diva was most likely a rave DJ.
shoots spread lasers, takes time to recharge
shoot different-colored lasers, able to form laser projections on buildings and holographic constructs
explode into a Jubilee-esque lightshow
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image:140131343000.jpg(103kB , 450x600 , 1395527992294.jpg)
We should start brainstorming.
>Star-Striker, Jr. (if only she knew the irony)
I like these!

Maybe lay on more of the sidekick flavor, since she initially wants to be SS's sidekick. Of your suggestions, I think Strikette has this flavor the most.
Some other ideas:
>Kid Striker
>Strike Lass
Oh, also some name ideas from the thread:

>Anti-Tropica, the one with the sadistic metal stuff

>Kaiju's familiar
Made the necessary changes to the two Star-Striker solos to account for the recent Betsy developments. Basically, in Star-Striker #1, she's wearing a Star-Striker costume rather than her own personal costume, so that way Betsy thinks that her mom has never seen her in her real costume. In Star-Striker #2, the key changes are in the dialogue between Betsy and Star-Striker to make it congruous with what was established in Star-Striker #1. There are also a few minor changes in both scripts. The following links are the absolute most recent edits of Star-Striker #1 and #2.

#1 Celtx: https://www.dropbox.com/s/te977upj90hp2lw/ss1.celtx
#1 HTML: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsf7l8keqs5snre/ss1.html
#2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yuetfvd8dsp33b/ss2.celtx
#2 HTML: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5517ltrgl9euvl0/ss2.html
Maybe in the first part, she still has a self-designed sidekick costume, but later changes the design because her mom has seen it?
We would need to come up with another design, then. I think the one in>>50779 should be her final design, so we need to come up with a design for her preliminary costume.

And it would need to be significantly different from the final design, so it's reasonable that Star-Striker wouldn't recognize her daughter in costume again.
Or, we could have Bev take the original costume away from Betsy, so she has to make another.
So I had an idea for a recurring villain character: Bad Juju.

Basically he/she is a voodoo priest-type who specializes in curses, things like that. The ideas I had for stories are one for a Tropica solo where Bad Juju "deactivates" Tropica's powers and she goes to her friends for help, before eventually finding help where she least expected it: her daughter Yolanda, and a team story where Bad Juju swaps the Supermoms' minds around, like for example Star-Striker and Sig Rune switch minds, and it happens to the whole team, and they have to pretend to be whoever they're mindswapped with until they can figure out a way to fix it.

What do you guys think?
Those are fun story ideas, imo
But you need to make sure not to make this character too racially insensitive
Come on, man.
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/62339993
save file
image:140170661500.png(202kB , 1102x1332 , 1401693412306.png)
Megumi Ujifusa hanging out with Koyujin.
save file
image:140172820300.png(238kB , 713x1503 , 1401710935731.png)
save file
image:140182307000.png(19kB , 879x816 , gg 3.png)
Gunner Graves.
save file
image:140182309000.png(256kB , 1361x1370 , 1401776828136.png)
Rough sketch of Evil Boy and Mrs. Evil.
save file
image:140188197700.png(411kB , 1228x1414 , 1401865642648.png)
Anti-Keiichi and Anti-Megumi
New or edited scripts:





Reposting my idea about Shaundra's past:

I just had an idea about Shaundra.

How about, after the Teen Queens' disbandment, Candy LaBelle left Sapphire City and started travelling around the U.S. with tours and gigs. When Shaundra was born, she didn't settle down, and continued living that style of life. Constant moving meant Shaundra had trouble making long-time friends. Coupled with the fact that Candy was too busy with her popstar job and often neglected Shaundra, that could lead to her becoming the delinquent she is today.

Candy and Shaundra may have returned to Sapphire City quite recently, maybe after Candy retired from an active popstar career. Shaundra tried to assert herself in the new school the only way she knew how – through bullying. No wonder nobody liked her... except, strangely enough, the smug clean-cut know-it-all she hated from the first day... and then she didn't notice how she fell under his charm.

Does this work?
I like the idea of Keiichi being incredibly smooth and not even knowing it.
Here's an idea I shamelessly stole from a recent Superman/Batman storyline.

The Supermoms have all been captured and their brains uploaded to a virtual reality game! Helplessly watching through the eyes of their own virtual bodies, the Supermoms can only hope the people controlling them in the virtual world can beat the game, or else all is lost! The trick being that each of the Supermoms is being controlled by one of their kids. Shaundra would control Diva, Betsy would control Star-Striker, Alexander (or, perhaps to be funnier, Olivia) would control Sig Rune, Megumi would controll Kaiju, Yolanda would control Tropica, and Harold and Jack would constantly fight for the controller of Mend.

Scenes I had in mind would include Shaundra at first intentionally playing horribly out of spite for her mother, but once she realizes the stakes involved, sobering up and playing the superhero game very well, Betsy being extremely tempted to take Star-Striker's virtual mask off and discover her idol's secret identity once and for all, and Megumi doing cute things with virtual Kaiju.

What do you guys think?
save file
image:140194321100.png(2.25MB , 2418x3000 , 1401940127754.png)
Pic from the current /co/ drawthread, featuring several /co/created characters including Star-Striker and Sig Rune.
The OR used Bellend's pic as reference for Star-Striker (which is great, but has some... spillage problems), that's why her top looks like that
I was going to post that in the "All /co/ creations" thread since it contains characters not just from the Supermoms project.
save file
image:140200868800.jpg(311kB , 720x1257 , Ladybug_suit_up_close2.jpg)
I was browsing around the wiki and I saw this pic, and it got me interested, maybe we could do something like this for the Supermoms? Images that show full-body from multiple angles, close-ups of the faces from multiple angles, descriptions of certain aspects of each mom's costume, etc.

Sort of like definitive character sheets.
The main reason I want something like this is I'm thinking of starting a Supermoms Tumblr. Not much to be posted at first, just character sheets if we can get them, and when actual issues start coming out, the Tumblr will be the repository for the pages.

Is this cool? I need input from others before I do anything.

might as well.
You will only attract and endless stream of shit if you put it on tumblr.

Then on top of some jackasses screaming "fetish shit" at this, you will then have people doing their retarded "go back to tumblr" shit as well.

It's like giving someone who hates you ammo to shoot at you with.

Hit up http://comiccooperative.wordpress.com/ or something if you need hosting for when you get a comic going, or if you absolutely HAVE to use tumblr, have it be on that artists' tumblr.
All right, thanks for the info. Posting comic pages is a long way away, anyway. There are still a lot of characters that need to be designed.
Thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/62542342
save file
image:140226557300.png(326kB , 1108x1503 , shaundra 6.png)
save file
image:140226558600.jpg(3kB , 500x500 , shaundra 7.jpg)
And another Shaundra.
save file
image:140233703200.jpg(37kB , 500x625 , iron maiden 6.jpg)
Babs Bushnell with a bit of her robot body showing.
save file
image:140233909800.png(703kB , 1515x1312 , star-striker 24.png)
Half-and-half of Star-Striker and Beverly Banks.
I got banned for a day so I can't bump the thread, hopefully it stays alive until tomorrow night. I had a great response typed up to a post but now I can't post it, so I'll put it here. This is RE: Star-Striker and Kid Striker being captured by The Trapmaster, forced to escape from a fiendish trap, identical to one Star-Striker encountered on her first costumed adventure. Basically, Star-Striker and Kid Striker get out of it by Star-Striker recounting her old adventure (maybe it's something that only Kid Striker can do, due to her smaller size, and Star-Striker guides her through it?) and in the end it was revealed that it wasn't The Trapmaster after all, but Sgt. Star, testing his daughter's mettle and how she works with her new sidekick!

What if that's the first bit of the story, and when Star-Striker discovers it was her dad all along, testing her mettle and the mettle of her new sidekick (with Kid Striker fangirl moment of course), Sgt. Star takes Star-Striker off to the side and says "by the way, your mother and I are going to be in town for a few days" and then we cut to the Banks family having to live with Bev's parents in the Banks household for a few days, with comical scenes playing out, and Beverly trying to keep her retired, superhero parents from going out in costumes and fighting crime.

Ooh! And it could be done as a crossover with Donald Bernstein's parents coming to town. Maybe they and Bev's parents had beef in the old days and the four of them are in town to settle it once and for all. Mend, Star-Striker and Donald all try to stop it (Mend trying to do so without revealing her superheroic alter ego to her parents-in-law) but it turns out it's just the four seniors burying the hatchet or something more benign than a grand fight.

I also had an idea for Airstrike Lass, to suit her name, she doesn't have powers but uses a jetpack to fly around.
save file
image:140239649400.png(449kB , 1284x1652 , mend 19.png)
I'm afraid I don't quite like this idea, for several reasons:

1. Why is Sgt.Star testing Star-Striker? As I posted in the /co/ thread, it would be okay if it happened in the Teen Queens era. But now, she's an experienced 30+ lady, it just seems embarrassing.

2. Iirc, the idea is that Sgt.Star and Airstrike Lass are long retired, and are living in a superhero retirement home. So, he wouldn't run around freely making tests for his daughter. However – I think we could have an issue dedicated to Star-Striker visiting her parents in the retirement home, and getting into some kind of Superfogeys-esque shenanigans (that's a great webcomic, btw – "Superfogeys").

3. Sgt.Star and Airstrike Lass visiting SS is, firstly, improbable since they live in the retirement home (it's more likely for SS to visit them). And secondly, because it's too similar to the Mend storyline. But see what's the problem: with Mend, it works because it plays on the "evil in-laws" stereotype. A visit from the in-laws is the stereotypical fear of any wife – and Mend has even more reasons to fear them! With SS and her parents, well, there's no conflict narrative-wise.

4. I wouldn't advise linking it to the Mend story. The Mend story works well as a self-contained solo issue plot, with Mend and Donald being the main characters and the rest of the Supermoms just helping out from the sidelines.

However, please, don't feel discouraged! First of all, I like the "trapped by Trapmaster – SS tells a story from her youth – it helps them escape" plot. Maybe KS would be the one who sees the connection? Also, as I said earlier, a different plot about SS visiting her parents in the old folks home could also be interesting.
So yeah, my two cents, hope I wasn't too rude
As I thought about that idea today I realized it sucked and was too convoluted.

I did have an idea for a Mend solo, however: Mend guest stars on a celebrity cooking show, and is challenged to an impromptu, LIVE bake-off by her arch-nemesis, Phero-Mona, with a random audience member picked as the judge - her own husband, Donald Bernstein! Mend seems to have won, but Phero-Mona utilizes a secret ingredient (Pink Fume) to make Donald quite literally fall in love with her cooking! How can Mend compete with Phero-Mona's cheating ways?
A lewd little story I wrote up while my Internet was down today.

How's the progress coming with the boob chart?
Here's a small preview of a small lewd story I'm writing. Warning: Superheroine in BDSM

>“I’m afraid your teammates are indisposed at the moment and they will fall, just like you will here.” He said as he walked towards the wall, where she saw several instruments of “torture”: a riding crop, a paddle and a cat o’ nine tails. Knowing her husband, he would use them all before the night ended. He grabbed the riding crop, walking behind her and out of sight. “I will break you Anne, oh dear me, I will break you. You will beg for mercy, but I will give you none!” And he hit her across her ass with the crop, hard.

“>Ai!” She chirped while a large red welt formed on her fat bottom. Donald went and whispered to her “Was that too hard sweetheart?” He asked with concern.

>“N-no it’s fine, if I can’t take it I’ll say the safeword.” And she kissed him on the cheek. Spirits lifted, he got into position again and reassumed character.

>“Cry.” He said as he whipped her again. She bit her tongue and prevented herself from making it sound.
Keep those in the /pco/ thread: http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/151110.html
I think for future /co/ threads we should let it die around Thursday/Friday morning, so we can do a fresh thread on Saturdays.
Old /pco/ died, the new /pco/ thread is here: http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t164707.html
you can crossboard link with >>>
What should we do with all the Supermoms pics, after removing them from the-/co/nservatory wikia?

I personally like the wikia idea; we could have a different page for each character, and keep all the necessary info there. Then we can shorten our the-/co/nservatory pages to just 1 page, with general project info, a few art, and links.
Seconding the wiki idea.
But on the booru we can also store NSFW art (non-loli/shota)
First I'm hearing about any wiki related changes.

I think the project is fine on the wiki as is, just use the already existing /co/ booru for pic dumping.
save file
image:140271268900.png(142kB , 639x734 , star-striker tumblr.png)
There has been a polite suggestion for us not to dump all the Supermoms pics in the the-conservatory wiki.
So, we're discussing where to dump them!
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/62727660
save file
image:140278545000.png(351kB , 1642x955 , 1402785059623.png)
Kaiju and an as-yet unnamed magical girl rival.
This >>50743 was me.

It just seemed like you guys were adding a bunch of pics, then arguing over which designs were the "canon" ones. I'm still not even sure if you've all decided one which designs are final since you keep changing things as you go.
Now there's something about aliens and familiars? That's getting overly complicated if you ask me.

Canon in this situation is usually whatever gets drawn the most.
save file
image:140287216400.png(382kB , 1560x1919 , mend 20.png)
A very happy-looking Mend.
>It just seemed like you guys were adding a bunch of pics, then arguing over which designs were the "canon" ones.
We just updated a couple characters' designs. After that, there were no redesigns recently.

>Now there's something about aliens and familiars? That's getting overly complicated if you ask me.
Diva's origin was retconned into her being an alien, since it fits her gaudy flashy powers.
Kaiju got a familiar like most magical girls have.

>Canon in this situation is usually whatever gets drawn the most.
We actually usually discuss stuff, and in the most important cases (e.g. costume redesigns) even put up a vote.
save file
image:140293843600.png(467kB , 2459x2533 , tropica 16.png)
And here's some more of JMD's Tropica.
save file
image:140293886000.png(403kB , 1734x1590 , diva 17.png)
And Diva.
save file
image:140293888000.png(234kB , 870x902 , goldbeetle 2.png)
And a short-haired Lady Goldbeetle sketch.
save file
image:140293891100.png(197kB , 768x1366 , gary.png)
Gary the Golem Master.
save file
image:140293996100.jpg(444kB , 1200x1600 , sigrun 12.jpg)
Sig Rune.
save file
image:140314143900.png(248kB , 1174x954 , 1403073802407.png)
save file
image:140317459400.png(563kB , 1494x2253 , 1402820528544.png)
Thread died in the night. Here's an unfinished (I think) pic of Mend.
save file
image:140317526000.png(286kB , 684x1558 , 1402986325586.png)
save file
image:140317554000.jpg(9kB , 283x302 , LD_Hair.jpg)
A sketch of how LD's hair could look in civilian life – when it's time to do evil, it springs up into action! >>50686
save file
image:140317563100.png(375kB , 994x1915 , 1402809143446.png)
save file
image:140317565300.png(207kB , 800x800 , 1402768152384.png)
Protectora's kids
new scripts:


Thread maker here, I won't be able to make the thread or get on the Internet at all this weekend, so someone else needs to make the thread. I've updated the Pastebins.

Characters that need to be designed/drawn: http://pastebin.com/bi4VZ9eR
Scripts: http://pastebin.com/btsSb21r
No one made a thread?
I was out of town. Let's wait for the next weekend
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/63131773
save file
image:140400235000.jpg(58kB , 600x550 , star-striker 25.jpg)
Star-Striker. I think we're going with a blue mask now.
save file
image:140405651800.png(27kB , 1157x1074 , mend 21.png)
save file
image:140405653400.jpg(47kB , 525x899 , mend 22.jpg)
And another Mend.
save file
image:140407925800.png(303kB , 1339x1339 , star-striker 26.png)
And here's a Star-Striker by JMD!
save file
image:140408366000.png(245kB , 1453x1475 , tropica 17.png)
Tropica by JMD.
save file
image:140408671300.jpg(23kB , 333x333 , 1404085739116.jpg)
save file
image:140432698500.png(217kB , 1183x1852 , 1404286930874.png)
A sketch of Mend's new costume.
save file
image:140432701400.png(452kB , 1273x1401 , mend 23.png)
Mend's new costume by JMD.
save file
image:140432703500.png(1.21MB , 1805x1219 , 1404285001765.png)
save file
image:140441739200.png(216kB , 1186x869 , 1404374023106.png)
Betsy finds something strange when she and her mom are training in her gym teacher's dojang...
save file
image:140441743700.png(592kB , 1157x2073 , 1404387776773.png)
A sketchy mini-comic of Tropica.
All right, really good thread this week, guys! We got a lot accomplished and I think things are finally starting to move in a more comic-oriented direction!

Whoever makes the OP pics, we need to edit it to include the new blue mask design for Star-Striker. If a drawfag can whip up a colored full-body shot of Mend's new costume design before Saturday that would go great for the OP pic too.
You really need to make a booru

Feel free to upload things, guys.

Also, for any artists, if you want to make a 16x16 .ico image to serve as the booru's icon, go ahead and I'll upload it.
save file
image:140450118900.jpg(43kB , 500x500 , 1404253879934.jpg)
The initial sketch of Mend's new costume
save file
image:140450127400.jpg(31kB , 500x500 , 1404275204473.jpg)
Teenage Mend in the revised costume
save file
image:140450130300.jpg(58kB , 600x550 , 1403993122002.jpg)
Also, red-masked Star-Striker
I think we're going with that design but the gloves don't have the white palms.
Don't have the pink palms, I meant.
Can anyone whip together a new OP pic with the Mend and Star-Striker redesigns before the thread tomorrow?
save file
image:140452571600.jpg(38kB , 500x500 , Mend.jpg)
Here, completely forgot to change it then
Looks great!
If no one makes a new OP pic by tomorrow at 10 AM EST, I'm just going to make the thread with the old OP pic.
save file
image:140454454100.png(487kB , 800x1000 , 1404542241905.png)
I'd do it, but I'm not sure if we finalized Mend's redesign?
And did we agree about Star-Striker's mask color?

also, pic by LHB from the Drawthread
I think we can come to an agreement in this upcoming thread about Mend, and I think Star-Striker's mask works better as blue, as the red just kind of stands out from the rest of the blue in her costume, and not in a good way. The blue mask makes it look less broken up, with the only red being on her cape.
Okay, then let's change the OP pic after this thread
I think we can put these questions in the posts right after OP, so people could discuss them

P.S.: Also, I think the new booru needs to be mentioned in the OP post now
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/63338431
save file
image:140465273600.png(407kB , 963x1720 , goldbeetle 3.png)
Lady Goldbeetle sketch. The mechanical arms are moved upwards.
save file
image:140465276900.png(5kB , 320x320 , star-striker icon.png)
An icon.
save file
image:140465278000.png(6kB , 320x320 , mend icon.png)
Another one!
save file
image:140468735900.png(964kB , 1333x2500 , star-striker 28.png)
Star-Striker by LHB.
save file
image:140468761900.png(441kB , 799x1500 , star-striker 28.png)
Lower res version.
save file
image:140469316200.png(441kB , 800x1500 , diva 18.png)
save file
image:140476274500.png(183kB , 703x1026 , goldbeetle 4.png)
Lady Goldbeetle in her civilian attire.

Needs faker-looking breasts.
save file
image:140480152200.png(49kB , 1501x1433 , 1404656745958.png)
Sketch of her arms from behind
save file
image:140480161700.png(221kB , 750x1000 , 1404699639082.png)
Unfinished Sig Rune
Missed the thread's end last night

My 2 cents on some discussed points:

>Sig Rune redesign
I'd vote against it. Remember how we spent 3 threads redesigning Kaiju? And how, even with a great redesign as a result, no one sadly draws her any more? Yeah.
I'd say, if a drawfriend draws a redesigned Sig Rune, we'd discuss it. But let's not specifically brainstorm this matter for another 2-3 threads, okay?

>Mend powers
I'd suggest that she just discovers she always had the force field power, just didn't know it was there. Maybe in a dire situation she suddenly creates a force field, to protect someone or save someone's life or smth like that.
As for the healing powers, I second the "young Anne-Marie picking a fight with some fairies" suggestion. I imagine the fairy swarm taking the form of a giant fist, like in cartoons, and socking Anne-Marie right on the lips
I agree with you. At this point, we really don't need to be redesigning any more characters.
I had an idea that for the solos, each should have a specific theme, like Star-Striker's is typical superhero fare, Sig Rune's is more rooted in magical adventures, etc. So not every single solo is just standard superhero stuff.
That could be really fun!
>SS = classical Golden/Silver Age-style cape
>Diva = Moebius-esque space adventures
>Kaiju = mahou shoujo
>Sig Rune = heroic fantasy
Not sure what style can be done with Tropica and Mend. Tropica is inspired by various Latin American comics and comic genres, but I don't know if that can provide a specific style. Mend never actually represented a specific genre... I guess, she could kind of represent the less pompous cape comics like Marvel's 60s titles and their ideological successors. Dunno.

But anyway, what to do with solos that were already written? They're quite good
Keep the already written solos as-is, but for the future we delve into those territories.
I think we need to get more dedicated writers on board, so each solo can really have its own individual flavor. I've written most of the scripts and I really don't have the range to do all of those different styles, especially the shoujo style for Kaiju.
Hmm, maybe. It would be definitely fun – but see my answer below

>I think we need to get more dedicated writers on board
I agree with this! As well as we need more artists to visualize already written scripts.
If we'd have more of both, we could diversify the styles and themes.
The problem is, how to attract them...
We've just got to get the ball rolling with the artists we currently have drawing the already written scripts.
The thing I miss most when the /co/ threads die early is all the cool sketches we get during the early morning hours each day.
And also how slow the /coc/ thread is.
I wrote Star-Striker #4 today.
Let me know what you guys think.
Does anyone want to make a new OP pic for the next thread?
I can make one when I return from work
save file
image:140510943300.jpg(357kB , 1250x1250 , NewOP1.jpg)
Here, made two versions because I don't know if the mask color change for SS is critical
save file
image:140510951600.jpg(35kB , 1250x1250 , NewOP2.jpg)
Also, if this one goes, we'll probably need one of them drawn by a different artist, to keep the theme
I'd personally keep this Star-Striker, as it's one of the few pics that portray her shorts as shorts
I think we should go with this one for now. Getting either Star-Striker or Mend drawn by a different artist would be great, but for current costume representation purposes, this one works well for the time being.
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/63540955
save file
image:140518987100.png(834kB , 1193x1761 , tiger sketch.png)
A sketch of Taekkyon Tiger sans mask.
save file
image:140520042700.png(232kB , 910x1720 , diva 19.png)
We're moving towards finalizing Diva's design.
save file
image:140521120800.png(22kB , 773x1376 , loudspeaker 3.png)
Loudspeaker in her civilian identity, Vanessa Vale.
save file
image:140528988200.png(279kB , 800x1297 , tiger 7.png)
Taekkyon Tiger sans mask again.
save file
image:140530203900.jpg(698kB , 1451x1584 , 1405300143583.jpg)
Various doodles. Lady Goldbeetle, Loudspeaker. Iron Maiden, Koyujin, Gunner Graves, and Kim.
save file
image:140536213300.png(297kB , 1112x1480 , 1405308655300.png)
Here's a Sig Rune.
Thread died in the night.

Now that there's not a lot of worldbuilding left to do and really it's just actual pages we need to start working on, we need to discuss whether or not we need to do weekly threads anymore. I think we can keep it in here for the time being, as long as the drawfags know this thread exists, while they work on pages, schedules permitting.
I agree, but what plan do we have? Make /co/ threads bi-weekly? Not make a /co/ thread until a lot new pics are drawn? Not make a /co/ thread until some comic pages are drawn?

do the artists know about this place?
I'm pretty sure the major artists know about this place. I mean, it's in the OP of every thread and I know they've posted in this thread before.
I'd like to get the input of everyone else involved with the project before Saturday as to the future of the /co/ threads. I think from a worldbuilding perspective we have a lot of ground covered, a TON of scripts already written (I'm still looking for critique on Star-Striker #4, guys!) and pretty much all the main characters finalized. Personally, I don't think there's enough material left for weekly threads on /co/, any worldbuilding stuff can be done here like it was before we started doing weekly threads, and I think the project can sustain itself like that. Once pages start getting drawn we can go back to making /co/ threads, to show it off on /co/.

But I'd like to see what everyone else has to say first.
If we decide to go with a new thread on Saturday, could whoever makes the OPs put >>50932 in a new OP pic?
Since nobody's said anything, I'm just going to go ahead and do a /co/ thread tomorrow.
Sorry for the late reply! I agree on this. I don't think a new thread is really warranted until we get comic pages, or a lot of new art to post.
I think we can do one more for this weekend and then make sure the artists all know to head in here after that thread's done.
Maybe we could stress this in a post right after OP: that this thread is the last weekend /co/ thread for a while, and that we welcome all artists and writers and regular participants to join us in this thread (link), and also on the booru
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/63752551
save file
image:140582561100.png(319kB , 1597x1041 , 1405824975357.png)
Preliminary designs for Donald Bernstein, Sr. and his wife Elda, Donald Bernstein's parents.
save file
image:140584662600.png(357kB , 1597x1041 , 1405837875001.png)
And them in costume as Dr. Despair and Frau Fury. Preliminary again.
save file
image:140588145500.jpg(126kB , 606x1000 , star-striker 29.jpg)
save file
image:140588668200.jpg(124kB , 606x1000 , star-striker 29-2.jpg)
Slightly tweaked.
save file
image:140589374400.jpg(176kB , 735x1000 , sigrun 14.jpg)
Sig Rune.
save file
image:140596012500.jpg(478kB , 896x1200 , tiger 8.jpg)
Taekkyon Tiger's new mask design.
save file
image:140605249900.png(411kB , 1446x2046 , tiger 9 alt.png)
Mask ideas for Taekkyon Tiger.

We might be changing the rest of her costume too.
save file
image:140605986500.png(763kB , 2413x1843 , 1406059540346.png)
Mend and Taekkyon Tiger together. They don't look similar at all, as some people feared.
save file
image:140607483900.png(414kB , 1446x2046 , tiger 9 alt 2.png)
We're working on tweaking TT's costume design.
save file
image:140607486800.jpg(305kB , 1377x893 , 1406067312633.jpg)
Behold, drafts of the Sig Rune short!
save file
image:140614830300.png(281kB , 1083x1707 , mend 25.png)
Here's Mend by herself.
save file
image:140618820700.png(561kB , 3022x1387 , tt mask ideas.png)
Well, that was a really productive thread, guys! So, it seems the key thing to work on now is Taekkyon Tiger's mask design. Some good stuff was posted in the thread, so let's hash it out.
So, what do you guys think? New thread Saturday, or chill out here for a while?
save file
image:140625684200.jpg(678kB , 2000x1309 , 1words.jpg)
Sorry can't letter for shit.
Awesome! A few spelling errors, though, namely "Cotess" a couple times and "Saphire," and in panel 3 of page 2, the box that reads "suggested retail price" should be near the bottom of the page, because a reader is naturally inclined to read it in its current position before the text it's meant to relate to.

Otherwise, great stuff! Thank you so much!

I'm at an impasse as far as the mask goes, every variant fixes one thing and breaks another. Personally I'm leaning towards the visor look but I don't know about everyone else.


A week off wouldn't hurt I'm still a little burned out from the last thread.


Solid stuff man.

found at least one youtube link in message
I liked the suggestion about her mask from the /co/ thread where the tiger's face ends covering her nose, like in >>51016 but moved downwards, the tiger's eyes either being visors, open spaces for her eyes, or just white space.

I guess my one concern in bringing the tigers mouth down, would be it looking a bit like a Halloween or novelty mask. I kinda took the idea of competition headgear with acrylic face masks and worked it into the visor style mask and added a tint for further concealment.
Oh wow, good job! These are really great! The lettering is okay, though it may be a bit hard to read in a couple
of places. But the pictures themselves... very solid, very dynamic. Hope you draw some more soon!

I support the original(?) Iron Fist-like bandanna mask. I we're going with the idea that Mend's costume was sort of a homage to TT, it fits the best.
I think I like the visor/facemask idea for Taekkyon Tiger the most since it reflects her martial arts heritage and sets her apart from Mend. As a writefag, I could really go either way re: Mend's costume being inspired by TT, but honestly I just like the look of the visor more.
save file
image:140646593500.jpg(205kB , 1800x1000 , 1406077877152.jpg)
>As a writefag, I could really go either way re: Mend's costume being inspired by TT
The thing is, her costume as a whole still resembles Mend's a lot (even with a different mask), so imo something should be done with it: either an in-universe explanation, or some costume tweaking.

It wouldn't be as apparent if TT was a secondary char in any other Supermom's solos, but when she's linked to Mend it's more apparent how their costumes have a lot in common, while being quite different from the other Supermoms'. That's actually it – it's not just that their costumes have some similarities, it's that the other heroines' costumes look very different from these two. Even without the mask, there are at least 3 main similarities: they're both mostly white (while no other characters wear white), they're both sporty (while this theme isn't shared by any other hero), and they both have a top with open shoulders and midriff.

It looks like a homage – or maybe an apprentice? Maybe as a teen, Mend met TT who visited the US, and learned some moves? Or maybe not, I presonally like the "years later, meets the woman she fangirled as a teen" angle more, it could probably lead to some interesting interactions.
With a different mask I really don't see the comparisons to Mend's costume having any validity.
With a different mask, they're still the only two white sporty midriffed costumes, in the whole Supermomverse.

Why not keep the Iron Fist style mask, and an in-universe explanation?
Sounds fine to me, if everyone else is in agreement.
save file
image:140658997400.png(893kB , 2680x2000 , lewdmask.png)
too lucha to me,

I like this >>50664 maybe make is similar to this then?>>51011
i meant the visor pic >>51016 heere
What about the design on the right, but with the eyes having tinted blue lenses, like the visor, where you can still see her eyes through them?
I like the right one!
Mite b cool, but what purpose would these lenses serve in a supposedly cloth mask?
So, for the thread on Saturday, I think we need a new OP pic, with the LHB pic of Star-Striker (>>50932), an updated pic of Mend (I think>>51014 is unfinished), and a colored pic of the finalized Diva design in>>50960.
save file
image:140678347200.png(1.38MB , 3380x1960 , mask_round_up.png)
Currently the issues are that all the bandana variants are too lucha whilst others have sited the visor seeming to futuristic. Still so far every mask has had something wrong with it and there's been no consensus.

I still cant figure out something that would work out universally.

(more thoughts in a follow up post)
save file
image:140678405100.png(2.71MB , 3704x1107 , uniform_comparison.png)

That said most of this has come about due to the perception of the designs being too similar.

Personally I still feel that outside of the color white, the costumes make and materials differ enough that it's not an issue.

Midriff is shared by Mend, Striker, Diva, Sig, Tiger and Tropica who exposes all riffs . Kaiju is the only costume that doesn't show midriff.

And as far as being sporty Mend is closer to Striker in my opinion since they both wear tight fitting spandex crop tops and shorts with the differences being the cape, color and Strikers high heeled boots.

I worry that tying their designs together story wise feels like shoehorning, Is their no room for coincidence? white is such a common base color in martial arts uniforms that I wouldn't associate Mend's use of white with TT's use of white. I think they can exist in the same book and differ enough in so many areas that a superficial similarity is just that superficial.

Hopefully come Saturdays thread this'll sort itself out.
>I worry that tying their designs together story wise feels like shoehorning, Is their no room for coincidence?
This is what I've been trying to say all along. In a world full of heroes, sometimes costumes end up having similarities.
>Currently the issues are that all the bandana variants are too lucha
Not all the bandanna variants. The leftmost in your pic is not lucha and is okay. Basically, Iron Fist/Daredevil style masks are okay, they don't feel lucha (at least for me).

>outside of the color white
It is a major similarity, though. It would be okay if Mend was white, and e.g. a Star-Striker villain was white; i.e. two characters who don't share a lot of screentime. The problem is that the only two characters with this similar color scheme star in the same solos. The only other instance of such similar color schemes is Star-Striker and Kid Striker – where the costumes have connection in-universe.
>Midriff is shared by Mend, Striker, Diva, Sig, Tiger and Tropica
The point was not in the midriff itself, but in the similar design of the costume. Both Mend and TT (and also SS, I agree) share the same top-midriff-pants design, while Diva wears a bodysuit with holes, Tropica wears a variant of a sling bikini, Kaiju wears a dress, and Sig Rune wears a bikini armor top with a strap of leather as bottom. But even SS's top is different: it's a tube top (plus, she wears a cape).
>And as far as being sporty Mend is closer to Striker in my opinion since they both wear tight fitting spandex crop tops and shorts with the differences being the cape, color and Strikers high heeled boots.
I like your picture, because if their costumes were more like the examples there, they'd be much more different. Look at the martial artist. She has a very different top, one that actually looks more "martial artsy" than "sporty". What we have now as TT's design, is the martial artist's pants with the "sporty" top from the blonde woman in the photo.
How about give TT a top similar to the martial artist on the right (with some artistic liberties taken, of course)?
Maybe even black? She would keep the white in her mask/pants, but black in the top, which would set her coloristically apart from Mend?
As for Mend's similarities with SS, you're right, there are some (especially at the beginning of the project). I think the main difference should be that SS's costume is traditional superhero spandex + it's skimpy; and Mend's costume looks more practical and "sporty" than superheroic.
save file
image:140683775800.jpg(389kB , 1898x1150 , supermomss2.jpg)
Drew the 1st page. Might draw more soon
aww shit
save file
image:140688571100.png(83kB , 1280x534 , head.png)

Looks like a airsoft mask minus the bottom part.

Hmm maybe look at a different way.
Maybe look into some Kumdo inspiration?

How about a tiger head dress.

Say a family heirloom idk umm great^n grandma (spitting image of TT) killed tiger hand to hand..hand to claw..or feet to claw....or made it to scare off other tigers or something.

Here is a rough concept.
far left is tiger helmet goes up and down,
Miiddle two are headdress-ike, (i wanted a sleek yet 'ferocious' head dress, i dont think i achieved that)
far right a tiger head dress pelt, from a Korean MMO.
save file
image:140690448000.png(719kB , 1245x1785 , tiger_pelt_rough.png)

>How about give TT a top similar to the martial artist on the right (with some artistic liberties taken, of course)?

Her top has always been a modified martial arts top. It's close fitted with the collar is untouched and the shoulders, back, and midriff are cut out.

A change to black would throw off the color scheme imo.


>Maybe look into some Kumdo inspiration?

Kumdo is the Korean equivalent to Kendo right? Her pants are already more similar to kumdo than other KMA.

That said the tiger pelt would fit kind of like a kendo helmet? The face would still be exposed, so would another mask underneath work?
I think a mask underneath the tiger pelt would work.
New thread tomorrow?
Of coursh
We need a new OP with the Mend redesign represented in it.

Well talking about kendo type helmet, just throwing an angle around,

Anyways I really digging the pelt idea. I think kendo helmet is a bit, weird.
So maybe small mask like that, or war paint or goggle/glasses/visor thingy.
Im leaning towards under mask but open to others.

I like to see her eyes. Give that stare that can paralyze you in two ways. Fear and...excitement.
>That said the tiger pelt would fit kind of like a kendo helmet? The face would still be exposed, so would another mask underneath work?

sorry read post wrong thought you mean cover face with iron bar or what not
>>That said the tiger pelt would fit kind of like a kendo helmet?
yeah something like that.

I think playing with pelt would be nice, idk why but the back shot is kinda nice..
maybe match the pants all tattered up or something.

I like it. good job
save file
image:140697785800.png(327kB , 1083x1687 , Nu_Mend_re_ink.png)
Re-inked Nu-Mend
save file
image:140697813600.png(505kB , 1393x1776 , SigRune_Rs.png)
And Sig Rune, both are unshaded unfortunately but I was afraid they wouldn't make the OP pic in time otherwise.

Nu Diva didn't make it because there's an anatomy issue that needs fixing (the really short torso).

Hope to finish all three later on + a cleaned up Tiger pelt picture.


I was initially afraid the pelt would throw off the costume balance but so far it turned out better than expected.
new thread a when?
I usually start a thread at 10 AM EST, but I'd like to have a new OP with the new Mend and Sig Rune in them. I'm no good with Photoshop though.
save file
image:140698345700.png(742kB , 1250x1250 , OP_Aug_02_2014.png)

Is this of any help?
That works.
New thread: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/64213671
save file
image:140702127800.jpg(292kB , 1996x1236 , 1407019753999.jpg)
Some art.
save file
image:140710960300.png(217kB , 1281x1308 , mend 27.png)
Here's a Mend.
save file
image:140717833400.png(36kB , 2046x1446 , 1407154268231.png)
Sketch of Mend and Taekkyon Tiger vs. The Arborist.
save file
image:140719208100.jpg(124kB , 1055x1500 , star-striker 30.jpg)
save file
image:140722013400.jpg(216kB , 994x2000 , star3.jpg)
Less fucked up eye
Remember, her mask is blue.
Don't forget the tuft of hair Mend has.
save file
image:140724754100.png(1.09MB , 1224x1080 , 1407195166397.png)
Diva concepts.

Imo some of them might work, though the mask and the star (on one of the variants) are too similar to Star-Striker.
save file
image:140724766200.png(862kB , 1591x2250 , 1407169156652.png)
Some TT concepts, dunno if canon.
save file
image:140724785400.png(755kB , 1867x2678 , 1407028226907.png)
TT current design.
save file
image:140724793900.jpg(13kB , 536x670 , 1407171326338.jpg)
TT design variant.
save file
image:140724798600.jpg(41kB , 322x870 , 1407104127850.jpg)
Strikethrough costume idea sketch.
save file
image:140724952100.jpg(41kB , 500x225 , 1407164615254.jpg)
My internet decided to screw up last night, so I couldn't respond.
Someone suggested we should discuss the problems instead of ignoring or exaggerating them, and I agree.

>But the similarities seriously aren't so jarring and eye-catching that it necessitates change. You're taking the "the Supermoms need to be different" idea, which is a very good idea, but taking it to an extreme, where anything that is even remotely similar between characters is verboten.

>You're taking the "the Supermoms need to be different" idea, which is a very good idea
It's not "a very good idea", it's the main design concept of Supermoms.
The main theme is that each character has a drastically different look, inflenced by different genres and superhero types. Fer chrissakes, I remember having to redesign Mend's mask several times because anons noticed (and rightfully so) that it was too similar to SS's mask. Because that's what the project is about visually, a carnival of uniquely different designs.

>where anything that is even remotely similar between characters is verboten.
It's not "verboten", it just doesn't fit the theme.
And Mend & current TT costumes aren't "remotely" similar, there are a lot of similarities (cont.)
save file
image:140725083200.jpg(42kB , 500x225 , 1407164578104.jpg)
Note that if you compare only Mend and TT costumes by themselves, the similarities are not so apparent, because you focus more on differences. It's only apparent when you compare Mend and TT and other Supermoms/MoE.

Main similarities:

1. Same main color.
No other two heroes share the same main color. If they do, they either rarely interact (e.g. Star-Striker and Cloud Woman), or have some connection in-canon (Star-Striker and Kid Striker). And even then, SS and CW have very different costumes (SS wears the infamous "tube top and shorts" outfit, while CW wears a "Fantastic Four"-like jumpsuit).

2. Same top design.
By itself, it wouldn't be such a huge similarity – but remember, it's same top design with the same main color. Again, the world of Supermoms is based on having different costume designs. Here we have two heroes, who already share the same main color, also share the same top design. There are also some differences between two tops, though. Let's compare the similarities and differences:
>same cut (midriff and shoulders open)
>same main color
>same stripe on the side
>both tight-fitting
>TT's collar line is a bit lower
>Mend's top has the letter "M" on it
>Mend's top ends in a straight line, TT's top ends in a "V" line
Imo, the differences are in details, while main design basics (shape and color) are mostly the same.

The main similarity is that TT's top is a sports bra like Mend's top.
It's not a dobok, because a dobok is a loose shirt not unlike a martial arts kimono. Which would actually look a lot more martial arts-y. TT's current top looks like a sports bra, only with a dobok's collar line added.

And note that none of the other heroines share the same amount of similarities in their costumes (cont.)
save file
image:140725166600.png(928kB , 640x800 , 1407037944931.png)
>But in a world with billions of people, isn't it likely for two people to have similar costumes?
We don't have a world of billions of people. We don't even have hundreds of heroes like DC or Marvel. We have 20. 20 heroines (not counting alt.universe variants) and maybe 10 or so men. Which all have very different costume designs.

>Who would confuse Mend and TT?
No one would. That's not the point. No one says they're the same costume. They're not the same, they're similar.

>The differences are in details, in secondary colors, in the shape of pants, in the moms' bodyshapes and personalities.
Look at picrelated. Also remember Fantastic Four or the Captain Marvel (Shazam) family. Such minor differences is what can be expected in a team – variations of the same uniform. It's what happens with Cloud Man and Cloud Woman, or Star-Striker and Kid Striker. Note that KS's costume has several differences from SS's (no cape, arms and legs covered in red-white rather than blue, slightly different shape of the top, white star on the chest) – but not enough; so it looks like a sidekick uniform. But TT is not Mend's sidekick or team partner!

save file
image:140725214600.jpg(123kB , 955x972 , 1407170257379.jpg)
Now that I think about it, the recent suggestion about TT's past, while very interesting in itself, has me worried since it makes even more similarities between TT and Mend (some anon, iirc, already mentioned that in the /co/ thread). Now we don't just have two of 20 MILF heroines who share similar costumes; we also have two white-costumed short-haired tomboy teenage heroines who love bare hand fighting! I'm working on a short Mend comic, with some of the action happening in her teenage years – and now I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go about Teen Mend, since now she has an almost twin, costume-wise and personality-wise, in Teen TT! (cont.)
save file
image:140725336700.jpg(93kB , 488x759 , 1402674177485.jpg)
What can be done about this? Lots of things – but only if we choose not to ignore these issues!
>1. Redesign TT's costume (note that >51074 needn't be the only suggestion; maybe someone can suggest something better?)
>2. Redesign Mend's costume (after all, she has been already redesigned twice, and every other mom has been redesigned at least once – well, everyone except TT that is).
>3. Move TT into another mom's solo series. If Mend and TT wouldn't share the stage too often, the similarities won't be so apparent.
>4. Create an in-universe explanation for the similarities. E.g., Mend was a martial arts fangirl as a teen (believable since she was a tomboy and loved to fight), and made her costume as a homage to TT and other martial artists she loved. Again, maybe someone can create a better explanation
>5. Maybe something else?

Also, GL and GA is a good example of costume similarities treated right.
These are two heroes, who are both based on the color green. But initially it was not a problem, since they were created for different universes, independently from each other – unlike Mend and TT.
When DC conflated all universes into 2 Earths, GA's costume was redesigned into a medieval Robin Hood lookalike, GL – into a futuristic jumpsuit. They now shared almost no similarities except the color green. Note that at that point, DC had several dozens male heroes, while Supermoms has only 10 heroines (not counting villains; it'd be like 50-100 vs 20 with villains).
Partly based on the similarity, GL and GA were put into a "buddy cop" team book. Now even the few costume similarities that remained, worked in the favor of the new team. Nowadays, they're no more a team, but their
team past is an important part of their backstories and who they are.

The way I see TT as differing from Mend is that TT is more skilled and has better fighting tactics while Mend just brazenly charges in, so their fighting styles are very different, not to mention Mend has her powers which can be utilized to further set her apart from TT in battle.

Also, TT's and Mend's "at home" personalities differ significantly. Mend is very sweet and caring, while TT has about the same personality out of costume as she does in it.
>TT is more skilled and has better fighting tactics while Mend just brazenly charges in, so their fighting styles are very different
But those are details. The major thing which is "teen tomboy who wears a white costume and loves bare hand fighting" is the same, while details like the exact fighting style and tactics they use, or nationality, differ. But Supermoms is a world where heroines are unique, and differ in major things, not just details.

>Also, TT's and Mend's "at home" personalities differ significantly. Mend is very sweet and caring, while TT has about the same personality out of costume as she does in it.
I was talking about teenage Mend in that post. Teenage Mend is not yet sweet and motherly, she's a tomboy who likes to get into fisticuffs.
Yah i see it, thats why i suggested Mend fixes up TT old dobok. This style of dobok>>51079 but its white and she has a black belt with the pelt outfit>>51072 .
To clarify. Fighting style is an important thing – narrative-wise. I agree that narrative-wise, Mend and TT, and even Teen Mend and Teen TT, have a lot things different.

But I was talking about the concept. Look at the teenage versions. We have an aidoru dressed in a pink frilly dress. We have a lucha-masked prankster whose overprotective mom put a green jumpsuit with elbow- and knee-guards on her. We have a tall braided shy warrior girl wearing fantasy warrior/barbarian armor.
And then we have two short-haired tomboys who both wear white costumes with sports bra tops; only one is better at martial arts and wears dobok pants and a pelt hat, and another has healing kiss powers and wears sports shorts. Compared to other teenage heroines, Mend and TT have a lot in common, both in looks and personality.
Forgive me if I got this wrong – do you suggest it as a kind of in-universe connection between Mend and TT? Hm, it might work, but it needs to be expanded upon.

So, TT's old loose-fitting dobok gets torn, and Mend tries to fix it, but ultimately suggests a tight-fitting sports bra with a dobok collar? Why would Mend fix it? Isn't TT self-reliant enough so she can fix her own clothes? And why not just keep the loose-fitting dobok (maybe make a new one)? Still a lot questions that need to be answered.
That's Teen Mend and Teen TT, though, and from what we're working with currently, they never met as teens.
True, they haven't met – but they'll conceptually very similar. Compared to all other heroines. It's like if Muppet Babies had another bear character named, I dunno, Archibald, who had a fur of a slightly different hue, wore a different hat, and also told jokes but in different way. It wouldn't matter if he ever met Fozzie or not, they'd be conceptually similar in either case.
How about this.

After being discharged from the Korean military, a 20-something TT traveled the world as a mercenary, doing tough jobs for both the good and the bad guys. One case had her deal with a dangerous local gang in Sapphire City, hired by a rival gang leader. This was after White Dragon and Jimmy Christmas retired, but before Gunner Graves, Teen Queens etc. appeared, so crime was on the rise in Sapphire City.

In a fight against the whole gang, TT came out victorious, but she was severely wounded. Luckily for her, a local teenage girl was passing by and saw the battle. She rushed to help TT, healing her wounds with her superpowers. The girl asked TT, who she is, and TT found herself unable to tell the girl the truth. Instead she said: "A superhero".

This encounter inspired young Mend to do something more with her powers than just healing herself after the fights she used to get into – to become a superhero herself. When creating her costume, she chose the color white, as a way to homage the woman who inspired her.

But the encounter changed TT as well. Taking her employer's money, she donated it all to charity funds. Then she supplied an anonymous tip to the police about her employer's shady dealings. Then she quit her dirty mercenary job, settled down in Sapphire City, and became a superhero trainer. She often interacted with the Teen Queens, providing training and some wise advice.

What do you think, guys?
P.S.: In this version, TT was never an active hero/merc as a teen. She became a mercenary when she was in her 20s. When she saw teen Mend, she saw something of herself as a kid in her – that's part of the reason why she couldn't tell Mend the hard truth. The merc job made TT a bit grizzled, kind of like a female Wolverine – but also like Wolverine, she can be nice and kind to kids, and she showed that side in her interactions with the Teen Queens.
I think that's too complicated for a secondary character.
But it's not complicated at all. Not more complicated than e.g. Codex.
>served in the military
>travelled the world as a merc
>healed by Mend
>inspired Mend to become a hero
>quit merc job and became a trainer
And it would explain the similarity without the need to change anything.
How about this.

After being discharged from the Korean military, a 20-something TT traveled the world as a martial artist hero. One mission had her deal with a dangerous local gang in Sapphire City. This was after White Dragon and Jimmy Christmas retired, but before Gunner Graves, Teen Queens etc. appeared, so crime was on the rise in Sapphire City.

In a fight against the whole gang, TT came out victorious, but she was severely wounded. Luckily for her, a local teenage girl was passing by and saw the battle. She rushed to help TT, healing her wounds with her superpowers.

This encounter inspired young Mend to do something more with her powers than just healing herself after the fights she used to get into – to become a superhero herself. When creating her costume, she chose the color white, as a way to homage the woman who inspired her.

TT, for some unspecified reason, decided to quit her superhero job, and instead settled down in Sapphire City, and became a superhero trainer. She often interacted with the Teen Queens, providing training and some wise advice.

More boring, but less complicated. What do you think?
But that way they would theoretically know each other's secret identities right out the gate.
Only TT would know Mend's.

hmm I need to workshop that angle

I see it like this:
She was a very skilled KMA and competed at young age, but eventually she got bored of it or frustrated she couldn't really test her skills, so she turned to the mask.
Her mentor (grand mother) caught her and helped her out, Eventually she found out TT was too extreme being a vigilante.
So she joined the military to like channel it, and took opportunity to travel and hone her skills.
After Military and merc she decided to go to to retire.

Now getting out of military sure i guess can work, but i see her doing her own thing most of the time. And she moved to City to fresh start or something. Maybe heard of i was a nice town or heard had lots of fighters and she liked the idea retiring fighting in a new town that probably never heard of her.

She switch to black around same time joining military, but still held on to her old white top and hat for the past decades.

Mend patrolling or something (well it doesn't have to be mend, it can be any mom I just assume mend is good with needle or home maker and handy like that....you know like mom making new pillow cases, a new top out of old shirts or pants) and sees TT kicking butt several time...just doing her own thing. Over time they trust each other and temporarily team up blah blah blah. Eventually they tell each other their stories.

TT had her old uniform, which she grew out and despite loving it and has lot of history (and match her old pelt hat), she throwing it away in the river/ocean roof top or whatever as symbol of fresh start in this new place or something, Mend takes it, put elbow grease into as a good friendly gesture. Say something like "It's new start but you are still you" or something cheesy like that.
Another idea.

Teen Mend was always reckless, getting into fights with other teenagers left and right. Usually she could defend herself quite well, but sometimes got in over her head.

After she got healing powers, Anne-Marie became even more brave and reckless, believing she can quickly heal herself of any injury. But this proved wrong when one night she challenged a dangerous delinquent gang from one of Sapphire City's worst neighborhoods. She successfully defeated some of them, but there were too many. One of the gang members sneaked up behind her and knocked her out, before she could react or use her powers.

Luckily for Mend, TT was on assignment in Sapphire City that night, and happened to be nearby. Seeing a teen girl in trouble, TT rushed in and attacked the gang. Anne-Marie came to, and joined in; together they quickly made short work of the gang. Then TT departed, but not before leaving Anne-Marie an advice to never overestimate her chances, and maybe get some friends to protect her back.

TT never learned that the girl she saved that night would soon become the newest Teen Queens member, Mend. TT's advice was the main inspiration behind Anne-Marie's decision to join a superhero team – and when creating a costume, she used the color white to homage the brave woman.

by too extreme i mean beating them within an inch of life, looked like they were mauled by a tiger.

She had lots of energy and didn't know how to control it and came out pretty destructive. She still is deadly as heck and gets carried away time to time, but she grew with experience but knows how to have resonable 'fun'.
I'm confused if you mean the black or white top?

In any case, I've created the >>51088 >>51092 >>51096 for the white costume (since the guys that support it seem unwilling to discuss... well, like, anything). As a way of explaining the similarities while keeping the costume white.

As I see it, your story could work as a continuation of one of mine. In my stories, TT inspires Mend. Now, years later, TT is a trainer, but still fights crime from time to time as a way of keeping herself in shape etc. One time, she became disappointed with herself as a hero, for some reason: maybe she lost a fight, or let a bad guy escape? Anyway, furious, she tears her costume and throws it in the trash, a la Spider-Man on that famous cover, and walks away.

But unknown to her, Mend was patrolling the city (maybe that was even before she reformed Supermoms?), and saw that. Without saying anything to TT, she took the costume, and fixed it (possibly saying a cheesy line like "Who better to fix a broken superhero identity than MEND?"). Then she arrived at TT's place, and gave the surprised TT her fixed costume. That was the beginning of a long friendship.

Possibly later Mend told TT the story of their first encounter (one of the >>51088 >>51092>>51096 stories) (that could be a flashback-oriented solo issue).
>I'm confused if you mean the black or white top?

-she wore white when she was young
-grew out of it, too torn up
-wore black around time joining military and stuck to black ever since.
-moved to new town
-bonded enough when seeing TT symbolically of throwing old white top ,mend or moms took and refitted it for her as sign of friendship.

Hmm going with yours,
Maybe she tries to wear her old on first day or something, and in the heat of being out numbered she ripped off her top (she still has binds) and beat crap of them, pissed she threw it away. and Mend took it and fixed it. She wore back for a while but Mend gave it like after even or sign of friendship.
Um, okay... sorry, not sure I understood everything right...

Why the need for two tops (black and white)?

And what happens after Mend fixes the torn white top? Does she start wearing it?
>Why the need for two tops (black and white)?
I don't understand,

white was the teen years but she changed to black after. Wearing white first time was just for nostalgia kicks in new town going by the rip angle.

Other one she held on sentimental reasons.

>And what happens after Mend fixes the torn white top? Does she start wearing it?
maybe, she might or just use it to work out with friends.
Either way its excuse to wear white if people really want it wit the pelt.
maybe use black as a undercover and go to white in one story or something,
So, two costumes: one for superheroing, another for training? Actually, I like this idea very much!

Maybe she wears the white during her whole superhero career, including when she first meets teen Anne-Marie. Her white costume inspires Mend to choose a white costume herself.
When she settles down in Sapphire City as a trainer, she creates a black costume.
She tore up the superhero outfit as a way to say farewell to superheroics... but Mend fixes it as a way to tell her that even though she retired that stage of her history, she should cherish its memory, as she has done a lot good as superhero, including inspiring younger heroes (like Mend herself).

Also, it fits visually. The white outfit looks more flashy, what with the tiger pelt. While the black outfit looks more martial artsy, with its top that looks more like a dobok.
Yeah, two I like both for different reasons.
Well she did wear white in her younger teen super hero. I'm not sure about the meeting anne in teens. kinda bugs me.
I think she would have a long military career, but this is a comic not reality, and its most likely just my problem...hmm

For inspire mend thing. how about this:

How about this, before she was joined the military, she was punished by movin' with her uncle and auntie in Sapph-hire.
But it made it worse and she kept being an aggressive vigilante. Despite being in town for a very short time, she manage to cleaned up streets pretty good. She was never found out and there's a lot of pic and articles on TT in old newspapers and media...enough to inspire mend.
Well, if she wore white only as a kid, and wore black from then on, there's no need for the "inspiring Mend" angle. I only created it to explain the costume similarities.

Is she wears white, though...

How about this?
She was a rather violent kid during her childhood, maybe because she was raised in a difficult family or neighborhood. Her parents or caretakers asked a local martial arts master to accept her as a pupil, as a way to channel her aggressive tendencies. She studied well, and got a black belt in taekkyon(?) as early as 18.
But she started thinking it's too boring, and ran away from the dojang, and from her home. Stowed away on a ship, she reached America in a search for adventure. She almost got in over her head, but got saved by White Dragon and Jimmy Christmas on one of their last cases. They trained her, and after they retired, she superheroed in Sapphire City for ten years.
At 28 years, she meets 13-year old Anne-Marie, rescues her from a gang and inspires her. Witnessing the reappearance of superheroes (including the formation of Teen Queens), TT decides to retire from a superhero career. She returns to South Korea, and offers her services to the military. Despite her age, she was much better trained than a lot of younger soldiers, so she was quickly accepted into Korean elite forces. She served there for another 20 years.
Finally, at 48 years, she felt her health isn't what it was, and resigned from the military. She decided to settle down in the only place where she truly felt like home – Sapphire City. After arriving, she ceremonially tore her old superhero costume into pieces and scattered them on the wind – only for Mend to collect them and fix it later. She opened a dojang that trains civilians and superheroes alike – right in time for Supermoms' reappearance!

How about it?

>there's a lot of pic and articles on TT in old newspapers and media...enough to inspire mend.
The problem with this is, there were a lot more well-known and popular heroes those days, including martial arts-themed ones (e.g. White Dragon and Jimmy Christmas), so why would Mend be inspired by her specifically? Imo there needs to be a personal connection (e.g., meeting and saving) between them for the inspiration plot to work.

>I only created it to explain the costume similarities.
Same here.

She wore black because the old one got too small, too torn or whatever, but kept it over the years leading to
>Mend to collect them and fix it later.
We agree on that, now the fun part is the details leading to it.
idk how much detail is appropriate for secondary character.

>so why would Mend be inspired by her specifically?
Maybe Mend liked her female who kickedbutt pretty hard?

just throwing around ideas.
>We agree on that
There are some anons who want the white costume, though

>now the fun part is the details leading to it.
What do you think about this story? >>51104

>Maybe Mend liked her female who kickedbutt pretty hard?
I dunno... I doubt TT was the only female heroine active those days. Maybe she was the only active female martial artist heroine? Or maybe she was actually pretty obscure but Mend fangirled over her, to the surprise of other Supermoms (who learn about this only now)?
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image:140729691200.png(956kB , 1359x1775 , Armored_Tiger.png)
I have an absolute ton of stuff to respond to and comment on, but I want to read through the thread carefully first and reply carefully point by point.

That'll be a while.

So while I do that I leave you guys this sketch as a place holder.
save file
image:140729734400.png(631kB , 1393x1776 , Sig Sour_fix.png)

And while I'm at it a color corrected Sig Rune with Gold details. btw does any one have a good pic of the runes that go on her breast plates.
>There are some anons who want the white costume, though
yeah, 'fix up' thing gives some explanation for white. But if consensus prefers the black then gives it opportunity/option for the white to be used for something or seen later in the future.

>What do you think about this story? >51104
Pretty interesting story, stow away reminds me of batman thing ha..not bad, but I'm not sure how solid TT back-story should be. I prefer the 'move in to the "city -> meet moms and bond over time -> mend fix up as a friendly gesture." Gives some room to use her in the future, like intro some villain or something

>I doubt TT was the only female heroine active those days. Maybe she was the only active female martial artist heroine? Or maybe she was actually pretty obscure but Mend fangirled over her, to the surprise of other Supermoms (who learn about this only now)?
Yes, thas where i was aiming for.

heh for a sec i thought you can see her buttcheeks. looks neat. reminds me of armored king and juri-han.
oh hot damn
save file
image:140730270900.jpg(41kB , 621x424 , panel.jpg)
Decided to put a hold on Mend's comic for now. At least not until we solve the issue with her Siamese (Korean?) twin. The comic is supposed to showcase Mend's and Teen Mend's unique traits; no point in doing it until we determine which exactly traits are unique to Mend at all.
There are other things to do in the meanwhile, I guess...

Very nice job! Especially Sig Rune – just marvelous!
I'm also interested in your input about the TT problem.

>But if consensus prefers the black then gives it opportunity/option for the white to be used for something or seen later in the future.
In that case it just might be a heirloom that reminds her of her past, and that she can inspire people, and smth like that.
I dunno if we'll ever get any "consensus" on any costume, though... some anons just act like there's no discussion and problem at all.

>I prefer the 'move in to the "city -> meet moms and bond over time -> mend fix up as a friendly gesture."
Well, actually any story, long or short, has a lot of opportunities for villains etc. to be connected to it.
But anyway. A short story also works fine – but if the costume's white, the similarity to Mend's needs to be explained somehow. If she never came to the US before her mature age – how would she inspire teenage Mend?

Also, if we go with the short story. Then Mend finding TT's costume (her childhood idol!) could be the thing that inspires her to take up superheroing again!

>Yes, thas where i was aiming for.
Um... you mean the former (the only female martial artist, that's why Mend chose her) or the latter (she was an obscure hero, but Mend for some reason fangirled over her, which makes other Supermoms puzzled)?
we'll figure it out soon.
>the similarity to Mend's needs to be explained somehow.
The fix up seems like a quick fix.
I really like this look for Taekkyon Tiger!
>that pic
Any more?
save file
image:140740729900.png(152kB , 919x910 , sigrun 9.png)
This is all I've got.
save file
image:140742308100.gif(1kB , 72x95 , r_fehu.gif)
The runes were just a placeholder (just like the double Venus symbol on her helmet), because it was a quick rough sketch mostly intended to visualize how the front of the costume looks (since it was initially designed by the Peach template guy). The rune used was the "Gandalf rune" (dunno what's its proper runic name), since it's the only rune I know how to draw. Really, like the helmet symbol, they can be replaced with any other runes and/or ornaments.
Is that some Star-Striker #1?
save file
image:140746263500.jpg(55kB , 536x742 , Untitled.jpg)
Putting Mend #2 on hold for now, I've found that writing the Star-Striker solo is easiest for me (I wish there were more writers involved, because I kind of want to only write the Star-Striker and maybe Tropica solos, in addition to the team issues, leaving the other solos to other people). This one is going to be from Betsy's perspective, however, as she goes through a day of juggling school, family and superheroics.
save file
image:140746382600.jpg(76kB , 750x750 , Kim.jpg)
Inspired by some talk about the beach episode in the /co/ thread.

Hope so; there are several ways this problem can be fixed, hope we'll finally choose one.

Workin' on it!

Yep, the next page. Decided to put the Mend short on hold until we resolve the Mend/TT issue.
Got any of the other moms?
I'm picturing the other moms all changed into their beach costumes, banging on the changing room door asking Kaiju what the holdup is, with Kaiju finally coming out, embarrassed at how her tattoo makes her costume into a bikini when she's at the beach.
I was thinking about the other moms and their swimsuit costumes, and what would we do for Iron Maiden? Her "costume" is really just how she truly appears, and I think putting a swimsuit on that would be silly (and not in a good way), so how would we do a swimsuit version of her "costume?"
save file
image:140760065900.jpg(118kB , 750x750 , Bev.jpg)
I'm bad at drawing half-naked men


Atm only in my head! Maybe I'll draw more of them, it's fun

Well, it's not like the other moms will be in a much better situation than Kim (see picrelated)... though Kim being the most conservative of the bunch, I can see her being super-embarrassed, while other moms take it more as a challenge (and Tropica even liking it).

Btw, I suggest that the cause of these bikini costumes should be the same entity that organizes and oversees the contests. Kind of like Marvel's Contest of Champions... only with more beach, bikinis and MILFs. The story can go like this:
>Supermoms at the beach with their families
>MoE there, too (with families or without)
>Suddenly the entity appears
>Demands a superheroine beach contest
>Everyone's not amused, so the entity threatens that it'll destroy the world (or smth like that) if its demands aren't met
>A flash of light, and the only people remaining at the beach are the two teams, and the judges
What do you think?

>I was thinking about the other moms and their swimsuit costumes
Heh, I can definitely relate, anon! He he
>Her "costume" is really just how she truly appears, and I think putting a swimsuit on that would be silly (and not in a good way), so how would we do a swimsuit version of her "costume?"
I don't know... the Supermoms universe is full of camp and silliness, why not a robot in a swimsuit? It might be silly, but it can also be pretty sexy, depending on how it's drawn I guess
What I was thinking for Iron Maiden's swimsuit is part of her armor retracts to bikini spots, wires or a different looking robot armor being revealed.
I don't know, I like the idea of them all spontaneously deciding to have a beach contest in lieu of an actual battle over a supremely powerful being making them do it.
The costume swimsuit versions doesn't really make much sense in that context, though. I like the idea of a cosmic being who just wants to put the Supermoms in silly, ridiculous situations like bikinis.
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image:140763094700.jpg(5kB , 488x975 , Nan.jpg)
Anne-Marie playing some beach volleyball.

Damn, I'm really tempted to write the beach special, I've already got some ideas about the contests and the moms' reactions/interactions... should I?

As the guy below said, that way the bikinis don't make much sense. Of course, it's camp so nothing is too silly, but still... it feels a bit OOC for most of them (except Tropica and maybe Diva). Besides, being forced into it by someone else makes for interesting interactions, since they never know what to expect. E.g. Bev doesn't expect to see Steve as one of the bikini contest judges... in which she herself participates as Star-Striker. Etc. etc.

I think his (its?) goal should be blatantly simple: to organize a superheroine beach contest, nothing more nothing less. Imo it would fit the campy feel (and also serve as a nod to all the intergalactic weirdos who kidnap superheroes to have them fight in arenas etc)
Go for it, man!

There would be multiple contests of different beach-related things, right?
Maybe he could be a trickster god of some sort?
Okay, I'll give it a try! But first, let's discuss some basic stuff here, so I would know what to use.

E.g. the contests.
As was discussed earlier, there will be several beach-related contests.
I think that not all moms should take part in all contests, it would be too unwieldy. But each contest would have an equal number of Supermoms and MoE participating.

Ideas for possible contests:
>Beach volleyball (>>51129). Supermom team: Mend & Tropica.
>Surfing. Supermom contestant: possibly Diva.
>Bikini contest (>>51125). Supermom contestants: Star-Striker, possibly Sig Rune and Diva. Judges: Steve Banks, Lord Darkthorne, Olivia Les Bien, possibly a couple more random superheroes/villains.
>Sandcastle building.
Any more ideas/suggestions?

I'd think the entity itself should be pretty simple (a trickster god would've gone Emperor Joker on them), with one simple goal of staging a beach contest. But his (its) advisor could be a trickster, providing the entity with the idea itself, and then with small trolls like skimpy bikinis, judge choice, etc. Kinda like a "dumb boss – cunning advisor" dynamic.

P.S.: [spoiler]What do you guys think of the costumes?
I think there should be 6 contests plus an overall bikini contest, each of the first 6 pitting one Supermom against her arch-enemy within the Mothers of Evil. Star-Striker vs. Mrs. Evil, Kaiju vs. Iron Maiden, etc. That way, with an even number of contests, we can get a tie, with the bikini contest being the tiebreaker.
Only question though, for LD, why would he be there, and would he be in costume? IIRC, he doesn't actually conceal his identity other than hiding in shadow, how would that work on a sunny beach?

As for the costumes, I'd like to see some more moms in swimsuits.
>I think there should be 6 contests plus an overall bikini contest, each of the first 6 pitting one Supermom against her arch-enemy within the Mothers of Evil. Star-Striker vs. Mrs. Evil, Kaiju vs. Iron Maiden, etc.
Hmm, that's an interesting idea.
I just don't know, personality-wise not all moms are really suited for a bikini contest. E.g. Kaiju – if for other moms posing in skimpy bikinis would be embarrassing, for Kaiju it would be just torture.

>Only question though, for LD, why would he be there
In-universe: to be one of the bikini contest judges. The logic might be as follows: two civilians (Steve & Olivia), two villains (LD and a random villain), two heroes (maybe two random heroes). I already have an idea about one random hero – a billionaire playboy gadgeteer, kind of a pastiche of Iron Man, Batman, Black Panther and Mr. Terrific.
Meta: For comedic purposes – his reactions to SS, mostly, and vice versa, and banter in-between them.

>and would he be in costume? IIRC, he doesn't actually conceal his identity other than hiding in shadow, how would that work on a sunny beach?
Um... he'll be sitting under an umbrella. And probably wearing shades and a visor cap.

>As for the costumes, I'd like to see some more moms in swimsuits.
Heh, okay, I'll do what I can
SO, maybe the tiebreaker would be the volleyball game?
Maybe you could have one of the heroes be someone already around, maybe one of Diva's boyfriends? There should be an angle where one of the judges seems to be visibly biased towards one side, whereas the rest of the judges are trying their best to be impartial.
Maybe it'll be a "10 points to Gryffindor" thing. So, moms earn points for their teams – and thus, any last challenge (say, the bikini contest) would be a tie-breaker even if not all moms would participate in it.

The volleyball game would be 2 Supermoms vs 2 MoE I think, otherwise it'd become a bit repetitive narrative-wise.

Maybe Kid Mondo... I don't know about him much, I need to reread the Diva issues again. Gunner really doesn't fit the mood, imo.

A lot of the judges will be biased one way or the other, that's part of the humor in it. LD hates Supermoms, and especially Star-Striker. Steve, on the other hand, is a huge Star-Striker fan, and besides, something in this woman seems to attract his attention more than the other contestants. Olivia finds all contestants quite appealing, but especially a certain statuesque muscular beauty... So, another biased judge would quite fit there.
I imagine there could be some good scenes where the villains and heroes are zapped away from whatever they were previously doing.
Who would the second villain judge be?
You mean those who aren't at the beach atm? Yeah, that could be funny. They're going about their ordinary lives, when BAM! they're on a beach in a swimsuit, about to judge a bikini contest.

I have no ideas yet. Maybe it should be a random new character? I don't think any currently established villains really fit the theme, and also we've already got a lot of recurring villains here (MoE, LD).
On another thought, maybe we could switch Kid Mondo with another Diva's BF, the musical villain? He's supposed to be a jokey guy, could be fun.

Also, some random thoughts.

I've thought about it more, and now I agree with having all moms take part in the bikini contest, and making it the grand final event of the contest. I think e.g. Kaiju's embarrassment can be worked into it, for some funny scenes.

Maybe the beach episode should be a 2-parter, with the beginning and the sporty events in the 1st part, and the kidnapping of judges and the bikini contest, plus the resolution, in the 2nd part. The bikini contest would contain a lot of banter etc., plus it'll have a lot of characters participating, so I think it'll be long enough to be a separate issue. What do you think?

Another idea I got: what if there'll also be cameos of MILF superheroes from established franchises? They'll all be in swimsuit versions of their costumes, so no copyrights infringement there lol. They'd be background characters, of course, participating in some events, probably as independent contestants.
>Another idea I got: what if there'll also be cameos of MILF superheroes from established franchises? They'll all be in swimsuit versions of their costumes, so no copyrights infringement there lol. They'd be background characters, of course, participating in some events, probably as independent contestants.
Maybe a flashback sequence, where the character organizing the contest talks about how it's not the first time and not the first universe he's done such a thing in before. There's good potential to put in a whole set-up of this new character, so that he (or she) can be utilized in further stories.
I just now saw this, and I think we could make it work as a TT design that retains the spirit of the original while also alleviating the concerns people have over her old costume.
The problem is, there aren't many MILF superheroes, and they rarely exist in the same universe. Plus, imo it'd make the entity's motives a bit too repetitive – like it always stages specifically a MILF superheroine beach contest, which is imo a bit boring.

But I like the flashback sequence idea a lot! How about this: The entity is a perpetually bored ruler, and its trickstery advisor always tries to find creative ways to entertain it. This time, the advisor suggested a superheroine beach contest, and the ruler liked the idea. In the flashback, we'll see that previous times, in different universes, they staged different, but equally silly events: e.g., one universe's heroes are turned into circus performers with the entity and its advisor as the only spectators, the other time they had a cooking & eating contest, the next universe's heroes and villains were turned into pirates and ninjas and forced to fight each other, etc etc. That could also setup ground for the entity's return for another special episode – but this time, not a beach one (e.g., winter games!). What do you say?

As for cameos, they could be just one-panel gags, without explicit mention that they're from other universes. Or maybe they are, and it could be a cue for a future solo story: one of the moms is transported into another universe for a similar contest!
Sounds good to me.
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image:140772203900.jpg(61kB , 536x769 , Untitled.jpg)
Still working on Star-Striker #5. I decided to change it back to Bev's POV, as I wanted to do a thing at M.I.L.F. and also I felt like Beverly's POV would work better with the story I want to tell with Betsy having to juggle her dual identities. Beverly acts as an outside observer, comparing Betsy to herself at that age.

Also, I'm introducing a new character, Miss Calstaff, Leonard Drakethorpe's secretary at M.I.L.F. She might just be a really minor character, nothing more than a secretary, but I also kind of want her to be an evil costumed supervillain secretary, working for LD's villainous alter ego as well. I don't know, what do you guys think?
save file
image:140776018700.png(665kB , 1393x1776 , Sig Sour_fix_3.png)

Fixed version (hopefully final) with the breastplate runes included, I also fixed her right breast which was initially hidden behind her spaulder.

As far as the breastplate goes I went with the rune Uruz (Strength) since the previous one Fehu means possessions and dind't feel right for Sig Rune. That said I have some more thoughts on runes and such but I don't have the time to address them now.
save file
image:140776035500.png(682kB , 1359x1775 , Armored_Tiger_Prelim_colors.png)

Preliminary color and clean up. I've still got a ton of stuff to reply to in regards to TT, I just haven't had the time to do so.
Hope for some more feedback on all this.

Btw, how many superhero MILFs are there, anyway? I just became curious. I remember Sue Storm (FF), Mera (Aquaman), Medusa (Inhumans), Ultimate Bombshell (Ultimate Spider-Man), Helen Parr (Incredibles), Maria Rivera (El Tigre), Drew Saturday (Secret Saturdays), Maddie Fenton (Danny Phantom), Agent K (The Replacements), Mrs. X (The X's). Are there more?

Also, what does anyone think about the list of beach contests?
I listed the following:
>Beach volleyball
>Sandcastle building
>Bikini contest
but I dunno if some of these are possibly redundant or boring? Also, maybe someone has any suggestions on what contests can be added to this list?

This in an interesting idea for a character! Is she younger than Bev?
I dunno what are your plans for this character, but if I may suggest – I imagine her being secretly in love with her boss, LD, who is completely oblivious to it. There could be a mutual animosity between her and Bev – Miss Calstaff hates Bev because LD loves her, Bev doesn't like Miss Calstaff because she always acts negative towards her.
Also, hope she wears a cute miniskirted driver/assistant version of the LD henchman uniform!

I like this! I like this a lot. It looks really great!
Read up a bit about the runes myself, so if I may make a suggestion – how about instead of two "Uruz"-es, use "Sowulo" and "Raidho"? They're obviously her superhero name's initials; also Sowulo (also known in some occult books as, you know, the "Sig Rune") means power and success, and Raidho means travel (which means a lot considering her backstory). What do you think?

Okay... I love your art, but imo this costume also rises a few questions... I don't know if I should voice them though, I've already critiqued your TT costumes a lot, I feel it may be too impolite

>Okay... I love your art, but imo this costume also rises a few questions... I don't know if I should voice them though, I've already critiqued your TT costumes a lot, I feel it may be too impolite

It'd be impolite if you didn't say anything, state what's up so I can get a beat on what you and other folks maybe thinking.
As far as Miss Calstaff goes I literally have nothing for her besides she's LD's secretary and could potentially also be his evil assistant. Everything else is up to you guys since she's going to be a pretty minor character regardless.
Her costume seems kind of Japanese here.
save file
image:140780782600.jpg(62kB , 543x778 , Untitled.jpg)
Still plugging away at Star-Striker #5. Gonna put a frame story in here where Star-Striker tells her young protege about the importance of balancing school and superheroing.
I like this design a lot! I like how it incorporates multiple aspects of Korea in it, from the colors to the martial arts inspiration to the classic military armor and helmet, the helmet especially in how the tiger pelt is included in its design. The top here I think is different enough from Mend's (it being armored helps a lot) that it should work well.

Firstly, design-wise it's pretty neat, and your drawing style is as always impeccable.

As for problems...
1. Similarity. The costume is now different enough from Mend's. But now, the blue-white color scheme (blue becoming the main color with white the secondary), the blue domino mask, the short hair, the blue arm-guards, and the tank top-like strip covering her breasts – it all starts to remind of Star-Striker! She kinda looks like Captain Mexico to Star-Striker's Captain America
2. Practicality. She's a martial artist (and not a kendo practicioner) – why does she need all this bulky unwieldy armor? It will only slow her down in a fight. Armor is best for warriors who prefer a slow but direct approach – TT makes the impression of a more dexterity-oriented fighter
3. As >>51153 said, the armor elements make a Japanese impression. Honest, I thought the same thing before that anon even made his post. I'm sure you used some actual historical Korean armor as your reference – but for a viewer not too familiar with Korean history, it looks Japanese. Maybe Shredder, and all those films/games about samurai are to blame...

Let's discuss her then! What do you think about my idea? Would be interesting to hear other anons' ideas for her!
I don't see the Star-Striker similarities at all. Like, okay, there was actually something to the criticisms about her old costume and Mend's costume, but this is quite frankly just ludicrous.
Yes, they're not as pronounced. It's mostly just the color scheme, and some bits here and there.
save file
image:140783530900.png(35kB , 205x292 , tt.png)
hmm great art, but yah feels too japanese.

I still like the white dobok style top more.
How about make it deeper V, mixing the KMA uniforms, something like pic related? None of the moms top have that kind of cut, it will have that MA look and look different overall. Plus shows a bit more cleavage too.

I do like the bare back, and X strap is neat.

I wish i could art,

I looked at juri han's concept arts for inspiration, she had some strong KMA designs heck on of them has a tiger too!
Maybe invert the colors (white binding, blue top)? And make the top look more like a dobok (like in >>51079), while keeping the deeper cleavage you proposed?
Or you're just imagining them.

She has a blue mask, that's the ONLY similarity.
If you're going to be reaching that far in looking for costume similarities, then I guess we should redesign Kaiju and Mend again since they both have pink and white in their costumes.

My personal ideas for Miss Calstaff are pretty simple. She performs the same functions for LD both in and out of costume, driving, secretary work, etc. I imagine her being a background character in virtually every LD appearance. I picture her taking diction too, like when he's discussing his evil plans in intricate detail, there she is, typing away, transcribing his every word. As for her costume I picture a domino mask, a driver's cap, and a miniskirt, done in LD's color scheme.
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image:140784078500.jpg(38kB , 400x400 , comp1.jpg)
There are at least two: blue domino mask, and the 1.blue 2.white 3.red color scheme. All others may be easily dismissed as they become apparent only in correlation with these two.

Maybe I'm reaching too far, I'm just expressing my own impressions and the thought process behind them. I'm well aware that I might be mistaken.

Kaiju and Mend's color schemes are different, though: Kaiju's is a clear pink (close to "hot pink") as primary, white as secondary; Mend's is white as primary, and a more yellowish pink (smth between salmon and "baby pink") as secondary.

TT's and SS's color schemes are currently both: blue as primary, white as secondary, red as tertiary.

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Maybe the color scheme problem can be solved by diversifying the blues and reds?
After all, both of these costumes are based on their respective countries' flags. Officially, the American flag uses duller and darker blues and reds than the South Korean flag. Thus, it can be smth like picrelated.

As for the domino mask, iirc the idea was that all characters have different types of mask. How about TT loses the mask altogether? And instead, conceals her eyes in the shadow from the helmet or pelt?
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My take on Ms. Calstaff (in her costumed version)