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image:155295319319.png(702kB , 980x490 , ogres_dieuxt3.png)
Mishalover granted us with a storytime of the first two volumes of Les Ogres-dieux by Hubert and Gatignol http://boards.4channel.org/co/thread/106466898 , not without mentioning the existence of a third one, still only available in french. Let's work on that.

Here are the links for for the originals :
pdf : https://mega.nz/#!2BdUyawb!Gs4-_O4wvj9tq7nglmUq1CLdpcSt-UtzlGWFq4UWr8E
cbr : https://mega.nz/#!7BI3FQSY!gC6X4GC3dzo6B6LAr1iW5ru0KeQGlvN1tBGNbWCX768
French anon here, going in for proofreading and whatever may come
So far, getting the fonts as follows :
?? ???? ????? (???) for speech bubbles
???????? for interlude text and in page title,
with ??????? ?????? ???????? for the lettrines (thanks to translator)
For interludes front pages, it's going to be either all hand drawn or copy pasted appart from T, S, h, f and b, since the translations are as below :
????? ?? ??? ???? (for the title),
??? ??????, ??? ???????, ??? ???????, ??? ???????, ??? ?????, ??? ?????? (for the subtitles)
and most of the letters can be found in the originals' font. I suggest a mix of Maximilian (and zier) and Moderne Fraktur (maybe Moderne Fraktur "b", Moderne Fraktur "h", with getting rid of the left going tidbit, Maximilian "f", Maximilian zier "T", Maximilian zier "S" ? just keep it thin enough, not going too low, with high flourishes to keep it looking compact despite being thin). Please review this to your taste.

Also, tome title should be "The great man" I guess, but should we bother editing that ? Previous translator didn't and I like the idea of letting the cover be. Maybe edit in the title page since we're going to credit ourselves on anyway ?
Reporting in!

Imo it's fine if we let the main title of "The Great Man" be. I (or someone) can edit the English scanlated title in where needed, but frankly since Petit and Demi-Sang both had their original titles still in (at least in the versions I've seen), it's fine. Just put the translated title somewhere in too.

If it's okay I'd like to try to focus on the translating, which is way more arduous than I realized, and leave you guys with the subtitle pages? Honestly I'm really impressed and happy with the font-hunting that's been done till now, and it looks like you've got it well in hand
Bah, I'm mostly complicating my life, Mishalover saved our asses in the thread with https://www.fontsquirrel.com/matcherator

So, for the interlude's subtitles it's going to be ?????????'? ???????????
And still hand-drawn variations of it for the titles
hand drawn fish
Reporting in, I'll do the hand written title things. How many of them do we need done? Have we decided on a translation for them all yet?
also it's ????????, not Grammont... sorry
hand drawn fish
Also, should I be rewriting just the top titles (ie. "Tales of the Bear"), or will I also rewrite the subtitles (ie. "The Master")?
Translations of those parts are done. What's needed is only from Pentagram's Calligraphy, save for the capital letters, closer to Fraktur fonts (they should anyway be personnalised, in order to make the text look good, like the second L in the original being bigger and the lowercases being centered vertically after it), to add the little spikes and such
The subtitles are done in Pentagram.
maybe change the "f" still, it looks odd to me
??? ?????? ??????????? ????????????, ???? ????? (so far)
for william morris letters, I guess it's going to be letter by letter to have good quality. Openclipart seems good
Also, little details like Alt+0146 (" ’ ") instead of simply " ' " for typing in Garamond should be kept in mind if it seems not to be fitting the original's font.
If what I'm writing isn't clear, please say so
How do you feel? Write the top title first, at least, and let's see after that. Of course it'd be nice if you had the time and energy to write also the lower subtitles, but if not, it's not the end of the world.

Yea I found a pinterest folder (yes) as a possible secondary source for the William Morris letters and it's probably easiest to just slap each letter in as an image from there: https://fi.pinterest.com/daviesgallant/william-morris-alphabet/?lp=true
No need at all to do the lower subtitles. If you check, it's actually pentagram's callygraphy, as I said.
Cover writing (the great man) would be up for drawing if you ever get in the mood though
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image:155297453015.png(6.33MB , 2666x3500 , les dits de lours.png)
Here's what I came up with just by fucking around with the size/placement of the font. I still think the letter "B" needs some cleaning up though, it is kind of janky. What do you think?
hand drawn fish
I think I'll edit the capital letter "T" on both "Tales" and "The" to be more consistent too. Just let me know.
The B does need cleaning, the "s"'s flourish needs to be a little thicker. Also the capitals on the title aren't the same as the subtitles in the original. Maybe change the subtitle's in this case ? I really like how you made the "Tales of the Bear".
Honestly good enough job though, I'm nitpicking. This is fine as is appart from the lower left part of the "B"
hand drawn fish
Will do, I feel nitpicky lookin' at it my own self.
If no one update this shit, I'll start translating/typesetting myself, but I'm going to take ages and quite honestly might drop it in the middle of the whole thing
If you can provide the translation, and upload it onto a pastebin or something and I can put the translation into the comic.
Phillywilly here, guy who did the first 2 volumes, just wanted to confirm a few of the fonts I used in case it helps. Wild words for most of the speech, I used Baskerville Ten Pro for the slanting text on the title pages and Felix Tilting for THE OGRE GODS and my scanlator name on the title page.

On the text pages, the initial illumination was Goudy Initialen, titles were Adobe Caslon Pro, and text itself was Libre Baskerville.

I think that's all the fonts, I found them free somewhere on the web, but if you have trouble, I might still have them somewhere and could possibly upload for you.

If anyone is into typesetting stuff, I might have some scripts, the typesetting is the reason I got tired of scanlating, honestly, I really enjoy the translation. I have Ces Jours Qui Disparaissent complete script and some pages typeset, and volume 1 of L'Erection complete script.
>Phillywilly here

Please allow me to say thank you for all the scans and scanlations you brought to us in the past.
Well, that's it, I started translating. I found the text pages not too well written, notably having several occurences of the same word not two sentences away from each other. So I'm taking some liberties.

Thanks, both for the previous scanlations and the fonts details.
I'd be interested in the version of wild words you have, the one I found looks a bit wonky, with letters riding each others and those uneven pixel diagonals whatever the size.
About typesetting, I'll see if I it doesn't bore me too much, I want to try it at least.

I'll update. No hurry to type in though, as some translations may get corrected later (I already see some. propagated feels akward for one). I'd appreciate some proofreading more than a typesetter.
Or the "fût-il un petit dieu" into "would it be a little god" but that one is maybe me not reading much english literature compared to french and so getting weirded out by non-standard formulations.
No problem man, always glad to hear about people enjoying what I've done. That was my main reason for continuing, I love European comics and spreading the love was always my goal. I wish I knew this came out and scans were available, might have persuaded me to start up again, but now I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes. I found it increasingly hard to find comics I enjoyed or cared about enough to want to translate, that, the tedium of typesetting and other time pressures were the reasons for stopping.

I have these versions: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uhat26bn7y6xs9b/wildwordspack.rar/file

At least the pages I checked back, I didn't use the int version, I may have switched when I needed it, or 'made' the letters I needed by putting a comma or something on another layer when I needed an accent. I think one version I had also has a bug where a lower case 'f' and 'i' together would just turn invisible, so I had to capitalise all those f's.

No offence, but this needs a lot of work, several misspellings and sentences that don't make sense. It's always better to be a native speaker or at least fluent in the language you're translating into, otherwise you get Sosich situations.
I was supposed to proofread, not translate. Could you give me examples ? I checked some false friends and expressions, they all seemed to be correct english, even if only unusual. Not that it isn't a problem.
A few quick examples:

"To Death!" is a fragment no English speaker would use just like that, maybe change to something like "kill him!" or "hang him!" or "string him up!".

"I will put all the men looking for him", again just doesn't make sense, "I'll send every single man out after him" or something.

Exceptionnal, should be exceptional.

Disparition is not an English word, you're thinking of disappearance. Same with semblant, should be semblance.

The issue is that, again, no offence, but you're not an English speaker, you know exactly what the text means, and you know what you're trying to say in English, but your command of the language isn't there.

I'll do mention for my defense that I do this quite late and tired. And don't worry, I'm just bitter to have been stood up like that despite expecting it.
Last question before I get to work tonight, with things like "the mob was seized with madness". Should I just go with the mob went mad or is it already enough to convey the passive voice ? had the same problem with "struck with stupor", which also clearly isn't right.
You could say gripped by madness, and stupefied their servants, something along those lines.
>>417708 me again. If you really don't want to do the translation, I'd be happy to help out, it might take a bit longer since I'm about to move house though.
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image:155382467159.png(428kB , 1193x666 , tales of the bear.png)
Fixed up the title and added the subtitles for the chapter covers, here: https://imgur.com/a/zAcsaWx
I tried writing different types of letters for the subtitles, but nothing I could make looked as nice as the font itself (go figure). So, I know it isn't perfect, but I hope these do the job good enough.
hand drawn fish
That is to say, I ended up keeping the regular font capital letters, but I did fix them a bit to be more consistent/less janky.
Hate to be that guy, but it's leveller, not leveler
Nice job, man, looks good.

I'd appreciate it if you could give me a hand, yeah. I've been away and still will be until at least next monday. I'm going to be slow anyway, either because of translation difficulties or work getting in the way. Sorry I took so long to answer.
hand drawn fish
Are they not just alternate spellings of the same word?
Technically it's the (incorrect) yankee spelling of the word. However in this case it's a reference to the Levellers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levellers and so really should be changed.
I've just done a rip of my own, the images I'm getting from your imgur are 96dpi, 2666*3500 pixels whereas mine are 132dpi 1714*2250, is that enough of a quality difference to make it worth redoing them if you are willing?
No problem, I have real life stuff too. Right, so I've done the first few pages. Only 100-ish to go!


If someone else is up for typesetting, I can provide the possibly better rip I mentioned here >417733
Okay, here's some more: https://pastebin.com/2DC8k2xn

I'd say I have about 60 pages left. I'd appreciate comments, haven't run it through a spellchecker yet though. So is anyone up for typesetting or am I going to end up doing it myself?
sorry, high fever rn. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll send a review. Should've started this morning
I'll do the typesetting with pleasure
Cool, cool, thanks. I'll try to upload my rip tonight so you can compare, plus I have a few little tweaks to make, and maybe I'll be able to crack out a few more pages, but no promises
sickness lasted longer than expected
so, from >>417735
I can't say great man seems off to me, as it's the usual adjective for historical figures, isn't it ? it fits what happens to Lours, as well as implies something about Petit's size. It's just the other way around in french.
going to eat, I'll try to finish it tonight.
I'm behind on what I wanted to do too, don't worry about it. Here's the link to my rip, see what you think quality-wise, it looks to me like the existing rip might be upscaled, but I dunno. I hope hand drawn fish comes back, because I really would prefer to use leveller as the chapter title.

I've done a handful more pages, but don't think it's worth another pastebin.

I think I will keep great man, the thing is it's just not used that often anymore to refer to physical largeness. But I think it is the best option. I'll also keep stung for that one chapter subtitle, since it does refer to it in the text.
Forgot link https://www.mediafire.com/file/x2k3hv3ve55wegw/TOG3.rar/file
getting tired, stopping here for tonight
Nice, didn't refresh last night.
About stung, I actually find it redundant to put it in the title since it already ends two pages in a meaningful manner.
There was also that totalitarian thing about the "régime de terreur" that's anachronic, and I forgot to put it in the pastebin.
"the big man" is just too much of a meme.
for the subtitles, hand drawn fish mentioned he kept the font, so it should be ok to do it if he doesn't come around before we finish.
Your scan looks better by the way, when zoomed in too. I guess you're right it was upscaled.
>"the big man" is just too much of a meme.
Pah, for you, maybe.

Thanks for the proofreading, will go through and make changes/disagree as appropriate, if I haven't changed it and haven't mentioned it below, that doesn't mean I've ignored you though. I hope to get some more done today and maybe finish this weekend.

016 - Don't get what you mean by '[I don't understand why you dropped the demonstratives, but Lours is vulgar, this is weird]' You think I should say These are not camouflage? I don't think it sounds right in English.

017 - From what I've learned just doesn't sound right in English.

023 - I think reassured would be weird, I'd have to restructure it to be reassured by the fact that it was isolated, etc. I don't particularly like how it is now though.

025 - Re seated/sat, I am not Scottish, sat is fine in my opinion, it may be somewhat contentious but is not incorrect, see: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/18609/is-i-am-sat-bad-english

027 - Victor can be applied to anything where someone wins.

033 - Tete pensante, means thinking head, right? So would it carry connotations of being the intelligence as well as the leaders? I think brains fits that in a similar figurative way, no?

034 - '[either keep on the road and have the translation be literal here or replace it, this doesn't make sense and he'd be rambling, repeating himself]' don't know what you mean by this, I don't think he's repeating himself, one could be on the road but on a highway, in this sense, he's saying they're going by the back roads, to me.

035 - in English, strapping already means big and strong, so it'd be a little redundant, imo.

037 - how about fought like a hellcat, it's appropriately of the time and carries the feminine-ness of diablesse too.

038 - In English, we generally only use cattle as the plural, and use bull, cow or calf for the singular, but I fear cow here will lose the livestock element.

044 - Yes, I wanted to come back to this when I found out later, I can't think of another idiom, even chip off the old block is parental. Maybe something like 'Like looking in a mirror, hmmm?' Don't see why you want to change twist the knife, the idioms are the same in both languages, aren't they? Certainly in English.
016 - The Lours bit is about not using contractions, the demonstrative one was about changing "this (ce)" to "they (ils)", but this does sound like he's insisting too much followed by they, and I don't have a better compromise to offer. I really just didn't understand why you'd change that bit.

017 - ok. I guess she can't found out he found him eh

023 - It's what he's supposed to be though. but this one doesn't matter too much.

025 - Yeah, it's correct, but it may be surprising. Nobody's asked if "I am seated" was bad english.

027 - ok.

033 - Sorry about that one, I make the change by deleting text first and retranslated it as head. this one is more about "two of the brains" rather than "the two brains".

034 - He says right after that they're in a "truly lost part of the valleys". What's meant before is that the road they're on is from nowhere to nowhere. It's a joke to add that they're also in the middle of nowhere.

035 - ok. I just found it less obvious to oppose to petit, it's like a child joke to call a thing petit when it's grand and I only encounter strapping from the townsend band.

037 - That one was more about describing her "fighting". You only ever saw her caught by two men when petit's smashing heads in the foreground. And "se débattre" is fighting after being caught or beaten, more like resisting, or fighting back, maybe ? would "fought back like a hellcat" be too far-fetched ?

038 - Didn't know that. I liked the nursery ryhme it made, like "ton petit ogre ne t'as pas croqué". To be fair, nobody uses "un bétail" either, it's said here as "du (de le, contracted) bétail", but english doesn't have that for that particular situation, so it's just "cattle"

044 - I'd just add the wound to fill the bubble. I lost why it would have made sense somehow to change that one. I guess finding a whole nother sarcasm would be needed. Something like "[...]a formidable strategist." "not unlike some others :^)" maybe ?

I'll try to test some typesetting tonight or tomorrow lunch with parts that are good to go.
I'll mention I should be good to work on this almost every day until next wenesday, then gone for another week or so, so no need to hurry. Have fun and good luck !
Ah, I think I get what you mean on 16 now. My issue is that I think it'd be weird for Bear to switch from ce to ils in English. Maybe change the other guy to 'They make for good camouflage?

023 - I get what you mean, I just can't think of a way to make it work decently in English, i.e. to make it obvious that he's reassured by how badly defended the farm is, but maybe I'm thinking into it too much.

025 - Then I don't really get what your issue is with sat.

037 - Ah, I see, how about fought like a hellcat to get away

Another pastebin, just missing the final 2 storybook parts, so I might actually get finished today: https://pastebin.com/yZXNhAWy

Aaaaand done! That was really fun, I'd forgotten how I liked it. That and the fact that several series I've worked on have new volumes somewhat wants me to make a bit of a return. We'll see.
hand drawn fish
Oop, alright! I'll fix that up when I have a chance.
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image:155545373505.png(6.31MB , 2666x3500 , 3-tales of the bear-the leveller.png)
Fixed "Leveler" to "Leveller" here!
hand drawn fish
Oh shoot I didn't see these posts! My bad dude. The subtitles are just a font, so that's easy to redo. The only thing I put some handiwork into was "The Tales of the Bear". I'll happily redo them at a higher quality. Is the hq rip this file here? >>417751 What else needs to be done, lads?
Thanks man, that'd be really appreciated, yes that file is the higher quality one. I think all we're waiting for is peaulice to finish proofing and then the typesetting.
Ded project?
So has everyone actually abandoned this? Will I have to do it myself? Is there even a point as it seems that it might get an official release soonish anyway?