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Looney Tunes/WB animation threadAnonymous
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image:169549593565.png(2.80MB , 1920x1080 , Tiny.Toons.Looniversity.S01E06.Prank.You.Very.Much.1080p.MAX.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb-0085.png)
What do you think of the new tiny toons reboot?
Don't they have Babs and Buster as related?

Instantly 0/10, how do you fuck up that badly?
Mister Twister
Because they wrote the new show in the all too infamous Hollywood Bubble. Everyone yelling NOOOOO is a toxic troll.
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image:169560104765.jpg(173kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83158).jpg)
I skimmed through the whole thing. It was... meh?
I was never a fan of the original show either, was just there for the anthros (like the Boo Sisters in the movie, or Bimbette). The humor, same as in Animaniacs, was often too referential, needing knowledge of (to me, unknown) american celebrities or old movies to understand the gags. Looney Tunes still works many decades later because those jokes about a hunter and a duck, or a rabbit and an angry cowboy are just universal.
At any rate, unlike new Animaniacs, the new Tiny Toons is not that woke, or even political (save for that blink and you will miss it transgendering of Dizzy). It is instead, rather boring because unlike the old show that kept the stories short, now each 22 minute episode is one big story, with a B-plot often added.
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image:169560112721.jpg(135kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83279).jpg)
So, yeah, for some weird reason Babs and Buster are siblings. We meet their mom in an episode, called B'Shara Bunny (quite the weird name, only shown in the credits btw, they call her mom). Also she says she has 88 kids (yikes ?!?)
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image:169560131417.jpg(152kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83160).jpg)
Plucky and Hamton are relatively unchanged. Plucky is perhaps less malicious as the old one. The plot is often centered on some school project, in fact, they barely leave that setting, which is not really great for a zany madcap comedy.
That pink Tweety clone Sweetie has been upgraded to a main character, she mostly has stories with Babs. Is a high-strung activist or rather rebel without a cause.
Shirley the Loon is still a new age quack, except... it works?! Somehow?! She can levitate, teleport and do crazy magic stuff. Also is somehow a teacher despite being a student, I don't get how. Gone is the valley girl accent, or the boobs, she is boring nerdy girl.
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image:169560139599.jpg(180kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83162).jpg)
Gogo Dodo appears maybe twice in the background, has no dialogue.
Max appears once - in the leaked episode - trying to buy the café the kids hang out at. Does not go to the university, or appears again.
No Elvira. For that, I am grateful.
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image:169560145530.jpg(130kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83262).jpg)
They neutered poor Fifi LaFume. French-canadian girl now, but her boy crazy nature is completely gone, that is I guess not PC anymore...
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image:169560149415.jpg(121kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83334).jpg)
This is kinda the sexiest she ever looks. Yeah, no feminine figure for her either.
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image:169560160598.jpg(142kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83306).jpg)
No jokes about her smell either. I don't think she ever uses her skunk spray. Only ever has speaking roles twice, and her personality is non-existent - she likes clothes from older time periods, that's all we learn of her.
Furball is weirdly, reimagined as the leather-jacket wearing "too cool for school" kid of few words. And no, nothing bad ever happens to him if he is on screen for more than a few seconds.
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image:169560166885.jpg(175kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83202).jpg)
One episode has the Loonyversity engage in a prank war with AQUA, their underwater counterpart, that team led by a girl called Ling Lobster. Yeah, hard to tell by that design but supposed to be a girl.
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image:169560178186.jpg(136kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83289).jpg)
Lola appears in one episode as... some wannabee celebrity chef working at the university? Yes, no idea why a chef, she is even called as Chef Lola in the credits. She is in design and personality, the boring (and not sexily drawn) Space Jam 2 action girl Lola of the movies, instead of the actually funny Looney Tunes Show version.
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image:169560180369.jpg(107kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83292).jpg)
Needless to say, lacks boobs, of course.
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image:169560185848.jpg(181kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83178).jpg)
Not kidding, the closest anthro design I liked on this was this nameless cheetah guy from a "Toonball" match on the opposing team.
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image:169560190530.jpg(169kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (83184).jpg)
I mean, anthro cheetahs are not commonplace in animation, I take what I can get. (Lack of pants is a bonus... :P)
But you see, we have to get rid of anything REMOTELY sexual because we want to avoid offending religious loon- I mean, concerned progressive parents with the sinf- I mean sexist tendencies it might give children!

It's not like there's already something wrong with them from their home environment if they start thinking that way about a cartoon skunk! Nope! Parents? Naaah.
Mister Twister
Before the episode leak, I was hoping this reboot would be good. Well, it's Animaniacs all over again (only more boring in place of more insulting).
It just tells you our society has gone into a complete downhill into a sinkhole if this is the best we get from Hollywood, I miss the time we were bolder than this
The one good thing out of this is I like how cute Fifi is in this show