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image:165484215190.jpg(849kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 cover.jpg)

Updates Sundays

Richard Matheson has found himself in an alternate universe where the world is ruled by races of lizard-like people called Sarnites. It doesn’t take long but he makes a living for himself in one of the major cities of this Earth. He’s even fallen for a local priestess. But his love takes him on an adventure that will have him facing off against demons, tyrants, and even his past! Protect the Priestess is not just the title of this comic but the goal of our main character. Will he succeed or will the world be plunged into darkness?
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image:165484221292.jpg(1.27MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 1.jpg)
Sometimes a novel’s worth of backstory and exposition isn’t necessary or even wanted. You’ll learn more about the world and characters as the story progresses but you get the basics from this page.
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image:165484223485.jpg(1.08MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 2.jpg)
Sometimes you have to sleep with the hot little woman running the inn to pay rent. Poor Richard.
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image:165484226394.jpg(1.22MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 3.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 3
Business before pleasure.
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image:165484229187.jpg(1.19MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 4.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 4
Nothing better than getting a power boost to go with your role as bodyguard.
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image:165484231913.jpg(1.02MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 5.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 5
Wow, is everyone in this world half-naked? Yes. Sometimes more naked than that.
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image:165484235579.jpg(1.3MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 6.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 6
Where does Alys store all her magic? I can think of one specific area.
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image:165484238811.jpg(1.28MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 7.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 7
Better hurry up before Sloa tries to tag along. That’d be a mood killer.
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image:165484241302.jpg(1.2MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 8.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 8
I don’t know why but it’s hard to pay attention to what they’re saying.
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image:165484243985.jpg(1.39MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 9.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 9
Time for a picnic! Just watch out for bears. They think they’re so smart.
Is this a racism?
No, he's just overprotective.
Not busting your balls or nothing but wouldn't you rather be storytiming this in /pco/?
I mean when the comic begins with every female character's first on-panel encounter with the protagonist having them talking about how much they want to fuck him or how much they enjoyed fucking him in the past and the ad-bars on the bottom showing fucking it seems to be a comic that will involve alot of porn.
It has fanservice but no straight up nudity. No nipples, no genitals. No on panel sex although there will be implied stuff.
That seems something of a waste considering the dialogue is just
from the start.
The page for that comic is very similar to the Deviants one in /pco/ so I'm gonna ask, are you the same guy?
Being honest in responding with my critique, this seems like a bad comic from the beginning.
The art is nice, but the concept and writing are pretty sub-par.

Right away your 'hero' is bland isekai guy with superpowers who has ended up in scalie world and just gone around banging their ladies left and right and is only stopping in banging them all so he can bang a specific one (and will get even more superpowers as a benefit).
Like on page two right after the hastily crammed-in backstory (which is a terrible way to intro your world to the reader) you've already got a lizard-milf desperate for another ride on his dick, this is porno scripting which the characters designs back up with all of these furaffinty anime-haired lizard-lady OCs, their hefty jugs and cleavage on display.

Its just all comes across as fanfic or light novel level of writing with nothing of substance worth actually sticking around for.
If it was an actual porn comic would at least make sense since an important thing would be getting to the steamy Action ASAP, and sex scenes with the pleasing art and brightly colored big-titty reptiles would be a logical draw.

As-is its just going to be a bunch of cliches with teenage wish-fulfilment MC here being some lame shonen/isekai protagonist, maybe off-panel banging a bunch of other chicks (up to and including the villainess or her big-titty female sub-bosses) on the way to rescuing his priestess girlfriend due to wacky hijinx.

Either stick to the likes of Deviants or if you want to focus on telling a story without it being pornographic (which seems like an odd choice, there's nothing stopping you from having full nudity AND a well-written plot) then really think about how to achieve quality writing and character-building.
Its shaping up to be just another forgettable deviantart comic and that's a shame.
Thanks for the feedback!
ok, in that case, there's something I've got to ask. It looks like you just commission artists to draw your comics, and I'm assuming you make income from having a patreon for each comic. Is this financially viable? Like, is it something one can do to get their own comics drawn without getting massively in the red from the price of the art?
I've spent years building up the Sexyverse brand from nothing and it has cost me thousands of dollars and even then I will say that I don't make that much money because I use almost all the money to commission more. What I do make my money from is Sexyverse Games. People are more willing to give money for games than comics.

In hindsight, I wish I just stuck to trying to draw my comics and doing simplistic comics. Would've been a slower crawl but I would've saved all that money and likely have become more self-sufficient.

But I've seen great artists and writers not succeed because they don't give what a lot of people want. There's also marketing, catering, and shilling. The third pillar of a successful comic. The fourth pillar is luck.
Shouldn't the story of how he got into another universe, how he was received, and how he fell in love, plus where he has superpowers, begin?
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image:165509668734.jpg(126kB , 900x145 , patreon preview bar.jpg)
Not necessarily. All that stuff will get explained over time when it becomes relevant. But the upcoming conflict isn't about that.
But the problem is no one cares about your Main Character, the one the story is about.
He's just lame superpowered shirtless coolguy from another world dropped into a fantasy one that fucks ALL the bitches.
OK, so it's not a viable way of realising your own comics, it just offloads some of the cost, and one would still need a lot of money in advance to get the thing going. Got it.
It ultimately depends. For me, I could probably be more profitable on the comics side but I keep putting more money into creating more content when I could just stop at a certain point and watch as the numbers grow. I think that at the very least you can do good with a weekly updating comic and some Patreon incentives. The big problem with comics is that there's a lot of competition and most people that enjoy it are less likely to shell out money compared to other things. You really have to work on getting people invested in it to the point that they want to give you money to support it. And that takes time.
There are still such never ending boring webcomics around? I thought they died out by the 2010s or so.
Anime style art check, quasi-anthro princess with giant boobs, check, mecha design stolen from Gundam, check, boring protagonist nobody cares about, check...
Let me guess, even without reading the rest I can tell the story, he is an everyday nerd who suddenly finds himself in some fantasy universe where he is the prophecised saviour and all the girls throw themselves at him?
You're going to do a Sexyverse crossover with Protect the Priestess ?
If you want to be financially supported, advertise and accept payments outside of PayPal and Patreon or Gumroad and donate to ko-fi and behance or something similar.
>>442308 He physically sells the print.
No but I am able to use my website and social media accounts to help boost exposure. Aside from that I have accounts for the comic. It takes time but it’s building up steadily.
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image:165528066746.jpg(1.21MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 10.jpg)
I'll spoiler this since it gets a little lewd. But as you can see from the previews things kind of get derailed.
But why?
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image:165637429065.jpg(1.15MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 11.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 11
Cockblocked by danger!
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image:165637455247.jpg(836kB , 500x3899 , 6c334543c47a04b3cc9ff32ca73fc965.jpg)
Improper use of chibis

Being a tease and not even showing us her naples
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image:165660381012.jpg(1.15MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 12.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 12
Oh, she’s bad alright! If you know what I mean!
>That eye flash
>The characters randomly being chibis
>This whole thing being an Isekai
Honestly this whole comic seems confused on if it wants to be some parody of anime or just the most generic cliche animu webcomic possible.
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image:165720705152.jpg(1.09MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 13.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 13
My half-naked villain can’t be this cute!
Yeah this shit is my fetish and it's too over the top even for me.
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image:165789640926.jpg(1.22MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 14.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 14
At least that wasn’t lower or we wouldn’t be expecting any little Richards in the future.
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image:165861873181.jpg(1.4MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 15.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 15
This page has been approved by Zod and Vegeta.
my man there was literally no reason to nsfw-cover these images.

there's not a single thing shown on the page that warrants it for plus4chan.
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image:165927551445.jpg(1.15MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 16.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 16
You pissed off the wrong shirtless guy!
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image:165927675332.png(78kB , 1024x576 , gee sasuke why does kishimoto let you have TWO bullshit magical eye types.png)
Oh christ... he even has an edgy super form with fancy eyes too?
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image:165986427478.jpg(1.17MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 17.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 17
Richard: I consent.
Alys: I consent.
Kurse: I don’t!
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image:166031450376.jpg(1.1MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 18.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 18
I wouldn’t mind getting a hug and some holy magic from Alys.
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image:166175294196.jpg(1.4MB , 900x1565 , ch 1 pg 19.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 1 Page 19
Richard is feeling… super.
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image:166175303242.jpg(1.03MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 cover.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Cover
Can’t wait to unlock some alternate costumes.
This is just a shit attempt at doing the gimmick of that isekai where a Red Power Ranger ends up in a cliche fantasy-jrpg setting.
Fascinating, I never would've thought the games would be more profitable but it does make sense.
Well I wasn't expecting a superhero reveal, but it's certainly a step up from the usual I got hit by truck-kun but my special unique power will make me an omega platinum deity within 10 episodes. I was holding off on commenting until first issue finished, but I found it to be overall a fun story that doesn't take itself very seriously. It's a little hard for me to comment about the two biggest draws to the comic since I'm mostly into dudes, but I guess giant breasts are pretty popular. I will say I like how comfortably and naturally Richard and Alys interact, it's nice to skip over the courtship stuff and get into the comfy parts of the relationship.

As for criticisms, it's somewhat genre confused and the backstory's a bit fuzzy, but I could see things settling in in future issues. If I could level one somewhat silly criticism, it would be that a superhero named Acrobat should have a much firmer butt. Think Nightwing, or Andrew Garfield's Spiderman.

Actually that did happen in the original show, only it was a clone of the Green Ranger that ended up stuck in the past. They also did a wild west one with the Pink Ranger. Now that I think of it, there were an alarming amount of time travel and stuck in an alien world episodes of Power Rangers.
>As for criticisms, it's somewhat genre confused and the backstory's a bit fuzzy, but I could see things settling in in future issues.
Thanks! Everything does get answered when Richard's past is explored more. There's a reason he's in this world. Issue 2 gives more information and issue 3 will explain almost all of it.
>If I could level one somewhat silly criticism, it would be that a superhero named Acrobat should have a much firmer butt. Think Nightwing, or Andrew Garfield's Spiderman.
It's a good butt but it's the front side that will be more impressive.
No worries! Fair enough, I figured that would be the case. It's good to leave a bit of mystery, comics with massive lore dumps can get stale. Now that I think of it, the truck-kun genre loves massive unnecessary lore dumps for some insane reason
Well that would track with the other comic!
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image:166291066805.jpg(1.3MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 1.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 1
Can’t you just narrate your backstory for the rest of us? You did a bit in the first chapter.
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image:166291069543.jpg(1.38MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 2.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 2
H-he’s fast!
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image:166401185079.jpg(1.19MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 3.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 3
Fus Ro Dah!
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image:166401191744.jpg(1.25MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 4.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 4
Now you see us! Now you don’t!
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image:166552223926.jpg(1.24MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 5.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 5
Order magic heals, buffs, protects, and gives you a badass breath weapon? Sign me up!
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image:166552226766.jpg(1.24MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 6.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 6
Oooh, she mad!
even for knockoff anime/manga these text bubbles are too wordy and awkward.
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image:166652119663.jpg(1.41MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 7.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 7
That’s the second time she was going to say something but was cutoff. Oh well, it’s probably not that important.
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image:166652122422.jpg(1.31MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 8.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 8
It’s the crackling in the air. Makes it hard to hear.
You need to stop randomly switching to chibis in the middle of what is meant to be a dramatic fight scene.