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image:164500492138.png(1.99MB , 1440x1080 , 105 - wV331UG.png)
Since the old topic stopped bumping...
Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers | Teaser Trailer | Disney+youtube thumb
Rescue Rangers live action movie, looks like they are doing some meta Roger Rabbit thing (with the actual Roger Rabbit being in this too).
For fucks sake Swift, when the board is as dead-ass slow as this you don't need to start a new furry thread just because the last one stopped bumping.

Especially not when its only half way down the front page and still with plenty of space left in it.
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image:164501024466.png(1.87MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (11375).png)
New sexy leopard lady from Kirby's new game, Clawroline.

I have been posting here for probably a decade now and that's how things have been ALL the time. When an old topic stops bumping, we make a new one. The last one was only made Q2 2021. I don't know who you are since you are too afraid to even use a nickname, I assume you are some newfag who doesn't understand the customs of this place. If it's not me starting a new topic then it is Saphrophyte or Mr Twister. Give it a rest with your complaining. Does it cause you distress that there is a new furry topic? There is a 'hide this topic' button you know. If you are annoyed (like we are of you) then hide it and sod off.
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image:164501109787.png(1.22MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (11379).png)
Well that's a cameo I did not expect to see like, ever.
Wonder how Paula Abdul is doing these days.
>I don't know who you are since you are too afraid to even use a nickname, I assume you are some newfag
It's been almost 10 years and you still don't understand the norms or terminology of anonymous imageboards, or the underlying reasons behind the new thread custom. Is that a record or something?

Anyway, Nintendo obviously isn't trying to be subtle, to no-one's surprise. Sex sells. also, not /co/
Swift, being a namefag on a chan is nothing to be proud if. If anything it just marks out out as an attention-whore.
Anonymous ## Mod
Settle down gents.
Ain't nothing wrong in making a new thread once the old one stops bumping, just please wait until it's off the first page. That's how it is done 'round these parts.
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image:164502076114.jpg(289kB , 1920x1080 , Looney Tunes Cartoons - S04E24E25 - Practical Jerk - Bottoms Up.mp4_snapshot_05.39.364.jpg)
Maaan this episode got dark. Porky sure had his revenge for that april's fool's joke. :P
Also, whoa Porky sure is old.

If I did not care about using a nickname 10 years ago I won't care about it now. All the important news are delivered here by people with names, so yeah could not care less about the anonymous nonsense, no-one of significance does it anymore.
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image:164502117652.jpg(2kB , 1920x1080 , Looney Tunes Cartoons - S04E24E25 - Practical Jerk - Bottoms Up.mp4_snapshot_11.24.795.jpg)
Yeah Pete Puma just...ate himself.
That's gotta be a fetish somewhere. These shows are getting rather self-aware.
Mister Twister
To defend the Devil Anon a little bit, regardless of what you or I may think or want, +4chan is still based by and inspired by 4chan without the +. And posting without a name is still the norm there. Hell, I do it every day.
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image:164504785084.png(1.53MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (10528).png)
Ah so then you are him, really? ;)
I know if is a thing, just never saw the appeal. Hard to have a discussion when everyone seems to be the same person. I'd feel like Mort talking to the voices in his head.
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image:164504792192.png(1.12MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (11403).png)
So, yeah, just learned about Sneagator.
He is an anthro alligator wrestler with a cobra hood and... is part shoe. He has laces on his head and chest...And he can shapeshift into other anthro reptile forms, as well as into a giant shoe. And he wears sneakers. :D

Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2 Sneagator Specialsyoutube thumb
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image:164504793905.png(1.16MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (11402).png)
And apparently, his grandson grew up to become a future villain 'cause this anime has been going on for a looong time.
History of Maxmanyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
>Ah so then you are him, really? ;)
LeL, I anonpost on -4chan, on +4chan I preserve the dumb tradition out of stubbornness.
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image:164512348256.jpg(44kB , 550x309 , charlotte.jpg)
Cute anime show about insects. Face are kinda too human, but still, not bad. I really like the orchid mantis gal, Charlotte
Mister Twister
That face is absolutely generic and has no soul.
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image:164543845932.png(854kB , 611x831 , Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 11-13-12 Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness (2022).png)
Never heard about this movie before... skunk girl looks OK.
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image:164544788306.png(2.92MB , 1920x1597 , SOUL injection.png)
I will try to watch it this year.

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image:164566563063.jpg(106kB , 810x1200 , word-image-273.jpeg)
New Scrat shorts. Huh so that's why he was not in the latest movie?

They look so much flatter and less lively in cel-shaded CGI.
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image:164567181034.gif(978kB , 298x189 , Stork where did it all go wrong.gif)
Good cel shaded CGI exists, but it requires effort.
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image:164571177835.png(1.75MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (12339).png)
Dorris, from the Cuphead Show.

Yeah, Transformers RID (2015) is another good example, while Transformers Energon is one of the worst examples of it. Storm Hawks also looked great, because the models had a lot of details and distinctive colors and shading. The reason the models in Rescue Rangers look bland is because those 2D models did not have a ton of detail and for the 3D conversion, they should have at least added some shading so they look more well defined.
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image:164571180611.png(1.88MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (12343).png)
"You always forget our anniversuary!"
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image:164573599922.png(1.17MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (12373).png)
So Big Mouth's various emotion monsters get a spinoff show, if you can stand the art style.
Recursos Humanos | Clipe oficial | Netflixyoutube thumb
Depression Kitty lady... odd choice, cats and depression. Would she rather not be representing curiosity?
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image:164578653045.png(1.36MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (12445).png)
New Bad Guys trailer. I wonder did a 5-year old name these characters? Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Ms Tarantula... what are ALL the other sharks in this universe called? Or are they the only living examples of their species in this universe?
Mister Twister
The trailer was already posted on /co/ general. I think this is a wacky universe that is very non-serious.
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image:164581792740.jpg(119kB , 862x1125 , E7CFB33B-E484-4C92-8077-7FD28D172938.jpeg)
They’re all code names; it’s kind of a big emotional deal in the books that they’ve been so hated that nobody has ever even asked or cared what their real names are.
Mister Twister
Thanks to the movie I am now learning these were these books that existed all this time, and people apparently grew up with them.
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image:164590296838.jpg(33kB , 640x480 , La Última Reserva Historia De Amor[SD,640x480].webm_snapshot_00.15.018.jpg)
LA ULTIMA RESERVA Episodio 01youtube thumb
Anyone heard of this spanish show? "La Ultima Reserva".
Is about the territory of some (anthro) native americans from the wild west times being transported into the far future on top of a skyscraper. I dunno if it had an english dub.

Everyone says the book is a big deal, but there is basically nothing on this thing on wikipedia. Where do you get the pics? Is it on readcomiconline?
Anyway, so are there other wolves in the book, then?
Yeah tell me about it, I never heard of Dragon Rider (the german one) either before the movie.
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image:164590335582.jpg(49kB , 640x480 , La Última Reserva Historia De Amor[SD,640x480].webm_snapshot_01.14.393.jpg)
Has some nice anthro ladies
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image:164590337020.jpg(51kB , 640x480 , La Última Reserva Historia De Amor[SD,640x480].webm_snapshot_09.34.959.jpg)
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image:164590530687.jpg(27kB , 480x360 , BASKET FEVER (THE STRANGER) by DOcon (Low).webm_snapshot_15.38_[2014.05.12_01.16.12].jpg)

Found an english intro, so this should exist... somewhere.
Docon made this, the same company who did Basket Fever and Slyvan.
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image:164590871123.jpg(174kB , 1000x1511 , hidden dragon.jpg)
Hidden Dragon
I need your help.
Hidden Dragon Teaseryoutube thumb

So does anyone know what's happening with this? Is there any more information? All I can find is the teaser by the writer, and his channel has some animatics.

Cute dragon though.
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image:164592246448.jpg(605kB , 1920x1080 , TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 El anillo (Canta con Tito & Catty) (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2021.11.11_16.19.27].jpg)
Hey anonymous guy who keeps posting Tito Lizzardo/Catty B, do you know what the name of the grey cat lady in green training shorts is? The video just says "GG".
Just GG Wild wildin’ 😂😂 #shorts #youtubeshorts #shortsvideoyoutube thumb

I wish I knew what this thing is about. Why is an anthro dragon living underwater, with fish and crabs, and then finds a human woman locked in a seashell? Who can breathe underwater??? I assume this is from China but even so, weird setting.
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image:164592413811.png(1.57MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (12875).png)
Hey Stephen Colbert, Baphomet called, he thinks your political cartoon ruins his good name as a bloodthirsty demon lord. :P
Washingtonia: An Exclusive First Lookyoutube thumb
Yeah, I don't get what this show is about, either. What were they smoking?
>Hey anonymous guy who keeps posting Tito Lizzardo/Catty B, do you know what the name of the grey cat lady in green training shorts is? The video just says "GG".

That's her name, GG Wild
The Saprophyte
How are you going to claim your waifu without proper ID though?

It shows up on occasion in forgotten cartoon threads elsewhere. English version is pretty much considered lost media and the non PC subject matter probably isn't helping that.
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image:164618450455.jpg(51kB , 640x480 , La Última Reserva Historia De Amor[SD,640x480].webm_snapshot_01.43.365.jpg)
Oooh thanks. I thought GG stands for something, like Gigi.
Yeah, I seen it on fchan first many years ago, and hunted down that fitness episodes.
Why is it non-PC though? I mean it is about american indians but it's not like they are being made fun of, they are the main heroes.
Showin’ some moves #shorts #youtubeshorts #shortsvideoyoutube thumb

New Catty B. Man those leather pants... (drools)
CROOKED CITY the series - Teaseryoutube thumb

Crooked City, upcoming show, interesting style of animation. Has quite a few anthros.
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image:164634590272.jpg(648kB , 1920x1080 , TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 El anillo (Canta con Tito & Catty) (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2021.11.11_16.19.26].jpg)
Speaking of GG Wild, they released a pretty long and well made music video where not only she but all 4 kitties feature!
TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 Gata corazón – Canta con Tito & Cattyyoutube thumb
I know the striped tabby in the pink-purple tracksuit and sleeveless shirt is called Tiger Lily, so now only the red furred, red tracksuit+shirt wearing kitty's name is unknown.
CC cat
I liked Odd Taxi, but 250$ for a Blu-Ray set, that is excessive. I didn't pay that much for even the Wakfu kickstarter Blu-Ray!
Anyway, posting this because apparently, a movie version of Odd Taxi is coming in April this year. No idea if it is a reimagining of the show or a sequel.

Where do you get all this info from? Do they have some website I don't know about?
Mister Twister
That much money is usually charged in Japan, because a fan is supposed to REALLY support their favourite show.The Oban Blu-Ray campaign only asks for 60 dollars.
>Where do you get all this info from? Do they have some website I don't know about?

He sometimes put their names on his videos
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image:164687193151.jpg(176kB , 1920x1080 , DC.Super.Hero.Girls.2019.S01E51E52.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NYH.mkv_snapshot_19.25.124.jpg)

Thanks for the info.
He? Does this mean all this is done by one guy? I assumed this was produced by some south american studio, at best.
And speaking of that, here is a new one, karaoke!
TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 Muévelo – Karaokeyoutube thumb
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image:164687219398.jpg(66kB , 720x480 , Angels 135.jpg)
Oh yeah, I know. Took me a while to find the DVD of Kaiketsu Zorori with the Bururu's Angels catgirl team without having to pay a small fortune for it...
Either otaku are this gullible and will pay anything, or there must be huge torrent sites in Japan. (And since I am pretty sure Nyaatorrents is ran from Japan, I am assuming the latter).
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image:164687236853.jpg(7kB , 720x480 , Angels 22.jpg)
Tulipán... the's tulip in hungarian, but I don't think this is a hungarian commercial, I'd have heard about it (a comment says it is from Brazil... figures, they are rather lassaiz-faire with what they can show to kids there, odd considering how most of the country is catholic).
Mister Twister
The general strategy in Japan is to aim for a smaller group of big fans with the home media release, instead of as many people as possible. Not that no company wants to reach more people, but RELATIVELY so.
Mister Twister
To add, the ORIGINAL strategy for home media in Japan was to sell 1 DVD to a library for a great sum, and regular people could rent it for cheap over and over, making the money back to the library + profit. That's where the REALLY expensive DVDs come from.
>He? Does this mean all this is done by one guy? I assumed this was produced by some south american studio, at best.

I think only one person was posted these shorts on tiktok
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image:164745807337.jpg(3.75MB , 1250x5870 , 227.jpg)

I can't find any archive for this site? Maybe an alternative URL would work?
http://biglistof.co/ was the url I was using on archive.org
... what archive are you looking for exactly?
>>440548the big list of cat irks, it also had other animal women?
Big List of Cat Girls, is what I mean
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image:164760465075.jpg(65kB , 656x480 , S01 -E06 - The Informer.mp4_snapshot_07.15.330.jpg)
More ladies from the Untouchables of Elliot Mouse.
Sandra LaFlame, a dancer gal from episode 6.

There was that Big List page, but it has gone the way of the dodo long ago. And whoever was making those giant jpg lists on fchan disappeared an even longer time ago.
I have plans to make a proper reference website someday, but my html programming skills are not really that great plus it would take a lot of time - which I lack.
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image:164760480542.jpg(55kB , 656x480 , S01 -E06 - The Informer.mp4_snapshot_05.48.198.jpg)
Sandra's unnamed dancer co-stars.
save file
image:164760491214.jpg(5kB , 656x480 , S01 -E11 - The Starlette.mp4_snapshot_23.39.045.jpg)
Rita Mouseworth, from episode 11. She is a movie star and someone is trying to kill her, so the Untouchables watch over her, while she fixates on Elliot for saving her life.
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image:164760494684.jpg(54kB , 656x480 , S01 -E14 - The Trap.mp4_snapshot_10.07.304.jpg)
Can-can dancer cat girls, episode 14
save file
image:164760499279.jpg(47kB , 656x480 , S01 -E14 - The Trap.mp4_snapshot_04.31.217.jpg)
Babette, sexy kitty secretary of the judge, also episode 14
save file
image:164760509605.jpg(47kB , 656x480 , S01 -E14 - The Trap.mp4_snapshot_22.22.435.jpg)
She was hypnotizing the judge - and some of the Untouchables - disguised as a male magician, to discredit their name. They catch her with the old mirror trick and she hypnotizes herself, just like Ms Fortune in Toonstruck.
Does Elliot get any pussy?
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image:164763297694.jpg(78kB , 1280x720 , ELS_hTHVAAAIyQ3.jpeg)
I remember they even had obscure ones like the Esso girls and The sumo mouse girls?

Anyone have Sumo mouse downloadable without any obnoxious watermarks?
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image:164763327724.jpg(45kB , 656x480 , S01 -E26 - A Matter of Taxes.mp4_snapshot_27.21.721.jpg)
He is mostly with Debrah for the whole series. But at most they have dinners together. The series ends with a big heart icon over them so I guess they will be together.
You said more ladies from Elliot mouse, so who were the oters?

Are any of the cat ladies, besides the secretary in episode 14 important in any plots?
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image:164763350475.jpg(225kB , 1280x720 , Watch Sumo Mouse Episode 3 - Thats A Nasty Lizard online FREE.mp4_[2018.10.26_11.29.51].jpg)
No, Kimcartoon is the only place that has it. Not even while nada.to was alive did I find it there or anywhere else.
That is, there is one place - Myspleen has a 720p torrent - but nobody is seeding it.
PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH | Official Traileryoutube thumb

So, Puss in Boots 2? Nobody posted about it here yet.
Guess this is happening, not sure why, the last one was what, a decade ago? And sadly of course, this is just set in the first movie's universe. If this was a follow-up to The Adventures of Puss in Boots, I'd be super excited.

Xumo has the full series, but its not downloadable.
Mstr Twstr
Try looking beyond your own thread for a change.
The Saprophyte
A. you have to point wayback at to site to get it to archive.
B. even if they did, Biglistguy used some kind of dynamic image system that let you shuffle images by different criteria so would've needed to screencap to get the whole list. I ask around but so far that rabbit list is the only one anyone saved, and even that's out of date.

Lucedo I think once posted a link to an artist who was keeping a huge catgirl list. I want to say sunnybee? I think I bookmarked it but if I did it's buried somewhere.

I'll still keeping up my supplemental lists for rabbits and bugs. Been kind of holding off on any other lists and more well-know chars in case BLG came back.
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image:164780255109.jpg(216kB , 1378x1378 , AC65669E-E243-45A9-BE25-5F12C744CDC0.jpeg)
The Bad Guys opened in foreign markets a month in advance and it does sound like they just sort of divert from the plot after book 3 to keep things more grounded.
I wonder if they get a sequel if they’ll just do original grounded content or then they’ll just jump off the rails into the crazy stuff of the later books.
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image:164781827134.jpg(212kB , 1920x1080 , TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 Gata corazón – Canta con Tito & Catty (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_snapshot_02.07.107.jpg)
What Tiger Lily does is almost erotic there... :P
Amazing 😏 #shorts | TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY Byoutube thumb
Btw, surprised that Youtube basically has a "shorts" section now for basically Tiktok videos. They must be trying to catch up to the chinese.
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image:164781895479.jpg(2.94MB , 1033x4500 , Canine_List_13.jpg)
Oh I have a lot of the old lists. I just thought the guy wanted some new one. It has been ages since the biglist guy has posted them.
Canine list, from 2015
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image:164781903057.jpg(2.6MB , 880x3739 , Cats_Index_53_7-18-14.jpg)
Cat list, also 2015
save file
image:164781906467.jpg(3.3MB , 1033x3600 , Bunny_List_10.jpg)
Bunny list
save file
image:164781911393.jpg(2.2MB , 1033x3452 , Reptile_List_11.jpg)
Reptile list
Not available in my country.
If it was, I am sure I could record it via some program though. I have done it for Amazon and other streaming sites.
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image:164781944179.jpg(67kB , 656x480 , S01 -E23 - Gems and Diamonds.mp4_snapshot_17.52.547.jpg)
I don't usually go into the LOLrandom topics so never saw that. Plus it thematically is better here.
The best way is really to have an excel list. The snapshot-picture get kinda hard to navigate after a while.
The Sumo Mouse xumo link works in the USA anyhow.

I'm guessing there's no interspecies romance in Elliot Mouse, its one of those everyone dates within their species, LULZ
The entire series used to be on youtube without any watermarks.
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image:164784248025.jpg(215kB , 1024x732 , 1520290032285.jpg)
Anyone seen this?
The Saprophyte
Lafayette, We Are Here for your cubs
Is that a reverse trap or does this show just not obey the eyelash rule?
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image:164789784098.jpg(496kB , 2200x1765 , Sayako Karasuma GRO Form.jpg)
I have bought The Skull Man artbook some time ago, finally got around to scan it. I posted some of the characters before so I will only post the new art.
Sayoko Karasuma, sexy bird girl I think from episode 4.

Have not heard of it. I assume it is french? Will check.
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image:164789785909.jpg(481kB , 2200x1635 , Sayako Karasuma GRO Form - headshots.jpg)
Sayako's expression sheet
save file
image:164789787460.jpg(51kB , 1494x2000 , GRO-Lizard man mutant.jpg)
GRO lizard man mutant
save file
image:164789789274.jpg(281kB , 1361x2000 , GRO2-Lizard woman mutant.jpg)
GRO lizard woman mutant
save file
image:164789791250.jpg(501kB , 2000x1558 , Yamaki GRO form.jpg)
Yamaki's pangolin/lizard mutant form.
save file
image:164798523890.jpg(89kB , 1280x720 , Sumo Mouse 118 - That's a Yummy Sandwich.mp4_snapshot_04.45.218.jpg)
Well, I owe you guys an apology. I apparently DID manage to download the whole show in 720p some 2 years ago from that torrent on MySpleen. Guess I forgot where I put it and started downloading from Kimcartoon too...
Let me know if anyone wants the show and I'll upload it on Mega.
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image:164798541064.jpg(52kB , 656x480 , S01 -E11 - The Starlette.mp4_snapshot_04.22.789.jpg)
That is a thing in a lot of shows that I always found odd, especially in cartoons with tons of various animal species.
Well, there is one exception in this one.
Rita Mouseworth dates her producer (I think he is a cat, or maybe a dog, hard to tell with the art style). But, he is a gangster and at the end it is revealed he put out the hit on her and wants to kill her so he can cash in on insurance. So not the best example...
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image:164799378632.jpg(728kB , 2545x1405 , Elza.jpg)

Interspecies Reviewers model sheets, includes a lot of the anthros like Elza
Yes please swift and thank you.
It makes it easy to tell who the designated girlfriend is.
Especially if the main character's species isn't inherently rare in the lore, but them and their girlfriend are just incidentally the only ones of their species seen in the series.
Thought this merits posting here!
The CREEPY CULT Episode of Rescue Rangers (yes this happened)youtube thumb
Has been ages since I saw Rescue Rangers, honestly Gadget aside (who in hungarian was called Sziporka, roughly translated means Sparkly) I was never that interested in that show.

Wow nice find, never knew of this one!
Like Spyro + Cynder. :P But yeah, it is a trope as old as time in cartoon animal lore.
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image:164838017543.png(1.64MB , 1440x1080 , Monty dafuq am I looking it.png)
Oh, you don't need to watch it. I can like it in solitude.
save file
image:164926859056.jpg(1.08MB , 780x1724 , lackadaisy_hideout_by_tracyjb_df3065a.jpg)
Not a real update, comic seems to be on the longest hiatus ever as the movie is being made. I'll post it here.
save file
image:164961485695.jpg(184kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_00.13.00.003.jpg)
Koati is out. Pretty basic story that mostly rips off the Lion King, complete with predators and prey living together and that whole "don't we eat the gazelles?" bit just shushed up.
Nice animation though, and some cute designs. Zaina the snake villainess is especially vividly animated.
save file
image:164961496372.jpg(157kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_00.05.54.869.jpg)
I do wish I could find this in the original spanish/portugese though as the english dub added a lot of needless millenial slang, kinda takes you out of the setting that south american animals talk like modern kids.
Xochi the monarch butterfly is another cute design. Weirdly she looks like she is wearing a vest, though?
save file
image:164961527301.jpg(181kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_00.15.43.550.jpg)
The quetzal is called Amaya.
Nice to see so many obscure south american animals in a toon that usually don't get used in animation much. There is also a glass frog (whose heart and intestines can be seen through his belly).
save file
image:164961582209.jpg(163kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_00.22.04.149.jpg)
Just like in Lion King, there is also a wise shaman who does literal magic, like Rafiki, except here he is an armadillo and can literally teleport.
And yes, as you guessed, the Mufasa equivalent jaguar guy dies pretty fast in the movie, at least here it is not Nachi's fault.
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image:164961610684.jpg(423kB , 1276x1816 , Zaina2.jpg)
Subtle, ain't she? :)-<
Mstr Twstr
At least it gave 2D animators a job.
save file
image:164961955709.jpg(225kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_00.40.58.512.jpg)
Well I did not see this coming... Snake boobs and butts! :P "Y'know, for kids" - She swallows some peaches (because snakes eat fruit in this weird universe, I guess) and... well, this happens. :D

South American animators are not in any danger of losing their jobs, they sure make a lot of animated movies there of late, good and bad.
save file
image:164961957281.jpg(217kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_00.41.03.527.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
That snake is envious.
save file
image:164975573221.png(1.64MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (19558).png)
Cute dino lady "Starfleet" boss they have too.
Mstr Twstr
Ah yes, /co/ Prime did talk about it..... for about 10 seconds.
It's been privated. How to download?
Mstr Twstr
Private videos canNOT be downloaded.
save file
image:165023372906.png(354kB , 1033x528 , bunupdate.png)
Easter rabbit list update. Need to find a new image program asap cause what I got ain't cutting it.
save file
image:165023419471.png(2.01MB , 1440x900 , harriet1a.png)
And from said update, The Great Easter Adventure, aka Eggs. The Animation is pretty bad but it's cute story with some name actors voicing.
The main female Harriet Hare, voiced by Brooke Shields.
save file
image:165023425139.png(2.49MB , 1440x1238 , harrietbutt.png)
She's got a decent butt on her too.
save file
image:165023438257.png(2.08MB , 1440x1238 , harrietdress.png)
...And a little cleavage in the right dress. They actually show her in her slip in this scene.
save file
image:165023481262.png(1.3MB , 1440x900 , eggschick1.png)
Speaking of cleavage, some background characters.
(frick, forgot to trim these. Paint added that extra space for some reason.)
save file
image:165023487193.png(1.13MB , 1440x896 , eggsback1.png)
More, Harriet again in foreground.
save file
image:165023935426.png(1.3MB , 1440x898 , flora 3.png)
Correction, that should be The Easter Egg Adventure.
Have a bonus bun for your troubles.
save file
image:165033031138.jpg(442kB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_20210406-221830_Chrome.jpg)
Thanks for the Easter anthros, Saprophyte! Yeah, I have downloaded that movie after seeing it in bargain bins for years. I liked Flora the best, myself. She is shapely!
Why do you need a specific list program? Just use Photoshop.
save file
image:165033033484.jpg(383kB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_20210406-220509_Chrome.jpg)
save file
image:165033043658.png(1.38MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (20347).png)
Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles | Official Trailer | Netflix After Schoolyoutube thumb

Btw, new Usagi show will have some nice anthro girls.
Bit weird that the main character is not Miyamoto Usagi, but his... nephew? Descendant?

And before some anonymous comes in to say it was posted elsewhere, I scrolled to the bottom of the /co page, did not see this anywhere.
save file
image:165034051973.png(3.42MB , 1016x1600 , efrava.png)
What I need is a nice, simple freeware image program that works like what I'm used to. I finally got rid of paint.net. That leaves me with gimp which isn't must better and seems to be cocking up lately besides. Couldn't get it to tack the update to the bottom of the list like it should.

Here's a little something else. Went looking recently to see Mirri Cat Warrior ever featured in any of the Magic The Gathering comics and found this instead, from the Armada Comics 2-parter Legend Of Jadit Ojanen.
Mstr Twstr
No shit, looks like no one posted it here. I personally don't care for it. If it's good, then some kids will be made happier by it.
save file
image:165041086679.png(3.06MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (20552).png)
Since we spoke about Eggs/Great Easter Adventure...
This movie could almost be a sequel to it, LOL. Pretty one note thing though.

Huh, never knew there were even any MtG comics.
That's some sexy tiger ladies. What is Armada comics? Any relation to Spain, or Transformers? :P
I have been using a cracked version of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for years. I could get a newer one, but this I know and like. I do all my drawings in that too. Works pretty well and has good shortcut buttons.
save file
image:165041091607.png(1.66MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (20545).png)
Fox mom is not bad though. Reminds me of the Dingo mom in Blinky Bill.
save file
image:165041138123.png(2.38MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (20566).png)
>Legend Of Jadit Ojanen.
Can you post a link to where you found it? I don't see it on readcomiconline.
Btw, when did they disable right-click saving of pages? Pretty annoying.
save file
image:165041490187.jpg(2.24MB , 1680x2593 , Jedit Ojanen 1_0010.jpg)
Ah never mind. Found a working torrent on Piratebay.
The cat priest lady is called Musata, she is Jedit's mother. Story is, he basically believes there are other sentient beings on his world since his father once left to prove it, meets a human, and discovers the wide world full of new friends and betrayals.
save file
image:165041493068.jpg(2.56MB , 1680x2652 , Jedit Ojanen 2_0012.jpg)
She is only on a few pages
save file
image:165041497436.jpg(2.26MB , 1680x2623 , Jedit Ojanen 2_0013.jpg)
Another cat lady called Shaisha appears for a few scenes without any introduction.
The Saprophyte
I actually watched them on a double bill together, that one under the name Rabbit School. (I vaguely remember you or someone posting the bathing scene years ago)

There's MTG comics from at least 3 different companies and yeah, RCO just started doing that. There's a workaround I haven't tried yet: (firefox method at the bottom) https://www.thewindowsclub.com/save-images-chrome-right-click-disabled

>anthro believes humans are real and goes on a quest to prove it
Oh /trash/ would love this scenario.
save file
image:165045882313.png(1.88MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (66456).png)
Bathing scenes? Oh I think you mean when Harriet tries on various clothes to impress that visiting teacher guy. Man, for such a fine looking bunny lady, she is desperate.
Yeah that was me who posted the pics. I remember the "ear curling iron" scene, I mean the writer probably thought that was funny, in reality that would be a form of torture, ears are super sensitive on rabbits...

Hehe, yeah, this is a total reverse of Avatar even, since he ends up leaving his people behind to journey with the humans.
Btw, stupid sorcerer villain is called a sorcerer but never seems to use any magic, just stabs people with swords...
Here, uploaded the comics if anyone is interested.
save file
image:165045912959.jpg(1.35MB , 1988x3056 , Mindbreaker01-00.jpg)
Oh and thanks for the info on readcomiconline - yeah I can save stuff from Page Info, just have to rename them as it wants to save as HTML for some reason.
Here, some non-anthro but cute displacer beasts. Don't think I have ever seen them in a comic before. From the latest IDW D&D comic Mindbreaker.
The Saprophyte
No, I meant Rabbit School. I believe it was posted under it's original German name, Die Häschenschule. Odd setup BTW. I'm assuming it's just a boarding school situation but it comes off as some sort of post-apocalypse with all the adults gone and just two old folks left to look out for the kids.
save file
image:165053674346.jpg(183kB , 1920x1080 , Moon.Knight.S01E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta[eztv.re].mkv_snapshot_46.35.839.jpg)
Guess Tawaret just showed up on Moon Knight. Hope we see other anthro Egyptian gods too!

Hmm, that does not ring a bell, need to look it up, thanks.
save file
image:165055700995.jpg(182kB , 1280x720 , 1491606776295.jpg)
This here, where everybody except the new kid's in their skivvies.
Mstr Twstr
Is Rabbit Skul good tho?
save file
image:165074841695.png(2.09MB , 1586x1054 , Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 23-03-58 rc-race-class-image02-desktop.webp (WEBP Image 1200 × 800 pixels) — Scaled (94%).png)
So, seems they are adding anthro dragon race to World of Warcraft. Sadly, seems the female form has no breasts though. And you mostly are "anime-style" humanoid with a human head just with horns and a tail, and turn into the anthro form for battle. Even so, not bad looking. Still, I guess we have a lot of R34 to look forwards to.


Ahhh okay. I thought you meant a third one, then this is the same Rabbit Academy - The Great Easter Adventure I took screens of.
save file
image:165074844797.png(594kB , 1200x800 , Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 23-07-09 rc-race-class-image-faction-desktop.webp (WEBP Image 1200 × 800 pixels).png)
Nah. really run of the mill stuff. I just skimmed it and what I saw was really lackluster.
save file
image:165074858220.png(2.27MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (20784).png)
Miles better still than this crap. What the hell is this art style, even??? Everyone is shaped like a banana.
save file
image:165074872369.jpg(226kB , 1920x1080 , The.Creature.Cases.S01E03.1080p.WEBRip.x265-RARBG.mp4_snapshot_02.41.346.jpg)
Oh and have not yet posted about this one here yet:

It's basically mysteries for kids, with educational bits at the end about real animal facts. Fairly harmless, animation is nice, but the designs are nothing to write home about. And it ain't Sherlock Yack on the mystery part or the humor, either.
save file
image:165074875687.jpg(283kB , 1920x1080 , The.Creature.Cases.S01E07.1080p.WEBRip.x265-RARBG.mp4_snapshot_06.08.127.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
I might watch, but please TL;DR
It's just some 30 second commercials, so I guess the tldr is "buy their beer"
Mstr Twstr
>they say "try everything once"
>and they're right!
I should try committing war crimes...
save file
image:165107595376.png(1.85MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (21367).png)
Hey Tawaret, does Anubis know what a fine mess you are making of his job? Probably the last time he goes on holiday and leaves you in charge. :P
save file
image:165107597341.jpg(168kB , 1920x1080 , Moon.Knight.S01E05.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta.mkv_snapshot_06.58.226.jpg)
save file
image:165107598886.jpg(14kB , 1920x1080 , Moon.Knight.S01E05.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta.mkv_snapshot_09.35.581.jpg)
save file
image:165107643456.jpg(202kB , 1920x1080 , Moon.Knight.S01E05.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta.mkv_snapshot_07.12.853.jpg)
These people know there is a furry market to cater to... :P Man, the badger lady sure found him impressive naked. :D
Btw, the older commercials had this Henry Fox too, but he was a puppet.
"Old Speckled Hen" - Hotdogyoutube thumb

His comment was literally nothing but 2 links. If that is too long for you, maybe you gotta go back to primary school... ;P
Mstr Twstr
There are times when describing what it is and where it's from is unnecessary. Yet it is not a crime to ask what something is before clicking. I personally dislike when people are paid to post YT links in forums to get views.
save file
image:165114370973.jpg(204kB , 1920x1080 , TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B - The Power (2022).mp4_snapshot_00.38.849.jpg)
TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B 🦖😻 El poder – canta con Tito & Cattyyoutube thumb
Catty B goes all Groundhog Day in this one. Probably their best video so far.

But, with youtube videos, you just need to hover your cursor over the link here, and it shows a thumbnail of the anthro fox. You basically have all the info you need.
Mstr Twstr
I just could not tell it was an advertisement.

>that image
That wrinkle/tear/stain sure looks like a cameltoe.
save file
image:165124877991.jpg(341kB , 1920x1080 , Samurai Rabbit - The Usagi Chronicles - S01E01 - The Big City.mp4_snapshot_17.59.353.jpg)
Samurai Rabbit is really well written and funny. I should have known, after seeing it was created and written by Doug Langdale, who wrote a lot of The Adventures of Puss in Boots and Kung-Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

Well, yeah it's been clear from day 1 the Tito Lizzardo team is aiming to find its niche in the furry fandom and will make the models and the movements sexy. Guess it helps they are south american, in those countries seems anything goes in cartoons (see El Arca for example).
Mstr Twstr
Legends of Awesomeness I did not finish. The writing in some of the episodes disappointed me. And it made Po into an idiot and a jerk way too often.
save file
image:165136128207.png(2.62MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (21838).png)
LOL finally a show that points out how stupid it is to have tattoos on furry characters. :P

But then, Po IS an idiot. :P The show takes place between movies 1 and 2, and he has a lot to learn. Of course he is still a jackass for most of the show.
The show has some great moments later, and the redemption of Fung and the croc bandits is IMHO, one of the best moments in the show. Heck, the show has some great villains. You ever got to the episode where Peng, Tai Lung's nephew shows up, being a huge fan of Po and not knowing he killed his uncle?
Also, the show finally gave the Furious Five some much needed character development. In the movies, really it is only Tigress who ever does anything memorable.
Its been a while Swift, do you still have it?
save file
image:165169056520.jpg(148kB , 1920x804 , Moon Knight - S01E06 - Gods and Monsters.mkv_snapshot_14.57.942.jpg)
So, Moon Knight is over, and Ammut showed up in her true form finally. Worth the wait, she is one sexy crocodile lady! :P I like the design choice that her woven hair/wig turns into a crocodile tail.

Yeah, I have the whole show.
save file
image:165169059171.jpg(73kB , 1920x804 , Moon Knight - S01E06 - Gods and Monsters.mkv_snapshot_26.33.556.jpg)
save file
image:165169061102.jpg(96kB , 1920x804 , Moon Knight - S01E06 - Gods and Monsters.mkv_snapshot_10.04.471.jpg)
Quite an expressive face!
youtu.be/X-jOybTmYKw A new music video from Tito Lizzardo that just came out a few days aho but it's blocked from other contries for some reason anyone can grab a screenshot from this?
Mstr Twstr
TOR browser. That is all.
File deleted
It's available to the public now
Tito Lizzardo & Catty B - La Kakatúayoutube thumb
save file
image:165266123831.png(1.67MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (23811).png)
Some new mobile game called Dislyte - ancient gods in a cyberpunk neon environment. Aristocratic british Anubis with a monocle and thicc Medusa look pretty nice!
And guessing those guys at the end are Set and Fenris.

Dislyte - Official Launch Traileryoutube thumb
Dislyte Launch Trailer-ENyoutube thumb
save file
image:165268337724.jpg(7kB , 928x400 , Zenless-Zone-Zero-928x400.jpg)
On the subject of mobile games the Genshin Impact devs recently announced a new game with anthro characters
Welcome to New Eridu —  Where Humanity Rises Anew!丨Z·Z·Z Traileryoutube thumb
save file
image:165274117156.png(1.52MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (23973).png)
Well, I guess Marge is into furries. Who knew! :P
save file
image:165274119395.png(1.94MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (23976).png)
And Homer likes to watch...
save file
image:165289027494.png(1.51MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (24106).png)
New roguelike game with some nice anthros.
Not very original names though, Kitana? :P
save file
image:165289070807.jpg(58kB , 748x576 , Mission Odyssey - S01E20 - The Wishing Well.mkv_snapshot_09.14.443.jpg)
Lykaon from Mission Odyssey. This version omits the whole nasty cannibalism bit of the myth, he was just imprisoned (and turned into a werewolf) because he made fun of Zeus (not a clever idea).
save file
image:165289072946.jpg(51kB , 748x576 , Mission Odyssey - S01E20 - The Wishing Well.mkv_snapshot_13.28.542.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
The thing with Zombie Simpsons, it went through so many writers, none of the characters have personalities anymore. In 20 more years, in season 123, Marge would be repulsed by the idea. Like, they made the guy with the bee costume into a furry for an easy joke, when earlier in the show it is shown he hates his job as a mascot and hates putting on the costume.
Tito Lizzardo & Catty B - La Gozadera (Karaoke)youtube thumb
New Catty B.

Blatantly false. The characters still have personalities. Just watched episode 20 of season 33, and it was so much fun. Minor things like Marge liking or not liking one thing really do not matter in the long run.
save file
image:165306492389.jpg(22kB , 1920x800 , Spoiler image)
Fuck you Hollywood. Just... fuck you.
It goes to show that not even furry fan fiction did this shit in 30 years with Gadget, or at least I did not come across anyone shipping her and... well, you will see.
save file
image:165306495098.jpg(199kB , 1920x800 , Spoiler image)
Burn it with fire.
Burn them all.
save file
image:165306503680.jpg(137kB , 1920x800 , Chip'n Dale - Rescue Rangers.mp4_snapshot_01.09.47.860.jpg)
We at least briefly see Gadget in a tanktop, but that's ugly CEL shaded Gadget. Apart from an opening skit from them "shooting" the old show-within-the-movie, she does not show up until more than an hour into the movie, and apart from flying Chip and Dale to the location of the final battle, doesn't do anything. What a waste.
The Saprophyte
Holy shit, that anon over on /tv/ was serious!
save file
image:165309902501.jpg(98kB , 1440x1080 , mpv-shot0041.jpg)
My reaction.
save file
image:165309987481.gif(1kB , 327x408 , it's party time.gif)
Also, I now support a limited russian invasion, as long as:
>they invade and destroy California while leaving it as an agrarian colony supplying oranges and avocados to Putin's Russian Empire 2.0
>somehow a nuclear war is avoided in the process
Putin, your army already killed thousands in the name of expansionism. They can kill a few millions here. Californians won't fight back, they don't know how.
save file
image:165310389787.png(816kB , 1151x1443 , gadget flyed.png)
/co/ is loving this.
save file
image:165310390951.jpg(54kB , 500x534 , gadget maggot pussy.jpg)
save file
image:165310392169.png(1.44MB , 1864x2456 , gadget fly girl.png)
save file
image:165310393419.jpg(44kB , 600x656 , gadget zipped.jpg)
save file
image:165310394672.png(509kB , 959x1122 , gadget 1653098662142.png)
Mstr Twstr
Dr. Manhattan'd.
save file
image:165313092216.jpg(14kB , 850x850 , gadget 1653115936977.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
Correct. It's time to bomb Disney HQ.
I hope you're being sarcastic. Not that I can tell because you can't tell tone in text and you've not tried to be too irreverent which would make it obvious.
save file
image:165347172993.jpg(31kB , 550x413 , Gadget-Hackwrench.jpg)
You wouldn't portray the prophet Mohammed being fucked and impregnated by an insect and giving birth to his endless halfbreed spawn, why should the prophet Gadget be different?
Time for the faithful to declare Священная война.
save file
image:165352174379.png(1.06MB , 1450x850 , Gary Kasparov doesn't know what will happen.png)
My Holy War is already on. No money to Disney. If buying anything, then used only.
save file
image:165360491991.png(1.43MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (25140).png)
Rare Americans - Berlin (Official Music Video)youtube thumb
Who knew that in the 70ies, BoJack was a double agent in East Berlin and had a fling with a cheetah lady? :D
Okay, yeah, that's not BoJack but since this was made in 2020 the animators had to know what they were doing. Nice stuff, anyway.

Gadgetu Akbar! Death to the Mouse!
Well, I torrent everything, but I used to watch at least the Marvel movies in theatres - but Covid put a stop to that anyway. There is nothing coming from them this year I want to watch there, anyway.
save file
image:165360497225.png(944kB , 1800x1800 , 4032283_VylfGor__.png)
Btw Vylfgor is sure on the warpath, too.
save file
image:165360511435.png(2.59MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (25152).png)
I guess there is some unwritten law about how badass female characters these days have to wear some version of the Bride's outfit from Kill Bill? In this case, its reverse colors.
save file
image:165360531917.png(503kB , 2100x1414 , 4035734_VylfGor__.png)
That's weaksauce. They can't even produce new art, just put text over someone else's image? Meh.
I'll stick with Vylfgor's parody.
save file
image:165360545798.jpg(148kB , 959x1017 , 121372236_10158517413942199_1701290944476475349_n.jpg)
Nah, he is dead serious. So am I.
They already ruined Star Wars, I mean. And the live action remakes of classic Disney movies. Now Rescue Rangers.
Nuke it all from orbit. Only way to be sure.
save file
image:165365459141.jpg(81kB , 1024x1033 , gadget_lifehack_by_dreamkeepers_df5xjf1-fullview.jpg)
They definitely can. I seen it, but I did not save any since I want to keep my HD clean of that movie's memories. I did however save this one from David Lillie. An exception, but I love his work and it's an excellent piece.
save file
image:165365472431.jpg(49kB , 3294x2071 , Chip feels.jpg)
Okay, I did save ONE.
save file
image:165367156888.jpg(13kB , 164x255 , bd mugshot.jpg)
Thir, might I thuggetht you thee your way to conthuming your medth to perhapth prevent more thupidity? You thertainy thound thomewhat theething.

Thenator for Pompeii (North)
Don't be a dick(us).
Mstr Twstr
Do you work for Disney or the Kaesar? Chose your side.
save file
image:165383523429.jpg(46kB , 748x576 , Earthworm Jim S02E05 - Evil in Love.mkv_snapshot_01.14.771.jpg)
A character I have not seen much of - Malice the Dog, from Earthworm Jim.

Esteemed Senator Biggus Dickus, that fact that you have a lispt does not mean you also TYPE with a lisp. You just ruined the joke.

Swift Nimblefoot
save file
image:165383524814.jpg(63kB , 748x576 , Earthworm Jim S02E05 - Evil in Love.mkv_snapshot_12.51.007.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
Interesting how that Jim screenshot is in 576. Which is PAL resolution. I have the PAL release of Jim, and NTSC. The PAL release is inferior, being a direct conversion, with no benefits, and fully interlaced.
Pretty sure all DVD releases are interlaced, since DVD MPEG2 encoding does not work otherwise in that resolution? Progressive display depends on the player hardware (or nowadays, software).
Mstr Twstr
DVD encoding allows for flags to tell the player the file's progressive, and should be treated as such. I am referring to NTSC>PAL conversion, which leaves you with interlacing you will never completely remove. Progressive source/FILM>DVD is different, and in such case either format would be progressive.

Telecine is the type of interlacing that can be reversed and give you a clean progressive 23.976/25/30fps video file. Australian PAL release of Earthworm Jim is not such a case, and the video quality is therefore inferior. Swift's screenshots are looking good though, so it is very possible it's upscaled NTSC 480x720 DVD release.
IIRC the encoding format itself is always interlaced, and "progressive" DVDs are still encoded at 29.97 interlaced but have a pulldown flag set, which tells the player to perform reverse 2:3 pulldown to reproduce 23.976 progressive frames. But I'm not familiar with the specification itself.
Mstr Twstr
You are more right than me, thank you for making it a little less convoluted.

But yes, to make my point clearer, you either can get the original progressive image through reverse telecine, or you cannot. If you convert directly from NTSC to PAL, or PAL to NTSC you can no longer get the original progressive video back, without permanent damage to the frames. I own a few NTSC>PAL DVDs and regret ever buying them. I also saw Sherlock season 1 NTSC, and those were apparently directly converted from PAL, and it seems the show was filmed in 25fps because inverse telecine in VLC does fuck all.
save file
image:165402276389.jpg(1kB , 850x1360 , Lust of the Kobolds.jpg)

Yeah, this is a real book. :P
I always rename my video files to make it simple - season and episode number + title of episode - so I dunno what release is this. I do think I got it from a torrent at MySpleen, though.
What D&D supplement is this
Mstr Twstr
Amazon does allow troll books, good on them.

And, in the end, if you are enjoying the show, it does not matter which release it is. Not everyone is a vidiophile and wants the best version, even if "best" means 3% better if you look really close.
save file
image:165402495883.jpg(86kB , 480x360 , 121-Star-Wars-Ewoks-2x09b-Bagas-Rival-YouTube.mp4_[2019.03.15_16.36.31].jpg)
That's a good one!
Is that a reference to that Blade Runner sequel?

Nah, you wish this was a supplement. :D
Yeah, I think there is a whole genre for dinosaur porn up there. :D
As for cartoons, I just want the best version for screenshots if there are anthro characters of note in a show. Like how in Ewoks, this is the best I have of Jadru - or did have, before I managed to buy a CEL of her.
When can you post it?
save file
image:165451169291.jpg(109kB , 1920x1080 , Memories (107).jpg)
So, remember these guys? And here I thought the Krang are slimy brain aliens in robot suits. In Bravestarr, they are cute puma guys. :)

Oh, sorry, sure, will need to make a new Mega account though all the ones I have are full.
save file
image:165451173420.jpg(131kB , 1920x1080 , Memories (27).jpg)
The sheep people are I think Pfoofstas or something, not sure how to spell it.
save file
image:165451799415.jpg(103kB , 1280x720 , Sumo Mouse 119 - That's a Sidekick in the Pants.mp4_snapshot_08.45.346.jpg)
Here you go.
Mstr Twstr
Epic fail.
File deleted
have to fix them
Mstr Twstr
Now they are fine, as you have no doubt checked. Not sure why upload suck long sequences though, at this point might as well watch the entire movie (I'm not digging on you btw).
save file
image:165479662370.jpg(559kB , 2880x1659 , Screen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_1.58.55_PM.jpg)
Didn't know Ninjago had an anthro cat lady! Now I have to find this book...
save file
image:165513582113.png(968kB , 904x462 , Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 17-53-40 Sonic the Comic Issue #9 - Read Sonic the Comic Issue #9 comic online in high quality.png)
Man, old Sonic was kinda ridiculously dark.
That was the British Sonic The Comic by Fleetway.
Could often have the same sort of air to it as the likes of Judge Dredd.

Did like the robot troopers Robotnik had in it as his standard forces.
something about chickenhare or seal team?
Mstr Twstr
Something something I'll buy bluray someday something.
save file
image:165554497271.png(1.6MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (27544).png)
Anthro rabbit gal from Gunfire Reborn.
save file
image:165554501887.png(1.93MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (27539).png)
One of the villains from the upcoming game High on Life by Rick and Morty creator. Nice bug gal.
save file
image:165554534185.jpg(87kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (5536).jpg)
Seal Team is awesome. I laughed so much at some of the jokes.
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image:165554540184.png(1.04MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (27503).png)
I do wonder if anyone ever made R34 of Camilla the hippo toy fairy from the terribly Golden Films sequel to the Rankin-Bass Rudolph movie.
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image:165554556925.png(1.5MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (27576).png)
Never seen this one before either - Birdo in an evening dress with Wart, attending a movie screening - from a commercial of Super Mario All-Stars.
Mstr Twstr
Well, thanks for reminding me it exists.
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image:165580469944.png(1.68MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (27820).png)
Metin 2
Worst MMO Ever? - Metin 2youtube thumb
"You can be 4 boring human classes, or a werewolf.
So, obviously, we are going to be a werewolf." :D
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image:165581398392.jpg(175kB , 1920x1080 , Background anthros (33).jpg)
This was pretty boring and mostly, really unfunny. A Sylvester and Tweety episode is 5-10 minutes and is mostly about Sylvester trying to eat the bird. Here, it is almost 1.5 hours and like the new Tom and Jerry show and movies, they are mostly friends and are involved in some crazy plot where Tweety is named king of an island...
But anyway, there are some nice background anthro dog girls.
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image:165581428480.jpg(147kB , 1920x1080 , Aoogah (5).jpg)
And Aoogah was the queen of the island and Tweety's cousin. I think she was in some old shorts once.
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image:165593144002.jpg(1.38MB , 1988x3038 , Battlecats v01 - The Hunt for the Dire Beast-008.jpg)
A comic I never heard about before and only found it when looking for something else...
The art is like something you find on Deviantart, and the female cats look way too anime-like...
The comic is quite clearly "inspired" by the 2011 Thundercats show, with the cat kingdom and such, the mage cat lady even has the same hairstyle as Pumyra. But the story is more of a generic "standard RPG group goes on quest" thing.
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image:165593145772.jpg(1.75MB , 1988x3038 , Battlecats v02 - Fallen Legacy-008.jpg)
The artist changes in volume 2 but the girls just become even more anime nekomimi-like.
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image:165593192506.jpg(5.16MB , 3976x3038 , Battlecats Vol. 3 002-003.jpg)
Volume 3 came out last year and is better drawn. Has a fox lady who thinks she is a snake... or maybe she thinks she is Beast Wars Megatron, yesssss....
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image:165637517066.jpg(2.39MB , 4088x6038 , c108afaa44cf7dc90de8c3576af04957.jpg)
Another obscure Chinese-made film I watched recently, Hedgehogs, aka Bobby The Hedgehog. About par for the course. Everything's colored garishly bright as usual. Not sure what they were going for with this really. He's a (mostly) blue hedgehog. He does this spinning thing when he goes fast. He even has a pink (mostly) hedgehog GF named Rose. (on the right in the pic) The plot, however, is a fairly blah run of the mill enviro-themed funny animal story. And that's where things get weird.
It revolves around a major epidemic in China which the animals are getting blamed for spreading, yet the movie was made in 2017, about a decade late to be playing off of SARS but eerily prophetic for covid.
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image:165653172170.jpg(57kB , 853x480 , Episode 31-The Stranded Seven.mp4_snapshot_15.15.463.jpg)
Neekeeta from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go

I remember the Saberspark review of this...
What the HELL is Hedgehogs? (A Sonic Ripoff)youtube thumb
And yes, curious how it sort of was a Sonic ripoff that had COVID scare elements.
The Saprophyte
A Sonic ripoff that has absolutely no resemblance to Sonic whatsoever other than colorful hedgehogs. Usually there's at least some of the elements there
The girl's kind of cute at least but she's got that odd top-heavy v-shaped bodybuilder look that seems to pop up with CGI chars from time to time.
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image:165686124502.jpg(172kB , 1920x1080 , The.Boys.S03E07.Here.Comes.a.Candle.to.Light.You.to.Bed.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.HEVC-themoviesboss.mkv_snapshot_00.11.13.157.jpg)
Well, The Boys was the last place I expected to see cartoon anthro food court mascot characters in, but here we are.

Isn't he also super fast? It has been ages since I saw the review.
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image:165686579497.jpg(307kB , 1920x1080 , The.Boys.S03E07.Here.Comes.a.Candle.to.Light.You.to.Bed.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.HEVC-themoviesboss.mkv_snapshot_00.24.49.487.jpg)
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image:165686584210.jpg(265kB , 1920x1080 , The.Boys.S03E07.Here.Comes.a.Candle.to.Light.You.to.Bed.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.HEVC-themoviesboss.mkv_snapshot_00.25.04.656.jpg)
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image:165686710749.jpg(271kB , 1920x1080 , The.Boys.S03E07.Here.Comes.a.Candle.to.Light.You.to.Bed.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.HEVC-themoviesboss.mkv_snapshot_00.41.49.366.jpg)
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image:165686715080.png(2.08MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30147).png)
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image:165686770162.png(596kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30158).png)
What the shit is this, a marriage simulator fantasy game???
Bloodline For Beginners - Game Introductionyoutube thumb
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image:165686789022.png(2.37MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30152).png)
The wolf gal is called Kallista
The Saprophyte
As I said, he occasionally does the spinning attack thing where he goes kinda fast but for the most part no.
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image:165688056422.jpg(1.5MB , 1920x1080 , The Summoning.mp4_[2021.05.24_19.41.35].jpg)
Guess I am not the only one who remembers the Summoning, and how it never became a full on series.
Maybe for the best, there were quite a few cartoons that were interesting as concepts but turned into rather bad shows.
What HAPPENED to The Summoning?youtube thumb
Mstr Twstr
I am saving this.
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image:165700737686.png(1.46MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30479).png)
New Kung Fu Panda series! With a british knight bear lady and crazy Joker-style weasel villains. Looks promising.
Well, not every day you see a cutesy cartoon fox lady swear.
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image:165700740913.png(1.61MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30469).png)
Whoops forgot the trailer.
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image:165763186667.jpg(126kB , 1912x796 , Koati.mp4_snapshot_01.24.27.105.jpg)
It's hilarious how the movie even has a cliffhanger promising the return of Zaina, as if she was such a great villain... she basically didn't accomplish jack shit and was super easily beaten by her own incompetence.
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image:165763237903.jpg(146kB , 1920x804 , Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness.mp4_snapshot_00.36.20.056.jpg)

This is out, if anyone is interested. Fairly average movie, OK animation, not many character models, pretty by the numbers story with your usual group of heroes (misunderstood outcast prince, nerdy sidekick, spunky adventurous female with traumatic past).
Meg the skunk is the only female character of note here, apart from some background girls when they go to an african-like town (no boobs on any of them though). I do have a feeling she will appeal to a certain sub-group of furries with a particular fetish, though...
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image:165763239938.jpg(154kB , 1920x804 , Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness.mp4_snapshot_00.36.36.539.jpg)
You know what I mean.
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image:165773221248.jpg(66kB , 450x600 , MV5BMzNiYjVlNmYtOWFlZC00MTM3LTgzOGQtNDgwMzJiOTQ3NjdjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjU3NjI0NDA@._V1_.jpg)
use a private window
Sadly, no subs. Also, topic stopped bumping.
Ah so it was dubbed, apparently. However, since you cannot download the episodes, not recommended you go to this place.
The Great Warrior Wall Ep 1youtube thumb - Here is a better youtube playlist you can just plop into JDownloader