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Hello, it's me, the Ghost of Sh*t post past! ... what are you currently watching?
Right now I'm watching as my life slowly passes me by, having achieved nothing as I feel the weight of the years breaking down my body more and more every day.

Or did you mean, like, cartoons?
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oh, ok.
I was watching Centurions lately. It's a typical 80s cartoon with no over arching story, each episode being a big toy commercial. But it's surprisingly anime-like visually, and the animation is also typical 80s TV anime (few high-budget repeating scenes, lower quality for other scenes). I'll have to check the credits to see if it was actually animated in asia or not. Jack Kirby contributed to the character designs.
It has the usual inconsistencies regarding the characters powers, one issue they are pushing tanks around or flying in outer space (despite the obvious gaps in their armour that even shows human skin), in another they are only human strength and have to worry about asphyxation. But with that said it doesn't suck as bad as Transformers.
And the music is pretty good, catchy synth music that gets stuck in your head.
A funny thing is the storyline, apparently the main bad guy has diplomatic immunity and most of the Earth are too big pussies to cut through the red tape and take care of him, so they fund the Centurions to battle him.
>apparently the main bad guy has diplomatic immunity
fiction writers will never understand how diplomatic immunity works