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Make your Tournament prediction tier list hereAnonymous
Image:162741752791.png(232kB , 6480x3712 , 353cf715eb12a32cd5ee3084eba7a4e6.png)
You can just do Miss /co/ or Mister /co/, or put them in the same one. Just edit the top part to say what you're doing in yours.
Will make image later. Mr. /co/

Green Tier:
Hank Hill, Skeletor, and Grim.

Blue Tier:
Batman, Courage, Aku, Samurai Jack.

Purple Tier:
Simon, Oswald, Mao Mao, Dan, Omniman, Xavier.
Apart from that, yes. Expected SamJack higher...
Full version of my explanation.
GREENS(The main contenders to win)

Grim: Consistent high roller, but the fact he's a skeleton just like FOTM Skeletor gives him the edge to the top category.

Skeletor: Consistently does decent, but has a massive FOTM boost this year. Probably the most likely to win of anyone.

BLUES(People who are almost guranteed to get Elite 8 and have a pretty decent shot at winning):

Hank: Another consistent high player, and my personal favorite of this category. Generally just a likable character, based, politically favorable, and has some good meme history. Highest here due to the potential KOTH revival being a booster.

Courage: Consistent high roller, and while he's not nearly as memeish as Hank, the movie with Scooby makes him a shoe in for the Elite 8.

Samurai Jack: While his recent appeal was diminished by the AS stuff fading into memory, last years RP trainwreck has put him back on the map in a big way. Combined with his casual appeal, he's almost certain to make E8.

Aku: Often doing better then Jack without other factors, he's got a pretty decent shot at E8, though on the lower side.

Batman: Always does well, but nothing really notable here, hence he's the bottom, I could see him slipping.

PURPLE TIER: (A mix of somewhat high rollers who often get to 16 or 8, but don't seem like a shoe in this year, or FOTM candiates with something going on to boost them up if things work out well)

Mao Mao: The most prevalent of the second group for sure. After piggybacking on his rival's hype for the first half of the year, the TM-Anon leaks gave Mao Mao a shot of adrenaline, and the massive outrage against his cancellation has seemingly brought steam to his campaign. He's a very based character, has a lot of support at the moment. For any hope of winning though, he needs a few victories to build up steam, so a bad early matchup could be fatal. So could losing his rival.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz: This guy has been a high player since the first year, but i feel with both Milo Murphy's Law and the FOP movie canned without much fanfare that he's lost his spot. He barely got into the E8 in 2019 and it's gotten much worse since. Almost certainely lasting decently long, and his personality could give him the banter he needs to go further, but it's iffy.

Dan Mandel (Actually I've heard he doesn't have a last name): Dan had a strong showing last year, and has a rabid core of fans eager to help. Had the tournament occured early in the year when the revival was announced, I would have put him far higher, but it's since faded in memory quite a bit. What keeps him this high though is his rivalry with Mao Mao. Mao fans have consistently stated they plan to fight to keep Dan around until the two go head to head, so that extra voting power could keep him going quite a bit, along with helping the Mao Mao block. If Mao dies or he gets a bad match in R1 or R2 though, he's toast. I would not be surprised if he could beat Mao Mao 1v1 though.

Pepe Le Pew: Another in the former category. Him getting canned recently by perceived SJW's is helpful. Him sharing a name with Pepe the frog is helpful. Winning is unlikely, but he could very well pul a Jucika.

Omniman: Was a massive FOTM at the start of the year. Has lost his luster, but also his spitevotes. Definitely gonna go a few rounds, but E8 seems unlikely.

Simon: The other guy benefiting from last Mr. /co/ RP. He's getting way lower then Jack though, because he was very much a FOTM of the time and while he'll certainely go a few rounds, getting tot he E8 seems unlikely, hence he's near the bottom here.

Bugs Bunny: Lowest of this category. Been E8 for a while and has some newer material, but he doesn't interest people much, Pepe will steal his thunder, and Tom and Daffy last year burned people out.
Green: Frankie Foster (High popularity + Red Head Fetishist)

Blue: Zatanna (Fishnets + Magician is not enough), Shego (Curse), Harley Quinn (Nostalgia fags), Emmy (Redemption arc), Azula (High Popularity + Toph/Avatar Fags), Raven (High Polarity + Nostalgiatards), Loona (High Popularity + the Fucking Furries)

Purple: Gaz (Will BTFO Toph fags), Mandy (Same as Gaz), Repunzel (Probably has the best chance of being a Disney Princess winning miss /co/), Mulan (Same as Repunzel), Dominator (High Popularity), X-23 (Best X-Men Candidate), Catwoman (People fucking love her), Miko (Redemption arc), Eda the Owl Lady (Redemption arc), Bonnie (for more KP flavour), Black Cat (Fans like Spidey Girls), Gwen Stacy (any of them will do)
Yellow: Toph (You will never win Tophfags), April O'Neil (here's hoping at least), Storm (She'll be ignored or screwed over by someone more popular), Lois Lane (Will be screwed over by someone more popular), Peridot (Will be spite voted against in later rounds), Lapis Lazuli (Spite voted against), Heckapoo (Will be screwed over), Black Widow (Screwed over by film and fans), Anne (Would put in purple but too risky), Luz (Same as Anne)

Orange: Bluey (/co/ hates lolis), Elinor (/co/ hates lolis), Amity (/co/ hates lesbians), Leni Loud (curse), Lucy Loud (/co/ hates lolis), Adorabat (Her only victory will be against Mung D'all), Uniktty (will be screwed over), Mirage (Mandatory Incredibles rep)

Red: Erma (/co/ hates lolis), Alex (Held the title for lowest votes in Qualifiers)

Black: Bugs Bunny, Marco Diaz, Peter Griffin, and Rachael Bighead (cause /co/ can't take a joke)
Now it's a race to see which of these lazy sobs makes the image first
Image:162750428997.png(4.10MB , 6480x3712 , 162741752791.png)
Here it is, finalized for the first three categories.
Of all of those, I'd probably vote for Omni-man.

Skeletor should not win, he is gay for Beast Man.
Image:162750507446.png(2.94MB , 6480x3712 , Shitpost Teir.png)
Here's your fucking tier list mate.
Hope you enjoy masturbating over a trend image that could have easily been put into words.
>Skeletor winning
>After killing He-Man twice.
He can't stop winning bros.
Image:162750745505.jpg(123kB , 753x628 , skeletor epic.jpg)
Change the Skeletor pic to Epic Skeletor, and then I'll support him.
And in case you don't know where that comes from:
EPIC SKELETOR - MoneySuperMarket - HDyoutube thumb
Image:162751691357.png(8.72MB , 6864x3704 , 162741752791.png)
Filled out as far as possible while still trying to be subjective.
The second to last category has hundreds of options, the last category has thousands. It would just be a game of picking the most notable losers
Image:162768808332.png(11.82MB , 6864x3704 , 162741752791.png)
Final version of my Mr. /co/ prediction tiers
I made the image first, but it wasn't finished, so
should be considered the winner of your queer little contest
Image:163328336333.jpg(3.89MB , 6864x3704 , 162768808332.jpg)
Hope it turns out better then my failed Ms. /co/ prediction