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So, you want Mao Mao to win Mr. /co/, do you?Anonymous
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Well alright champ. I can respect trying to help a fellow cartoon who's down on his luck. It's certainely unjust what happened to Mao Mao. But if you wanna win, you're gonna need to campaign, and campaign correctly.

1. Showcase how based Mao Mao is.

This is an important place to start. Modern cartoons for the most part tend to get alot of seethe votes due to perceived SJW or Calarts influence. While some can overcome this through sheer momentum(such as Spinel), you need to show off the more based elements front and center. The fact it's the only male lead action show on CN right now is a good starting point.

2. Get the other fucked over toons on your side

During the "Mao Mao Emergency" or "Week of Leaks", a degree of kinship was shown between Mao Mao and other shows that got fucked over, most notably, Making Fiends, El Tigre, and Harvey Peaks. Try to reach out to those fandoms and stoke the sense of kinship. Those extra votes with count. Try to get them through the qualifiers if possible too, to keep that kinship fresh in the minds of voters. All Mao Mao voters should support these other screwed over shows and verbally back them both before and during the tournament, to ensure that when they drop out, they keep voting for Mao Mao.

3. Keep Dan alive long enough for Mao Mao to face him off and beat him.

Even moreso then the presense of the kinship voters, the rivarly between Dan and Mao Mao is a powerful tool if wielded correctly. As seen in the Tag Tournament, Mao Mao suffered a massive hit to his voting base after Dan lost to Alastor, which may have cost Mao Mao the finals. Dan Vs has a very dedicated fanbase that tends to have a high turnout, and they'll usually vote Mao Mao in hopes of keeping the rivarly going. All Mao Mao supporters should vote Dan to ensure he stays in until the two fight. Then Dan can be promptly crushed and Mao Mao can ride the wave to victory. This is best utilized in combination with....

4. Electioneering to the max.

With storyarc-RPing now taboo following the events of last year, a return to electioneering ala 'SCAM Inc" seems likely. As such, focus on this. Draw up posters, attack your opponents in the debate box with their recent drama, dumb shit in their shows, or if availible, their prior tournament losses. Slander and Libel your opponents and make Mao Mao look good. ALSO use this to boost the prior 2. Dan should be a recurring element of taunting and targetting even when the two aren't fighting, that hype will push voters(and not just Dan voters) to keep BOTH of you in the circuit longer. Make statements and art that bolster the kinship of you with El Tigre, Harvey, or Vendetta, to ensure those voters stay on yoru side.

And finally, of course.

5. Weigh the biggest threat in your bracket and target them.
Even if all goes well, to get the finals you'll need to survive. Skeletor, Grim, Courage, Hank Hill, Pepe Le Pew, Omniman, these are the high levels that should be targetted as soon as possible if they are in the same bracket as you. Arguably almost as much as Dan. Once you've secured your bracket, go back to insulting Dan and praising your squad until Dan is knocked out of the race. Then focus on putting all your strengths forward and hoping the Mrs. Monarch Factor can secure a win.

Happy hunting Mao Manons, and remember to vote early.
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Bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it pays off for em
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Good Luck
Much ado about a first round exit
First off, the curse was already broken last tag team tourn. He got to the Top 16.

Secondly, Dan was not an unwinnable match. It came down to 30 votes. I blame the bungling of the campaign on the bantermen. Mao Mao probably lost voters due to the doujin thing, and Dan was running his excellent songfagging campaign.

Thirdly, Griveous was just bad luck
Alright. I'm not holding my breath, but I'll support him to the end
Good on you Anon.
Is Mao Mao even a good show?
Mister Twister
Ever seen a single episode?
No that's why I'm asking.
I wouldn't call it perfect, but it's pretty damn good yeah
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Adorabat doing well in Ms. /co/ is a massive factor in itself. She has a few solid edges, namely the Mung Daal rivalry and daughterfu stuff. If she can go a few rounds it’ll help get Mao Mao out there
Go Mao Mao
But she did not
In before he loses in Round 1 again