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Old one is 300 posts now, so....... yeah. Hope you don't mind so much.

RAP BATTLE: Sunset Shimmer vs Starlight Glimmer!youtube thumb
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Mstr Twstr
>Sonic character >> pony
An instant improvement. Not only there is 0 chance for monoeye, but also no noodle limbs and balloon bellies.

Just when I was respecting Hasbro a little bit for allowing the showrunners to end it all with season 9. Not only can the comics not end ever, but now they want to make G1 canon. As if I couldn't like non-show content less.
I'm sick of seeing ponyified versions of fucking everything. everywhere. Its nonstop.

Especially really egregious shit like pony warhammer 40k.
Mstr Twstr
The more srs and grimdark something is, the more ponifications of it exist.
Mister Twister
I liked how they had their cake and ate it too. Sparity technically did not go anywhere with plenty of hints remaining, so shippers would not burn down Hasbro HQ.
Mister Twister
Extra clothes make little sense but look cool I guess.
Mister Twister
Sorry bro, season 9 was the final one. Ha$bro can deny that all they want.
Mister Twister
This was shown at a poni con, cause Shawn Keller, in his infinite wisdom, made a poni-inspired funny video. He also talked about his career AND OTHER THINGS.
A sitdown LIVE- Shawn Kelleryoutube thumb
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Not bad. I see even those yeti minions (were they yeti?) would have had various types.
cute retard
So, no comments on the G5 show/movie? I found it pretty lackluster. Big step back from G4 in character design and personalities, honestly - most of them are copy-pastes of G4 characters, the movie had no real villain (other than Trump-pony) and it retcons things in ridiculous ways (since when did pegasi need magic to fly?) - not to mention that apparently all that Twilight Sparkle and friends worked for so hard, the unity of the 3 pony races, fell apart so easily...
Mister Twister
Well. to advocate for the Devil, you cannot unify any groups for eternity. New generations might fuck things up again.
Sure, but it seems everyone has forgotten the Mane 6's teachings, despite remembering them, and somehow missed that they were of all 3 species, united? WTF?
Also how many years does this take place, after G4? I mean we know for a fact Celestia and Luna are thousands of years old. I assumed Twilight as an Alicorn would live that long too. We saw in the last episode, she aged nothing while her friends grew old.
>since when did pegasi need magic to fly?

This was true in G4 also. Pegasi lost their ability to fly when Tirek ate their magic.
Umm, no, that's not what Tirek did. He drained the life force of people, leaving them weak and powerless. Of course they could not fly.
But when Cozy Glow destroyed all magic 3 seasons later, pegasi could fly normally. Heck, Cozy Glow HERSELF was a pegasus and could fly in a magic-free world. So could other flying species like the griffons.
They ruined the future lore of a story they also ruined, and then apparently forgot what they had and re-did everything. The only reason I watched it was Izzy and, to be honest, I was not disappointed. It's also strange to me how forgettable the fact is that these are ponies, after all.
IMHO they should have just started from scratch like previous gens.
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image:163604436461.jpg(261kB , 1920x1080 , Keith THIS.jpg)
Great picture, yet artist failed to convey that SHE IS FLYING.

>they should have just started from scratch like previous gens
They said several times in the episodes that what Tirek does is steal magic, not "life force". Go rewatch it.

As for Cozy Glow's thing, Starswirl explained that first unicorns will lose their magic on the first day, creatures will lose their magic on the second day, and magical artifacts will lose their magic on the third. Pretty sure it was still day 1.
LOL too true. They could have made this as a Care Bears story and it would have changed nothing, they would have just been segregated from the bears and the other animals or something.
Izzy was... which one? The main one? I barely remembered the names. I recall only that one pegasus princess was a carbon copy of Rainbow Dash and the other was a vain celebrity version of Rarity, and the unicorn girl was basically Pinkie Pie all over again.
It still makes no sense. Pegasi can fly because they have wings that they flap to create draft to lift them up, same as Hippogriffs, Griffons, etc - as well as normal flying animals like birds and bats. It has nothing to do with magic.
I think 9 seasons worth of Spike stories prove that he would not likely leave his life among ponies, no matter how big he gets. He might have learned to fly, and reconnected with some dragons, is even friends with Ember and Smolder but he still thinks and acts mostly like he was raised by ponies.
Btw, what I feel is criminal is that we ended G4 without ever getting proper minifigure toys of the School of Friendship students. No Ember or Thorax either. At least we got some Changelings from the articulated Heroes of Equestria (or whatever it was called) toyline, but only of their Chrysalis-enslaved forms.
Mister Twister
IMO, those tiny wings are puny and some magic is required to make them function.
The main one is Sonny, Izzy is the unicorn who is basically Pinkie Pie.
Mstr Twstr
And then the horses became carnivores.
Horses ARE opportunistic carnivores.
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image:163825330861.jpg(73kB , 496x497 , rare footage of a happy Mandy­.jpg)
Aren't we all?
Well no, not exactly.
Human beings are omnivores from the ground up intentionally, taking it all in.
While opportunistic carnivores are usually animals who have diets that rely on plant matter and have digestion honed towards it, but when the chance comes along or they are hard up for certain things they might supplement their intake with some carrion or what have you.
But if they tried to eat alot of meat they'd run into problems since its not what they're primarily built towards.

The whole thing is perhaps more complex to be fair than being able to neatly put all creatures into three succinct boxes of "Carnivore" "Omnivore" "Herbivore" with no overlap.
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have some deergenerate content
Mstr Twstr
I wonder what was traced.
Mister Twister
That drawing of Discord looks amazing.
Guess we are getting 2 shows... a 5-minute youtube short series in 2D that looks horrifying (I have Thundercats Roar flashbacks) and a regular CGI series that uses the movie models.
There's something a tad creepy about the way those wing-hands look
oh hey, JJ is still around? Is he still drawing porn?
Mstr Twstr
Not bad, but I don't like Spike's jaw, the way it looks from that angle. A bit too uggo.
Is spike not fuckable enough for you in that image?
Mstr Twstr
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image:165519236696.jpg(108kB , 650x1138 , 1655191611660.jpg)
How quickly did all of society go back to hard equine racism after Twilight Sparkle took over the position of Master Race Alicorn magical goddess? As little as two or so generations?
What a fucking useless nerd.

Though maybe magical rainbow horse society shown in this era of the franchise is just inherently fucked up.
Yeah one of the reasons why I disliked the new movie. It's just really unbelievable. Also, Celestia and Luna lived for thousands of years, clearly after she became a princess so would Twilight...
Mstr Twstr
I am defending a movie I did not watch, but the show never ever made clear if Celestia and Luna are a special case.
Wasn't she shown to still be untouched by age when all her friends were old elderly prunes? That clearly seems as if being ascended to ubermensch has extended her mortality beyond mere mortal plebs.
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I love that so much.
So is the new show out yet or anything? I have not even seen trailers.
The new show where everyone is RACIST?
Yeah. I am kinda interested how they can try and salvage that trainwreck of a movie. Also, whether there is a significant downgrade in CGI compared to the movie.