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image:162224363413.jpg(135kB , 688x400 , The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974).avi_[2019.07.27_21.22.12].jpg)
Previous topic stopped bumping - lasted pretty long since December to May!
Previous topic: https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t427945.html#q427945
Anyway, Saberspark reviewed the second Fritz the Cat movie. Sadly lacking in sexy anthro gals (apart from the first segment), unless you count his nagging wife and the german pig girls (frankly, never found anthro pigs sexy)
What the HELL is The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat? (YouTube made me censor everything again)youtube thumb
Famously has a scene where Fritz shoots of Hitler's remaining testicle.
Mstr Twstr
In my <3 there will only be 1 Fritz film.
Nine Lives of Fritz was fucked up and really awesome.
I get that the author did not like it because it was so distant from the source material, but it was still an awesome movie. Nice ending song too (TCB & E from Tom Scott & the LA Express, who also played for the Blues Brothers).
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image:162254645586.jpg(27kB , 716x464 , Fritz the Cat (1972)[DVDRip][big_dad_e™].AVI_snapshot_01.08.24_[2014.05.21_22.22.31].jpg)
Yeah, the second one was crap. No Lizard Leader? Boo-urns!
To be honest not a huge fan of the first one either, other than of the anthro ladies. Fritz himself is a selfish sack of shit who gets people killed, cares nothing about anyone else, and I guess it was all just a vehicle for Crumb to spread his nihilistic/hippie vision to the world. I guess he took offense with Bakshi actually portraying Fritz in a way that he does not come off as the hero? Hence why he wanted nothing to do with the movie and later killed Fritz off.
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image:162254655841.jpg(1.01MB , 1400x1895 , 101.jpg)
Was not really distant. Heck, most scenes were step by step recreations of various comic strips Crumb did. That's why it feels so disjointed, because those were unrelated comics Bakshi merged into one.
Here, this is straight up the same "Fritz tries to attract girls by being a vapid 'oh woe is me, life is empty' guitar hippie" scene from the start.
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image:162254667096.jpg(1.01MB , 1507x1529 , Lar-On_Prime_Earth_0001.jpg)
So apprently Supergirl fought a kryptonian werewolf once... guess kryptonite can really cause any stupid thing in kryptonians... :D
Context please? Those names tell nothing to me. Artists names who drew... whoever this is? Sally? All the Sonic characters look so alike with their huge heads and stick figure bodies.
Artists who had drawn Sally in Archie Sonic
Mstr Twstr
The beautiful thing about the FILM, is that Bakshi made it into more of satire, showing that Fritz IS a sack of shit, and his "revolution" IS just about getting high and fucking around. That is why the film >>>>> the comic.
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image:162267461186.jpg(776kB , 1904x1072 , Fritz.The.Cat.1972.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC-[YTS.MX].mp4_[2021.01.19_18.41.15].jpg)
Oh yeah, I totally agree on that. I did not care for Crumb's worldview one bit (he did drew some sexy vulture demonesses though). Its just that since Fritz is a sack of shit, there isn't really anyone to root for in the comic. I frankly was cheering on Lizard Leader when she blew Fritz up. :)
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image:162267466754.jpg(1.08MB , 1400x1998 , BigAssComics01-7-01.jpg)
New Catty B.
TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 La gozadera (Canta con Tito & Catty)youtube thumb

(Also, the above-mentioned vulture demonesses)
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image:162279959770.jpg(78kB , 1024x709 , 1622438193494.jpg)
Bunch of autistic degenerates round here
>Bunch of autistic degenerates round here
You say that, but there are people who would consider the one on the left to be sexier.
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image:162283271417.png(248kB , 1024x709 , Disney trash.png)
The edit was already made.
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image:162283438996.jpg(154kB , 540x813 , Hyena wants you.jpg)
Never seen this Orangina ad before. Guess maybe it was never released?
Eh, if the characters were anthro and not just regular dogs, would might watch it.
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image:162284906849.jpg(296kB , 1920x1080 , Diablo 2 Resurrected - Panther Woman Models [Light - Heavy - Medium].mp4_[2021.06.05_01.06.53].jpg)
This PureDMG guy is a saint, after asking him yesterday if he could do the same "all armor types" video for the Diablo II Resurrected Pantherwomen as he did for the Corrupted Rogues, he uploaded this video showing all three armor types in closeup!
Diablo 2 Resurrected - Requested Video - Panther Woman Models [Light - Heavy - Medium]youtube thumb
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image:162284987439.gif(1.03MB , 326x326 , D2R-Pantherwoman Huntress heavy01.gif)
Could not resist making a GIF
Looks like a Killer Instinct character.
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image:162288821959.jpg(38kB , 320x240 , Cartoon Craze Sing A Long Jingle Jangle Jungle (240p_30fps_H264-96kbit_AAC).mp4_[2021.06.05_12.15.07].jpg)
Never heard of this ancient toon before (1950!)
Cartoon Craze Sing A Long Jingle Jangle Jungleyoutube thumb
Sexy "lioness"
Mstr Twstr
Yeah, tracing over an erotic dancer.
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image:162300240480.png(1.61MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71111).png)
Well that is quite blatantly Lifts-Her-Tail the Lusty Argonian Maid from Morrowind...
Lost Ruins 100% Full Game (2 Endings) Walkthrough Gameplay (No Commentary)youtube thumb

Is that how they did it? Would not be surprised.
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image:162322179317.jpg(728kB , 1920x1080 , Furiki Wheels -S01E37 - Me & Rocket Magoo.mkv_[2021.06.09_08.55.03].jpg)
As Bobsheaux says, "That's ina-propro!"
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image:162328028701.png(1.50MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71374).png)
Seems CGI Lola at least has some boobs? Maybe they listened to feedback.
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image:162370603532.png(2.33MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71537).png)
Legend of Mana remaster is coming, so we can expect to see some of these anthro ladies in a better animated form.
Legend of Mana Remaster Trailer | Square Enix Presents E3 2021youtube thumb
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image:162371151610.png(757kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71543).png)
An anthro shark superhero girl? That was unexpected
Mstr Twstr
If the last remake is anything to go by (generic designs, non-stop talking), I will go with the SNES original.
Oh and Rock Dog 2 is out, if anyone's interested.
Mstr Twstr
I love NOT Mickey Mouse.
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image:162383898866.png(1.77MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71696).png)
Gotta say this movie was really boring, again. Would be spoilers if I told you but they really got unoriginal with the villain. And they simply reused the old models and world -takes place in the same 2 cities. Cheaper, I guess. Like Norm of the North I guess this will turn into a franchise with more sequels.
Only good thing was Francine aka Lil' Foxy (who despite the name, is as tall as Dharma. She was surprisingly, a pretty well written character

His name is probably Mikey the Rat. :P There is also Not-Felix the Cat next to the elephants.
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image:162383902058.png(1.44MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71741).png)
That aerobic scene was hot.
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image:162383908851.png(1.73MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71779).png)
I liked that they did not make her into a vapid diva, she is quite conscious on what is needed to stay in the spotlight as a rockstar and how to continue to catch the fickle attention of fans.
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image:162383911784.png(2.42MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (71726).png)
It also helps that Kathleen Barr is voicing her.
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image:162383921009.jpg(1.17MB , 1920x1080 , Odd Taxi - S01E02 - How To Spend a Long Night.mkv_[2021.06.16_09.12.17].jpg)
Also, Odd Taxi has been out for a while now. Finally an anime not based on some mildly successful manga.
Gotta be honest the designs don't do much for me, though
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image:162383925166.jpg(1.03MB , 1920x1080 , Odd Taxi - S01E02 - How To Spend a Long Night.mkv_[2021.06.16_08.57.35].jpg)
Though alpaca lady (Miho Shirakawa) is cute.
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image:162383937046.jpg(968kB , 1920x1080 , Odd Taxi - S01E02 - How To Spend a Long Night.mkv_[2021.06.16_08.58.54].jpg)
Surprisingly the show is actually pretty good. I only went in for the anthros and stayed for the story.
It reminds me a lot of Night on Earth, given how mostly we see things as they happen inside a cab, and how all these stories connect to the brutally honest cabbie walrus in some way. There are quite a lot of interesting side characters and an ongoing subplot about a possible murder.
TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 Waka Wakayoutube thumb
Finally, they are reworking a song I actually know.

Best scene in the movie, basically.
Also, given by the weights she lifts, maaan, Lil'Foxy must be ripped!
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image:162453608215.png(1.22MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (72301).png)
"Is this thing a dog?" :D
From the pics I first thought this was a guy in a fur suit.
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image:162483106653.png(2.63MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (72447).png)
Yeah the head/body ratio is crazy, like most in that movie - though at least she has feminine legs and hips. But she is nothing compared to the stick figure with the gigantic head lynx girl. She is Norm of the North little girl style bad.
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image:162483109962.png(2.51MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (72561).png)
There were some anthro aliens in the new Rick and Morty too.
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image:162483113789.jpg(588kB , 1920x1080 , Tuca.and.Bertie.S02E01.1080p.WEBRip.x264-BAE[ettv].mkv_[2021.06.27_23.54.44].jpg)
Tuca & Bertie is back btw, but I guess I am the only one who cared about this show.
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image:162483308712.jpg(586kB , 1920x1080 , Tuca.and.Bertie.S02E01.1080p.WEBRip.x264-BAE[ettv].mkv_[2021.06.28_00.30.08].jpg)
The Saprophyte
Yeah, surprised nobody glommed onto the preg wife yet, or the tall one rocking the Grand Councilor cheekbones.

Just started watching it now that it's on Adult Swim. It's pretty fun so far.
I wonder if they'll do anything on the same tier as the dragon ever again.
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image:162500128854.jpg(818kB , 1833x1749 , RCO012_1467231449.jpg)
Ah they put the first season up there too? Btw you can just watch it on Kimcartoon for free (and it's likely not gonna be censored there).
Doubtful. I mean that girl caught on like a storm and we never even saw her face! I mean we can't even know if she is truly an anthro. Maybe just has a human face. Who knows. It was more of a testament to how many furries seem to be in the show's fanbase.
But if you want more obscure gals from that show, there is this bunny girl in the comics.
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image:162500136440.png(1.68MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (72772).png)
Well this uncanny valley horror exists, somehow.
Sexy Beasts | Official Trailer | Netflixyoutube thumb
Sorry I had to share the pain.
Mister Twister
You cannot call that sexy in any way without irony.
This just to show that the media doesn't know a damn thing about the furry community, and now they're on their heads for this atrocity, I mean c'mon Netflix
I mean, it’s probably not supposed to be furry, just iterating on the same ideas over and over, basically combining Love is Blind with The Masked Singer in the “what if reality show x but you can’t tell who’s who” genre
Crumb is one hell of a freak so no surprise.
The Saprophyte
Only season 2 so far. I prefer to use legal sites if possible. I assume I'm not missing any important ongoing plot.

You can clearly see her gaping muzzle in the shot. If the rest of her face is human, she must look like a worse version of My Girlfriend Is A T-Rex.
I know man, but they still should've show some effort to not make the masks look so like... that.
Mister Twister
There was a several days old catgirl thread, and only now did it die of natural causes:
Back in my day, that would have been deleted before 10 replies!
Mister Twister
Just proves that Bloomers who inhale Hopium on a daily basis are always right.
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image:162531137044.jpg(398kB , 1920x1080 , Orangina et le pigeon Malade ! (Full HD).mp4_[2021.07.03_13.22.15].jpg)
Indeed. I think they actually think they are doing a favor to furries here but totally missed the mark.
Honestly, reminds me of the later Orangina ads where they replaced the truly sexy CGI anthros with uncanny valley horrid costumes.
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image:162531149382.png(3.25MB , 1423x800 , Screenshot 2021-07-03 at 13-24-21 Az Álarcos énekes 2 évadának összes leleplezése egy videóban .png)
Ah should have guessed Masked Singer was not a hungarian invention. We had that too a few years ago, but the costumes were anything but good. Maybe the dino gal in the skirt is kind of OK.
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image:162531188846.png(2.78MB , 1920x1080 , Kepernyofelvetel_71763.png)
I am surprised there is like, 200 pics of that utterly flat and boy-like Dharma and only 1 pic of Lil'Foxy on e621 when she y'know, is actually feminine looking and sexy?
Oh I forgot we saw her chin. But why the hell they cut off the rest of her face? It's like they knew furries would love her and were being assholes on purpose.
Mister Twister
Cake&pretzel Man is the best.
Mister Twister
Not all men are into big booba.
How dare you. Darma is tomboy perfection and you best not slander her good name.
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image:162539870982.jpg(447kB , 1600x1200 , Lizard Women Flash pool.jpg)
Flash Gordon goes to swim with the fishes, erm, lizzies. :)
I am into tomboys as well, but it is not a "big boobs" question because even Lil'Foxy has small boobs. Dharma simply has no boobs at all and a totally a-gender body. You could show her model to people who never seen the movie and they would assume she is a guy. I frankly see this as further de-sexualization in animation, same as how Steven Universe or most of Calarts style shows do it.
You can do tomboys who still look feminine. Even in live action. My first big fictional crush was on Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) from Star Trek TNG and she is as much tomboy as she can be.
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image:162542943654.jpg(95kB , 1305x556 , E5bEsl8VIAMAbsI.jpg)
The hell? A Star Wars furry anime???
Mister Twister
Star Wars is dead, so that is not Star Wars. That is some unrelated garbage THAT JUST SO HAPPENS TO HAVE A GOOD LOOKING OC.
File deleted
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image:162574274456.png(1.18MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (73432).png)
Pretty bad show, but cute mantis lady. Her name is Bugna.

This means that like, 2 years later we can actually see the end of season 2? I frankly have given up hope.

They didn't think too hard on that one have they.
She looks like something out of Vermin.
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image:162575580931.jpg(778kB , 1920x1080 , Doomsday Brothers - S01E08 - A Fistful of Larva.mkv_[2021.07.08_13.55.56].jpg)
Turns out I heard it wrong, she is Bugnut. But I like Bugna more - Bug+Edna.
And yes, she would look right at home in Reggie's mantis village.
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image:162575590765.jpg(786kB , 1920x1080 , Doomsday Brothers - S01E08 - A Fistful of Larva.mkv_[2021.07.08_14.01.49].jpg)
She is a real go-getter, gets the guy to do everything for her (though she does seem to actually care about him).. however turns out she is preggers (and not with his kids) and wants the other humans/mutants as food for her brood.
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image:162575594984.png(2.14MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (73444).png)
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image:162575600079.png(2.43MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (73445).png)
She is even remarkably forgiving after Gabe runs a truck into her and kills her baby to save his brother and friends.
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image:162575607140.jpg(753kB , 1920x1080 , Monsters.at.Work.S01E02.1080p.x265-ZMNT.mkv_[2021.07.08_16.46.46].jpg)
Hey, remember Ms Flint from Monsters Inc? She is back on Monsters at Work! Such an under-appreciated gal.
This has big furry boobs in it so its right up your street

The Furry Pityoutube thumb
I can't lie, Catty there looks very nice, but Tito... he looks pretty cute too.
The animation of their movements is off and unnatural.
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image:162600582239.jpg(149kB , 800x496 , fiala_chuck_bulletcrow.jpg)
Never heard of this comic before... and it is quite mature. Taking a guess, this was not marketed to kids.

It's not the size of the boobs. I like small boobs too. It's that they EXIST at all. On many characters these days (like Dharma, or most of the female the characters in Sing) they draw female characters as completely flat.
Flashgitz has been doing these Warhammer marines kill furries thing for a while now. Can't watch it, stupid youtube wants my card or ID (fat chance) for age identification these days. Some stupid EU regulation
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image:162600591132.jpg(712kB , 1920x1080 , Calma Cover - Vamos pa la playa 🦖TITO LIZZARDO 🦖 (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2020.06.27_13.19.09].jpg)
It's a cheap CGI anim done for free to accompany unlicensed music, what were you expecting? I for one appreciate these cat girls. The faces are just so cute. And the hot pants help too... :P
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image:162602872572.jpg(385kB , 1280x720 , America.The.Motion.Picture.2021.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyRG.mkv_[2021.07.10_00.50.38].jpg)
So apparently, Benedict Arnold was a werewolf...?
Yeah this movie is incredibly stupid.
>Benedict Arnold
Its pretty hypocritical for Americans to whine so hard about him betraying them when they were all traitors to begin with.
Mister Twister
Queen's ass kisser.
The Saprophyte
Interesting timing. You run across the piece Lon did of her recently?
Chuck's posted quite a bit of newer stuff to SF. I was surprised to discover he's a professional inker who worked on Phil Foglio's mini's for DC, including his revival of Angel And The Ape.
File deleted
This really helps me cope with the issue that I can't set foot on Kimcartoon to watch Rock Dog 2, my antivirus is too strong and blocking of getting back in there.
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image:162621429823.jpg(925kB , 1920x1080 , [KRP] Edens Zero - 04 (1080p) [017B4BFD] (NF).mkv_[2021.07.12_12.18.04].jpg)
Dunno if I posted her here yet. Sexy bunny alien waitress from Eden's Zero, Bernadette.

Geez, what do you use? For me a simple UBlock is enough to make all their popups and ads disappear. I been using Kimcartoon for ages and never got any viruses from them.
Nice, is that from the official site? She looks great. Though I prefer her aerobics outfit. Soooo 80ies.
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image:162621432162.jpg(1.12MB , 1920x1080 , [KRP] Edens Zero - 06 (1080p) [F68D5C72] (NF).mkv_[2021.07.12_12.24.11].jpg)
She appears in episodes 4 and 6.
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image:162621442686.jpg(278kB , 1280x720 , America.The.Motion.Picture.2021.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyRG.mkv_[2021.07.10_00.51.52].jpg)
Yknow the saying, history is written by the victors.
And the losers get a silver bullet in their brain.
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image:162621461325.jpg(422kB , 950x1391 , bullet crow 20 uncensored.jpg)
That's how I discovered her, yes. I swear this guy just trolls the internet looking for obscure stuff...
The original artist who did the comic is still up on FA and keeps drawing porn of Bunny, except... these days she has a dick and no fur (or at least a human skintone). Looks weird. I talked to him a bit, seems the original comics are super old, 1979! He had to censor them for the bundled comic releases.
The Saprophyte
Same Guy. I forget FA exists in addition to SF. Surprised he didn't go with a company that's used to handling adult and classic funnies, like Radio Comix or Kitchen Sink. Probably went with whatever was cheapest.
Oh haha, that's a cute comic.
>Interesting timing. You run across the piece Lon did of her recently?

What piece?

Where did you find those pages in color? The comic scans I found are black and white only.
The Saprophyte
>what piece?

1st one in the gallery. (NSFW of course)
>Nice, is that from the official site?
they're from the artist art station and Instagram
Mister Twister
Artists who can draw animal people, people people, AND backgrounds, all in colour and have proper lighting/shadow, deserve the utmost respect.
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image:162631135501.jpg(1.01MB , 1854x2000 , matt-haber-arcade-fox.jpg)
Mister Twister
I actually watched the director(?) Q&A before the episode premiered. Was comfy and informative.
I can hardly believe it. It's been what, 3 years now? I forgot what was the reason, some Netflix deal, that made them unable to release the episodes normally.
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image:162656113586.png(1.29MB , 1320x1500 , lonbluewolf_phantom-bunny-adventures.png)
Sofurry still exists? I last visited that maybe in the early 2000s. Honestly after FA it did not seem worth it to make another account elsewhere, maybe except for DA after Google started not listing FA adult results in searches (there were days when googling many obscure anthros brought up my FA page first for results)...
I registered on Weasly but that place was already full of tumbleweed when it started and these days I think only the creator's ghosts of wasted time and money haunt it. And well there is Inkbunny which seems to mostly exists for a certain fetish banned from every other place.
This one.
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image:162656133249.jpg(471kB , 984x1350 , Bullet Crow 010.jpg)
I believe I posted his blog where those are. Look for them in the early 2000 sections.
Later on hist art style changes and frankly, not for the better.
Be warned there are a LOT of dickgirls right on the front page without any NSFW warning.
I'm surprised that this guy did the Looney Tunes comics, I used to read those when they were published here. I might still have some issues.
Mister Twister
Most artists are perverts to a healthy degree.

I don't think there is a chance in Hell you seen the Q&A, so I will summarize: the Rimba team did not really plan on being successful. They hoped season 1 will be picked up by TV stations in their home country, and it did. They had no concrete plans after that. Having ANY audience outside TV watchers in Malaysia was a surprise. The fact the (remaining) team are allowed to keep making season 2 at all, is a little miracle.

And yes, they have to keep the highest definition version to themselves, to release on Netflix and malay TV later.
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image:162663742945.jpg(659kB , 1920x1080 , Space.Jam.a.New.Legacy.2021.1080p.HMAX.WEBRip.1400MB.DD5.1.x264-GalaxyRG.mkv_[2021.07.18_21.37.30].jpg)
Geez, it pains me to watch Lola. "Look how they massacred my boobs!" Bugs' chest has more curves than hers. Hell, she has wider shoulders than Bugs!

He did work on Looney Tunes too? Figures.
True. Bruce Timm did porn comics of the Batman TAS ladies well before the internet did, of his own designs. :)
No, have not even heard there is a Q&A. I checked their facebook like every few months for news, as their webpage is still dead (where is that merch you promised years ago?)
What I don't get is why did they not release S2 on Netflix already? Surely it's already done and ready. Maybe they are tied to contracts with malaysian TV?
I dunno, I think halfway into airing S1 they probably realized they were getting famous, especially when half the furry fandom was R34ing their characters. :) (Which makes me wonder, does anyone in North Korea know that Squirrel and Hedgehog would have a big western market if they actually continued it, thanks to 4chan and youtubers?) :D
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image:162663781825.jpg(398kB , 1920x1080 , Space.Jam.a.New.Legacy.2021.1080p.HMAX.WEBRip.1400MB.DD5.1.x264-GalaxyRG.mkv_[2021.07.18_21.49.42].jpg)
Yes, I am sure all the kids in the theatre got this joke...
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image:162663802453.jpg(44kB , 780x439 , wtrwetrwetr.jpg)
You're being kind of stupid, the original one made a random pulp fiction joke.
References thrown in is hardly new.
They have shitload of references like that in WB cartoons, see

The thing is, you don't even have to recognize them to think it's funny, if they are done right. I haven't seen Pulp Fiction until a decade later by the time I didn't even remember the original Space Jam, and like >>437148 says that one had a Pulp Fiction reference too.
Or there's the tasman devil making a Terminator reference (at least in the Hungarian dub anyway).

Coyote making a mad max suicide bomber reference is oddly appropriate for him, and looks hilarious even if you don't get the reference.
Yeah, when I look at this again in a stilll image, I really can't believe how they downgraded her to another typical Strong willed flat chested girl, seriously what the heck is wrong with being both sexy and strong, so backwards and double standards our f'kin prudent society has become.
Thanks alot WB...
>Geez, it pains me to watch Lola. "Look how they massacred my boobs!" Bugs' chest has more curves than hers. Hell, she has wider shoulders than Bugs!

The funny thing about that is that Bugs has been crossdressing for half a century.

Is the new space jam worth watching, or is it just a total disaster? The old one wasn't exactly Shakespeare but it was at least funny.
Mister Twister
The problem too multi-layered to be understood by mere mortals. But I will try to explain. They tried to draw Bugs on-model, and he was always a thin noodle rabbit for most of his classic shorts. Lola's final design was chosen to be more conventionally attractive, and "conventionally attractive" really means "more human". Which means more prominent shoulders. So, if Bugs was NOT a classic (old) cartoon design, and NOT a slapstick comedy character, he would have broader shoulders.

TL;DR Bugs is a comedy cartoon character, Lola is a more "realistic" eye candy. That is the crux of the issue. Not just
Mister Twister
Trust me, NOW the issue is less about
>boobs are sexist
because that is a trick, since the REAL goal is
>sexual difference are problematic

And what THAT means, is up for several interpretations.
Still it's just sad.
Mister Twister
I preferred Around the World when it was a book, a movie with Jackie Chan, and an 80 Euro/Japan co-production animu.
There was a videogame too I think
Mister Twister
Of course there was! One of the most adapted stories ever.
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video:162692636241.webm(1.07MB , 1920x1080 , OCD mouse.webm)
Mister Twister
I wish webms looped in this place.
Black Hand ## Developer
They do loop. Something must be wrong on your end.
Mister Twister
To me it opens in a new tab and plays only once. On 4chan Prime webms by default open inside the thread, and loop 4ever. I am on Pale Moon. I am very sorry.
>To me it opens in a new tab and plays only once.

Something is seriously wrong then, perhaps you have javascript disabled. They should open up a small player window similar to youtube links. It works even in Internet Explorer.
Mister Twister
I have enabled all the needed scripts, and yet here I am. I guess this is just my browser. I can report this problem on the browser forum, and it will be seen and read. But this problem is not happening on 4chan Prime.
save file
video:162700920665.webm(1.06MB , 1920x1080 , OCD mouse.webm)
Also, that webm still has a sound channel even though I thought deleting audio in the initial editor was enough. Reuploading a proper version.
You'll gonna have to report it if you want to see it fixed.
save file
image:162702316327.png(410kB , 804x538 , 1478225016530.png)
I first posted Platy & Puss almost a decade ago on /co/. The project was the little engine that could, spending multiple years in production before releasing a meager pilot. I never found the full pilot, only bits and pieces. The original pitch actually looked better than the pilot, but I guess with nothing but hopes and dreams they made the best thing they could.

Platy & Puss (Original Pitch)youtube thumb
save file
image:162702321144.jpg(145kB , 800x753 , 1618517721744.jpg)
But the reason I post it again is I learned the creator actually spent over a year drawing them every day. He'd just post them on social media. He never gave up and still wants to do something with these characters. I admire that perseverance.
save file
image:162702324220.jpg(318kB , 1363x1201 , 1623181347739.jpg)
There are several hundred drawings I believe.
save file
image:162702344263.jpg(179kB , 800x727 , 1617310613029.jpg)
Some of them are surprisingly artsy. But I'm not going to post more unless people really want them for some reason.
Mister Twister
Mister Twister
...... never mind it's not even that pilot. That one is gone forever.
save file
image:162704714780.jpg(149kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0189.jpg)
Higher quality version of the same trailer:

Figure out how to download (if you want) by yourself. I did, so can you.
Did you mean this one? But as I said, it's not the whole pilot. It's about half.

Platy & Puss Clipyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
OH YES! That must be the pilot he took down in case someone buys the rights to it. I loved it then, love it still. Even when anons were shitting on it for using tweening. There is only so much a busy man with no budget can do.
The Saprophyte
OK, just started watching Kung Fu Dino Posse. You didn't tell me there was canon nudity in the origin ep. (So it's thundercats style. Still counts)
You also didn't tell me the show is fucking hilarious.
Mister Twister
Always a pleasant surprise when an obscure show turns out to be genuinely good.
save file
image:162727735395.jpg(635kB , 1920x1080 , olympic lizard.jpg)
Australian Olympic mascot. Wouldn't mind if she had tits, but I guess WeLl aCTuAlLy it is okay for a lizard if one wants to be aCcURaTe.
Mister Twister
(meanwhile she has a very human build, human eyes, ability to speak........)
Mister Twister
The best things I watched in....... days.
Rabbit Runner (Marble Soda)youtube thumb
save file
image:162784739769.png(2.61MB , 1920x1080 , 4852f59d-9b16-4549-89f5-7401bdfc2314-bc494651.png)
Pompon Little Bear finally made it to the United States, albeit on the paid streaming service Kidstream. Hardly prestigious but it's a cute show. Too many French toons never cross the ocean. Moka's Fabulous Adventures will soon be making the trip as well, premiering on the streaming service Sensical.
save file
image:162796446096.jpg(193kB , 1255x1641 , more Gadget by Tohupo.jpg)
Poasting an imaeg.
Mister Twister
Indie animation is saving...... animation. Again.
Lackadaisy - Animation Roughs (part 7)youtube thumb
Would have been better if he dropped her.
Mister Twister
I cannot distinguish between Polish, Check (that's how I spell it) and Slovak. Pls halp.
Polish are the sane people, Czechs are half-germans who make great beer, and Slovakia is where the Czechs keep the monkeys they fucked (who then tried learning polish).
Mister Twister
I meant languages, but thanks for non-biased info.
save file
image:162879950743.jpg(767kB , 1920x1080 , She-Ra.and.the.Princesses.of.Power.S03E03.Once.Upon.a.Time.in.the.Waste.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_[2019.08.31_15.39.09].jpg)
Tell me about it. There is sadly a trend (especially on CN and Netflix) and if they had their way, every character in every toon would look like the agender-looking Steven Universe gems or the characters on Netflix She-Ra. I mean look at the snake girl. You can even guess this is a girl? Despite her giant cleavage, it's like the animators were beaten with a stick to not dare to draw contours of breasts because as you said, "sexual differences bad" and they want some nondescript agender body type.
save file
image:162879970378.png(1.27MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (76249).png)
Huh, never knew the Smurfs had anthro japanese mice in the show...

This looks baaaad. Not only the animation, but seriously, why did they turn Phileas from a competent british gentleman to some dumb idiot who sucks at being an explorer? And of course we have to get the cliche badass female too.
Ah well, at least we get some frog tits.
save file
image:162879992895.jpg(84kB , 1280x714 , Kung Fu Dino Posse - S01E01 - Meet the Posse.mp4_snapshot_11.04_[2017.05.11_23.52.07].jpg)
I talked about the show but that was many years ago.
It's a really really dumb show but the villains are somewhat enjoyably stupid and the main kid seems to be so much annoyed with the heroes it is unintentionally funny.
And yeah, there is even female nudity. :P
Let me know where you are watching it. I never could find more than one DVD for sale and located a few more episodes on Vimeo.
save file
image:162880005055.jpg(85kB , 848x480 , Lola174.jpg)
It kinda feels weird that they show the mascot doing things like jumping and such when this is, y'know, the paralympics? I mean, what is her deficiency?
But indeed super cute design. Frilled Lizards are great.
save file
image:162880024356.png(1.18MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (76253).png)
That's mean. We hungarians ain't exactly super buddy-buddy with the slovaks (they still resent us for oppressing them for centuries apparently, not that they ever had a country of their own before WW1) but I got nothing against individual slovakians, just their dumb aggressive politicians who now feel they have to oppress the rather large hungarian minority (as well as the ukranians) who live there in return.
Mister Twister
While >the trend< I don't like, I am okay with that particular snek. She is supposed to be a tough imposing character who would beat you up if you say the wrong thing, so her looking like that makes sense.
save file
image:162880416211.jpg(761kB , 1920x1080 , She-Ra.and.the.Princesses.of.Power.S03E03.Once.Upon.a.Time.in.the.Waste.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_[2019.08.31_15.50.55].jpg)
Dunno - when later we see her she looks far more feminine and sexy after Catra stole her jacket. She even wears high heel leather boots that come up to her thighs! it's like they swapped animators between shots...

I don't really remember that scene, frankly I seen the movie in parts at the time of release, and only properly watched it like, 3 years ago, I cared so little about it. The difference is, that was maybe once scene. This movie is littered with references and most are unfunny and pointless... Like, why is Foghorn Leghorn Danerys? What does Yosemite Sam has to do with Casablanca? Why do Rick and Morty show up for a few seconds?
YMS also points out how much this movie is like Ready Player One but with the cameos playing no point. They don't act like the originals, they just stand there and cheer.
Space Jam: A New Legacy Review - YMSyoutube thumb
save file
image:162882721640.png(789kB , 1440x900 , a long time to hold a pose.png)
The gag-laden self-aware humor reminds me of stuff like Mon Colle Knights. Wouldn't surprise me if they shared writers.
Hero: "He's, like, totally evil" Skor: I'm, like, totally evil"
Rare too to see a show where the human sidekick is a totally inept doofus. I can't even think of another one.

I'm currently watching it on Tubi, which I recall you having trouble with. I've seen it on some other streaming apps/sites though. I pulled pic related off Youtube.
Well would you like the cliche female badass or the cliche female who breaks her ankle and screams a lot? To borrow a line from PTerry.

If that's the case, that's stupid, but was it? It might just be they didn't want to draw snake boobs because they didn't like the idea? Or, because it was a snek and that's not realistic?
save file
image:162927870084.jpg(103kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0181.jpg)
Out of context Treasure Trekkers screenshots.
save file
image:162927873184.jpg(112kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0186.jpg)
Yes, it is a show
>for children
save file
image:162927877506.jpg(92kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0189.jpg)
But I found it to be likable.
OP reminds me that I've still yet to watch the original Fritz the Cat, I've only seen Nine Lives.
Mstr Twstr
Please do. It's actually good, not just empty shock value.
Mstr Twstr
Not comics, not cartoons, but GODDAMMIT I LOL'd.
File deleted
I don't know what's going on there. Are those new game characters or IDW is allowed to add OCs now?
save file
image:162950070322.jpg(456kB , 1920x1080 , EbnGfdXWAAEMF1Q.jpg)
They've always been able to.
Some of them are even in the mobile game
save file
image:163003420758.jpg(148kB , 1920x1080 , 1534433835051.jpg)
I think this was from Dofus
Mstr Twstr
More like Dofus.
save file
image:163035564047.png(1.01MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (76803).png)
Well, another show with anthros I never heard about before:
Delook & Sharpy - Ibex & Chamoisyoutube thumb

Yeah that is from the adventures of Cherubim.
save file
image:163051327672.png(4kB , 155x90 , Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 12.20.51.png)
Ah yes, that one.
Mstr Twstr
That is like, 10/10 animation and direction..... in pre-school programming. I am guessing top of the line animators not getting much work elsewhere.
The Saprophyte
I feel like I should be requesting the "Hop In" meme for this.
>atv on the highway

Yeah, jeez, when's Top Wing getting this treatment?
much more entertaining than everything what disney and pixar have put out the last years:
-ugly designed nudle dragon china cash grab with crap message
-boring designed blue blobs movie
-boring slice of life gay fish boys saving money for a moped.

here a simple straight forward adventure movie with cute designs and cool vehicles... it even get that right for what marvel is too stupid, comedy only at light moments.
save file
image:163071770483.jpg(643kB , 1920x1080 , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - s06e03 - Home Invasion 1080p.mkv_[2021.09.04_03.02.27].jpg)
Huh I totally forgot this happened. :D We kinda did get the TMNT/C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa crossover!
Well, kind of. This is in Fast Forward, and they are just holographic constructs created and controlled by Viral.

Nah. It's not because she is a snake, human characters also have been drawn like this, almost androgynous. She-ra as a show has been famously like this, I mean I think apart from Hordak and Entrapta there wasn't even a heterosexual romance in the show (maybe they hooked up Bow with some female character at the end because they probably realized if the son of two gay men ends up being Adora's gay best friend that kinda looks bad).
save file
image:163071776695.jpg(566kB , 1920x1080 , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - s06e03 - Home Invasion 1080p.mkv_[2021.09.04_03.01.27].jpg)
Got a link to where one can watch it? Never heard of it before.
save file
image:163071794579.jpg(801kB , 1904x1072 , Fritz.The.Cat.1972.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC-[YTS.MX].mp4_[2021.01.19_17.59.59].jpg)
It's a really mixed bag. Fritz is simply, a really terrible protagonist (and considering that they actually made him MORE likeable than the comic version speaks volumes about the subject material) - he causes chaos, mayhem and even death wherever he goes due to his uncaring nature, and he never regrets it, only complaining about his lack of purpose. I know this hippie nihilist attitude was a thing back then, especially in Crumb's work, but... still not a huge fan of the movie. Only the anthro designs.
save file
image:163071816546.jpg(455kB , 1920x1080 , Kingdom Force - S01E10 - Ruin of Zoom - Night Birds.mkv_[2020.03.07_22.03.28].jpg)
Yeah, looks nice, but it's still Paw Patrol. I just never cared for any of these "rescue" shows, Rescue Bots bored me to tears too, and I only skim Kingdom Force for Envie Fernandez.
save file
image:163071830684.jpg(825kB , 1920x1080 , Monsters.at.Work.S01E10.Its.Laughter.Theyre.After.1080p.DSNP.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-FLUX.mkv_[2021.09.02_12.06.22].jpg)
Eh, no not really. It's a boring show about rescue dogs.
Pixar/Disney indeed did not produce good movies this year but that does not elevate this, or Sing 2 to be actually good.
Also, Pixar did produce something good this year, Monsters at Work was well written, heartwarming and funny. Sadly only 10 episodes but I loved every minute of it.
Mstr Twstr
11 minute videos are the real episodes, 4 minutes ones are edits for ADHD babies. Episode titles were changed in an attempt to appease the YT Kids™ Algorithm.

Keep in mind it is a show for small children, so don't expect galaxy brain plot twists, or Grand Canyon level deep ideas. It is what it is, but it is made with love.
save file
image:163087388928.jpg(185kB , 640x480 , Robert Palmer - Change His Ways (1988) (480p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2021.09.05_22.16.03].jpg)
So, remember the busty duck ladies in the music video from Robert Palmer's: "Change His Ways" song?
... well turns out there was an uncensored version...
What can I say but "Duck-tits, whoo-ooo!" :O
Robert Palmer - Change His Ways (1988)youtube thumb
Here is the original censored version.

Ah so they upload the episodes straight to youtube? They are sponsored by them or something? OK, will check this out, thanks.
save file
image:163087391418.jpg(189kB , 640x480 , Robert Palmer - Change His Ways (1988) (480p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2021.09.05_22.17.45].jpg)
Also the supremely limber cat lady dancer is naked in this version too.
The Saprophyte
Damn, the rez is like 1000 times better on both those too. Nice. Although, they cut him reading the comic at the end.

Did anyone ever post Zehn kleine Jägermeister here? I know I used the rabbit on my list and I'd been saving the lizard chick for you: Die Toten Hosen // „Zehn kleine Jägermeister“ [Offizielles Musikvideo]youtube thumb
Mstr Twstr
The episode where they go to the Moon is probably as good as the writing in that show CAN get. You can start with that one.
save file
image:163095345030.jpg(118kB , 632x480 , THE_MUMMY_RETURNS - Anubis Warriors concept.mp4_[2021.09.06_20.28.07].jpg)
I found some neat background stuff on the Anubis Warriors from Mummy Returns on the BluRay. Here are some sketches and renders!

I posted it ages ago, thanks though, I bet people forgot by now. Yeah the lizard lady is on my "to draw" list too.:) Bunny gals are not bad either (that guy had the best death, I think... kinda like that "choose your method of execution" sketch in Meaning of Life where Graham Chapman chooses to have topless rollerskating girls chase him off a cliff. :D
save file
image:163095350220.jpg(113kB , 632x480 , THE_MUMMY_RETURNS - Anubis Warriors concept.mp4_[2021.09.06_20.29.57].jpg)
They mention they basically took the ancient Anubis illustrations and mixed them with doberman dogs, plus made the ears longer.
save file
image:163095353966.jpg(86kB , 632x480 , THE_MUMMY_RETURNS - Anubis Warriors concept.mp4_[2021.09.06_20.30.06].jpg)
Always liked the long ears and how human-like their eyes were.
save file
image:163095355739.jpg(117kB , 632x480 , THE_MUMMY_RETURNS - Anubis Warriors concept.mp4_[2021.09.06_20.30.33].jpg)
Some leg studies
save file
image:163095357471.jpg(71kB , 632x480 , THE_MUMMY_RETURNS - Anubis Warriors concept.mp4_[2021.09.06_20.31.23].jpg)
save file
image:163095394671.jpg(51kB , 632x480 , THE_MUMMY_RETURNS - Anubis Warriors CGI2.mp4_[2021.09.06_20.45.02].jpg)
save file
image:163135891392.jpg(710kB , 1920x1080 , rick.and.morty.s05e09.1080p.webrip.x264-cakes.mkv_[2021.09.11_13.11.31].jpg)
This episode of Rick and Morty had a nice lizard woman barmaid in it.
save file
image:163136302289.png(97kB , 700x418 , Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 14-20-33 Update 44 THANK YOU ALL · SWAT-KATS REVOLUTION.png)
The Swat Kats Revolution kickstarter I was a part of many years ago just posted this crpytic image today with a "Thank you!" note. I can only hope this means what I think it means, that they found a channel/studio to make the show, after all. :)
Mstr Twstr
Hope persists.
Still strange they never showed Callie's redesign, but frankly, I never liked Callie anyway. I say this all the time on /co/, but I hate the no-fur look that cartoons from that era had. Gadget from Rescue Rangers is the same way. I "know" they're meant to still have fur, but they don't look like they have fur, which is something I just find offputting. I didn't become a furry to lust after hairless apes.
Mstr Twstr
>I didn't become a furry to lust after hairless apes
This is just so damn quotable.
save file
image:163148340098.png(147kB , 661x860 , callie at 70.png)
>Still strange they never showed Callie's redesign
plot twist: the new show takes place in the future. Callie is old and living in a nursing home. This is her new design.
save file
image:163199084769.jpg(274kB , 1024x1024 , bamboo_bears_by_szmaciak_d2m2r0k-fullview.jpg)
Bamboo Bears - Seems to be a Rescue Rangers knockoff. That dragon girl is almost a straight up ripoff of Dulcy, as well.

LOL unlikely.
save file
image:163224152694.jpg(1.14MB , 900x1290 , roswell-conspiracies-poster.jpg)
Color me surprised... seems 41E studios is bringing back Roswell Conspiracies in a CGI sequel set 20 years after the old show!
Guess it is too much to hope for that Agaza would be in it, but the preliminary artwork isn't bad.
Mister Twister
All I need to do now is hurry up and get the german DVDs.

>Bureau of Alien Detectors sequel never
save file
image:163267943861.jpg(55kB , 640x480 , Monster.Force.S01E12.Caged.Fury.mkv_snapshot_10.37_[2017.08.16_14.05.03].jpg)
You missed them, Pidax stopped selling them long ago. I have ripped and shared them on Nandato, though. You can still find the DVDs on ebay too sometimes, but not often.
I watched that show too but boooy... it was like some EXTREEEEMEEE Wildstorm/Image comic crossed with Men In Black. Also I still snicker that their team acronym is called BAD basically.
They had a similar show about monster hunters too, called Monster Force. Had a sexy lizard gal in one episode called Chamilla.
save file
image:163267949915.jpg(7.07MB , 5120x2160 , Barbarian_BattleReady_2D_Desktop.jpg)
Fun to see this old Diablo II poster re-done in updated graphics. I remember enlarging the old pic for the Lacuni kitties... :P
Mister Twister
I still maintain BAD was well written and ACTUALLY spooky (good thing). Probably cancelled due to being 2 srs 4 teh kidz. I refuse to believe toys about cool commandos fighting cool aliens sold badly (unless not enough were produced and/or they were not put in enough stores).

Also, LOL at those weak thin lizard toes. Bet she can break them just by talking.
episode number? are ther a ny others?
save file
image:163277402475.jpg(170kB , 742x1076 , Don’t worry slick I got ya! by credens-vita.jpg)
I love these two to death.
File deleted
Mister Twister
>early on Monday
Mister Twister
This is gr8.
Did anyone else back TrueTail's doomed kickstarter? I only did the bare minimum but it looks like they've all vanished from the internet. No updates basically all year and even their social media accounts or inactive. I wasn't really a fan of it after they abandoned the original premise and made it a Mighty Magiswords clone but I was still hoping they'd at least produce something.
Mister Twister
I am sure if you ask here, someone who is on the project will anonymously leak the secret about it quietly being cancelled and the creators taking the money and running away. Or something.

The leaders of the project work in the industry. If they scam people out of their money, this will forever taint their reputation. Do not assume they are stupid enough to take the money and run.
save file
image:163382605954.png(1.63MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (79304).png)
So, anyone remember Dogtanian and the Three Muskethounds? Seems Spain is making a CGI movie out of it. Has been in the works since 2016 and will be released now this year. https://www.imdb.com/video/vi252887065?playlistId=tt11777920&ref_=tt_pr_ov_vi
save file
image:163382607874.png(1.53MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (79305).png)
Gotta say they kept the designs close to the originals, though the CGI isn't great.
save file
image:163382610087.png(724kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (79307).png)
Milady is as sexy as ever, though :)
Mister Twister
I cannot remember what I never watched. I have it on my "to buy" list, but I need to get through Willy Fog first (I paused somewhere near the middle for reasons, and for those reasons will procrastinate further).
Mister Twister
The animators enjoyed working on that show, I can see it clearly.
save file
image:163418539944.jpg(1.78MB , 1920x1080 , Kai-Wonsuk-2.jpg)
What the fuck did I just stumble across? Some Korean cartoon about dogs who can transform into armored dogs and then transform into armored anthro versions of themselves. Most of the anthro designs are terrible but I'm just surprised this fever dream exists and that I've never found it before.

애니메이션 포텐독 l 트레일러 영문버전 l PotenDogs Trailer EN l 3월 29일 첫 방송!youtube thumb
save file
image:163418551898.png(251kB , 413x564 , fgdsfdsfs.png)
This one looks more like a cat but is still a dog. They all have weird faces. And one is a human for some reason.

save file
image:163418696468.jpg(168kB , 1080x1082 , E92j2_MVUAEebrf.jpg)
I just don't get why some of them keep their snouts but some of them don't. This whole show is nothing but conflicting design choices.
Mister Twister
Sometimes the reason for such choices is "designer likes it and fuck you if you don't".
save file
image:163433570291.png(413kB , 922x571 , Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 18.07.37.png)
How many times does Australia have to trach companies this lesson? STOP MAKING DANGEROUS AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS SEEM HARMLESS. Australia has banned dozens of movies because they keep doing this and I'm sure this one will get banned, too. Australia has very real reasons to be afraid of their snakes and spiders and all sorts of creepy shit but the rest of the world loves trying to make them seem harmless.
Origin if the term "skunked".
When you just get shut out completely.
That was awful.
save file
image:163484853625.png(229kB , 657x358 , 423423.png)
The guy that did the Zootopia Abortion comic is still around, still a nutter.
>Zootopia Abortion comic

Sometimes I forgot how weird the internet can get.
save file
image:163576685903.png(901kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (80947).png)
Dunno if anyone seen this yet. Sadly not a real show (so far). Cat villainess is amazing.
Come and Learn with Pibby! | adult swimyoutube thumb
save file
image:163576716248.jpg(351kB , 1224x533 , RCO025_1469539634.jpg)
From Doom Patrol #68 to 72, her name os Crowdark.

No surprises there. I know us furries have some weird fetishes but that idiot really takes the cake.
Here is hoping JLongbone reviews that comic too.
save file
image:163576720483.jpg(451kB , 1299x2004 , RCO015_1469032040.jpg)
Some crow boobs too. Doom Patrol was pretty risque for a kids comic.
save file
image:163576724532.jpg(1,012kB , 1308x2113 , RCO004_1469032040.jpg)
She is some ancient spirit embodying the moon and fights Foxfur, the embodiment of the sun, over a old slight.
save file
image:163576739691.jpg(737kB , 1243x1211 , RCO011_1469539634.jpg)
Reminded me why I hated Sing 1, all the out of place songs - it just takes me out of any story. Not that the story was any good. Also, 360p? What is this, 2002???
At least the greyhound lady shown briefly looked nice. Porsche is OK but could use some more noticable boobage.
save file
image:163576754450.jpg(464kB , 1316x2018 , RCO020_1469032040.jpg)
Really? I mean surely kids are smart enough to make the difference between a cartoon spider and a real one.
Though true, all this was missing was the cube jellyfish to have all the dangerous outback animals present. Me, all I could think of was how this seems like a Blinky Bill ripoff when I saw that koala.
save file
image:163576795792.jpg(770kB , 1920x1080 , Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers) - 08.mkv_[2020.03.02_08.17.56].jpg)
Yeah, the Garrius guy looks like a human face with a dog nose. Brrr.
And the ONE female character looks completely human in transformed form? Yeah, typical of anime. They have been "humanwashing" anthro femmes for decades. Count me out.
Why can't every show just give female anthros proper snouted faces like Interspecies Reviewers did? Heck even older anime sometimes did it right.
save file
image:163581099030.png(1.34MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (80963).png)
LOOOL guys, this is comedy gold.
20 Bunnies Trailer (PS4/PS5)youtube thumb
So this PS4/5 rather basic platforming game was originally called 20 Ladies, and the 20 ladies you rescued at the end of each level... well, they had very little clothing on, y'see.
So in their infinite wisdom, Sony decided to censor the nude ladies with... anthro bunny ladies???
Yes, they renamed this to 20 Bunnies and replaced the art for naked gals with clothed (but still very sexy) anthro bunnies. I guess in japan, kemono (furries) are not as prevalent as here and they thought this would work?
I give it a month and there will be R34 of the bunny ladies to replace the original art... :P
Mister Twister
Censors saved the day, despite not knowing what they were doing.
>I give it a month and there will be R34 of the bunny ladies to replace the original art... :P
I give it a week. Sonic characters have porn within an hour of a new character being announced.
save file
image:163602336053.jpg(262kB , 607x602 , Martian Space Bunny from Venus.jpg)
"But if you are martian bunnies, why are you from Venus?"
"Cultural exchange program."

Link it here then when it happens! Sadly, cannot find any gameplay vids yet.
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Mister Twister
Best animated bun, still.
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It's like these animators are begging furry artists to do more Dot porn. I mean, for the "80ies Cats" - Thundercats intro parody - Dot has no shirt on at all...
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Episode 10 has a really cruel joke skit about May the Mayfly (she has a cute design).
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Basically the Warners are doing aerobics and weightlifting (and I am betting hyper-muscled Dot will get R34ed soon as well), dragging her into this saying everyone has time to work out.
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While she points out several times her species only lives for hours, the Warners just misunderstand her and continue their fittness programme
Not kidding, she literally wastes away and dies in a few minutes while the Warners are being idiotic and not noticing that she ages so much her wings fall off.
I have seen the face of horror, and it is called... MiO Energy Drink. That giraffe! Why does she have a human nose and lips? And the "boob-humps" on the camel... Blegh!
MiO Energy: Nose jobyoutube thumb