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image:159608883538.jpg(597kB , 911x1400 , RCO029_1595696586.jpg)
Previous one stopped bumping.
So, there was a Garfield Pet Force comic, apparently! Also nice villainess. Her name is Invisible Squirrel (not that she uses invisibility at all, just force fields) She only appears for a few pages, because the heroes literally been briefed on how to get out of trouble and defeat the villains, and turn them back to pure energy. Pity, she looks hot.
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image:159610702421.jpg(501kB , 900x1384 , GarfieldPetForce2014-press-6-b9582.jpg)
Pet Force can sometimes be better than it has the right to be.
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image:159673698941.jpg(1.06MB , 1920x1080 , Star Trek - Lower Decks -S01E01.mkv_[2020.08.06_19.45.44].jpg)
Well the show is terrible and unfunny, but at least we got our second ever Caitian lady out of it.

I only saw this comic with Invisible Squirrel. There are more?
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image:159673702927.jpg(822kB , 1920x1080 , Star Trek - Lower Decks -S01E01.mkv_[2020.08.06_19.55.08].jpg)
T'Ana is grumpy but at least she saves lives and does her job, unlike most of the main characters.
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image:159704524657.png(494kB , 716x536 , Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 03.38.49.png)
Teaser from a year ago. Considering quality animation takes time, and the pandemic, this was most definitely not cancelled
Catsaway | Teaservimeo thumb
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image:159704654522.jpg(636kB , 1440x1080 , Tripping the Rift - S02E12 - Chode's Near Death-Experience.mp4_[2020.08.10_09.56.07].jpg)
Dayum that dominatrix alien babe. 3 boobs! Imagine the motorboating.
I'm getting flashbacks of Arnolds Total Recall.
Mstr Twstr
I imagine living like her would be torture.
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image:159711342165.png(175kB , 296x486 , 1.png)
Envie had another episode in Kingdom Force. I still think she's nice but the show is really unknown so she is, too. I'm a sucker for massive tails.
Mstr Twstr
Tail reduction surgery would be a thing I guess.
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image:159735374015.jpg(494kB , 1920x1080 , ss_d6121541b39a3320941eb11a93c85fe4aea9e496.1920x1080.jpg)
Thanks go to Zaaset for this one!
The translation could use some work, but some nice kitties there.

She has at least one R34 on FA I know of, if you are interested. I plan on drawing her too someday, but that won't be anytime soon. Agreed that she looks great - love the whole outfit too, and she has great expressions.
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image:159739262374.png(43kB , 624x648 , happy David Stewart.png)
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image:159744795337.jpg(442kB , 1436x1080 , Daishizen no Majuu Bagi.mpg_[2019.08.19_20.12.51].jpg)
Saberspark reviews Bagi, Monster of Mighty Nature.
What the HELL is Bagi? (A CREEPY Cat Girl Anime)youtube thumb
For something that is "THE" definitive furry anime, the movie is oddly not that well known. It is not a great movie anyway, but worth watching for Bagi.
Mstr Twstr
Looks like I found a(nother) thing to disagree with you on: I think it is a good movie, not great, but not bad at all.
After seeing a Kimba review, I start to suspect that Tezuka is a hack fraud. Also, he has a transformation fetish because he keeps adding that to movies.
Also, Saberspark sharing his link on furry sites and boards is friggin desperate. And now his full schedule is nothing but furry movies, while acting all "oh how did THAT happen again" about that in his 30 years. It's friggin embarassing.

But I've learned from that, furries literally eat EVERY crap up and share it.
I am a biologist, even if not very good at genetics... as a result, I found it insulting how Tezuka portrayed most scientists as cartoon caricatures of eeeeevil in that movie. Also, the movie is all over the place, with a plot that jumps from one point to another without any reason. What did it add to the plot that the main character was a biker gang member? Why was Bagi randomly attacking the bikers when she is supposed to fight the evil scientists? Why the convoluted "poison rice" plot, and why doesn't the mother just throw that thing into an incinerator instead of tasking a mutant cat with it? The whole confusion on who killed the mother made for a terrible ending too.
Indeed, one has to wonder about that. I frankly never cared for his movies. The whole black and white morality might be good for little kids but even as a teenager I found Astro Boy to be on the levels of Redwall in villains being cartoonishly evil for evil's sake. It's just unreal. They make Gargamel, Cobra Commander and Megatron seem like nuanced villains! :D
Huh, Saberspark shared his review? On what furry sites? Does he have a FA account? I mean at this point it is clear he is a furry, he is just doing his "totally not a furry" bit as a joke.
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image:159757578449.jpg(25kB , 1600x1200 , Breezie concept2.jpg)
Might be of interest to furries and Sonic fans - concept art of Breezie, that robot hedgehog lady, from that terrible Sonic cartoon.
Mstr Twstr
If all you know of Tezuka is Astro Boy and Bagi, read Black Jack.

The Kimba movie was meant to be released in late 80s, it got delayed to 1997.
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image:159765751524.jpg(507kB , 1920x1080 , CURSE OF THE SEA RATS - Official Trailer - June 2020 (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2020.08.17_11.37.51].jpg)
Curse of the Sea Rats, a new game recently kickstarted. Has some nice anthro rat girls, and gameplay looks nice, Castlevania-like
Wasn't he a pirate? And I thought Tezuka did anime. I don't frankly read much manga.
There are several Kimba movies, which one? The one that was made AFTER Lion King and actually rips a lot of it off, which gave grounds to this conspiracy YMS recently debunked, that Disney ripped off Kimba?
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image:159765790875.jpg(414kB , 1920x1080 , CURSE OF THE SEA RATS - Official Trailer - June 2020 (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2020.08.17_11.38.35].jpg)
I particularly like Buffalo Calf, the dual wielding "rogue" style playeable lady
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image:159765792212.jpg(619kB , 1920x1080 , CURSE OF THE SEA RATS - Official Trailer - June 2020 (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2020.08.17_11.39.11].jpg)
and the knife/bomb throwing enemy rat girls.
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image:159765843226.png(2.3MB , 1920x1080 , Curse_of_the_Sea_Rats_Screenshot_9_1920x1080.png)
and the knife/bomb throwing enemy rat girls.
I lost a lot of faith in Saberspark when he shit the bed with that Great Warrior Wall video. He did no research and had nothing to say about it. He just did the video because the cat-girl was popular on twitter for about a week. I had actually known about the show since it premiered, long before its brief popularity, but it showed how little work he puts into some of his videos.
Mstr Twstr
Well, most YT reviewers are shit. No surprise there.
Mstr Twstr
The conspiracy has nothing to do with the plot. It's not the story, it's the individual elements that were plagiarized. I still think Lion King started out as an american adaptation of Kimba until Tezuka died. The end result is a completely different story, but more than half of ideas and camera shots were taken from the anime.

And speaking of Tezuka, he was a manga guy. He did manga. He was basically forced into doing anime because Japan needed it. His manga is what he was best at. And Black Jack is about an illegal surgeon who will do his best to save everyone, with or without permission (and charge a lot, unless the victim is poor).
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image:159778814163.jpg(439kB , 1436x1080 , Daishizen no Majuu Bagi.mpg_[2020.01.14_18.29.50].jpg)
Is that the one where he can do ridiculously miraculous surgeries? I seem to recall Sage reviewed an anime like that. But as I said, I don't read manga, so never heard of it.
Also dude, watch YMS' video. Tezuka was even alive when Lion King was made, and he was OK with it. Most of the "proof" that it was supposed to be a Kimba movie is mistaken or is actually from a different time. YMS is not a guy I like - in fact I kinda hate how he does his "I was in a Cannes, I am a serious art movie critic!" bit while looking like some kid from a biker gang.... But his video is really detailed and he cites all his references.

I dunno, to me he just wanted to make people aware of the show. I gotta respect that. Since I don't hang out on facebook or twitter, where else would I learn about such shows - unless someone mentions it here. (Btw, did they continue subbing it?)
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image:159778827839.jpg(1.06MB , 1500x2000 , Farkas1.jpg)
Found this sexy wolfette in a fairytale book today while waiting at the post office (yeah they sell books there too). It was Kacor Király, a hungarian tale where a cat walks into the wood after being beaten out of the house, and all the animals assume he is some terrifying predator because they never seen a cat before, so try to please him in any way. For some reason, the wolf became a gal.
There's nothing sexy about this character, poorly drawn would be a more apt descriptor
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image:159779959673.jpg(59kB , 640x480 , mpv-shot0208.jpg)
Tezuka died in 1989. Disney lent their resources to making the original anime adaptation of Kimba in the 60s, making it the first coloured anime. Everyone at Disney knew of Kimba, Disney helped make the thing.
Kimba Producer on The Lion King Controversy (Fred Ladd)youtube thumb

I tried watching the YMS video, and he spent 10 minutes saying "THE STORY IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT YOU IDIOT". Yes, I know the story is different. It's not the story, it's characters and scenes and camera angles that were stolen. Perhaps Tezuka was a-okay with it. Most likely, since he always worked with Disney, and loved their movies. The only issue is that Disney never credited Tezuka for the obvious inspiration, and threatened to sue the Tezuka estate for theft, ruining the theatrical premiere of Leo 1997 movie (again, a movie that was ready years before but got delayed). Also, YMS has an extremely punchable voice. If you want me to watch your video, at least do not grate on my ears so much.

Pic unrelated, I been typing too much. A fucking blog post, I feel dirty.
I used to think 3 hours was way too long just to prove that it's all just a coincidence, but apparently it wasn't long enough
Mstr Twstr
Wrong thread or not, perhaps you better explain yourself.
The Saprophyte
Was looking that up because I've only ever seen the standalone movie. There's an episode of one of the anime series' where he operates on a woman to turn her into a bird.

Everyone seems to be into fat asses nowdays.
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image:159796502633.jpg(248kB , 1920x1080 , Battletoads-3.jpg)
Julie Saturnrings, alien lady news reporter from the new Battletoads game. I didn't know if she quite counted to be in this thread but I think she looks very reptilian based so here she is.

That is all.
Mstr Twstr
I don't think that was in the mango. Speaking of mango, he operated on a woman to save her life, but had to cut out all the bits the makes her womanly. He was concerned she won't love him anymore after the hormonal pressure is removed. She still loves him, but it doesn't work out.
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image:159804607478.jpg(289kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E11 - T-rex and Sympathy - Postcards from the X-Zone.mp4_[2020.08.21_23.36.49].jpg)
Mr T-Rex pities da fool! (From Terrible Thunderlizards. And yes, he is voiced by Mr T... cartoons could get real celebs back then)
There is a new Battletoads game??? Huh! Yeah she looks nice. Is the game in this style too or this is just a cutscene?

To each their own. I like dem big hips. Plus it is just funny that they R63ed the wolf from this folk tale. Btw, here is the english version of the cartoon if anyone is interested.
Hungarian Folk Tales compilation - Season 1youtube thumb
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image:159804626356.jpg(336kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S01E09 - Great Balls of Fur.mp4_[2020.08.19_09.49.10].jpg)
Then I recommend you watch the whole thing. He goes into Fred Ladd's book and disproves pretty much all of it. As I said, don't like that guy, but can't argue with him. Also "Disney" is not a person. By the time 1996 came how many of the people from 1960 were still alive and working there, do you think?
I don't care enough to go and rewatch and put the points he made here in text, sorry. Maybe just turn off the audio and watch it subbed?
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image:159804634019.jpg(28kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S01E09 - Great Balls of Fur.mp4_[2020.08.19_09.49.34].jpg)
He said that about YMS's video, as it is 3 hours long. He replied to your post basically.
Mstr Twstr
Now everything in the world makes sense.
Mstr Twstr
You know Swift, you are right. When it comes to one of the oldest debates among animation fans, I owe it to myself to watch the entire 3 hours. I will use youtube-dl for this, don't want to give his video any more attention. If he shits on Tezuka, I swear......
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image:159813361513.jpg(789kB , 1920x1080 , New Looney Tunes - S02E39 1080i HDMania.ts_[2020.08.22_17.21.27].jpg)
So, new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Not really keen on Cheetah, the face is too human and the body is like those in the CGI Cats... but maybe the final CGI will look better, who knows.
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer #2youtube thumb

Nah. He clearly watched ALL the Kimba shows for this, and he actually mostly liked them (even if he points out some of the weirder parts like how/why he keeps his dad's SKIN around and even wears it sometimes... That creeped me out a lot too as a kid when I saw the show). He goes through all the iterations of Kimba - I think there were like 3 series and 4 movies or something. I don't think I even heard of some of the series he mentions.
Just be prepared there are looooong sections where he rebuts the arguments of those who say "the Lion King had this and this scene clearly lifted from Kimba" and then shows how many such scenes the first Kimba series had and how common they are as generic plots used in such shows, making the comparisons impossible to avoid.
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image:159818462357.jpg(108kB , 640x480 , Yattaman Female werewolf transformation.mp4_[2020.08.23_14.08.36].jpg)
Found this today- from Yattaman. Cute werewolf girl, and at the end the three villains also become werewolves.
Female werewolf transformationyoutube thumb
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image:159830768437.jpg(1.62MB , 1988x3056 , RCO005_1573657937.jpg)
Thanks goes to Zaaset for this. Alternate universe Cheetah/Lion-Mane mashup character, called Lion-Miss (yeah, silly name)
If you like monster girls so much how about some in actual comic form

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image:159845202107.jpg(653kB , 887x597 , Vanth's mom has got it going on.jpg)
From the Dreamkeepers prequel webcomic.
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image:159868769466.jpg(653kB , 1920x1080 , Miss Fitna (564).jpg)
Seems The Donkey King got an english dub all of a sudden. It is up on Amazon Prime. And Saberspark just reviewed it!

What the HELL is The Donkey King?youtube thumb
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image:159869211294.jpg(138kB , 810x1080 , Wonder-Woman-1984-Cheetah-006.jpg)
Guess new Cheetah has full on Amazing Spiderman Lizard syndrome with the ugly human face. Really disappointing. Pity as the rest of the body look nice, she even has digitigrade legs.

Yeah I am aware of this guy's art, seen it before. Those are some sexy mermaids. Though this isn't really the right topic for them, most people would argue mermaids are not furry, y'know. ;)
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image:159870151254.jpg(1,014kB , 1920x1080 , Tuca and Bertie - S01E10 - SweetBeak.mkv_[2019.08.09_09.46.32].jpg)
Seems among all the rampant cancellations this year, Tuca and Bertie still got itself a second season. Looking forward to it. Not BoJack Horseman, but I enjoyed it for what it was.
She had cute paws but I find her face offputting.
Mstr Twstr
She is scheming.
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image:159881371639.png(133kB , 600x600 , 1503721284802.png)
Found this at an archived /co/
Mstr Twstr
She just won the Master Slicer contest.
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image:159899344778.jpg(793kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_22.50.28].jpg)
Thanks to Zaaset - anime about some MMO game, has some amazing looking twin Anubis girls.
ゼノンザード THE ANIMATION 7話 Leites -Like a human-youtube thumb

Well, she has the whole "drawn to be evil" syndrome, like Maleficent, or Jafar.
I love her scheming face. And throughout the movie, she does Frank Underwood style breaking of the fourth wall where she turns to the audience and explains what she is doing and chuckles maniacally. :D
Which Cheetah is that? Justice League Action?
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image:159899349030.jpg(861kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_22.50.53].jpg)
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image:159899350422.jpg(827kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_22.51.12].jpg)
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image:159899353200.jpg(864kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_22.51.55].jpg)
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image:159899356750.jpg(192kB , 900x750 , Junk Kangaroo.jpg)
The card game has some neat anthros too, male and female.
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image:159899410148.jpg(709kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_22.59.35].jpg)
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image:159899411997.jpg(815kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_23.00.49].jpg)
I guess the Anubis gals know they are just game characters, or something?
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image:159899432704.jpg(685kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_23.05.08].jpg)
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image:159899461581.jpg(846kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_23.09.31].jpg)
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image:159899531383.jpg(593kB , 1920x1080 , Zenonzard - ゼノンザード .mp4_[2020.09.01_23.20.25].jpg)
I wonder if this will turn into furry Westworld? Seems like it so far considering how apparently all the monsters in this attraction are robots... and she starts to question her identity.
I have a pet peeve when animal girls are drawn without fur. Maybe the fur is implied but it's always bothered me. Callie from Swat Kats or Gadget from Rescue Rangers fall in the same boat. Let these girls have fur, dammit.
Mstr Twstr
West = fur is implied, no one draws it because it's hard work and no one really cares too much. East = much more pandering to otakus who buy expensive figurines and "fan comics", they want their basically human waufus to look a specific way, animal features are really accessories slapped on a human anime girl.
The egyptian gods weren't furries, they had fully human body and the head of an animal.

>no one draws it because it's hard work and no one really cares too much. East = much more pandering to otakus who buy expensive figurines and "fan comics",

Western shows are extremely under budgeted so they can't draw all the strands of fur. They only draw it when it's part of the character sheet, like Callie's tail or the general shape of the cheeks of Razor and T-bone in Swat Kats. Look at shows from the 30s and 40s when they could afford actual animation, and animal characters usually had more detail to make them look like they have fur or feather covered bodies.

Anime draws it more often not because of pandering but because they can do more on smaller budgets due to eastern animators being more industrious (or they have higher budgets - I dunno). Basically they can afford more detail. Or at least they did in the 80s, nowadays anime seems pretty fucking cheaply animated to me. That youtube link for example looks saturday morning cartoon awful.
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image:159909124606.jpg(252kB , 991x800 , fucking buried Sphynx how does it work.jpg)
Well, what egyptians actually thought about their gods is pretty much irrelevant. People can debate until they are out of breath, and no one will be right, since pagans actually had very loose "canon" which differed from village to village, and unified churches with a dogmatic canon weren't the norm.
The Saprophyte
Meh, it only bothers me when it's "magic" fur that defines fine musculature but hides nips and camel toes.
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image:159967545504.png(1.97MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (53796).png)
Damn, alternate universe Tawna is HOT. Dat ass!
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - New Gameplay Tawna Revealyoutube thumb
Didn't know there is a new game coming. Likely only for consoles so I won't play it anytime soon. Here is hoping we get Bratgirls again.
Mstr Twstr
They forgot her tail btw.
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image:160033617250.jpg(254kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S02E11 - The Great Eekscape - Eek Goes to the Hot Spot.mp4_[2020.09.17_11.46.24].jpg)
Quick one - when Eek and Sharky are at the pound, a raccoon prisoner is visited by his wife. "Just one more garbage can baby, I just knock over one more garbage can, you said... Now look at you now!" :D
Mstr Twstr
The only reason no one talks about Eek anymore is because it is super hard to find a good quality rip.
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image:160059352740.jpg(277kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S02E08 - Quadrapedia - The Frying Game.mp4_[2020.09.15_08.43.30].jpg)
Oh, then you'll like what's coming. I been ripping the Czech FoxKids DVDs for a while now, just need to fix some S3 episodes that oddly got sped up for some reason then will share them. I got them years ago and started to rip them for Kametsu but some guy beat me to it, so I stopped. With that site gone his rips disappeared too, though, so I decided to restart.
There are 13 DVDs, in english, but sadly this is far from complete. Seasons 1 and 2 are all there (albeit totally mixed up, I had to cut and edit them together) but 2 half episodes are missing from Season 3. No Season 4, sadly.
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image:160059360330.jpg(744kB , 1273x1860 , RCO019_1599408582.JPG)
Ancient furry art, this is from an 1949 comedy strip comic (man, humor was... not that great back then). Sexy kitty nurse.
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image:160059401909.jpg(254kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E03 - Shark Doggy Dog - Fatal Eektraction.mp4_[2020.08.16_16.41.14].jpg)
And yeah, Eek! is one of those shows that I liked both as a kid because of the regular joke, and now as an adult because I get the rather adult innuendos and the references. There is a whole episode parody of Apocalypse Now, Star TrEek has the green space alien babes be literally called "Green Space Babes" and Kirk-Eek even has a redshit beam down with them explaining that it is so any horrible accident will happen to him, not the main characters... :D Or how Fatal EekTraction is a parody of Fatal Attraction (a movie I could not have really seen as a kid) and the ending makes fun of how stupid all these "She was his brother/sister/second cousin twice removed all along!" twists are.
I also get now - never having seen action movies in original english as a kid - how Doc's speech pattern on Terrible Thunderlizards is a parody of Arnie's.
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image:160059698850.jpg(267kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S02E14 - It's a Very Merry Eek's Mas.mp4_[2020.09.20_12.14.59].jpg)
LOOOL... Playdoe.
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image:160065644278.jpg(13kB , 910x664 , traditional american furry art.jpg)
Nah, I'm good. The complete 640:480 rips I have look good enough.

You want ancient?
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image:160071035971.jpg(321kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S02E06 - Night on Squishy Mountain - Let's Make a Wheel.mp4_[2020.09.14_08.49.31].jpg)
Hmm, and you got all episodes? Can you share? I was not aware the whole show was released on DVD or aired anywhere. Have not found any torrents either of anything but TVrips.
Nice art, where is it from?
Mstr Twstr
I have no idea who drew the thing, perhaps one day I did, but it's not included in the filename. I can send you the Eek torrent, see if it works.
The Saprophyte
So you're in to those now. If that's the one I think it is, there's a lot of cute cats and mice. (was holding some things in reserve while I was first hoarding stuff for lists and kinda forgot about it) I think it's also the one with the infamous Pussy story.

Nope, My mistake, That was a different funny animal comic:

I know that style. Some noted children's book author, and it's not that old. 70's at the most.
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image:160086477171.jpg(71kB , 500x594 , ancient japanese catgirl.jpg)
Okay, fine. Here's something more ancient. You will be surprised where I found it.
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image:160093064475.jpg(318kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E02 - The Good, the Bad and the Squishy - Shark Doggy Dog.mp4_[2020.09.24_08.55.13].jpg)
Thanks, but never mind, I found it on MyLiver. Ah sorry, Myspleen. :D To be frank the audio quality is pretty bad on some episodes, so you'd benefit from downloading mine. Plus no FoxTV logos. I posted the link in the cartoon sharing topic.
Mstr Twstr
If they are all 720p and blurry like that, I guess I'll pass. Plus it seems the deinterlacing was not done properly.
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image:160093757621.jpg(321kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E02 - The Good, the Bad and the Squishy - Shark Doggy Dog.mp4_[2020.09.24_08.54.19].jpg)
Hey Twister, btw, you managed to watch the YMS video on Kimba since then?

Oh I too agree... but I am giving it a pass for Anubis, since in their depictions Egyptian gods have no fur on their body. Only their heads are animal-like
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image:160093772196.jpg(34kB , 640x464 , Elaine169.jpg)
Like JLU Cheetah. :)
That said, on Elaine from Cybersix they made her fur "tuft-y" enough that I can believe her nipples and pussy are simply hidden under all that fuzz.
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image:160093808582.jpg(146kB , 640x480 , Eek! The Cat - 313A - This Eek's Your Life - 306B - Try Hard [s-mouche].avi_[2020.09.24_10.57.45].jpg)
It's upscaled to 720p but that's irrelevant given how you watch everything on full screen, no?
Sorry but everything DVD is blurry. I checked the ones you use, they aren't any better. Motion blur between frames is not something you can get rid of. It's there on the DVD original too, no matter if I just use the VOB files.
I dunno why you and some people are so ridiculously snooty about free stuff on the internet instead of being thankful for it. You never paid a dime for this stuff I am sharing for free and it is not available to the general public (MySpleen is invite only).
Also no idea why you expect an 1992 show to look pristine and like a HD 1080p thing you get off Netflix for new shows. Even when old shows are re-aired on Netflix or Amazon Prime, they will not ever have that resolution or quality.
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image:160093855827.jpg(97kB , 339x500 , Mackó Úr.jpg)
Thanks - if you have examples, please share. I only go through it for the anthros, and would be a great help if I did not have to scroll through endless issues for a few females.
I am sure there are plenty ancient art of anthros in folk tale illustration. That's not what I meant. I have seen many myself in western art. And we had anthro animals in kids' story books Hungary also had its fair share of such.
The "Maczkó Úr" (literally Mr. Bear) travel books of Transylvania were very famous and the first one was released in 1903.
The one I posted was actually drawn sexy, and I have not seen many of those.
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image:160094311710.png(88kB , 605x333 , Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 06.23.56.png)
I will wait until I am in the mood for it. I don't normally watch unpleasant things.
Mstr Twstr
Only in the real world, genitals (and asshole) are usually UNcovered by too much hair, for very practical reasons.
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image:160102562907.gif(6.18MB , 600x336 , elk hula girl.gif)
Elmo has some kinky thoughts of dancing hula-hula elk girls.

Isn't a reboot in the works? Any trailers? Or wait that was animaniacs, maybe.

True, but on 2-legged anthro animals where fur and genitals both hang down due to gravity, I can find it believable that tufts of hair would cover them.
save file
image:160113796492.jpg(4.63MB , 1520x2209 , 00.jpg)
Managed to scan the Wonder Woman and the Cheetah Challenge book today, at least the illustrations from it. Here you go!
save file
image:160113799355.jpg(5.91MB , 2820x2232 , 01.jpg)
She steals a golden idol at the fair
save file
image:160113802248.jpg(4.91MB , 2500x1955 , 02.jpg)
Of course despite her speed, Diana steals her hostages.
save file
image:160113806368.jpg(4.05MB , 2500x1923 , 03.jpg)
Fast is your middle name? I thought it was "Ann" from Barbara Ann Minerva. :P
save file
image:160113814471.jpg(4.26MB , 2500x1956 , 06.jpg)
Yikes, cheese must be a pain to get out of fur. I expect she will lick herself clean... mmm. :P
save file
image:160113820008.jpg(4.12MB , 2500x1952 , 08.jpg)
Ironic reversal as it's the cat hosing down someone.
save file
image:160113824247.jpg(3.85MB , 2500x1934 , 09.jpg)
Y'd think she would realize the monsters are holograms due to her having a great sense of smell... but nope.
save file
image:160113832687.jpg(3.91MB , 2500x1922 , 10.jpg)
As usual, it all ends with some bondage. WW sure is into that. :P Then she makes Cheetah clean up the mess she made, too.
save file
image:160116703236.jpg(958kB , 1920x1080 , Star Trek - Lower Decks - S01E08 - Veritas.mkv_[2020.09.27_02.29.03].jpg)
So I guess Gorn ladies have boobs - if you consider Lower Decks canon. Hate that show, but cute designs.
File deleted
new preview of the Zoophobia short
save file
image:160132855853.png(1.67MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (54817).png)
Man, rare occasion when ugly animation and terrible writing matches to make the worst show I have seen in a while.

What show are they from?
Yeah, we posted about them a few times before. From the Sonic comics. They are really just pretending to be interested in Tails as they want to keep Sonic at their village on orders.
save file
image:160132872952.png(1.82MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (54769).png)
Hey, King Sphinx will be getting a toy.
Is this the same team who made the Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel? Man, why are they churning out like, 3 pilots now, instead of sticking to one show and producing it? 'cause if their previous 2 attempts did not find them a funding neither will this.
Mister Twister
Well, it's her life. If she thinks making a bunch of shorts is better than sticking to one thing for a long time, let her make that risk. IF it works out, she wins big time.
The Glo Friends. Have you forgot?
The Saprophyte
The really asinine thing is this one is based on the cute webcomic she abandoned in favor of the other stuff.
Vivziepop new short is out
Zoophobia Bad Luck Jack
ZooPhobia - "Bad Luck Jack" (Short)youtube thumb
Mister Twister
The problem with Zoophobia is that the premise and name are both stupid.
>young woman is afraid of all animals
>gets to be a counselor in an all-animal-people school
You, the reader, get to see IMMEDIATELY that all those animal people are no more dangerous than PEOPLE people. Very often the story is told from the perspective of the animal people, which shows they are DEFINITELY not dangerous, mostly good people. Both the name, and the premise, destroyed instantly.
save file
image:160184669358.png(2.07MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (55464).png)
Catfight, erm, wolf-fight between sisters!

I doubt this will work out for her. Too many ladels in too many pots. She should have a plan for a whole series, a plot mapped out, then start going door to door with studios. If SyFy greenlit crap like what I posted above... they can do this too.

Ah, the art style seemed familiar. It would help if you had a name, then I'd know "ah it is the guy who posts the Glo Friends stuff" instead of "yet another anonymous".
save file
image:160184698717.png(2.31MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (55473).png)
I tuned out immediately when I realized it is basically a musical. And not a very good one. ARGH all the singing...
WTF is the weird orange bug thing with a snake tail? Are these supposed to be real animals yet they live in a human city... where no humans are to be seen anywhere? I guess also this is another "enlightend species do not wear clothing" thing. And I have to say the designs are way too similar to each other. At least she should vary the body types more.
File deleted
save file
image:160188808077.jpg(287kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E06 - Paw Sores - A Sharkdog Day Afternoon.mp4_[2020.10.05_08.50.14].jpg)
Found another lady of interest in Eek! the Cat - Tara the Sharkdog. Yeah, she is a Sarah Connor parody, when the future robot dogcatchers send back a sharkinator to terminate Sharky, she travels back to save her as Sharky's great-great grandson will be the leader of the resistance. Sound familiar? :D Sharky even falls in love with her.
So the story is about a human yet she is not even in the cartoon?
save file
image:160188810494.jpg(303kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E06 - Paw Sores - A Sharkdog Day Afternoon.mp4_[2020.10.05_09.01.19].jpg)
Of course this is Eek, so it all ends with both her and the sharkinator realizing they got the wrong Sharky (the real one is in Cleveland) and both leaving back in time. :D She has a cute design, tanktop and army camo pants.
Mister Twister
It is its own world, clothing is often optional.
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image:160215594155.jpg(28kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E07 - Eekstremely Dull- Lord of the Fleas.mp4_[2020.10.08_13.13.56].jpg)
Eek meets his new neighbours, Steven the Squirrel and his incredibly boring family. Y'know the type, who will show you boring family videos until the sky turns blue...
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image:160230738348.png(1.01MB , 690x708 , 3.png)
German movie. She's some sort of woodland faerie but she's an animal of some sort.

Get ready for the ride of your life, in #DragonRider!youtube thumb
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image:160230921221.jpg(44kB , 875x1200 , DR_Sor_CP01_A4_b.jpg)
save file
image:160230922422.jpg(101kB , 1024x1405 , drachenreiter-27-rcm1024x0u.jpg)
Mister Twister
I already decided I will buy it when I can. By the way, posted earlier and no one gave a damn >>423793
Mister Twister
It is hilarious when anons post waifus to get free porn.
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image:160257554008.jpg(337kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E12 - The Hurting Show - Planet of the Crepes.mp4_[2020.10.13_09.48.21].jpg)
More Mrs Galapagos. Funny that she is MORE dressed when in a swimsuit than in her regular clothes. :D

I replied back then too. She looks cute, but I dunno when or if ever this will see a release in COVID times.
It's even more strange when it actually works. I seen it happen. Must be a ton of artists with super fast drawing times and no ideas sitting around on 4chan.
Bobsheaux reviewed 100% Wolf
100% Wolf Reviewyoutube thumb
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image:160260354297.jpg(303kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S03E13 - Cromagnon Farce - Boo Thunder.mp4_[2020.10.13_17.35.49].jpg)
Sexy dino stewardess (from Terrible Thunderlizards). Maaaan those thighs.
Mister Twister
Thanks, will never watch.
save file
image:160270048383.png(1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (55864).png)
Cute dog mom from... I guess spanish or portugese toon?
• Gui e Estopa • 3ª Temporada - ao vivoyoutube thumb

The movie is still 100% terrible, even if you don't watch the review. ;) Sorry I can get you defending Spark, but this one was a pure trainwreck, so many cliches and even character designs ripped off from other movies. And the 1 minute "peeing on everything" scene in the cell... I could lived my life without seeing that.
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image:160270050610.png(1.22MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (55878).png)
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image:160273654139.jpg(1.23MB , 1920x2900 , loic-liok-bramoulle-foxy-print-04.jpg)
Not sure how many times we've done that song and dance, MT. Going back to the Geronimo Stilton threads in 2010. Considering we share common interests I'm not sure why you're always so hostile.
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image:160275338343.png(16kB , 140x140 , rf pokebird says.png)
I will laugh at people making threads with hidden true intent, if I feel like it, no matter who made it. And if I live rent-free in your head, I will laugh at that too. Also, you don't have to like me, like ever. You can live a very long and fulfilling life thinking I am a shit-head and your personal arch enemy, that is perfectly fine.

Oh, and not every poster who disagrees with you on 4chan Prime is me. Please understand.
On /co/ you HAD to have hidden true intent. Furry stuff was banned from the board for six years, after the great purge of 2014. It was only recently that they changed their rules to allow it back on the board. In that time I had no choice but to adapt, to mask threads about waifus in specific ways and frame it as certain discussions. To an extent, I still feel masks are necessary.
>It was only recently that they changed their rules to allow it back on the board.
Huh, I missed that, that's probably why I saw a thread yesterday with Leggy as the OP. What was it that finally changed their stance? Was it ever officially announced or did people just noticed that janitors didn't delete them anymore?
The old rules said "furry outside of /b/" was against the rules. Within the past year they adjusted it to specifically say "furry porn outside of /b/". Some janitors were slow to get the memo but they've begrudgingly been complying for the most part. But if too many people post porn they still nuke threads completely.
Mister Twister
That is actually a very good point. Perhaps it's because I don't make such threads where I just want a spam of pretty lady images, I forget that there are loads of people who want just that.
>It was only recently that they changed their rules to allow it back on the board.
What the fuck?
Are you telling me that you don't score 3-days for worksafe Caturday drawthread requests?
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image:160357445372.png(529kB , 762x900 , o.png)
bigger is better
save file
image:160357787506.jpg(2kB , 125x125 , 1603575251932s.jpg)
got this at 4chan co. I didn't ask for it but yea. Amazing
save file
image:160366019438.png(18kB , 932x1072 , 1603659429669.png)
I do ask requests sometimes on 4chan but never got any results. However now I got my absolute first request finished to me and very happy about it. I simply asked "Requesting the skunk sitting at a table while having a drink" and it was exactly what I wanted.
I thanked the artist greatly.
I should calm down my excitement, but it just me so happy.
Man, you should be happy your request didn't just get deleted, let alone getting a delivery.
I did keep an eye on the thread and it was there, my eyes went WIDE open :)
I also said: "Cheers for my first finished request!" (not to sound cocky by any means, I just found it fitting and also funny) lol
All the more power to you.
And judging from the bottom right scribble, the artist is most likely a chad.
I know right? XD
I very rarely ask for requests but mostly get results.
I asked for Katia giving someone a bear hug but the artist was very drunk and drew her as a koala in a tree. It was nice. I think I lost it when my archive was accidentally deleted. RIP
Mister Twister
That looks the opposite of not very good, you are lucky.
save file
image:160393378256.png(2.21MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (56468).png)
New Tito Lizzardo clip, with more kitties.
La Gozadera cover (Gente de Zona) | TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY Byoutube thumb
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image:160395584483.png(405kB , 512x384 , 35 - ri2L7Wm.png)
After Animaniacs, Tiny Toons is getting a reboot too. Spielberg must need the moolah, I guess and only found out recently that nostalgia sells?

Context please? Who is that fox? And what are you even responding to? I mean Mister Twister is ALWAYS dismissive and likes to hint at stuff instead of sharing it like most other people do, that's just his thing... but I see little reason to call him out on this all the time, he is not likely to change.
save file
image:160395596266.png(2.05MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (56465).png)
What comic is that skunk from? Does not seem familiar.
Mister Twister
Some drama on 4chan Prime. He is really angry I disagreed with him a couple of times. That is literally it. Has been angry at me ever since.
Mister Twister
Well, this has to be 100% nostalgia. They will not have the balls to age up the characters and show where they are now.
save file
image:160396063132.jpg(232kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E03 - Pre-Hysteric Men - Molten Rock-N-Roll.mp4_[2020.10.29_09.28.01].jpg)
More Margery, the sexy dino secretary of General Galapagos.

How can you recognize this guy? He is just "anonymous" here. Too afraid to give a name? At any rate if he really wants to argue he should do it in mails not hijack the topic.

Yeah, sadly they are just repeating the same. We have sadly moved past the time when shows had the balls to do a proper continuation of old shows, like Batman Beyond, or how the Ben 10 shows got progressively more serious (at least until Omniverse where Ben mentally got de-aged to 10 again I feel).
save file
image:160396070940.jpg(269kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E03 - Pre-Hysteric Men - Molten Rock-N-Roll.mp4_[2020.10.29_09.28.42].jpg)
Yeah, back then not even female characters were exempt to cartoony violence (she got the door slammed on her). Doubt that'll ever happen again in today's climate.
Mister Twister
I'll tell you.
Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #69. she only appear in one page
sonic the hedgehog archie comics issue 69
>issue 69
Clearly she's some party slut then who goes out to get drunk and gangbanged
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image:160399704357.png(1.87MB , 1205x774 , googlebooks.png)
Googlebooks where SOO kind today:)
Mister Twister
It's funny how that Sonic stylistically clashes with pretty much everyone on the page.
The art of the Archie comics was fucking terrible.
Mister Twister
I was referencing the fact that Sonic himself was drawn extremely cartoony to begin with and looks weird standing next to ANYONE drawn to be somewhat believable in the anatomy department. Even the Sonic Movie, as it came out, is miles better in the believably department.

Basically I am trying to get across that Sonic's design was kind of shit to begin with, except MAYBE in the first few Sega games he was designed for. Take him out of those games, and put him anywhere else and he looks just wrong.
That's what the other guy said too, just not in so many words.
Mister Twister
I keep forgetting Lackadaisy animated is a thing. Perhaps because I never wanted it to be a thing.
Its not like it would ever live up to how classy the comic is art-wise
Mister Twister
More like it is perfect as a comic, good as is.
save file
image:160435049305.jpg(2kB , 640x480 , Disneys.Mighty.Ducks.S01E03.A.Traitor.Among.Us.DSNP.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-alfaHD.mkv_[2020.11.02_20.59.20].jpg)
An oft-forgotten duck beauty, Lucretia DeCoy from Mighty Ducks.

Didn't know, but not surprised. Seems young animators are cheaper by the dozen these days as more and more webcomics and youtubers get animations made for them, while years ago not many could afford such a thing.
save file
image:160435089198.png(1.29MB , 1365x767 , Perci_Staci_and_Zooey.png)
Ah thanks. She looked familiar. Probably seen her posted.
Speaking of Sonic, why is there so little art of Perci and Staci? They are amazing, and I mean... TWINS! Double the fun! I only recently learned Perci was also in the game. I thought they were created for the show.
save file
image:160435096947.jpg(225kB , 640x480 , Disneys.Mighty.Ducks.S01E03.A.Traitor.Among.Us.DSNP.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-alfaHD.mkv_[2020.11.02_21.00.53].jpg)
LOOOL the place is called Deer John's. Classic.
save file
image:160435105570.jpg(223kB , 640x480 , Disneys.Mighty.Ducks.S01E03.A.Traitor.Among.Us.DSNP.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-alfaHD.mkv_[2020.11.02_21.01.24].jpg)
I dunno, I feel the Archie comics tried to reduce the whole "giant head, scrawny body" ratio to more normal levels than the games. I could never get into Amy or the game style, but Lupe on the other hand... Much better proportioned.
>I dunno, I feel the Archie comics tried to reduce the whole "giant head, scrawny body" ratio to more normal levels than the games.

Only for the side characters. The main characters like Sonic had even larger heads, scrawnier bodies, and limbs as thin as a skeletons but with muscle on them. See the image here >>419465
Mister Twister
In a way, I am happy for them. What better way to start than animating something you already like?
Mister Twister
I could not make through more than 2 seconds, fucking bueno music.
Rec me some furry works (comics and cartoons) that aren't completely trash, please, something like Blacksad for instance.
Mister Twister
Can only recommend what I am reading. Dreamkeepers and Lackadaisy. One is high fantasy, the other is Prohibition era gangster wannabees.
I'll check it out, thanks!
save file
image:160446249422.jpg(317kB , 1500x728 , mouse guard characters.jpg)
I will also suggest you read Mouse Guard, it's a simple story about mice trying to fend for themselves in a world where predators of course exist, but with a pinch of mouse politics and a touch of mouse war. Creator does not call himself a furry, but who fucking cares, if you love making animal stories, then you love animal characters regardless of how you call yourself.
Is this one of those things were mice are the "cute protagonist" people while rats are the "evil and cruel", like Redwall?
Rats get a bad rap, when in real life the little dudes are much smarter and more benevolent, the only shame when it comes to having rats as pets is their short lifespans.
Mister Twister
As far as I know rats don't even appear.
save file
image:160457391877.jpg(257kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E07 - Show Squirls - Night of the Living Duds.mp4_[2020.11.05_08.32.45].jpg)
Poor Margery gets involved in all sorts of accidents... banana peel slips

I started it and read the first volume some years ago, but it did not grab me. Character designs are not really anthro, and the politcs are rather convoluted. Also, the whole thing smells to be very much "inspired" by Redwall, albeit with less of the fantasy racism of that show/book since mice can be villains here too.
save file
image:160457393598.jpg(209kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E07 - Show Squirls - Night of the Living Duds.mp4_[2020.11.05_08.33.34].jpg)
Apple core to the head KO...
save file
image:160457395335.jpg(246kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E07 - Show Squirls - Night of the Living Duds.mp4_[2020.11.05_08.34.42].jpg)
melon crust to the face...
save file
image:160457398480.jpg(223kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E07 - Show Squirls - Night of the Living Duds.mp4_[2020.11.05_08.34.51].jpg)
Hey General, I think this constitutes as workplace harassment! What'd the wife says? ;)
save file
image:160457426776.jpg(253kB , 1280x720 , Eek the Cat-S05E05 - Fists of Furry - The Island of Dr Meow.mp4_[2020.11.02_10.51.11].jpg)
I watched only 1 season of Redwall then just skimmed the rest. I absolutely hated it same as I hate shows where the villains are all 100% chaotic evil without not just redeeming qualities, but being interesting or nuanced. They are all incredibly 2-dimensional evil for evil's sake bastards, and without exceptions they all die at the ends from usually "poetic" reasons. It's at least as boring and trite as most anime villains. And our heroes are not much better given they are all huge cliches as well.
And it was not even worth watching for any femmes, since while there are some female anthros in it, they are not drawn as feminine at all.
save file
image:160458155517.png(2.33MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (56863).png)
Gotta their reaction when Mombot asks whether Amy and Sonic are friends or... more?
And of course Sticks has to be brutally honest once again.
Btw, never having played the games, is Sticks the same paranoid conspiracy theorist wild child as in the show?

Sorry, the one you linked seems to be a Timesweepers girl?
I loved that song. :)
The Sonic Boom games aren't anywhere nearly good as the show is far as I know.
save file
image:160458201588.jpg(503kB , 1041x1600 , RCO006_1469389403.jpg)
Pffft. Blacksad is part film noir story ripoff, part communist propaganda (especially the last stories). Also the artist is incapable of drawing proper furry ladies. Their faces are just human faces with a muzzle awkwardly slapped on.
There are no good comics nowadays so hard to find good furry comics. And I am sorry, I just don't like webcomics, at all, that's not a format that I enjoy, eventually most of them turn crap sooner or later with story arcs clearly not planned out in advanced or they turn grimdark when someone pulls the drama tag (in Shortpacked, they literally did that!). That, or the author adds so many characters every ounce of the original story prospect is lost in 2 years or so.
If I have to strain myself... The Astounding Wolf-Man was good. Not really a furry story but main character is basically Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne style billionaire who gets bitten by a werewolf and becomes a superhero with the help of an ancient vampire. Then there are several twists... The good thing is it is a finite story, it was like 40 issues or so, with a planned beginning and end. It is set in the Image universe and crosses over once with Invincible. Speaking of which...
Invincible is fucking garbage as a comic.
save file
image:160458389731.jpg(521kB , 1280x1939 , RCO010_1469315784.jpg)
Nice poses in this one. Love when she bursts out laughing.

Yeah, it is. I only skimmed it for the anthros. But Astounding Wolf-Man is not written by Garth Ennis but Robert Kirkman. Also was wrong, it is only 25 issues.
Other than suffering from Kirkman storytelling, the concept is pretty good. The part I hate the most is that it spends so much time building up an interesting world and then kills half the interesting stuff in it. It's the polar opposite of what other capeshit does, building up a status quo and never allowing it to be changed.

Best Tiger was the most fun character in a capeshit comic in such a long time.
Kirkman is a shit writer that drags his comics out for way too long to milk 'em.

The Walking Dead franchise is more of a zombie than the 'walkers' it features.
>Kirkman is a shit writer that drags his comics out for way too long to milk 'em.
Compared to what? Spiderman has been a late 20s loser for the past 40 years.
That is unrelated to what Kirkman does with his own personal creations/universe.

Big Two comicbooks are huge cancerous tumors that should die off, this is an obvious fact. If his own overdrawn works can be compared to those old behemoths in just a fraction of the time then that's an even more damning thing.
save file
image:160465819330.jpg(851kB , 1920x1080 , [Zorori-Project] Motto! Majimeni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori - 23 [H265]{1080P][860EBE6A].avi_[2020.11.04_23.43.12].jpg)
Kaiketsu Zorori has a new series this year. This gal is Rose, a recurring spy cat girl.

As I said but I guess you are too ADHD to read more than one sentence, this comic is only 25 issues and it is NOT dragged out. I never read or watched Walking Dead exactly because I know it is a long slog of nothing happening, based on reading the episode synopsis, and watching reviews.
save file
image:160465824136.jpg(1.05MB , 1920x1080 , [Zorori-Project] Motto! Majimeni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori - 23 [H265]{1080P][860EBE6A].avi_[2020.11.04_23.38.05].jpg)
I am a bit ambivalent on her design, looks too much like a human head with a muzzle and ears tacked on (and I dislike ears on top of the head instead of the proper place)
save file
image:160465832115.jpg(967kB , 1920x1080 , [Zorori-Project] Motto! Majimeni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori - 23 [H265]{1080P][860EBE6A].avi_[2020.11.04_23.44.25].jpg)
(And for anyone who would reply with "this is anime", anime are just japanese cartoons, it had been agreed ages ago with everyone here that anthros from japanese media belong here as well in this topic... I am too old to do that same old song and dance again.)
save file
image:160465835918.jpg(897kB , 1920x1080 , [Zorori-Project] Motto! Majimeni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori - 23 [H265]{1080P][860EBE6A].avi_[2020.11.04_23.40.28].jpg)
Here is a kappa lady too. Not a species you see females of often.
Mister Twister
I know I can "borrow" the entire show at any time, but I still want to buy an official subbed Zorori release. I want it to get imported.
save file
image:160469822785.jpg(168kB , 720x567 , Angels-running03.jpg)
Wolfwalkers -not really an anthro movie but sort of has werewolves, I know how some people here count non-anthro wolves as anthros too. The animation is really good and unique. Film Brain was gushing all about it, he really seems to have liked it.
Projector @ LFF: WolfWalkers (REVIEW)youtube thumb

It's doubtful, more well known anime have never been dubbed to english.
I bought the DVD from Japan with the Bururu Angels episode back when I learned about them (as there were no DVDrips around yet at the time) - yeah, I kinda obsessed about these gals.
Oh and surprised nobody posted this - Helluva Boss first episode is out. More of that werewolf girl.
HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1youtube thumb
Mister Twister
It was already posted. It's not exclusively furry, so anon put it into /co/ general.
save file
image:160474859004.jpg(189kB , 1600x2264 , spark_and_vix_by_breakoutclub_dcaay54-fullview.jpg)
Some Spark fanart for ya' Twister.

There is a general topic? Never seen it, will have to check.
save file
image:160475302669.jpg(552kB , 1920x1080 , DuckTales (2017) - S03E14 - The Split Sword of Swanstantine.mkv_[2020.11.07_13.42.16].jpg)
Super hot wolfie from DuckTales
Mister Twister
I don't actually ship it, but thanks a lot.
There's more to this board than your obnoxious furry spamming.
For example there's a pony thread.
save file
image:160485698795.jpg(86kB , 640x480 , Eek the Cat-S05E09 - Rock-Eek 6 - Eekscaliber.avi_[2020.11.08_18.30.06].jpg)
Somewhat relevant to the current news - a dragon with the looks and speech patterns of Sean Connery shows up in Eek the Cat (probably a reference to Dragonheart).
"I know smoking is bad for me, but I just cannot stop... y'know, being a fire-breathing dragon."
God rest his soul... I cannot believe he really died with Sir Billie being the last movie he appeared in. That's probably worse than Orson Welles' last role being Unicron...

If you don't like this topic, there is a bloody "hide/collapse" button, y'know? Looks like a minus sign? I do that to the Teenage Robot fetish topic, myself. To each their own. If you don't care for this topic, you can just hide it and you will never have to see it again.
Mister Twister
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image:160494485838.jpg(264kB , 1200x1600 , Latara model sheet.jpg)
Might interest someone. Latara model sheet from Ewoks.
Fucking lmao
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image:160503093909.jpg(76kB , 1053x923 , Elz-_BAWMAAll0V.jpg)
Surprisingly, Tito Lizzardo is gaining traction online. I posted it months ago, here and on /co/, but it gained traction from twitter artists a week ago.
Yeah, in such a few months and it all started in July.
Btw, forgive me if I bring this up but man what I wouldn't give to see a clip with Catty Baby booty shake for once, considering when she wears leggings in one of solo post.
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image:160525370719.jpg(233kB , 1600x1112 , Comics07.jpg)
Never knew Dinosaucers had comics back in the day too. Maybe only in Spain.

I posted it here in june too, I think, or whenever it surfaced, and nothing. I think people saw these Tiktok videos recently and that's why all the art is suddenly happening. There was some fanart before this month though already.
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image:160525394616.jpg(913kB , 1920x1080 , Calma Cover - Vamos pa la playa 🦖TITO LIZZARDO 🦖 (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2020.06.27_13.14.15].jpg)
Well, not that, but you get a nice closeup on her as she does football tricks with her legs in the first video.
Calma Cover - Vamos pa la playa 🦖TITO LIZZARDO 🦖youtube thumb
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image:160529911427.gif(1.06MB , 654x368 , Hayop_Ka_2020_l_Full_Movie_l_Filipino_Furry_Animation_l_English_2.gif)
Saberspark reviews Hayop Ka, this philippines-made furry movie. I skimmed it so far but it seems the characters being anthros was more of an afterthought, as it plays no relevance to the plot. The whole thing feels more like a long episode of a soap opera with love triangles, poor girl-rich guy cliche, children out of wedlock, etc.
What the HELL is Hayop Ka? (An ADULT Furry Movie)youtube thumb
Still, gonna watch it someday as the girls look great. Main character really reminds me of Nicole Watterson.
Mister Twister
They (creators) embraced the fact their country loves soap operas, so they knew they will have an audience. Sadly, I won't be in it (don't like cheating whores).
You're really obsessed with BITCHES AND WHORES, huh Twist?
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image:160543530735.png(1.74MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (58316).png)
I guess this show is a thing too. Not my cup of tea but check it out if it is yours.

Same here. Saberspark just reviewed it and maaaan all the characters are assholes and unlikeable, and the plot would only interest old ladies who cling to Izaura and whatever current brazilian soap opera is trending today (I stopped caring about them decades ago).
What the HELL is Hayop Ka? (An ADULT Furry Movie)youtube thumb
It's just not the same in my opinion....
It's from the Phillipines man, get your facts straight, and it's based on Fillipino soap operas as I heard of.
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image:160581290133.png(1.24MB , 1440x900 , the other white meat.png)
Something called Piggsburg Pigs! came up in an obscure cartoons thread on 4ch. Then somebody posted the intro and this whizzed by during.
Mister Twister
I will watch that shit when the full show is up.
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image:160596698064.png(1.63MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (58473).png)
Guess Minerva was back.. briefly as a cameo. Maybe the animators snuck her back in? The writers say they don't want to use her again.
Also, they even referenced the Loonatics.

But, it is up. 13 episodes that's the whole season.
Weren't there two different versions of the edgy rebooted looney tunes characters?
Fun fact: Loonatics was done by the same people who did Swat Kats.
Mister Twister
That fun fact is accurate.
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image:160616765038.jpg(173kB , 639x1065 , PIaZXQz.jpg)
The aesthetic is most evident in the redesigns they proposed
Yeah, and if this is how it was supposed to look, then I'm glad the swat kats reboot got shelved. Part of the reason why I liked the original series because they looked like actual commandos, not something designed Tetsuya Nomura.
Mister Twister
Well, that is the thing about shelving: it is always done for a limited time.
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image:160633671014.png(738kB , 584x785 , fr.png)
found a better res. Just wanted to share it
Man you are obsessed with this skunk chick
at least this is the last appearance. So it's gonna be less abrupt or annoying.
File deleted
posters and concept from a cancelled Spyro and Hunter cartoon series
File deleted
Mister Twister
I liked the 3 games, but this world did not need this show.
Why so edgy, Spyro?

This doesn't even look like the same character to begin with.
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image:160656765102.png(1.96MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (58988).png)
She is one cute chatty evil henchwoman of FOWL

Well, they redesigned him countless times already for basically every game. The original was rather ridiculously cartoony, for the Legends series he was made more serious, then he got simplified somewhat for Skylanders.
Also Spyro technically did have a cartoon, don't forget Skylanders Academy.
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image:160656768510.jpg(884kB , 1920x1080 , DuckTales (2017) - S03E17 - The Fight for Castle McDuck.mkv_[2020.11.28_13.35.01].jpg)
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image:160656772201.jpg(123kB , 1280x720 , 12.jpg)
Anyone heard of this show, Furiki Wheels? Know where one can find it?
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image:160656774999.jpg(52kB , 582x582 , Muriel.jpg)
The muscly lioness is called Muriel.
All the archie original characters are awful.
What I wouldn't give to see Catty Twerk in those post.
Mister Twister
....... or something more dignified.
That's just my opinion is all, I'm just curious not a weirdo, I know all too Catty is a good dancer
Mister Twister
Your opinion is cool, and so is Catty.
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image:160712563764.jpg(156kB , 520x620 , this is a comic it's about something.jpg)
Minna of Stand Still Stay Silent fame is doing a short comic for some reason, and it has rabbit people. I have no idea what's it about, it's far from done.
Seriously, I really don't know anything about these twins, besides that it was okay but it can't beat the originals that done the song.
It's insane how fast that person works, SSSS updates 4 times a week and every page looks like a painting, and also this one is being worked on at the mean time?

That's crazy fast for how high quality the art is.

I just wish it had better contrast in the choice of colors, sometimes you can get lost on what is going on in a page, the characters and the action blend into the background.
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image:160716822735.png(1.99MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (59725).png)
Don't ever make that face again, Mickey... :D

I kinda don't follow music much these days, I know it was Shakira but I haven't heard anything from her that'd have made to my playlist after Whenever, Wherever. Anyway I posted it for the sexy hip-swaying kitty, not the songs.
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image:160716924352.png(2.49MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (59726).png)
Good luck getting this mental image out of your head. :P
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image:160718884507.png(2.95MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (60393).png)
Quite the crossovers we are getting...
Mister Twister
I'll answer. SSSS is on a 2 day update now, and once you are very good at anatomy you can draw people and creatures quick. Also, the colours are similar to watercolour (only digital), so colouring is not detailed or super precise. And finally, she is doing this full time, and she does not do much of anything else but drawing.
File deleted
she voice Gazelle in Zootopia and sing Try Everything
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image:160754716067.jpg(275kB , 960x720 , The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas.mp4_[2020.12.09_21.46.25].jpg)
This is one obscure movie, and Honey Bear looks rather nice.

Oh yeah, I remember her from that too. Also probably the only female anthro in that movie who had (some) boobs. I am guessing she likely pressured the animators to don't make her flat, LOL. :D
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image:160754719587.jpg(167kB , 960x720 , The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas.mp4_[2020.12.09_21.46.56].jpg)
Also the cute reporter lady from (I am not kidding) Bearwitness News. :)
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image:160754792756.png(1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (60645).png)
Also, this is even older, from 1967. Worth a watch, only 10 minutes.
What a strange strange cartoon about how people will refuse to believe anything that does not fit into their narrow-minded mindset and image about the world...
Yep. She told them to give Gazelle big hips

Zootopia - Shakira Official Movie Interview (2016)youtube thumb
File deleted
they redesign Stolas' wife in episode 2
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image:160756471791.png(236kB , 700x394 , True Tail thing.png)
The first True Tail episode is being slowly made, and I like the skills of the artists involved.
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image:160764266681.png(48kB , 937x559 , slept1.png)
Well that's better than youtube I guess. She's extremely hard to get good shots of.

You forgot the stewardesses.
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image:160764294675.jpg(21kB , 360x268 , bearscare1.jpg)
There's also a sequel, The Great Bear Scare. That size difference.....
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image:160779935924.png(1.06MB , 1440x900 , Patti Bear full.png)
Better shot of Patti Bear.
I feel like they lost a lot of credibility when they turned it from a D&D series to yet another school series. I still backed the campaign but they barely post updates. Covid or not, you'd think they could post more storyboards or more detailed character sheets. The fact that they shared so little yet are opening a patreon next month puts a bad taste in my mouth.
Is there a torrent of Eek! The Cat?
"FINALLY my arm is complete again!"