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Joe Hill's comics (Basketful of Heads)Tiki
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image:158719948808.jpg(966kB , 1988x3156 , RCO014_w_1575090678.jpg)
June Branch is an A+++++++++ female protagonist.
Is it any good? Give me a description so I can check it out.
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image:158720791730.png(4.90MB , 1871x1619 , Spoiler image)
Extremely bright young woman is involved in a local conspiracy. By sheer coincidence the weapon most available to save her life is a local collector's supernatural viking axe which has the ability to slice through flesh with supernatural ease and is useless on anything else. Any person who is beheaded with the axe has their head remain fully animated with no need to eat or breathe. She has to use her intelligence and the axe to behead the conspirators, unravel a criminal enterprise and save her boyfriend.
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image:158720803852.jpg(647kB , 1988x3056 , Spoiler image)
She is also beef as fuck.
That sounds odd, but far from the stupidest thing I've seen in comics yet. I'll check it out, thanks for the recommendation.
Reading the first issue so far. June seems a bit like a promiscuous dumb blonde so far, but that's understandable seeing she's meant to be still in her teens.

The art reminds me of Goran Parlov from Punisher / Fury. I like it.
Yeah, first issue is a slow burn, then it blows the fuck up in the second issue.
It feels really decompressed and progressing really slowly, but other than that it's good. I dig the art. The last issue leaves a lot to be desired, but then I notice that this is still an ONGOING... when is issue 7 coming out? Delayed indefinitely due to the virus?
That picture just makes her look like your usual overly brutal Harley Quinn wannabee. Except she has an axe she likely stole from some Warhammer convention instead of a baseball bat.
#7 is out, for those reading this.
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image:159597374053.jpg(724kB , 1987x3056 , 67hrnro8khh41.jpg)
I've read Plunge lately, turns out it's also by Joe Hill, with art by Stuart Immonen (probably what got me interested). It's about a salvage operation of a direlect ship, where they find intelligent alien bugs with a hivemind who took over the crews bodies, driving them like zombies, they want the salvage crew to open the hatch under the derelict where there's a giant egg for the bugs to mate with. So far. The book is not yet complete.

But it adds just another layer of creepy with every single new issue, solving part of the mystery but making it deeper and worse. I really like the timing of each issue; it gives you what you want and also makes you want to have more.

Are the rest of Joe Hill's comics like that too? I might have to start checking them out, which one would you recommend?
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image:164023542400.jpg(6.09MB , 1988x3057 , Spoiler image)
Not that OP is still here to read this, but Basketful of Heads got a sequel. It's titled... Refrigerator Full of Heads. Anyway, it's a continuation of the same story, with now even more Norse artifacts, and even more chopped down but still living heads, starting with a great white shark.