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Saw this on another site i visit.
Its an italian cartoon from 2014 (but aired for thefirst time in 2018)
Feels like those "anime wanna be" from the early 2000´s, so it looks very meh.
It seems theres no english dub or subs so far, but all episodes are on YT
I dont speak italian so i dont know what the plot is and sites related to it are also in italian
Just bringing it up to see if someone knows more.

Star Key - Ep 01 - La leggenda degli unicorniyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
Seems quite decent, but...... cannot into Italian, and guessing only gets me 20% of the meaning.
LOL I never know with these topics who the original poster is...
The animation is sure anime-like, they have a lot of such shows, as do the french and canadian (like Totally Spies or Team Galaxy). They even had some italian MLP FiM ripoff too a while ago...
somebody added english subs to the first episode.
Its very bland for a show made in 2018. Feels more like it belongs back in the 2007-2010 era.

Star Key Ep 01 (Eng sub Badly done)youtube thumb
Sorry for the late bump.
Youtube algorithm threw me at that channel couple of days ago.
The owner has translated up to episode 22, still a very mediocre show though.
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
all episodes are subbed now (26), its still bad show.