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CARTOON TIME, /co/!Anonymous
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image:157698880293.png(859kB , 800x600 , CB31.png)
It's that time again. TONIGHT:

Relationship Status: It's Complicated And So Much More: eps 37-39
Into The Spy-derverse: eps 29-30
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Space Cowboys: eps 22-23
Friends, toons, officers, lend me your left ears: eps 16-17

DO NOT FORGET: THIS TUESDAY THE 24th @9PM EST - THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY BOX SPECTACULAR. BE THERE. Also, Cowboy Bebop ends next week, so don't bother voting for it.

Don't forget to vote for next week's bonus episode.

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voting for denver
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Voting Cowboy Bebop (Are we gonna watch the cowboy bebop movie?)
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image:157698894171.jpg(379kB , 550x1155 , d335pke-5ab1c9aa-39d4-42d0-beab-bb43a6c21048.jpg)
Voting Denver
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image:157698929899.jpg(95kB , 500x562 , 16041159.jpg)
Voting Denver
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image:157698932520.jpg(466kB , 1200x1464 , Teasing+a+blind+man_90e6fe_7269540.jpg)
Changing my vote to denver
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image:157698953986.jpg(2.66MB , 4032x3024 , 20191221_202134.jpg)
Voting Denver. Also Yaki and I are interested in playing worms if you need participants. Just point us in the direction of the game. That kinda game is right up Yaki's alley.
Denver skates off for the week. On to James Bond Jr.
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image:157699540593.png(575kB , 624x600 , Screen-Shot-2019-12-01-at-7-34-05-PM.png)
Voting Denver
James Bond Jr completes his missions. On to Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop carries on to next week. On to Bonkers.
Cool. Can't delete the thread. Well enjoy this being here for the next 4 years.
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image:157700932717.png(606kB , 676x506 , janny.png)
Why not just continue one thread instead of starting new threads? Then you won't have to delete them.
Seriously, its the most logical idea.
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image:157704595909.png(84kB , 253x252 , MZ4Mcbr[1].png)
Except that it's not the most logical idea, because the episode numbers change per week, as do the shows displayed in the OP image once they run out, therefore the OP is outdated within a week. Should we just keep using a thread that says "hey, don't forget that we have a christmas stream coming up" in the middle of August? Plus it would just make it more of a hassle for people to find the latest weekly update or count votes when you have to go find where the current week started in the thread.

The format of the thread simply doesn't lend itself to being on-going.
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Agreed. Also, what the hell are even half of the toons he listed? Into the Spy-Derverse?
And not sure why they don't just upload all these on Mega and put up a topic on Nanda.to. Heck, most of these shows are probably available there already, or on torrents. I am fairly sure I can get Cowboy Bebop in HD anytime I want. Why wait for someone to share it?
In fact, here you go, Cowboy Bebop, all episodes plus movie: https://nanda.to/topic/362-ctr-cowboy-bebop-1998-cowboy-bebop-the-movie-2001/
Denver the Last Dinosaur: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4264193
Bonkers: https://nanda.to/topic/3910-bonkers-1993/?tab=comments#comment-16856
Only found this old torrent of James Bond Jr. which might be defunct. https://www.thepiratebay.org/torrent/7000463/James_Bond_JR_[Eng_De]
But it's up on Myspleen, I can download and share the whole thing on Mega if anyone wants it.
I think the idea is that it's a group viewing rather than simple piracy.
Mister Twister
I tried joining the stream. You cannot comment without creating an account. So I left.
Black Hand ## Developer
If he doesn't want to keep a permanent thread, then he doesn't have to. I don't like it either (sometimes I miss whatever images got posted), but it's his choice.
What happened to this guy? He doesn't seem to be posting here anymore...
Mister of the Twist
Better question: why was the player so shit? I ain't joining streams if I cannot use the chat without registering.
Not sure what the point of his streams was, anyway. I can find all these shows on Kimcartoon or Watchcartoononline for free anytime already.
Mstr Twistr
Streams exist so you could chat with other viewers as you're watching. Which is something that goes out the window the moment you need to register. Screw that.
I thought you need to have some account for streams too. But I dunno why some people find it so hard to register a junk mail account on Yandex for example and just register with that on Disqus? Better keeps track of conversations too. I dunno about you but when I watch something I prefer to watch that show, not chat about it while watching. I will add my comments afterwards.