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what's is your favorite comics?
Mstr Twstr
You first.
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image:157035985443.jpg(117kB , 750x569 , Chiro.jpg)
The Adventures of Chiropractor Bane
actually, i just want to try if someone will response me. unbelievable ! really !
Mstr Twstr
My favourite non-web comic is Necronauts, so many things good about it.

Now, yours?
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image:157039215869.jpg(808kB , 781x1200 , Jubilee_&_Red_Skull_01_(2013).cbz-P00008.jpg)
I really liked the old Jubilee & Red Skull mini. They made a great pair.
Honestly, couldn't tell. The last comic I read that had a good enjoyable conclusion was the Astounding Wolf-Man. Most comics I started either meandered around with nothing happening until the sixth issue, since everyone is writing for Trades these days, or if it was enjoy able, some dumb crossover came along, the writer was replaced, or characters got killed off to boost sales. I lost trust in DC and Marvel and IDW by now. Wonder Woman rebirth was OK until they added some half-brother to her story, completely discrarded the development that happened to Cheetah, and threw in stupid overpowered OC Grail with dumb evil baby Darkseid and killed off half the Greek pantheon of heroes and demigods off-screen.

WTF???? Why would an X-men consort with a nazi war criminal supervillain??? Or was this from the era when she was a vampire?
Its an edit, those characters are not Red Skull and Jubilee, they are just an asian girl and a big superhuman guy that can actually survive being in contact with her
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image:157044842414.jpg(375kB , 610x2093 , green lantern in dick whiskey.jpg)
The Dick Whiskey comics are also great.

this is a lie
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image:157049936401.jpg(13kB , 640x125 , fuck litterers.jpg)
Canon, or are edits allowed?
Garfield Minus Garfield and Square Root of Minus Garfield are legendary in their own right.
It's hard to choose!
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image:157050080771.png(119kB , 600x177 , 1440900643724.png)
Don't forget the Garfield randomizer.
Wtf was that? I mean I know it's an edit, but originally, why was Hal punching an old lady, throttling himself and fighting cops? Also no idea who Dick Whiskey is.
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image:157064356305.jpg(348kB , 610x1397 , 39987.jpg)
>originally, why was Hal punching an old lady, throttling himself and fighting cops
The silver age was a weird time.

>Also no idea who Dick Whiskey is.
He is a drunk cop.