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Why do Kryptonians and Humans look exactly alike?
Has this been ever covered in a story arc or something?
There's a bunch of aliens that looks like humans. Like the Thanagarians, Rannians, and Maxima's people.
I understand TV (cost of SFX, CGI, etc.), but comics?
He's an ET, that evolved independently from life on a planet light-years away. What are the odds?

There's really no canon story on this? Why haven't they made one?
Star Trek explained similarities with ETs with that "planting seeds of life" story.
Because one of the points of Superman's character is that he might be a mighty alien, but he grew up as a Kansas farmer's kid and as Batman said once "he is more human than I ever could be". That was what the writers wanted to do with him. Take Martian Manhunter, with him, they emphasized how NOT human he is, that his guise is merely to make others not be afraid of him.

OP here. Thanks. No really: Thanks.
Meister Tweister
Humans are aliens.

Everyone is aliens. Even cats. I dunno, this explains everything though.
Simply plot contrivance.