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image:153005723300.png(699kB , 616x748 , lobo yes.png)
We need some good old fashioned fun, and what is more fun than the Main Man, Lobo? I'll post here some of his achievements, whenever I'm reading his comics.
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image:153005733000.jpg(259kB , 1005x1519 , lobo connect the dot.jpg)
Until then, can you find the Main Man's secret message?
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image:153031548300.jpg(65kB , 484x551 , Spoiler image)
And here's the solution.
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image:153037804100.jpg(379kB , 990x1506 , Lobo does poetry.jpg)
Lobo does poetry.
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image:153347931100.png(606kB , 400x610 , lobotheduck.png)
Dear obvious Lobo fan: Would you happen to have or know the issue with the pages where small rat things are talking about foreskin then there's a 2 page spread with all characters talking in rhyme?
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image:153348263100.jpg(318kB , 1031x1595 , Lobo_Unbound_05_(Pyrate_-_DCP)_05.jpg)
I'm not sure about the 2 page spread, but the foreskin thing was in Lobo Unbound, which also has Ambush Bug, an Archie recap with a girl who breaks Lobo (by making him eat his dolphins), a planet equivalent of the middle east complete with the entire populace being suicide bombers, and Lobo scoring with a Giger Xenomorph off-panel.
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image:156860473190.jpg(1.08MB , 1988x3056 , Lobo 007.jpg)
Lobo, as Her Majesties secret agent.
Man remember when they replaced Lobo with a skinny edgelord animu-badass brat played completely straight, and tried to say he was the true Lobo all along with the one that was known and loved being a fake?
Aristocats series
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image:157378325882.jpg(538kB , 1024x1579 , lobo rocks heaven.jpg)
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image:157396349865.png(585kB , 591x439 , lobo boomshakalak.png)
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image:157468377203.jpg(458kB , 1024x1615 , Lobo demonstrates comedy.jpg)
Did Lobo invent the Dab?
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image:157469836621.png(810kB , 1119x612 , Spoiler image)
No, this is the first dab in history.
That's not dabbing, that's just taking a bow.
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image:166177028743.jpg(722kB , 1346x2048 , EaAWeqrXYAAR7io.jpg)
Good times...
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image:166190134473.jpg(93kB , 450x600 , lol the character you all liked was a fake buy our comics piggies.jpg)
I think everyone hated this moment enough that no one bothered to save the finished page in a decent res.
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image:166202363810.jpg(261kB , 811x912 , ddvbt7n-7c3a676e-7333-456d-845c-4f949447667f.jpg)
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image:166202547684.jpg(115kB , 700x514 , lobo is a broad.jpg)
Why did the transformation not go all the way, leaving her with one big regular hairy man-Lobo arm?
It was a book where Lobo died and had to beat up the afterlife management so they resurrect him just as he was at his death. At first they tried sending him to hell, but hell didn't want him. Then they sent him to Heaven, and then >>421896 happened. Then they sent him to Hell, and the demons fled to heaven. Then they resurrected him as a broad, then as a squirrel...
As a result of that adventure, Lobo is banned from the afterlife and therefore immortal.
But why did they fuck up in resurrecting him as a broad?
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image:166232272801.jpg(163kB , 1024x1583 , lobo_by_acidkoolaid_dcgacpd-fullview.jpg)
Because they were fucking with him. It's not like most people can just go and reprimand them if they fuck up the resurrection.
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image:166273837453.png(964kB , 700x586 , izzatafactnow.png)
Is anything interesting going on with the Main Man nowadays?
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image:166523176869.jpg(202kB , 1024x1379 , Nightlobo... Lobocrawler... I dunno.jpg)
How many "Lobo Jr" characters have there been? 3?
Or was it 2 and one of them was Lobo the Main Man himself aged down into a teenager for awhile for some reason.
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image:167641838745.jpg(69kB , 1068x810 , Superman_Lobo_team_up.jpg)
I remember Slobo (a defective self-clone) who joined the Teen Titans in the 90s, and as I recall there's another teen lobo who joined them around now. There's also Crush, who is a teenage daughter of Lobo. The 2010s reboots twink Lobo has also been sort of retconned as a "Lobo Jr" deal, I think, I forgot.

One of Lobos powers was growing a full copy of himself from a single drop of blood, this ability was later neutered, but it resulted in him growing different clones which became these "lobo jr" type of characters you mentioned.
Why Nightcrawler?
Is it because Lobo often happens to look a bit blue with how he's coloured in comics.
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image:169878415449.png(1.12MB , 1248x675 , h7hjuj1q40sb1.png)
Happy Halloween