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image:145149394000.png(352kB , 478x589 , motherfucking treestars bitch.png)
Don Bluth can laugh at his work.
More I watch Inside Out the more I think it could have benefited from a Bluth styled Villain type embodiment of depression. Oily seductive thing that just creeps in as things fall apart.
Mister Twister
I love Bluth as an artist, but heavily disagree with him on the whole villain part. Someone told him "your movie is only as good as your villain", and he decided to run with it. Run far away with it.

That is missing an entire half of the picture. For there to be conflict, you do not need a villainous figure at all. Conflict is found in daily life, in interactions.
This. Sometimes it's just our flaws as mostly well-intentioned people, and not some nefarious evildoer, which cause the most strife in our lives.
I think Inside Out handled depression perfectly. Giving it a personification would have ruined the message--depression isn't an evil force that you can defeat and be happy forever, and a cartoonish anthropomorphism of it would take out the nuance. It's something you learn to live with and to manage and better understanding of and acceptance of your own emotions is the key to that. It's not an epic fight against a mind-dragon.
Not until it starts poking making you feel like the only way out is a damned permanent one. Then it kinda does. Guess that is part of my bias. Having that damn thing toss me in a pit and try to drag me back into it if I don't remain focused on my writing aspirations.

Works either way that's just how I feel with mine.
Sounds like you wanted the Babadook.
Maybe, a culmination of the negative feelings she has in a new place that cannot be effectively dealt with without the balance of all her emotions.

Guess something more than "we've never figured out what Sadness is for and figuring that out fixes it" As old as Riley was that seems a bit off.
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image:145159605100.png(153kB , 346x355 , Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 16.06.09.png)
Speaking of Don Bluth, he made a new video:
//youtube.com/watch?v=sSv45i3-tskyoutube thumb
>Guess something more than "we've never figured out what Sadness is for and figuring that out fixes it" As old as Riley was that seems a bit off.

Not really? Emotions become more complicated around the onset of puberty, and a real understanding of the need to let yourself be sad or angry or scared or disgusted from time to time is a mark of emotional maturity that even a lot of adults haven't come to terms with.
Mister Twister
I know a lot of adults who think that, just because they learned how to make money and be independent, they don't need to learn anything ever again. All of them are emotionally immature or completely emotionless.
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image:145167588100.png(405kB , 553x412 , Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 14.16.55.png)
That old dog. . .
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image:145195880800.png(1.30MB , 1000x1000 , CX6yqBeUkAEqPc6.png)
I suppose that makes more sense than any kind of character chat.
I've got a couple of questions being someone who wants to get their foot in the door. This going to be through their Twitter or will they link to a subreddit the day it happens?
They always do it just through their twitter.

Well Shit
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image:145201809700.jpg(195kB , 1282x598 , Dreamworks Netflix.jpg)

>New series will include a "reimagining" of Voltron, and a new series from director Guillermo del Toro called Trollhunters.

I wonder if those are what Mir are going to be working on or if it's going to continue to be a big mystery.

they are doing some of the Croods episodes around half or so per I think. Voltron would be in their wheelhouse if they get it.
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image:145204215000.gif(1.96MB , 500x282 , tumblr_o0i4qgcmTc1r83ei3o1_500.gif)
//youtube.com/watch?v=0oBx7Jg4m-oyoutube thumb

I decided to read KC's "HE IS A GOOD BOY." comic, and I'm really liking his. I like the way he does comics (The Anime Club is a good read too)
The thing about KC Green is that every time I read one of his comics, I have to say a silent prayer to Zeus or whoever is in charge of these things that someone is with him at all times to keep him from killing himself. Something about his comics just screams "The person who wrote this is going to kill himself" and it makes me very scared for him.
Similar feeling - he did a lot of really stark comics on unmedicated depression in Bee Power and Horribleville, years ago. It's the same vibe I got from Ricky Garduno and look what the fuck happened to him.

(if you couldn't guess / never heard of him, he committed suicide.)
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image:145220309700.jpg(272kB , 1920x816 , snapshot20160104220313.jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=REn_YSu_-3oyoutube thumb
Gee, I really hope he starts working on his awesome fire sword this season.
I wonder if we're going the season ending cliffhanger again or a direct lead-in to HTTYD2.
//youtube.com/watch?v=kZu5iDTtNg0youtube thumb

I'd watch a series of this. Shame it wouldn't work since to do it the VA cost would be massive.
That's essentially just Moonbeam City though...
Well Moonbeam City worked with the style but it stumbled on the execution. This seems get more of the joke.
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image:145245098800.jpg(645kB , 1600x900 , Spoiler image)
Man, that second season of dragons really took the gloves off.
Unfortunately, a part of that seems to have also been upping the reliance on continuity with the past seasons I haven't seen so I am a bit lost at times.
And we get to add another season ending cliffhanger to the collection. Dreamworks really seems to love those now.
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image:145245794400.png(1.28MB , 1842x1045 , Shorthair.png)
Mean the Riders of Berk season they started on Cartoon Network? That would only be the second season of that since the first barely had continuity. Was still strange as it seemed to jump weeks to months ahead in certain spots. Really wish they had kept Ruffnut short hair. It looked nice.
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image:145246456900.jpg(295kB , 2048x1603 , YOU LOSE HAND.jpg)
Eagerly awaiting the end.
The Sneaky Tiki
Alan Young is still voicing Scrooge McDuck, holy shit. 96 and still going strong.
Its great to hear. As many people complained about how he sounded I like it as he actually sounds about the same age as Scrooge, because he's about the same age now.
Mister Twister
Voicing in what?
There's nothing exactly wrong with the way he sounded given the context, but he did sound...tired. I don't blame him of course, but still.
Yeah, it was pretty noticeable in the Ducktales Remaster.
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image:145254943400.jpg(467kB , 852x1200 , puss boards.jpg)
I don't know where the storyboard thread went, but there is something really compelling about them.
It's like "huh, I wish the show was just in 2D"
Somehow those dot eyes seem more expressive than his massive realistic cat eyes.
Mister Twister
This is just an opinion, but both look equally good.
Storyboards will usually look more expressive by the simple fact that when you subtract and simplify, you can put more emphasis on what little is on the page.
As always, the storyboard looks better than the fugly 3D result.
I got back to watching videos on this channel just today and figured I'd actually post my thoughts about it here since I don't comment on Youtube.

In particular I think their dissection of Shadow brings up some interesting points that actually make him a better fit for Sonic Boom than they or I expected. To me, the idea of Shadow as being very much a team player, and a polite one at that, opens up a large space of possibility, given that it contrasts with the general irresposible goofiness of the series.

First thing it brought to mind is that he could actually be looking to spend more time with the group but held back by his reputation and lack of humor. But it could also make sense for him to simply gove a bit of support every now and then. Maybe living out with Metal Sonic since they're both super serious Evil Sonics and the latter, I'm presuming, out of work?

Or he could show some respect for Orbot as someone who puts up with terrible a boss and isn't even trying to goof off as often as th others. That'd also give Orbot and Cuebot someone to ask for help without turning to Sonic Team, and help break up the new routine of fighting Eggman as just a routine without utterly derailing it.

And the factions from Shadow's own game could actually be kind of fun as one-off gags. GUN plays right into the sort of conspiracy theory vision of government Sticks is known for, and I could see the Lighting Bolt Society begging shadow to help them summon that alien starfish guy because they figure summoning ancient evil is just what cults do. Though alone I can see that failing to justify making and rigging new models, I don't think it'd be doomed to fall flat.
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image:145265831900.png(195kB , 309x323 , 1421124432570.png)
?Legendary writer and editor Stan Lee, who turned 93 just two weeks ago, revealed his vision has declined to the point that he can no longer read the adventures of the superheroes he helped to create.

>“My eyesight has gotten terrible and I can’t read comic books any more,” he told Radio Times. “The print is too small. Not only a comic book, but I can’t read the newspaper or a novel or anything. I miss reading 100 percent. It’s my biggest miss in the world.”

>Pulling from the magazine’s print edition, the Daily Mail quotes Lee as saying, “I come up with ideas for stories and somebody writes an outline for me – but I can’t read it. I have to hope it’s good. If something is very important, they print it in very big type for me to read – but that’s all I can do. I have the same trouble with hearing. It’s awful to feel a thousand years old.”

>Lee, whose sunglasses have long been his signature, mentioned in a November interview with BBC Radio that his eyesight “isn’t that good,” but didn’t elaborate on the extent of the decline.

>Although Lee may feel “a thousand years old,” he certainly doesn’t act like it: He maintains a busy public schedule, appearing regularly at conventions and Marvel movie premieres — and in the films themselves. He’s also been making the interview rounds, promoting his graphic memoir Amazing Fantastic Incredible.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I really hope he makes it to Infinity War.
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image:145274560900.png(54kB , 384x172 , cbc32d34-68ff-47dd-c71c-6487e8d1e4d0.png)

Totally not spamming this, I just really liked the first 10 minutes of the interview, so sharing it with you.
Watching the Race of the Edge. Hope we find more about the hunters that made the Dragons Eye.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Need to figure out if CN Canada is showing them at the same time or if I need to find a stream/download on that.
I'm looking forward to this so fucking much.
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image:145398856200.png(741kB , 1440x603 , kubo-and-the-two-strings-image.png)
//youtube.com/watch?v=p4-6qJzeb3Ayoutube thumb

Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

SamBakZa, the Korean group behind the There She Is!! series of Flash animations, have a crowdfunding campaign going to fund a DVD release of the series and a new episode focusing on a trio of side characters. They remastered the whole series—even posted it to YouTube!—and appear to have a solid plan in place for rewards and production.
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image:145403220700.jpg(78kB , 959x539 , 1423079366053.jpg)
>new LAIKA movie
Sign me the fuck up!
Mister Twister
Meanwhile, europeans are saving animation:
//youtube.com/watch?v=mVn0sy2gpqsyoutube thumb
Venture Bros. return was great.
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image:145444258600.png(578kB , 618x812 , Singe wants to see the goods by Don Bluth.png)
I'm surprised that Dreamworks' commitment to making their movies seem sillier than they actually are is so strong that they create silly scenes specifically for the trailers that don't show up in the movie at all.
Mister Twister
You talking about Karate Bear?
Yeah, it was quite good.
Although if the plan really is to make 6 movies, with Po mastering Chi and teaching everyone it by the end of 3, 1-3 is probably going to be the Dragon Ball to 4-6's DBZ. There's already very little actual kung fu in 3.
Mister Twister
It all depends on just how much power do the director and writers hold. If they retain a final say on where the story goes and what the tone will be, everything will be fine.

It also needs to be remembered that the chinese have a say in all this. Kung Fu movies always were a big thing there, and Wuxia (stories of war and epic kung fu battles) have been a tradition for thousands of years before cinema. The chinese want their kung fu movies to have kung fu in them. I don't think Dreamworks USA have the balls to insult the entire republic of China.
//youtube.com/watch?v=OfO5S1Iu_VUyoutube thumb

From Paul Dini Twitter


>Heartbroken tonight at the passing of Joe Alaskey, a great talent and a great guy.

Fucking hell death. Slow down a bit.
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image:145462544400.jpg(64kB , 1280x544 , snapshot20160203170550.jpg)
Well, I guess time will have to tell.
I really want to get the blu-ray and have the director commentary track tell me all about every bit of symbolism.
There's still very much an extremely strong sense of colors thematically at battle.
Though this time it's gold taking on green.
Mister Twister
Also, one thing I noticed in all 3 movies. A story would be mentioned about "a super amazing kung fu master who meditated for many years in a cave feeding only on drops of water from the ceiling and the energy of the universe"

Chinese Kung Fu legends have a tradition of describing super human feats (that nobody listening to the legend would be old enough to see for themselves of course). Basically, exaggerating to high heavens what a kung fu master can accomplish is a tradition in chinese war legends.

Reading up on stuff for spec script. I've written about Five Outlines (Overall Plot Directions and Dialog Beats) for Rick and Morty scripts Trying to think of a good one that hooks and one that hasn't been used before.

Developed a Bit I really went into depth on just as a cap for the beginning and the end. Found out it was a bit more interesting than the rest of the story since it put Rick in the center and expanded more on what he does while in space. And Morty gets tossed about and maimed a bit. Everyone Wins!
I think I've figured it out. Nobody ever, and I mean ever discusses universally good comics like Invincible or Usagi Yojimbo on Chan boards. There's just not much to say about consistently well-written stories. But everybody discusses mediocre shit like what Marvel/DC puts out, because it's just decent enough to be acceptable, but just shitty enough to raise a riot about it.

I don't think it's a popularity issue, I think it's just a carefully constructed marketing scheme. Mediocre things generate more exposure. These things are bad on purpose.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

I wouldn't call Invincible universally good. It's more up than down, but it definitely has its downs.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>There's just not much to say about consistently well-written stories.

Eh, I wouldn’t go that far. But I’d say it’s more that people love to disagree and start conversations based on said disagreements; when something is consistently well-written, it’s hard to disagree about said writing.
Mister Twister
It is always interesting to see other people's perspective on things you like.

That is half the reason I watch/read reviews online; not to validate myself, but to look at something I like through the eyes of someone else.
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image:145487921000.jpg(206kB , 600x910 , scooby apocalypts.jpg)
So this is a thing.
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image:145490537800.jpg(69kB , 685x466 , Don Bluth's other game.jpg)
So, now Don plans to make a Space Ace short that will play before the Dragon's Lair movie in theaters IF the movie gets made of course.
Mister Twister
The Watchmen is a movie one should see at least once. It is so good, even if you don't like how it ends.

Shame I won't rewatch it.

Lizzie is pretty consistent good shorts.
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image:145521374200.jpg(229kB , 1282x598 , Dreamworks Netflix.jpg)
Now they've got (or are going to have, at least) a set of 12.
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=4rdMgJJ2exQyoutube thumb
Wow what a Smurf rip off.(of that the trailer shows.)
They've also put out a few Anime and have plans for big budget animation series. Big a good time to buy some series off Nick. Avatar has always been a good pull for them.
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image:145525101800.png(330kB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2016-02-11-23h14m29s805.png)
Finally watched an episode of The Raccoons, after putting it "for later" for years.

It's good, but the announcer is 100% not needed, the pacing is a bit amateurish, and the 80s AS FUCK songs have nothing to do with the plot, despite being used as soundtrack.

One down, everything else to go.

Cyril is best character.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>the 80s AS FUCK songs

I hope to God you’re not shittalking “Run with Us”.
Mister Twister
Good ≠ fitting.
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=adUtKLhXhxIyoutube thumb
Hope CR gets more down this year...
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image:145531681100.jpg(46kB , 640x853 , 1455253767515.jpg)
So New Voltron show on Netflix done by Mir with a healthy budget. Hard to tell but going by body types. Shorty there could be Pidge and maybe a girl this time around given the fan weapon things. a full 24-26 Episode Season show done in batches allowing for bigger stories and including some members of the Korra production crew. Color me intrigued.

Replaced the Keith with "Not Korra" and Princess Allura can be "Not Asami" just to watch /co/ foam and refuse to even mention the show.

Overall I'm just giddy with Mir getting the chance to do a big project and not be jerked around.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The trailer for that series better start with the classic narration or else the nostalgiabomb will be ruined.

Seriously, though: that new Voltron design looks great.
//youtube.com/watch?v=af_wgmNk5Doyoutube thumb

Well we know who's twitter to watch and the phrase he'll use if that happens.
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video:145558531800.webm(2.33MB , 1280x534 , LDG 2.webm)
First film from a new animation studio in China called Little Door Gods

//youtube.com/watch?v=C3Fx0SC8JnEyoutube thumb
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image:145560159000.jpg(947kB , 1200x927 , lovely drawing by Brianne Drouhard.jpg)
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image:145570668100.png(458kB , 734x415 , PPG manboy.png)
New PowerPuff theme song.

Shortened version

//youtube.com/watch?v=NEpg35rReB0youtube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=jTnCEnwG6Sgyoutube thumb

......Welp, I don't think it's going to be good.
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image:145571495700.jpg(101kB , 850x1200 , 126561966572.jpg)
I'm still willing to have a little hope, but, yeah, it doesn't seem like it's going to even hold a candle near the quality of the original.
Like, that theme song just screams "FEMALE AND PROUD" kind of thing that just gets annoying more than anything.
Mega link now that it was taken down.
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image:145575050500.jpg(17kB , 240x264 , 1443752543266.jpg)
Manboy looks like a man and sounds like a man. If he's not outed as wearing a fake beard or his voice breaks then that is an odd design choice. I mean one of those traits should he either looks like a boy or sounds like one.
Yea. Looks like 90s GRRL POWER except it's not the 90s anymore.

We've gotten to the point where we've exploited nearly every popular 80s franchise for nostalgia so they've moved on to the 90s. Here's to hoping for a SWAT Kats reboot.
Looks cute to me. Maybe you're just easily triggered by girls who are confident in their own power.
Mister Twister
Cutting into this small argument, reminding that the girls have SUPERpowers.

Of course they are confident in theirs: they are superheroes!
>Yea. Looks like 90s GRRL POWER except it's not the 90s anymore.
That's exactly the point? The whole print/coloured paper cut out style is reminiscent of the early indie print press thats prominent in what the song is a pastiche of - 90's Girl Punk in the vein of Bikini Kill or such.

Its literally a love letter to the heavily female dominated punk scene of the late 90's early 00's just as much as say, Cults is a love letter to 50's Girl Pop.
Like, as far as pastiche of headnods go, it's just about up there with the Scott Pilgrim intro.
Did I say it was inherently bad? It's not even out yet to judge. Jesus.

So you agree with me that it's fueled by 90s nostalgia, whatever 90s thing it is, what's with the confrontational tone?
>We've gotten to the point where we've exploited nearly every popular 80s franchise for nostalgia so they've moved on to the 90s. Here's to hoping for a SWAT Kats reboot.
Yeah you can tell what they were going for.
I really liked it. Kinda makes it feel truer to itself with its whole "The Whopass Girls" roots.
That intro looks kickass, but the show itself seems to be playing it safe somewhat. It's an understandable decision given how divisive the 2014 special was with its severe stylistic departures, but I do hope they take some opportunity to try new things rather than carry on as if the last fifteen years hadn't happened.

I'm inclined to give it a chance though, if for no other reason than the chucklefucks coming out the woodwork bleating "teh feminists are ruining my magical girl cartoon" are driving me up the wall.
Let's see how it carries, complaints about stylistic difference comes in part due to nobody from the original teams being around anymore. I think it'll be okay same with the new Ben 10. I understand where their new network head is coming from with the reboots.

Good shows she wants to introduce to a new generation.
Man, I get that it's the big new style nowadays, kind of like how Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and Dexter all had this similar thick line aesthetic with pointy triangle noses going on. But I'm not really crazy about how the designs look to be more of the sake more of the same "everybody is round and made of oblongs and looks like a Steven Universe/Gravity Falls/Clarence character". Was hoping for a bit more of a 90s throwback like the intro, or at least something different.
I'm kind of surprized that they didn't go for more of a TTG look, given the thematic similarity of them both being super deformed goofy super heroes with distinctly anime-inspired earlier versions of themselves. On the other hand, we don't exactly need two TTGs, so in a way I'm glad it isn't too similar. A short crossover would still be pretty fun though.

One interesting choice is how much movement and expression they give the Proffessor compared to the old intro, putting more emphasis on the energetic personality he can show when something excites him than the more reserved and stoic scientist that his role of 50's style atomic energy proffessor tends to project.

Also, I look forward to a callback joke in which someone tries to call Princess Morebucks their little buttercup.
Those voices are horrible.
They are young girls being brought into this so I'll give them time to adjust.
>One interesting choice is how much movement and expression they give the Proffessor compared to the old intro, putting more emphasis on the energetic personality he can show when something excites him than the more reserved and stoic scientist that his role of 50's style atomic energy proffessor tends to project.

I don't think that's gonna be a fixture in his character - the intro was 100% commissioned to another studio thats completely uninvolved with the cartoon itself.
I'm all for girl power and stuff but when you beat people wayyyy too hard over the head with it like that it's not enjoyable. Even that one Justice League episode was way preachy.
*less preachy
Oh, well that does explain why it mostly consists of scrapbook-styled collages.

The intro doesn't mention girl power explicitly, and Buttercup being irritable is just how she always is.
Man Boy doesn't seem all that versatile as a character, but being in the pilot doesn't mean he'll be one of the more often-recurring villains in the reboot. I'd like to see Townsville caught in the crossfire of a fight between him and Femme Fatale, though. And maybe the Rowdy Rough Boys, who could fight Man Boy for disparaging childishness, or even snowball it from there until every villain gets caught up in the battle.
I just hope Buttercup's more interesting this time around. Always thought she was the one who got shafted the most in terms of characterization. But the voice isn't helping because of how mediocre it is.
Wait is this legit? Damn.

Looks like it. Brace for impact.
If this takes off I hope more series follow suit instead of having to worry about being at the whims of toymaking execs and their bullshit.
Hell yeah!
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image:145626353500.jpg(2.53MB , 2868x2764 , 1456192724242.jpg)
Someone on 4/co/ posted the "Heroes & Villains" Powerpuf Girls album, along with the artwork and lyrics.
Thread link
And the download link.
A bonus about it is that it pretty much plays like an episode.
I caught some of the new Bugs Bunny show, "Wabbit". It wasn't very good. Why bother making a pale imitation of the classic shorts when it'd be cheaper (and more entertaining) to keep syndicating the old ones like CN has done for decades?
Probably copyright issues.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
Because the network can't know how good a show will be before they've made any episodes.
Also, I'm really annoyed how Yosemite Sam no longer uses guns. The episode I saw had him use his fingers instead, and they still shot bullets. Fucking weird.
That actually sounds like a pretty clever and funny way of dealing with S&P.
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=gDwSDcbHMrMyoutube thumb
This is still one of my favorit cartoons ever.
//youtube.com/watch?v=RoaYMeS8uSsyoutube thumb

Proto Powerpuff girls.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
I remember these. They were on the DVDs.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
Anybody still watching *RWBY*?

Man, did that season take a turn for the worst in the best way or what?
I actually just started because all of my friends were talking about how huge the most recent season finale was. And yeah, it was.

New Powerpuff Girls short leaked
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
That feel when you try to use Reddit's italicizing format on an imageboard and you look like a scrub.
I saw the first season and thought it was shit.

How much better does the show get? May or may not give it another shot.
Oh yeah, shit just got ridiculously real, and finally the plot advanced, like, A LOT.
Fuck you, Cinder.

You may want to avoid season two, since the plot doesn't advance that much. But it's still a small improvement compared with the first season. Season three is when not only the plot advances, as we learn Cinder & co. real motives, but also things start to slowly falling apart for everyone involved. Also, Unca Qrow is the best.
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image:145676912400.jpg(191kB , 1024x768 , 1456761546252.jpg)
Looks like Swat Cats is really coming back.
T4 was here
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

We can hope, anyway. Now, let’s hope they don’t fuck up the Callie redesign…
Last sketches shown she looked okay. Some tweaks but nothing outrageous. Nice to see they toned down the Smooth Suit design from the earlier sketches and went with basically their classic suits.

Now we just need to get Adult Swim to pick it up and pair it with Samurai Jack.
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image:145686393100.jpg(175kB , 1024x573 , 1456863594649.jpg)
Now here's something everyone saw coming!
T4 was here
Wait, for real?
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image:145692082900.png(324kB , 562x437 , rf ha ha ha oh wow.png)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yep. It's real.
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image:145695354600.jpg(113kB , 640x984 , 332265._SX640_QL80_TTD_.jpg)
Huh, everyone is getting a make over theis days.
That's such a cute design!
That is absolutely adorable.
Making it for Vampirella is totally ridiculous.
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image:145699443500.jpg(168kB , 2048x1608 , no sword 4 u.jpg)
No idea how far the work for the pitch trailer has gone, since production blog is for certain tier supporters only.

Still, here is a thing.
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image:145702216700.png(589kB , 956x540 , Untitled.png)
The Bunnicula cartoon is babies first Lovecraft and I love it.
Mister Twister
And here I was, thinking it was generic. If I have nothing else to watch, I'll watch it.
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image:145702278300.png(702kB , 959x538 , Draculaorderspizza.png)
As someone whose favorite episode of Looney Toones was Transylvania 6-5000 I cannot express in simple words my adoration for this show.
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image:145702380800.png(629kB , 960x537 , Mina.png)
It's hit or miss but when it's a hit it's a homerun.

The little bucked tooth goth girl who looks after them is named Mina which I thought was a cute little nod to Bram.
Well then. Thought the ending of the movie was a bit of a cockblock.
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image:145703251700.jpg(93kB , 1000x563 , Baymax_in_Big_Hero_6_TV_show_1000x563.jpg)
Cool! Interesting how they don't explicitly state if it's going to be traditionally-animated or CGI. Going by the one solitary promo image they've given and the talent they've brought on board to produce it, I'm assuming it's going to be 2D?
Mister Twister
Does she have coloured hair and earrings because that's what kids these days think is cool?
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image:145704170100.jpg(39kB , 500x500 , d structs.jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=BObBoqNxX3syoutube thumb
Oh look at that, the toy having a saw on its tail instead of the wrecking ball he has in the show *is* a spoiler for season 2.
I'm pretty sure it's cuz she just likes them, her character is inverse Mandy from the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Where Mandy dressed as if she was very happy and upbeat in contrast to her personality, Mina is very happy and upbeat in contrast to her style of dress.

I make this comparison because Maxwell Atoms is the primary creator of both shows.
Does anybody have the link to the thread for animated shorts and stuff? I just went through all the pages and could not find it.

I found a few things I'd like to post in there, but I will post them here.
//youtube.com/watch?v=DIi7jV1CCxQyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=Oy_JlG7C-T8youtube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=YFYkX2aD-7wyoutube thumb
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
And because bad news always comes with the good:

That's a real shame, but at least he was given fair warning over this.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
I'm disappointed, but not hugely broken up. 43 half hour episodes is a respectable length.

It's pretty much the standard for American cartoons to get renewed before the premier of the last season which was greenlit. Adult Swim usually waiting until all the episodes are out to renew is why seasons of The Venture Brothers come years apart and Rick and Morty wasn't expected to be back until 2017.
Sad. Isn't it 65 half hour episodes the normal limit for cartoon syndication reruns?

It feels like Wander Over Yonder was finally finding its footing and now it's done.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
>Isn't it 65 half hour episodes the normal limit for cartoon syndication reruns?
Barring a few on PBS (the rest being original programming) no one syndicates cartoons anymore. It's a practice that's been in decline for the past two decades and official died in 2014 when The CW canceled the Vortexx block--the weekday broadcasts that the 65-episode limit was made for were gone years before that.

Cartoons now are pretty much always made to premier and rerun solely on a specific cable channel (or family of channels). Even international broadcasts are usually done by that country's version of the same network.

Disney Channel stuck with the 65-episode limit far past its obsolescence, but even they abandoned it around ~2010. Phineas and Ferb had over 100 episodes.

The Hub/Discovery Family seems to be the only network that's recently ended shows at 65 (or considered doing it, in the case of Friendship is Magic), and I think that was for its own weekday broadcasts.
That's the way it's been with Disney still struggling to get a balance with production and management and keeping communication clear. 9th Grade Ninja Gravity Falls and now Wander had stories that went beyond what management was intrested in doing. Good shows with good ratings but someone is either chasing the next Phineas and Ferb or still looking for their Spongebob so shows get dropped after a while and they start up new ones.

I'm thinking Craig should pitch to Netflix as they are looking for original content and are looking to give their animated productions a quite healthy budget.
I thought it was 52.
Hence the line about there being 104 days of summer vacation in Phineas and Ferb; 52 episodes with two shorts each.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
Supposedly, that's the usual limit at Nickelodeon, where the creators had previously worked.
Yea and where it was first pitches back in '92 when they were working on Rocko.
save file
image:145742566900.png(514kB , 1180x940 , argument on a Satyrday.png)
Received the scans from Don's IGG. Those who did not contribute missed out.
Yea no money but it would have been damned insightful
Mister Twister
I'll share when the trailer is complete and released.
Cool would be nice to know the head one should have going into the industry I'm working to enter.
Mister Twister
If you want to get into animation, the "draw every day" rule should be even more important than usual. Many comic artists can afford to sometimes not do that, but not animators.
save file
image:145755099200.jpg(162kB , 1024x576 , 1457373205855.jpg)
Mister Twister
Mite b kool.

As long as they remember what made DT good in the first place: honest-to-deity sincere adventure that plays it straight, with no irony whatsoever.
And loose adaptations of Carl Barks stories.
While the current image which is done in contemporary "Tumblr" style or whatever you call the kind of style people like Babs Tarr use looks OK, the art was always a big charming point of Barks's comics and I hope the final show ends up looking closer to his style.
one fellows answer to the new Powerpuff Girls show looking a bit iffy.

//youtube.com/watch?v=S9dZrInV9hMyoutube thumb

A good art style.
Yeah, it looks way better like this.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Holy shit, that looks leagues better.
Laika's other stuff didn't interest me much, but this movie looks gorgeous.
save file
image:145773225600.jpg(93kB , 768x523 , *sob*.jpg)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
I love Venture Bros. but it can be such a cocktease.
Well, yes, but I was talking about the fake-out they recently had with Doc being shot.

Upon rewatching the episode I realized there were enough hints that if I'd been paying closer attention, I might not have fallen for it in the first place. But they still set it up to be a death REALLY fucking hard. I mean the character narrating straight up says "That's how Rusty Venture died." And then follows it up with "I'm kidding!" which comes pretty close to lying to the audience, even with the hints from earlier.

I'm okay with it being a fake out now but right after I was pretty annoyed by it. Partially because it would have been an amazing death scene, even if I don't actually want Rusty dead.

This complaint aside I've been loving the new season. Shame there's only one episode left.
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=9VoNgLnjzVgyoutube thumb
Well atlest the animators are having fun...
I think the humor quickly became a nightmare for them judging by the script.

"oh so this is the reason we don't do a lot of adult animation."

>After having to animate a food orgy and a mentos fat man head explosion.

"wonder if DreamWorks has any openings on their kid shows. "
save file
image:145820351900.jpg(265kB , 1280x1707 , let me tell you a story about how an extra minute of reverse image serach can give you the biggest bestest version of the pic yo)
Reposting content from 4chan Prime:
//youtube.com/watch?v=00C1xRRlJTAyoutube thumb
'tis the unfortunate flipside of the desire in the animation community to make "cartoons for adults". Turns out when you give these people the keys, their conception of what constitutes "adult" turns out to be incredibly fucking childish. Otherwise known as the John K Problem.

Just to wash our brains out with bleach, has anyone seen Charlie Kaufman's Anomalisa?

//youtube.com/watch?v=DT6QJaS2a-Uyoutube thumb

I bring it up because it's probably the closest thing to an "adult cartoon" in theatres today, but near as I can tell all of seven people and a cat have actually watched the thing.
save file
image:145820763500.png(383kB , 569x506 , Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 05.38.41.png)
You want REAL "adult"? Whilst America is sitting on its ass, Europe is keeping the art of animation alive, greenlighting TONS of new works, many of them quite sophisticated (the true meaning of "adult"). Searching for info on the movie I posted above led me to FOUR roughly 13 minute trailers for all the new projects either being developed in Europe, or of interest to people there:
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>'tis the unfortunate flipside of the desire in the animation community to make "cartoons for adults". Turns out when you give these people the keys, their conception of what constitutes "adult" turns out to be incredibly fucking childish.

One could argue that the only reason for this involves the major motion picture studios/distributors believing that “mature” animation doesn’t sell tickets. (How much money has Anomalisa made in the US?) Adult animation, to the studios, means raunchy gross-out humor with lots of F-bombs (and maybe a tit or two tossed in if they’re feeling generous) because that’s the prevailing notion of what might put butts in seats. I’d love for the situation to be different—something from an American studio on the level of the Cowboy Bebop movie would be a hell of a start—but shit ain’t gonna change any time soon because adult animation doesn’t sell tickets. Sausage Party will bomb (hard) and the studios will go back to thinking the “adult animation experiment” should be considered a failure.
T4 was here
You do know that sounds why more fun to make then another scene of Puss in Boots stading around talking.
Just saying.
>Sausage Party will bomb (hard)
I dont know...
Given how shit peoples taste can be I dont think we can count it of yet.
The only real problem(other then the racism but L-A movies has that too so whatever) I can see with it is that its an Robot Chicken(Toy story but with food) skit dragged out to a full movie.

Still I think it has a better chance of being a hit then all of the pretentious looking art cartoons.
Because as I said, shit tastes.
save file
image:145830385100.gif(1.96MB , 540x286 , korv fest tumblr_o4729sHFpS1u58bayo1_r1_540.gif)
No real, the creitive process behind this looks to had tons of fun.

It's like making Mortal Kombat fatalities.

Come on.
Come on~
save file
image:145830431300.gif(1.99MB , 540x286 , korv fest tumblr_o4729sHFpS1u58bayo3_r1_540.gif)
Its going to be a shitsandwitch spectacle, but is that not what gets asses in seats?
To watch this mess in 3D!

Plus "I" think the animation looks good.
Well lit and tons of bits flying everywere.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I dont know...

Sausage Party is a Robot Chicken skit/Family Guy cutaway gag extended to feature-length and filled with “humor” worse than you’d find on either of those shows. Between that, the R rating, and the savaging I’ve seen it getting across the Internets, this movie has one weekend—maybe two—to make back its budget before it drops out of theaters due to people not giving a damn about it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM


T4 was here
>savaging I’ve seen it getting across the Internets
Where did you find that, when I try googleing it all I can find is "mostly" gay porn and the script.
And reading I do find myself laugthing at it and I refuse to belive that I'm the only one who finds cute things saying FUCK, having sex and getting killed funny.

But honestly the "I" was playing devil's advocate because I did like what I SAW but then I turned the sound on AND OFCOURE THEY HAVE SCREEN ACTORS INSTEAD OF VOCIE ACTORS!
Thats always so bullshit and they are even that funny sounding...

I dont care about the movie itself but the recations, funny reviews and gifs/webm it will spawn.
And too drink the salty tears of animation fans when it wins an Oskar because it was the only movie the voters saw/rememmbered.

Plus I down for any movie that kills the human race at the end. Take that you fucking mary sues!
T4 was here
I'm glad someone is atlest TRYING to make an R rated cartoon comedy again.

Now I'm fucking done with this shit.
I'd rather have nothing.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I refuse to belive that I'm the only one who finds cute things saying FUCK, having sex and getting killed funny

You’re not. But it takes more than just that to entertain me for longer than a minute. And besides that, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind who is unironically looking forward to Sausage Fest for any reason other than “at least it’s not something for kids”. I feel so goddamned disgusted with people thinking the only “adult animation” we can ever have is shit like Sausage Fest and Family Guy. Where the fuck is the American animation equivalent of Ghost in the Shell?
Yeah, I'm sad that doesn't happen either. I heard they're working on a new Heavy Metal movie, though. Maybe that can be good.
>Just to wash our brains out with bleach, has anyone seen Charlie Kaufman's Anomalisa?

Nope, still waiting on my Kickstarter digital download.
save file
image:145835610500.jpg(414kB , 1600x900 , Season 1 Peabody.jpg)
That better be what the actual boxart looks like, Dreamworks, or I'll be disappointed in you.
save file
image:145839458100.png(1.07MB , 1280x688 , halcyon-secretofnimh.720p-x264_Mar 15, 2016, 18.45.58.png)
Rewatched Nimh of the Secret.

Even after 6 years, the movie keeps being good. Whatever flaws it has are all superficial.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The Deus Ex Machina that is the amulet—something that isn’t really connected to the story and does something that goes unexplained by anything else that happens in the story—hardly counts as a “superficial” flaw. I understand that they had to change the ending a little for the movie to work, and I still think the sequence with the amulet at the end of the film is beautiful, but let’s not pretend as if it isn’t a DEM.
T4 was here
Just go back from Kung Fuu Panda 3, its okay, good time but not as great as 2.
But they had it in english so thats something!
Yeah, they upped the scale of the villain but not the threat.
There's no huge setting like the city in 2, and you don't actually see all of China being in peril, you just hear about it.
Also I guess people complained 2 was too dark, what with the genocide, and that's why 3 is significantly sillier.
save file
video:145842371400.webm(2.36MB , 640x480 , Deathball.webm)
I recognize I'm in the minority, but after seeing three episodes of it, I'm actually sort of liking the new Powerpuff Girls. At the least, I don't think it's the anti-Christ like some seem to react to it.
save file
image:145842399800.png(878kB , 1000x700 , Untitled.png)
Kind of old news, but Titmouse is making an R Rated animated feature film called Nerdland.
T4 was here
So its like how Empire strikes back leads into Return of the Jedi.

Studio Ghibli Animation Software going to be hitting the open source market Next Week.
Okay wow.

That's actually pretty fucking huge.

I wonder if it will replace Flash. Though I guess it really depends on whether or not the software is as good as Flash at being able to do stuff quickly and simply. It definitely CAN make quality stuff, but the ease of being able to do so is what matters from an industry perspective.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I wonder if it will replace Flash.

It becoming FOSS will definitely help, at least.
It has a learning curve but if you understand animation already (background layers key frames etc) Then it should be fine. It'll kick the shit out of Toon Boom for sure.

Free fine tuned animation suite (which was also used by Soup2Nuts for Futurama though the version coming out has all the Ghibli refinements they developed) vs a thousand dollar piece of software. It's no contest that it'll shake stuff up.

That and being open source means people will tweak it and enchance it's usefulness and ease over time.

I'm gonna use it to add some walking cycle demos to my pitch material.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, the fact that it’ll be free is the biggest game changer. While big companies can pay for a fully-custom version of Toonz, the free one will likely be good enough for aspiring animators who don't have much of a budget for pay-to-use software on Toonz’s level.
True. With Flash out of the picture and Adobe Animate being nigh absolutely nonexistent, companies are rushing for that market share.
I thought Clip Studio had it won, what with its animation tools being tailored to anime industry use, plus its compatibility with its huge swath of illustration options. But within the same week, Toonz publicly launching, being free and also Open Source?

Its a good day to be an animator.

Now step up your fuckin' game, youtube.
save file
image:145846512300.jpg(119kB , 568x762 , best Secret of NIMH fanart by Adam McDaniel.jpg)
At first, the screenplay was very down to Earth, even with intelligent rats and whatnot. And then they invited a sci-fi writer to write another version of the screenplay. That new version included wacky elements, including a suggestion that "the entire ending was a collective hallucination". Don was blown away by the idea, and wrote another screenplay of his own, which included tons of mystical shit including, but not limited to, Nicodemus and The Owl being magical beings instead of just smart. The amulet was more of less a symbol of inner strength and self-sufficiency, which is what the rats want to achieve.

I know that because I did a shitload of research into one of my favorite movies. The ending doesn't really come out of nowhere when you look at the rest of the film.

I understand why a lot of people do not like the ending (cause muh magic in muh science), but I also understand why many other people love it. It is a cult classic, due to this "love it or hate it" response. And I love it, exactly the way it is. I love the ending, and do not wish it was anything different.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Please don’t mistake my criticism of the amulet (and the presence of magic) feeling like a DEM for a hatred of the ending. I would never change that amulet sequence at the end in any way, for anything else.
Mister Twister
I was referring to the fact the ending polarizes people. You don't have to like it. It's neat that you do, but it would be fine if you didn't.

Tangentially speaking, if I get some extra dollars soon, I will waste them not on buying the recent "remastered" soundtrack, but the very first 1986 US CD release by Varèse Sarabande.
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image:145848212700.jpg(433kB , 1024x1586 , Speed Racer 23 01.jpg)
On a lark, I went looking for a scan of the first comic I can remember owning (picked it up at a convenience store while on summer vacation when I was around 8).

I can't believe I actually found one.
So Venture Bros.

Thoughts on this seasons. Using spoilers where one thinks they need them.

Damn them ditching the T-Shirt club and then bringing it back these last two seasons. I'd so bought the shit out of all of them.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Clancy Brown as Red Death was fucking inspired casting.

Other than that: good season with a meh ending. I hope we don’t have to wait two or more years for the next season.
Not much of a season, but good story arc all the same.
Clancy as red death was absolutely delightful.
Yea really wish Adult Swim would give a damn and let them have a good budget to just finish it all up.
save file
image:145896220900.jpg(43kB , 600x450 , 1458956701859.jpg)

The legend returns...with some noticeable changes to its cast. Look at the new Allura to see what I mean.
Hopefully this will be better than that 2011 Voltron Force cartoon.
Pretty good season. It was pretty much all buildup so there's not quite as much payoff as I'd like, but it was very enjoyable overall. Still one of my favorite shows. I managed to snag two of the posters before they ran out.

From what I understand it's not so much budget as much as it is then just taking forever to make everything, because they're perfectionists and there's only two guys actually in charge of everything (writing, story boarding, music/sound direction, most voice acting in the show and even a number of key frames done by the same two dudes, and they often have to finish one of those things before moving onto the next.)

As much as the wait sucks I'm okay with it because it's why the show is still as good as it is, it gives them time to plan and breathe.

And the budget can't be too low, I can't think of a single other currently running series that has animation as good as VB's.
save file
image:145897736400.jpg(589kB , 3840x2160 , Voltron-Legendary-Defender-Still-5.jpg)
Looks good. Voice Acting cast looks solid. Can't wait to see it aired in the summer.

Yea I get that. They write hour to 90 minute episodes they have to cut down to something that works in 21 minutes.

Just writing specs I know how much of a pain that can be.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
FYI: OpenToonz is out.
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image:145900240400.png(844kB , 1050x860 , heavy duty philosophy from Don Bluth.png)
//youtube.com/watch?v=vUEk9vuutNgyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
One of the dirtiest jokes in cartoon history:
//youtube.com/watch?v=N5QzD-FlYTgyoutube thumb
(from 2 Stupid Dogs)
save file
image:145910445900.png(318kB , 611x440 , shoes.png)
Also this one.
I think thats the first adult joke in kids cartoon I "got" as a kid.
save file
image:145921786300.jpg(126kB , 600x600 , NIMH CD cover.jpg)
Upon closer examination (of my physical copy), I found a signature hidden in the details of the illustration. Tim Hildebrandt drew this magnificent piece.
This is the dirtiest joke I've ever seen in a kid's show: //youtube.com/watch?v=1xmAC9Qu908youtube thumb
Welp see them in another seven years
Rocko's Modern Life and Animaniacs are both famous for pulling that stuff. I should start watching them after exams.
//youtube.com/watch?v=aq70wzCDnGUyoutube thumb

holy moly that is brave
save file
image:145979862700.png(222kB , 575x426 , Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 15.36.42.png)
I will post it here. One episode of Sherlock Yak, as shared by an anon a day ago:
//youtube.com/watch?v=OBEuC0XIx74youtube thumb

Anon was waifuing over the female sidekick, but I found the show objectively decent. It's okay to watch.

And you will not find another cartoon that used the word "seduction" so many times in a span of 10 minutes.
save file
image:145980206300.png(891kB , 1920x1090 , vlcsnap-2016-04-04-16h31m32s838.png)
Gentlemen and gentleladies, I present to you: an image macro made by Don Bluth.
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image:145990486900.jpg(135kB , 640x826 , tmp_31951-1459900778985627549313.jpg)

Sucks. New PPGs have no adult female role models it seems.
Mister Twister
And there it goes, the 0.0000000002% chance I might have given this reboot a try.

Now there is 0% chance.
>no Miss Bellum
That's super disappointing, she was great.
Shame when people are unfamiliar with the "Power behind the throne" concept.

Heck they even had the episode that showed she was crucial to the running of things.

>Show touts feminism
>Removes one of their key role models for strong women.

I don't get this current wave stuff.

Also show must now be in the time line that leads to Samurai Jack.
The guys are just shitty showrunners. No more to it.
Lot to be said for that since the current batch are all being spun off a show not really known for its structure.
save file
image:145999588000.jpg(106kB , 1280x795 , trollhunters.jpg)
save file
image:145999845100.jpg(330kB , 577x842 , The_amazing_Trollhunters_by_ShadowUmbre.jpg)
Unrelated, but had to be posted.

Makes sense. It was a terrible thing but it's what I'd expect from executives.
I realize, that since Samurai Jack reboot is going to be on Adult Swim it's going to be kind of jarring the first time he cuts into something and it bleeds real blood instead of oil.
Mister Twister
Aside from Catroonbrew, which loves to make mistakes, WHO ever said it was a reboot? Genndy said it was a conclusion.
I meant more in the way of a shut down device being booted up once again.
Mister Twister
Oh. Sure.
Maybe. Aku deciding to bring in flesh and blood mercs since nobody else could handle the job.
Mister Twister
OR... just bring wooden puppets to life. People have to be grown and fed, and wooden puppets can be produced on a much faster rate.
So Dreamworks Animation is looking to be bought by NBC Universal since Dreamworks (Katzenberg) has been looking to dump that and rebrand for a while now.

So beyond the few hundred hours of product they are contracted to produce for Netflix they likely won't get more than that.

Because NBC Universal executives are still praying for people to come to their senses and go back to the glowing box, idiots.

So yea this deal is going to go to shit if they try anything short of spinning off a division to handle the years worth of material they are on the hook for. Or Buying out the contract. Which I hope is more than the asking price for Dreamworks Animation just for laughs (3.8 Billion) if they go that route.

Oh the penultimate solution. NBC Universal (Comcast) Renegs on the contract and they get sued. Netflix is awarded the controlling interest in Dreamworks Animation as compensation.


>Idiots bemoaning this as some kinda corporate takeover.
>Been a pissing match between the big three since the dawn of Television and only a few see the end is near.
Mister Twister
Where are the anti-monopoly laws when we need them?
Why is monopoly such a popular game when the entire point of it is that monopolies suck
Mister Twister
won't happen as long as they are paying the powers that be to look the other way. Also they'll just handwave any concern since Disney and Blue Sky are still out there along with Viacom associated network.

Universal is doing this to strengthen their yearly slate to more than just what Illumination puts out (more Minions shit likely) and so they want an expanded slate. But since they don't really understand what they are getting into I think. Its not going to work as they think it will making Dreamworks more like Illumination.
Looking at all of this, Dreamworks Animation has been losing money consistently for many years hence its CEO trying to sell and get off the sinking ship to anyone. Comcast NBC Universal buying is reported to be "Because we can" with maybe that this will somehow let them compete with Disney being an afterthought. Which is laughable.

I could see this only ending with it being parted out. The Television unit being spun off along with the other minor departments into maybe a digital media unit.
I guess time will just have to tell.
At least the Netflix cartoons aren't just abruptly going away, that'd be the worst given all the unresolved cliffhangers there are right now.
Also I don't think Netflix has been growing their kids library that quickly, so it'd be a big hit to lose those 12 shows.
That said, the new Danger Mouse is going up today as a North American Netflix exclusive, that seems fun.
//youtube.com/watch?v=fizytawjQ7oyoutube thumb
I've been wondering that since the animation companies got caught wagefixing.

By the by, Universal did have an animation sector already with Illumination. I'm guessing this is just them expanding that hold.
Probably get a Minions tv show on Netflix.
Their stake is in Hulu though, isn't it
Yea good show.

Yea as part of the three member joint venture with Fox and ABC/Disney.

But who knows. Netflix right now has shown more intrest in advancing their animation game. While Hulu doesn't have that much currently in that pipe for original animation. Who knows. They may sell off that section to Netflix.
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image:146203255800.jpg(52kB , 480x480 , sound editing.jpg)
Whenever people start flaunting their awards, I always wonder what some of the specific ones even mean and how you judge for that.
I guess the sound effects were good? Better than other cartoons?
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
>I guess the sound effects were good? Better than other cartoons?
Try watching a scene then listening without any video and see how many actions you can remember by the sound effects. Even when you don't notice it, sound design is really important to willing suspension of disbelief. As a counter example, try watching some really early episodes of ReBboot--the amount of dead air is actually kind of disturbing.
T4 was here
yea sufficent crowd noise and environmental effects add a lot to a scene. Damn I worry for all those still holding onto a job at Dreamworks right now. Really don't think Universal will handle it well.
After the HUGE as shit layoffs a while ago, I don't think anyone's feeling the job security there. Honestly, I would've hoped Universal would rather finance a new studio as opposed to buying an existing one - you know, make more jobs and all that.
Would but all indicators looks as if they really don't know what they are doing. They bought it "because they can" and now will just let it sit around a bit before like chopping it up and keeping the film division as noted before since that has all the big properties attached to it.

Well shit, this makes me sad.
Mister Twister
Well, one more reason to hate CN.

And a reason for them to try other networks immediately. Time should not be wasted/
Hm, well maybe a streaming service will pick it up.
They're all interested in expanding their library of exclusive content.
Netflix is looking for content and offering good budgets. Hope they pitch to them. Voltron and Swat Kats. Getting action cartoons back in the vein.
Oh, DWA's Q1 report is today.
They're pretty good at this spin stuff; they managed to leverage their 5 daytime emmys and 24 nominations to claim that they are making the best cartoons of anyone.
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image:146248558400.png(633kB , 824x422 , norse women are stronk.png)
Why am I posting an Epic Rap Battles of History video here?

//youtube.com/watch?v=i_xFOmYxKYwyoutube thumb
Means only an idiot would mess with what is working. But we are talking about NBC executives here. But word is one of the higher ups is a friend to Netflix executive. So I really hope it all works out.
I guess that must be the message they're going for?
It was an extremely succinct conference call, they weren't taking any questions so no interesting tidbits got out.
Although the spin on KFP3 was interesting
>As of today, KFP3 has posted $514 million at the world-wide box office. Based on these results, we expect Fox will recoup its marketing and distribution cost on Kung Fu Panda 3 during the second quarter. Since in the case of KFP3, China is a larger portion of the worldwide box office than is typical on one of our films, the lower theatrical settlement rate coupled with the very limited revenues associated with the post-theatrical windows in that region has a negative impact on the overall profitability of the film.
I thought those were good numbers, but here they are trying to make excuses.
Do they actually spend too much on their movies?
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image:146260387400.jpg(948kB , 1920x1080 , FCG_Still_003.jpg)
>cartoon/comics always have kids doing shit you never did when you were a kid
my heart when
Mister Twister
My and TV Tropes' guess is that producers often force creators to use children as protagonists to appeal to "teh target audience", while the story was originally written with someone older in mind. An example of such change is Avatar, where originally the story was about adults waging war against each other with elements-inspired weapons. That was changed to kids fighting other adults with magical martial arts. MAYBE the change was for the better, but, again, originally the story was about adults.

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You'll never have a room as awesome as Hey Arnold's
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>An example of such change is Avatar, where originally the story was about adults waging war against each other with elements-inspired weapons.
The core of the story was "a boy in an iceberg", and the initial inspirational sketch was that of a clearly young kid and his monkey companion. Maybe Sokka and Katara were initially intended to be older, but are you sure about this?
Definitely that stuff, but I was more thinking of the small, simple things like scribbling on magazines/newspapers, carting down hills, flying kites and all that stuff kids did before the advent of electronic entertainment.

I don't think I've ever seen a treehouse in a backyard.
Also breaks down to gender. Korra took a bit longer than it was supposed to make it out partly due to Nick not really wanting the lead to be a girl. Also was the reason for their resistance to invest any marketing into it.
And then the show turned out to be bad on its own merits.
Except it didn't.
Please don't. Even with some of its stumbles its well above the average of most shows. Korra played Superman better than DCU Superman at the moment. Bout equal on city wrecking though.

Interested to see how the comics go.
Mister Twister
Expect more panda ring.
In other news. Craig McCraken is putting together a highly serialized cartoon comedy pitch for Disney. Best of luck to him.
Wait what? She IS current Superman, what are you talking about?
Mister Twister
How will Disney screw him over?
Saying she does the whole thing better.
Drag production out for years, again.
Air them all out of order even though they are ordered at the same time. Sup 9th Grade Ninja.

that's a prime danger him heading in there with this idea. Networks tend to steer clear of those that can't just throw up in any order.

Though I've got confidence that the material will be top shelf stuff. Hope he posts some storyboards and character design sheets.

Man is a master of the latter.
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Man, I must have a bigger soft spot for Boy and his Dog stories than I thought, because I'm starting to like Mr. Pickles.
The fact that he clearly cares for his kid warms my heart.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I'm starting to like Mr. Pickles.

So you’re one of the thirty or so people who actually watches that dreck!
They used a border collie!
When he saves Tommy from the pedophiles about to rape him and cuts them to pieces and runs them through a juicer to sell their blood to a blood bank to get the money to leave under his pillow so he'll still believe in the tooth fairy it's like that dog is made of love.
Love and all the powers of hell.
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>When he saves Tommy from the pedophiles about to rape him and cuts them to pieces and runs them through a juicer to sell their blood to a blood bank to get the money to leave under his pillow so he'll still believe in the tooth fairy it's like that dog is made of love.
He's a dog from hell who punishes even the lightest sins with violent and gorey execution, that's kind of his thing. He just also uses those powers to punish anyone who hurts his boy.

Anyways, Dreamworks got a new Voltron trailer, with characters and dialogue and stuff
//youtube.com/watch?v=NXW1waqRCb0youtube thumb
It definitely has a "from the people who brought you Korra" feel to it.
Space elves with those classic anime elf flattop ears. Complete with English accents. Very cool looking forward to it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Damn, that’s a good trailer. Hope the show doesn’t suck.

(And dat Allura. Hnnngh. ❤)
Since she's so princess where is the sporty one that'll take up the blue lion when the other gets injured. And how much will they look like Korra?
Not enough beefy, athletic bae.

Still into it tho

that will be the cousin that takes over the blue lion. Maybe one that is actively fighting against the incoming forces.

Maybe also one that takes a slight affront that they are in the bloodline but weren't picked to be leader.
Nothing super amazing, but seems pretty solid. Also is BJ Britt doing the voices on any of them?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Here's the known vocal cast: Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time) as Lance; Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow) as Pidge; Josh Keaton (Green Lantern: The Animated Series) as Shiro; Tyler Labine (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil) as Hunk; Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) as Keith; Kimberly Brooks (Mass Effect) as Princess Allura; and Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords) as Coran.

Anyone have anything like Bios of the show? Heard someone saw something that Pidge is actually a girl disguising herself to investigate her fathers disappearance.

Also nice to see Shada getting work done outside of Adventure Time.
Thought Allura sounded familiar. Cool that they got Yeun back on board. He was pretty great as Wan.
Looks a lot better than Voltron Force.
Adventure Time and Archer were two shows I used to like a lot that I felt got weaker over time.

But the current seasons of both have actually been really good, which has been a nice surprise. I'm glad both shows have had a return to form.
I was okay with Archer during its off season nonsense since they admitted they needed to do that to keep from burning out. As a writer I can understand that.

Darwyn Cooke dies, age 54 of lung cancer.

Archer was good? I dunno, always found it a weak James Bond parody. The cellshaded flash also doesn't really look good. I am surprised it lasted this long - at the time a lot of such adult comedies started but most died out eventually
It's by no means a good looking show, I agree with you there.

But yeah I definitely think it's good. It kind of has it's own unique flow of conversations and jokes that other shows don't have, it's usually sort of dry and over the top at the same time. That helped set it apart as it's own show instead of being a suburban sitcom simpsons/family guy clone like most animated adult comedies.
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In less than an hour (9 PM) Toonami will be showing some new footage from Samurai Jack season 6.
Mister Twister
........ aaaaaaaaand we been lied to. It was just a picture of Aku in the background of a shitty stream. Fuck those people. Not even bothering to post the image, it was a generic face.
T4 was here
I saw the ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE today and I really liked it.
But then again I'm bias do to loving their cartoon shorts.
I should have played the game before so I could have a better understanding of the slingshot scene.
Then I could have been all "wait, where was the triple birds that you tap on after launching to split up?" and then all "ohhhhhh"