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image:143918724000.png(1.38MB , 1024x768 , Storm Hawks converted to PNG so I could fucking post it.png)
A 2007-09 show about heroes fighting against bad guys who want to take over the world. Very original. And they do battle on motorcycles. Which can transform into flying motorcycles. And there are also lightsabers. With superpowers.

The premise is very basic, but the execution is more than wonderful. The final product is what you'll get if someone decides to cross Wakfu with Super Sentai. It was made by canadians who watched too much anime, but in a good way. The animation, the design, the dialogue, the gags; they're all great.

It ran for 2 seasons, and was cancelled before they got to do a 3rd. Since the show was only 50% arc-based, the cancellation is only 50% tragic. It is now available on multiple DVD volumes (cause full season sets is dumb right?) and from good pirates.

If nothing else, Storm Hawks can boast to have some of the best aerial combat sequences in history of ever.
Did it ever make a HD release or is this too early to hope for such things.
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image:143926583600.png(347kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 06 Best Friends Forever_Aug 10, 2015, 06.04.46.png)
It was made around the same time as Avatar, and back then HD was not yet the standard. So it was broadcast in SD. I have no doubt higher resolution versions exist, but the show must face a resurgence in popularity for those to get released.

At the moment, buying all of the DVD volumes is the only way to watch it in reasonably high quality.
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image:143927754700.png(388kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 09 Velocity_Aug 10, 2015, 23.53.13.png)
Might as well post a few low quality screenshots.
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image:143927761400.png(303kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 06 Best Friends Forever_Aug 10, 2015, 05.49.52.png)
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image:143927765400.png(275kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 07 The Black Gorge_Aug 10, 2015, 07.33.08.png)
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image:143927800700.png(441kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 10 Fire and Ice_Aug 11, 2015, 03.03.00.png)
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image:143927803700.png(311kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 07 The Black Gorge_Aug 10, 2015, 07.42.01.png)
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image:143927806900.png(339kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 10 Fire and Ice_Aug 11, 2015, 03.09.48.png)
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image:143927812700.png(327kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 07 The Black Gorge_Aug 10, 2015, 10.05.12.png)
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image:143927816500.png(314kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 10 Fire and Ice_Aug 11, 2015, 03.12.12.png)
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image:143927830500.png(295kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 09 Velocity_Aug 11, 2015, 00.12.03.png)
Episode 9 is basically podracing.
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image:143929178000.png(386kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 10 Fire and Ice_Aug 11, 2015, 02.42.46.png)
He says "Are we there yet?"
All their antics get really uncomfortable once you remember that they killed Starling's entire squad.
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image:143930947000.png(407kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 10 Fire and Ice_Aug 11, 2015, 06.16.38.png)
Killers deserve to be funny too.
That's a shame. Its like All of Transformers Animated exists in native HD Widescreen, yet those were never seen outside of when HUB ran them shortly. Damn shame I don't think they got a Disk Release or a Digital.
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image:143931516600.jpg(51kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks 222 A Wallop For All Season [ThV].avi_snapshot_03.58_[2011.11.07_00.17.43].jpg)
IMHO Storm Hawks was a great show - even if Finn was very annoying at times. Stork alone made it worth watching. And I wish we could have gotten a third season.
The world was a very well built up and interesting universe.
Pity we never got to see female Reptons, but eh, the female wallops more than compensate (they use armored underwear... :D)
"Umm, sorry, I thought you were a guy." (famous last words, Finn) :P

I think those are up for download - somebody dud download them.
I can still see the mark of this studio in all the other projects they've done.
Especially the animation. Not bad at all.

Shame CN basically condemned this show to the graveyard slot. But that's just how it goes sometimes.
They were all that way a few years back. Its getting better with Nick to be the most recent to start a big shake up of their production structure. Shifting the balance of power towards the producers than the executives that oversee them.
What other toons did they do after this?
Btw, in HUngary, some stores STILL have Storm Hawk toys, dirt cheap at that. They sadly shelfwarmed quite a bit. Pity that lots of characters never gotten toys.
Mister Twister
Slugterra and some other things I don't yet care about.
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image:143991499100.png(375kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 15 Thunder Run_Aug 16, 2015, 02.18.04.png)
Got past the middle of season 1. This show is amazing.

One episode has the team fucking something up, and getting a criminal lord mad at them. He agrees to forget about it, and release their friend he took in as ransom, if they travel far away to a mysterious location and bring him a mysterious item known as Rosenyoga within 12 hours.

Consider not reading, but the episode ends with the mysterious location being none other than a cafe, and the mysterious item being frozen yogurt.
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image:143993858700.png(479kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 20 Terra Neon_Aug 18, 2015, 01.14.44.png)
Oh yeah, one of the best episodes. The Colonel is someone like Jabba - everyone is kind of afraid of him even though he takes no sides in the conflict.

Slugterra had some rather silly concepts, but yeha, now that you say it the style is similar. And they also introduced some mystical elements in that show at the end with those darkland demons and stuff. I haven't watched it all yet.
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image:143994679600.png(42kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 20 Terra Neon_Aug 18, 2015, 01.16.15.png)
It's like Wakfu, only more action.
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image:143994686400.png(378kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 18 Leviathan_Aug 17, 2015, 23.28.45.png)
So watch.
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image:143994689200.png(321kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 18 Leviathan_Aug 17, 2015, 23.37.18.png)
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image:144000474000.png(364kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 23 Siren's Song_Aug 19, 2015, 00.04.07.png)
Timed accidentally.
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image:144008818200.png(431kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 24 Calling All Domos_Aug 20, 2015, 01.37.51.png)
The old man is half blind, which is why he has those eyes.
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image:144011432700.png(378kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 23 Siren's Song_Aug 19, 2015, 00.04.43.png)
Smug motherfucker.
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image:144013141800.png(367kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 25 The Lesson_Aug 21, 2015, 00.02.00.png)
One episode left for me of season 1.
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image:144013637100.png(35kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S01 Episode 26 Dude, Where's My Condor_Aug 21, 2015, 01.51.30.png)
Finished season 1. This show is awesome. I don't remember being so excited about a show for years. I binged the 26 episodes in less than 2 weeks. I haven't enjoyed a show this much in a long time.
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image:144013743700.jpg(175kB , 640x480 , Stork loves to complain.jpg)
Put words on image.

Kids these days don't do that anymore.
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image:144013787600.jpg(171kB , 640x480 , Stork loves to complain ver 2.jpg)
And a second version that's easier to see when thumbnailed.
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image:144022181400.png(429kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 03 Stratosphere_Aug 22, 2015, 01.24.53.png)
Doom, doom everywhere!
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image:144063710200.png(286kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 06 What Got Into Finn_Aug 26, 2015, 20.51.30.png)
Season 2 is amazing.
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image:144079036500.jpg(49kB , 640x480 , Suzie-Lu30.jpg)

It was a good show. Is it out on DVD, by the way?
The toys can be found for huge discounts in some Hungarian stores, still.
Mister Twister
It is available across several DVD volumes in region 1 (4-5 episodes per disk) and complete box sets in the UK (but apparently NTSC > PAL conversion was imperfect).
Ah Balls, Europe always getting Superior the Box Sets, Colombo Cigar Box Edition will always be a far off dream.
Mister Twister
... and, as I said, format conversion was fucked.
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image:144109450400.png(289kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 09 Radarr Love_Sep 1, 2015, 03.59.49.png)
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a screenshot from the show.
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image:144118565700.png(283kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 09 Radarr Love_Sep 1, 2015, 04.14.22.png)
A minor bad guys daydreams of a movie made some time later about the Cyclonian Empire that he serves for. He then regretfully admits if he stars in it, he will be given a background role.

And while he's talking, this is what you see.
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image:144167151500.png(301kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 10 Scout's Honour_Sep 6, 2015, 03.13.47.png)
Oh I LOVED that scene and the episode. :) He is somewhat self-conscious about how little he matters in the grand empire.
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image:144213394200.jpg(4kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks 222 A Wallop For All Season [ThV].avi_snapshot_04.17_[2011.11.07_00.18.31].jpg)
Regions should be abolished. They have no more place in the world of Ebay and Amazon, really. Besides, what the fuck does Sony care about where does it get its money, as long as it gets it? Lucky that VLCplayer can go around bloody region codes.
Mister Twister
You must understand that region restrictions were created by people in power, obsessed with their power. It's not just about money; it is also about who is allowed to have access to which content. It's information control, and control over who is allowed to have what.

As long as we do not allow governments control content online, things will be getting better. But if we lazily let things happen, the free media exchange will be taken from us.

Yes, but this was all "then" - back when it mattered whether these big companies even allowed certain countries to get certain materials. The world changed, and they refuse to change with it - same deal as the crazy "but people can record movies onto VHS, that's stealing!" idiocies.
But dude, Governments have nothing to do about this. Companies do - region codes are used by the people who manufacture the DVDs. Not much the US government can do about what Sony, a Japanese company, does. I mean... apart from region codes, how about the "every adapter has a different socket" idiocy with tablets, cameras and mobile phones? Often even the same company's different models have different sockets. Gah.
Mister Twister
Corporations have more power than governments.
True, of course. I love to quote Lex Luthor for this:

"President? Do you have any idea how much power I'd have to GIVE UP to become president?" :D
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image:144233953200.png(356kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 11 Sky's End_Sep 12, 2015, 00.27.57.png)
Some more LORE: at one point people of Atmos could not fly, until they figured out how. This is how the first flying motorcycles looked.
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image:144315982900.png(449kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 15 Number One Fan_Sep 25, 2015, 01.38.00.png)
>Hey, why don't I get an action figure?
>That's because the "braniacs" in merchandising say girl action figures don't sell.

Did they... did they just call out the people who made the toys??
Marketing at all really.

Pointing out the flaw of focusing on your best sellers while letting your other properties sink away.
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image:144324417800.png(442kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 15 Number One Fan_Sep 25, 2015, 01.45.37.png)
Just ordered the Condor toy/figurine/collectable/thing from Amazon. Will post photos when it arrives.
That was nice of you, pretty sure they cancelled the show because they didn't sell enough of those.
Not that anyone could find them, ever since the death of the Big Toy Stores starting in the early '90s and going on through to the early '00s getting some shows merch on the selves is a real bear. Especially when some places like Walmart and its the vendors that handle stocking of that stuff and nothing other than that makers merch is allowed on those shelves.

Just looked it up and Toys R Us is the last one standing as far as Toy Stores goes.

But from what I was able to see of them mainly online the Storm Hawks stuff was pretty good.
Maybe it was just a Canada thing, they were all over the place here.
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image:144328326500.jpg(126kB , 500x647 , contract.jpg)
Actually, it turned out they only had the contract to produce 52 episodes divided into two seasons.
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image:144328882600.png(362kB , 640x480 , Storm Hawks S02 Episode 16 A Colonel of Truth_Sep 26, 2015, 13.29.45.png)
Is that true... Mr. Fluffykins?
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image:144355847400.jpg(91kB , 1936x1936 , be jelly.jpg)
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image:144430648900.png(69kB , 200x200 , tmp_31389-raptors-wut.png~c200-2000600416.png)

I remember skimming past this one when it was airing, I guess it never held my interest for some reason, but I do remember the one episode where the reptile guys were trying to infiltrate a ship and the one green gothy type dude was fending them off single handedly Home Alone style and thought it was pretty good. I guess there's only so much time and Gladding yet another series on my plate just wasn't in the cards, and it wasn't until I saw the furry chick did I give it another look. Ah well...

About the Reptons; is it my imagination or does Spitz (the small, skinny one) look like he's supposed to be a female to you? The plate pattern of his front torso mimics the classic female forms, like the roundness of the lower breast area without actually being breasts, and the downward triangular part of his abdominal segments look very different from the others. It's almost as if they changed him to male at some point for marketing reasons. I always head canon that he's hiding his gender due to Repton society being sexist against females. Either way, I figure their females pretty much look like Spitz.
Mister Twister
Well shit
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image:144434503500.gif(59kB , 351x267 , the white border on the right annoys the Hell out of me.gif)
Storm Hawks had better animation than Wakfu:
Heh, true... Is that Slugterra any good, btw? I only watched a few episodes, and while I liked the demonic invasion and the designs of the guardian-things, I think that only happens late in the season.