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Do you want to be a hero, /co/?

Want to be a superhero with other superheroes?

Well then come and join in the /co/vengers in Neon City.

A while back, a random rollthread busted out into a full-on project, where people roll up a random superpower, design a superhero around it, pick a team, and have fun goofing around. Had weeks and weeks of funtimes roleplaying, and we were hoping to bring those funtimes here!

The setting is Neon City, a shining metropolis on the gulf of Mexico. Founded, built, and maintained by the Xenon Conglomerate, Neon City soon grew into a massive tourist trap known for its unusually high concentration of metahumans and superheroes, a reputation that was championed by Xenon in its effort to create the world's largest meta-centered city. Factions include such oddities as massive corporations, rag-tag misfits operating out of a busted down RV, augmentation-obsessed gangsters, spooky vampires living in spooky castles, and even that one goddamn asshole who has a keyhole instead of a head. Seriously, he's a dumbass.

But either way, roll up a power, make a character, fill out a template, and go fucking nuts.