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image:140779159400.jpg(107kB , 882x721 , Anubis01.JPG)
Thread for official Character designs/sketches, CELs, reference material from cartoons/comics/anime.

Starting off with something I found on Ebay, designs from Mummies Alive!

First up, Anubis! Unlike in mythology, he is a rather dumb evil henchman here, mostly working with Seth (though he is not his father). He has a wand that causes sleep.
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image:140779166400.jpg(22kB , 332x499 , Armon03.JPG)
Armon in armored form
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image:140779169800.jpg(238kB , 1158x1530 , Armon-concept01.JPG)
Armon concept sketch
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image:140779172500.jpg(103kB , 1405x888 , Armon-concept02.JPG)
I am glad the final version did not have this head... brrr.
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image:140779176200.jpg(126kB , 671x1013 , Bastet00.JPG)
Sexy kitty-goddess Bastet, from the episode "Paws".
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image:140779178700.jpg(19kB , 294x500 , Bastet02.JPG)
Bastet teleporting
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image:140779181300.jpg(26kB , 340x500 , Carny.JPG)
One of the Alcatraz prisoner-ghosts
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image:140779182500.jpg(22kB , 342x500 , Carny2.JPG)
One of the Alcatraz prisoner-ghosts
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image:140779184600.jpg(21kB , 274x500 , Demon Statue02.JPG)
Demon statue (not sure which episode)
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image:140779187500.jpg(23kB , 294x500 , Ed Sullivan.JPG)
Ed Sullivan, no idea who he is...
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image:140779189800.jpg(95kB , 812x764 , Fright Spook.JPG)
Another Alcatraz prison ghost
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image:140779192400.jpg(33kB , 331x500 , Geb02.JPG)
Geb, God of Earth and grouchy sleeper.
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image:140779196100.jpg(101kB , 827x764 , Ja-Kal's wife and kid.JPG)
Ja-Kal's wife and kid
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image:140779210600.jpg(99kB , 1020x655 , Khati01.JPG)
Khati, aka the "Sacred Kitty"- the pharao's mummified cat. :)
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image:140779212400.jpg(95kB , 951x607 , Khati02.JPG)
Khati's powered-up larger form
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image:140779220200.jpg(116kB , 768x1024 , Khenti02.JPG)
In the first episode where Anubis and Seth appear, they are accompanied by two more unnamed dog-like beings, who never appear in later episodes - also members of the Pack. Thanks to the design sheets now we know this guy's name is Khenti.
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image:140779225200.jpg(94kB , 803x673 , Mantis Demon01.JPG)
One of Pep's biker-gang crew - all disguised demons, this one resembling a mantis.
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image:140779227700.jpg(24kB , 307x500 , Mech Demon.JPG)
Mech Demon (not sure which episode)
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image:140779231300.jpg(22kB , 343x500 , Nefertina02.JPG)
Nefertina in armor
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image:140779234000.jpg(25kB , 500x407 , Nefertina03.JPG)
Nefertina, turned into a cat by Bastet
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image:140779236100.jpg(105kB , 1024x768 , Nefertina05.JPG)
Quite a kick!
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image:140779239300.jpg(89kB , 818x679 , Nefertina06.JPG)
Nefertina in her normal outfit
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image:140779243000.jpg(106kB , 1024x768 , Nefertina07.JPG)
Nefertina while still alive (aka Nefer, since she disguised herself as a boy.
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image:140779247200.jpg(25kB , 353x500 , Nefertina11.JPG)
Nefertina in street disguise
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image:140779252300.jpg(116kB , 1024x768 , Nefertina15.JPG)
"Knee to the groin" technique! :D
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image:140779254400.jpg(24kB , 340x499 , Ooze Monster.JPG)
Oooze monster... from somewhere
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image:140779258800.jpg(27kB , 347x500 , Pep-Apep02.JPG)
Pep, aka Apophis... Yeah who thought the snake swallowing the sun each night would be a biker gang leader?
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image:140779261600.jpg(24kB , 343x500 , Pesh-Turtle Demon02.JPG)
Pesh, one of Pep's crew,
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image:140779274400.jpg(19kB , 333x500 , Scarab01.JPG)
Something you never wanted to see - Scarab (mostly) naked. :D Probably from the first episode.
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image:140779285700.jpg(2kB , 305x500 , Sick Scarab.JPG)
Sick Scarab from Curse of the Sekhmet (he has bunny slippers!!!) - he got a cold and summoned Sekhmet to cure him, with disastrous results.
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image:140779288800.jpg(84kB , 806x658 , Sekhmet01.JPG)
Sekhmet in human form.
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image:140779293600.jpg(102kB , 827x694 , Sekhmet04.JPG)
Sekhmet's true form - yeah, dunno why she has a vulture head and not a lioness.
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image:140779296200.jpg(91kB , 803x658 , Sesh-Crocodile Demon01.JPG)
Sesh, a croc demon from Pep's gang.
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image:140779299400.jpg(19kB , 326x500 , Shabti01.JPG)
A Shabti disguised as a passersby
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image:140779301600.jpg(21kB , 351x500 , Supermodel02.JPG)
Gal in swimsuit
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image:140779305900.jpg(28kB , 500x479 , Supermodel04.JPG)
model girls from the episode where Nefertina accidently starts a new fashion trend with her wrappings. :)
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image:140779310600.jpg(104kB , 984x643 , Tuen-Scorpion Demon01.JPG)
Tuen, Scorp demon from Pep's gang
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image:140779314800.jpg(23kB , 327x500 , Upuatu02.JPG)
Upuatu - another never-mentioned member of the Pack.
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image:141080574000.jpg(183kB , 965x1073 , Lupe-Model-sheet(color).JPG)
Let's continue with some recent finds on Ebay again - Lupe, from Sonic SatAM!
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image:141080577200.jpg(281kB , 1235x1600 , Lupe-Model-sheet(coloring guide).JPG)
And here is the color guide - could be useful for those who want to draw her.
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image:141080584900.jpg(319kB , 1213x1600 , Lupe-Model-sheet-jumping (color).JPG)
Another sheet showing Lupe jumping.
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image:141080586600.jpg(226kB , 930x1320 , Robecca-model-sheet(color).JPG)
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image:141080592300.jpg(221kB , 879x917 , Lizard Woman Model Sheet.jpg)
Lizard Woman turnaround model sheet from The New Adventures of Flash Gordon - screencapped from the 4-DVD special release by yours truly. :)
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image:143614788900.jpg(223kB , 2048x1451 , Anastasia's characters.jpg)
Might as well.
File deleted
last one. and Gwendolyn's sheet is on the animals thread
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image:143618016100.jpg(209kB , 1024x717 , Mark of Kri illustration.jpg)
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image:143619683800.jpg(65kB , 1136x640 , image.jpg)
Do animatics count?
//youtube.com/watch?v=UWUd6eaviXEyoutube thumb
It's like a view into a chilling alternate universe where cartoons are sketched.
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image:143633640600.jpg(1.4MB , 2048x1097 , All Dogs 6.jpg)
As long as it's not the final product, it's fine.
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image:143647322300.jpg(155kB , 634x680 , lawl.jpg)
Well I'll just jump right to the entire playlist
Seems like it's just the storyboard artist's personal account and an imdb search seems to imply that's all there is.
Shame, I am digging those extremely exaggerated facial expressions.
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image:143762653700.png(384kB , 1106x735 , rugrats storyboard jam.png)
For those who haven't already seen it.
Why is the newer Spongebob design so atrocious?
It's been refined by corporate experts for maximum marketability.
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image:143779461100.jpg(64kB , 1533x631 , Living Lines Library.jpg)
PRODUCTION ART - Model Sheets, Production Drawings art site

Thanks dude, this is really useful!
Anything for storyboard templates.
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image:143805948700.jpg(901kB , 3508x2480 , Storyboard-Template.jpg)
Blanks Or studios Blanks ?
Probably blanks to start with showing my stuff. Can any of these be imported as a layer?
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Animalia model sheets
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image:144079061400.jpg(62kB , 668x1116 , Falion Design Sheet 01.jpg)
I am a furry, yet I could never bear to watch Animalia. IT's so inconsistent with which characters are really anthros and which are just talking animals. Zootopia seems to be Animalia done RIGHT.

In the meantime, have some fluffy lioness... :) Falion from Sailor Moon.
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image:144079065000.png(152kB , 3486x2477 , Bakene Design Sheet 01.png)
Bakene, from Sailor Moon
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image:155422387700.jpg(233kB , 1600x1111 , SQUAWKENCLUCK-TURNAROUND-V2.jpg)
Time to bump this with new content - tons of character design sheets from Danger Mouse (the new one).
Master Twaster
I will watch Animalia, and enjoy myself.
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image:155429027259.png(282kB , 540x540 , mpv-shot0002.png)
That posture is just dangerous. I'm worried for her.
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image:155431084808.jpg(195kB , 1600x1005 , SQUAWK COLOR POSES_PORT.jpg)
Took you just 4 years to reply? ;) Also, "enjoy myself" that kinda sounded dirty...
That's not her posture. She has a big butt (as most chickens) :P
Master Twaster
Blame the necrobumper.
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image:155432676684.png(125kB , 252x581 , stick it out no need to pout.png)
>That's not her posture. She has a big butt (as most chickens) :P
The super hips are incidental.
Here is how I interpret that 3/4 view, see what happens when the legs and upper body are extrapolated?. The side-on view is even more extreme. I've seen big butts, but that's more like big anterior pelvic tilt.
I realize this is a caricature of how chickens appear and it's a nice design
You should check how Jabberwockychamber interprets it... ;) He is now responsible for like 90% of the fanart/R34 of her online.
Sadly could not find a design sheet for Danger Moth.