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image:140160478100.png(928kB , 1280x1006 , evangleyne_for_wakfu_tcg_card_by_xa_xa_xa-d5v19y1.png)
Wakfu Thread: The Return of Endless Summer

Ankama finally released the english cast for season 1

Tome 3 of the Wakfu Manga (aka the franga) i believe is still slated to be released on June 20th. No cover nor preview yet.

Someone who saw the first episode of the OVA at Ankama con typed out a plot summary:
Someone also found another summary on tumblr but it's in spanish:

If you want to talk about the plot summary, please use spoiler tags because there is some big surprises.

I think that's everything. Feel free to add anything i missed.
Mister Twister
Neat! I (like many others) will buy the Blu-Ray eventually.
I wonder how much it will go for on eBay, since that's the only place you'll be able to get it.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Awww, no larger distribution channel is you didn't back?
Not from Ankama at any rate. If a foreign network finally buys the rights to the series, it will be up to them how they distribute it.
Dofus movie now has an official release date for those who didn't know. Sadly it's a bit of a wait, February 3'rd 2016.
Will Joris eat his vegetables, or will he face the same fate as Bjoris? The movie will surely let us know.
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image:140295116300.png(323kB , 294x611 , tumblr_mzywkxCzxY1sk1cm4o1_500.png)
Did a little looking and found the cover for tome 3 of the franga. Sorry for the shitty picture.

So help me god if they're stuck in that mine for the whole tome and not at Mount Zinit by the end of it...
>So help me god if they're stuck in that mine for the whole tome and not at Mount Zinit by the end of it...
I'm not getting my hopes up.
Which kind of begs the question of when are they going to get there and actually start searching for the dofuses.
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image:140339160300.png(49kB , 950x400 , specials.png)
A couple messages by Tot confirming that the 3 specials will air in October (during the vacations, whichever those are) and that if you had to watch only one, definitely watch the third one because it's particularly impressive. The episodes were completed a few months ago so we're all just waiting.
He also says the episodes will most likely not be available on their website because that would hinder international sales.
Cool, nice find.

In other news, tome 3 of the franga is coming out on the 4th of july.
Source: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/WakfuManga
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image:140345005600.jpg(88kB , 1000x546 , 10348681_1483995605171229_4410753191920897722_o.jpg)
Mig will be signing copies of the first Ogrest Manga at Japan Expo on July 2-6, which will be released on July 11.
And here I thought the third franga was already out.
Nope, July 4th. Funny enough, someone on /co/ said that a comic site had tome 3 coming on the July date, but i didn't quite believe him. I figured Ankama would have said something about changing the date. then the facebook page has an update on the day before the june release date saying it's july 4th now.

I'm curious as to why it was delayed twice, but it's probably something mundane like taking more time to make it better rather than plot changes or pages that went missing inexplicably.

Anyway, i'm so excited to talk about the new tome for a week or two and then we never talk about it again.
I just hope it's better than the first two, quite frankly the other assorted comics have tended to be better so far.
>I just hope it's better than the first two, quite frankly the other assorted comics have tended to be better so far.

I agree. It really doesn't help that the yearly release is tedious as hell and the ova pretty much makes the franga irrelevant.
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image:140449075900.png(411kB , 1024x576 , Eva is not amused by your bullshit.png)
Tome 3 is now coming out November 21st.
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image:140451121000.png(9kB , 624x588 , 1333658716322.png)
I'm hyped!
Any news on Tangomango scans?
None that I know off, then again I haven't kept an awful lot of tabs on those ladies and gentlemen. But tangomango scans would be sweet, I hear it's really good.
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image:140760963500.png(1.48MB , 510x1190 , vampyr.png)
Speaking of comics, is there any explanation as to why Alize in Maskemane went from the lower bitch-o-bats murder machine to the upper form? It really felt like it could have used some explanation.
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image:140762553700.jpg(183kB , 891x1500 , OVAs DVD cover.jpg)
Amazon will be selling the OVAs on DVD in October:

Episode titles:
Le Trône de glace (The Throne of Ice)
Le Mont Dragon (Mount Dragon)
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
I never realized how much her form changed. You're right, it's rather strange. Her "cute" form kind of looks like an Eliatrope.
The link also has a synopsis for each episode. It's a tad spoilery so heads up.
Well it's to resemble a bat (of course) but yes it does resemble eliatropes, with the exception of it being a hood and not a hat.

Maskemane has had good characters overall as well as nice design, but I'm not sure about Farow's reactions and actions, though I like her design with the cloak.

And dat Sram molesting in Maskemane 7 to get him to fight was sort of funny.
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image:140771233400.png(3kB , 250x598 , MrFreeze.png)
It looks like Nox decided to try on Mr. Freeze's outfit.

Yeah, i know it's count harebourg
Could that indicate there still hope of DvD releases for the poor souls that won't be getting a blu-ray box soon? Or did they not want that because it would compete with the streaming services? I don't quite remember.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
The DVDs are French only and region-locked, so it seems to be just another French-market release. If you're not getting a Blu-ray, this set will probably be the only physical release for a while. I'm not sure the "streaming platform competition" issue extended to the OVAs, but I doubt Ankama will make a separate release for them either way, and take on the added production and distribution costs. It would be up to whoever picks up the rights to handle that.
Shame, but I can understand that they might not want to burden themselves with the cost of dvd production and distribution, especially since their market that might know of it, is already mostly getting the product through the kickstarter. Which in itself was, lets face it, very generous.

Luckily I will be getting my blu-ray box soon, but I'm starting to think I should have gotten two so I could have one to keep unused.
While slightly off-topic of the current releases, I was curious if any of you might be able to assist with something:

While perusing the old wakfu threads in /coc/ - the ones with 100's of images and 1000's of posts - I came upon repeated references to Kid Magnanimous' posts on "Why Yugo's Personality is Awesome". Alas, it seems said posts have been lost to time, stored neither in Archives nor in current threads. Might someone have saved them, so that I may see these fabled posts for myself?

The only link I could find was to this 404'd address: http://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/103614.html

You're not missing much, it was a load of silly bullshit.
I do remember talking about Yugo's character here but i don't recall a Kid Magnanimous.
Sounds like NWF to me.
Or anyone who over analyzes wakfu like NWF. I think there are some fans like that. Wonder what he's doing now. I remember him making a video for space dandy and i recall reading an essay for one of the episodes that seemed like it was written by him.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
A friend of mine has sent me an almost comprehensive timeline of the World of Twelve copied straight from Ankama's studios, and I've begun adding the dates to the wiki:

I was wondering if you guys think we should have every date we can come across there or stick to major events as I have been doing so far. I have some birth dates for secondary characters like Kriss la Krass, the dates of most comics, and minor events such as when Ulgrude declared his love to Jiva, for example. Presumably we could have two timelines where one would be major events and the other everything ever, but we could also just omit the minor stuff.
On the top of my head I like the idea of when the comics take place, as well as actions of significant characters (lore wise and not necessarily show wise). Personally, I find the idea of Kriss la Krass' birthday a bit too muchm if you want my input.

On another note, well don't you have connected friends.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
>On another note, well don't you have connected friends.
Well, my frequent research has led me to more knowledgeable people who are happy to share their findings, as I am trying to do. It's both a curse and a blessing, because the more I look into it, the more inconsistencies I find and it's hard to make sense of it all. You'd never guess how much backstory this universe has just by watching the cartoon.

Thanks for the input! I'll go back to the timeline when I'm done overhauling the gods and classes.
Just in time for Labor Day (do they have that in France?), a new update:


Physical release pushed back to December/January, digital rewards to start going out in October, along with free streaming of the 3 new special episodes for backers. Additional special episode to be released at a later date on DVD with the making-of video (it's still in writing phase).

More updates to come around twice per month as needed (we'll see)
> december/january
Being a wakfu fan is suffering at times.
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image:140975077500.jpg(2.88MB , 1300x6800 , wakfu infographic p1 r95.jpg)
Since it's begun to spread on Tumblr, I might as well call it final and post the new infographic here.
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image:140975083500.jpg(2.46MB , 1300x5176 , wakfu infographic p2 r95.jpg)
Updated the Kickstarter ETA, so this page is now more up to date if you already had it.
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image:141025983900.jpg(92kB , 700x391 , 1410254764861.jpg)

The English dub of Wakfu Season 1 comes to Netflix Sept. 14.
Fuck yeah.
Do we have any idea how the dub sounds though?
I'm also assuming it will be uncensored.
T4 was here
Given the other two netflix "exlusive" "cartoons" that I know off, most likey.
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image:141061549400.png(224kB , 1280x720 , Wakfu_01[19-29-29].PNG)
First episode of Wakfu in English. This is just a "demo" - I won't be ripping the rest

thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
As someone who's watching the show for the first time, these voices sound OK, but the voice directing makes everyone sound confused and the mixing is all kinds of messed up.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
Also, whoever's writing the dub's script clearly isn't keeping good track of how long these words take to say: people tend to suddenly talk super-fast without pausing between sentences.
I'm not loving Ruel's voice, and a few of the extras. But the main characters other than Ruel all sound pretty good to my ear. Some accents I'm not used to hearing on Amalia and Percidal, but they're not obtrusive accents.
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image:141106351400.png(1.01MB , 640x3012 , 1411063291756.png)
An update and some screencaps of the OVA.
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image:141114020400.jpg(42kB , 800x450 , nox.jpg)
Game is now available on Steam.

You will not lure me with your siren song, you foul temptress you.
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image:141183384100.jpg(2kB , 500x289 , Spoiler image)
I don't think the screen caps are too spoilery. This one (courtesy from Russia) might be with context.
The text at the bottom image looks like Potato knight to my completely american sensibilities
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image:141193628000.jpg(54kB , 960x540 , Spoiler image)
I read that the ad text is for Adventure Time. Kind of strange. Found some more screencaps of the ova.

While i'm spoilering it, i don't think there's any big reveals in any of them.
>I read that the ad text is for Adventure Time.
...no. I said it was for the regular show rather than the actual OVAs. Notice the lack of capitals in "regular show."
Well, thanks for the correction.
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image:141236026400.jpg(43kB , 960x540 , Spoiler image)
Another preview pic.
Looks like Maskemane is indeed showing up in the OVA. Also, i think that's Percimol (the name escapes me but that pudding hero who had a comic) on the far right.
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image:141312919200.jpg(2.17MB , 2448x3264 , 1413105783679.jpg)
Unless Tome 3 gets delayed again, it looks like November is wakfu month.
Maybe Remington will actually be useful in a fight this time around.
Remington look aggravated to be there. Although unlike season 2, he does have a reason to be there with Ush being involved. Not sure what the story is for the other two.
New trailer for the OVAs:
//youtube.com/watch?v=UtdpfoMLPsgyoutube thumb
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image:141342117000.jpg(36kB , 500x281 , Spoiler image)
Pic is a huge spoiler so open at your own risk.

The thread in /co/ said that the ova maybe out already thanks to French Amazon or something else. Ankama just asking people not to spoil anything until the official release.

It's funny that we got this and we still have no pics of Flopin and Elely besides the blurry ref sheet.
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image:141347439800.jpg(39kB , 500x282 , Spoiler image)
We do now, at least of one of them.
I was just about to post that.
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image:141355641000.png(588kB , 1024x576 , Spoiler image)
And now here is both of them
I'm almost thought Flopin was a girl for a sec.
Has anyone ripped those early DVDs yet?
people better be already doing the fansubs for the OVAs
I wouldn't hold your breath. In the meant time, here's a review: http://suricatessen.tumblr.com/post/100321123619/my-ova-review. There's also a small review from the french forum. It's been translated here: http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/66392460#p66444161.
If you have questions and don't fear spoiler tags, ask away !
Okay... don't want to flood you with a lot of questions, so i will try to be concise.
1. What is Harebourg's reason for wanting to warm up frigost? What happens to him in the end?[/spoiler
2.[spoiler]From what i've seen, Maskemane is fighting against Joris and Yugo. How come?

3. What's the story with Remington? What's he up to?
4. What happens to Ogrest in the end?
That's a good start for now.

1. Maybe it was different in the MMO, but here the people of Frigost are actually dying from the cold, and they're thankful that Harebourg prevented it until now. He loses the fight against the brotherhood and I'm not quite sure what happens next (unsure if he's dead or not).
2. Like Percimol, Maskemane is controlled by Ush Galesh, using small squishy round creatures that I don't know of.
3. Remington is working for Ush Galesh. When Grany complains about the situation Remi says "we're here for you so you should keep it shut", so guess it's a contract to give Grany his human shape back.
4. After a 30 minutes all out fight, Otomai makes him spit the 6 primordial dofus and he turns back into the inoffensive green little thing he was. Defeating Ogrest isn't the only issue at hand though, or more precisely, the way he was defeated caused something far worse than Ogrest's Chaos. And also, Ogrest has surprise allies.
1.So what is that thing that's worse than ogrest chaos? Who are Ogrest's allies?
2Is it true that Joris's a demigod? What's the story with frozen joris/fake joris?
3.I heard that there is something revealed about Grovy in episode 2. What is it?
1. The only solution to beat Ogrest and his 6 Primordial dofus is to get an Eliatrope to use the 6 Eliatrope dofus against him. Only drawback, that's more power than the world can handle without being blown to bits. As for Ogrest's allies, 6 dofus = 6 dragons, the actual 6 from the Dofus MMO. They look great !
2. Everyone's a demigod in the OVAs, that's a bit lame if you ask me. But yes, he is. Fake Joris is a shapeshifter used to drive Adamaï and Otamai into a trap. Or, that's what it seems at first. I'm pretty sure the shapeshifter is another character from the MMO that I don't know.
3. He's the next reincarnation of the Iop god. Goultard and Rubilax always knew.
Okay, I think that's all i have for now. Thank you for answering.
No worries !
How does the Yugo/Amalia thing pan out?
Are you by any chance still answering questions? if so I have something that bugs me a bit

Also in case you are currently chilling over at the 4chan thread, i'm teh same person with the same stupid questions/request

Is Percy really losing his right arm? if so then how? I presume ogrest maybe? And how is it visualized, like do we see it happen?

What is happening to Maskemane, Remington and Percimol. Are they getting killed in the battle? Are Maskemane and Percimol coming back to sens?

Any chance I could get a picture of Percy and Eva in wedding attire. I kinda have a idea for a fanart. It's okay if not.

Thanks in advance and sorry for bothering you this much with my stupid questions
Right at the start Harebourg proposes to marry Amalia in exchange for the 2 dofus that could save the Sadida Kingdom. Sad Yugo is sad. Then he talks about it with Adamai and he's actually the one being self-conscious because he's sure everyone would make fun of Amalia if he was by her side. He's pretty bummed that he's still a kid while Amalia has become a woman and a queen. However, by the end of the story, and with some princess-saving duty done along the way, the longing looks between them leave very very little doubt they're going to end up together. Which causes more problems than it solves, as for all we know Amalia may be dead by the time Yugo finally becomes an adult.

Questions are never stupid ;)
1. Yes he does. He's wrecked by the white 4-winged dragon from Dofus. We don't really see much detail, there's a few frames of black and white blood splatter then Yugo's reaction : https://31.media.tumblr.com/5336a2f1d51e4bae7053899f29c124f0/tumblr_inline_ndneqbHGLW1ssahr7.png

2. They're being controlled by Ush Galesh (well Remington is here for Grany apparently) and used in a "game" against Yugo, Joris, Achtam and Kerubim. They don't die, and we don't know what happens afterwards.

3. http://imgur.com/0y9Wuyw and no I don't want to know what you want to do with it. I know the fandom well enough to be wary.
Thanks mate
Thanks mate
really appreciate your response
not to sure about how I feel about them
As for what kind of fan art I had in mind...
I wanted to create a little family photo like drawing of the whole Percedal familie in this formal attire. And if you don't mind me bothering you again.... any chance you could provide a screen of Eva and Percy in they wedding attire where we see them from the front? if there even is something like that. Again sorry for bothering you with that.

once again thank you for taking time to read and awesomer my questions and requests. Really means a lot to me.
sorry I read you wanted to know what I want to do with it
god so hyped I can't even read anymore
Bit of a question, does Yugo actually beat the villains this time around?
Another question! What happens with Adamai?
I'd call that a major spoilers (the main villain of the story, and the main conflict of the next one) so proceed at your own risk.
Yugo is the villain. A true Wakfu villain, with a pure motive, too much power for his own good, and a total disregard for the consequences. Like Nox, he's ready to risk the entire world to save his friends, despite Adamaï warning him and trying to stop him, Yugo just can't let go. After they manage to beat Ogrest (after an epic fight, fair and square although the last blow comes from Otomai), the world is even more royaly fucked. They luck out of this one again with a nice deus ex machina, but Adamaï won't forgive Yugo anytime soon.

So Yugo wants to use the 6 eliatrope dofus to save Pinpin, Adamaï knows (he's been warned by a strange "Lady Echo") that it's more power than the world can handle and tries to reason him. It doesn't work. They fight over the 6th dofus that Adamaï is holding. Yugo wins. Adamaï warns that if Yugo proceeds he won't see his brother ever again. Yugo makes the bet that he will, while if he does nothing Pinpin will die for sure. He leaves Adamaï, with the dofus and a heartbreaking "I love you, bro."

Later on as Yugo screws up we see Adamaï witnessing the consequences, saying "Idiot."

At the very end of the story, Adamaï is nowhere to be seen. Then on the 15 last seconds, you see Adamaï afar from the Sadida Kingdom, next to the woman who warned him about the Dofus being too powerful, crying. And she says "Stop looking at your past. They rejected you. Your future is with us now." Adamaï nods and walks away with her. End credits.
Wow. I need to see it more than ever.

I hope that one extra kickstarter episode (or even season 3) will follow up on this, because otherwise that's one hell of a sad ending with no real closure.
Uhm reviews will do precisely nothing, we want to *see* that thing. And understand it. I refuse to believe that not one person who bought the dvds can rip them and upload'em.
Just so you know, I've started working on a fansub release today. No DVDrip, only the subs, for whatever use you'll want (I'd encourage you to buy the DVD)

Yeah I really want to share the OVA hype that bad. I feel a bit alone right now ^^
As a Kickstarter backer I already paid for those episodes, I won't buy them for a second time. So I either have to sit and wait for TVrips (will there be any?) or till next year when the discs arrive.

I only hope that someone shares the rips sooner, cause I don't think I can wait that long without losing patience.
> I'd encourage you to buy the DVD

Dude, people already "bought" these specials via the kickstarter campaign, so they deserve it now, in this form or other. You should not act like a teasing prick and make a dvd rip, like every sensible Internet person would do. Believe me, hadn't I bought the BR package, I'd buy the dvds right now and seed the f**k out of it on torrents.

Although, kudos for making the subs. you people rock.

According to the KS site though, we're supposed to be able to watch the specials on VHX at some point this month I believe.
"In no time." That probably means next year if they don't forget.
>some point this month
=/= now
I've been checking every major torrent tracker since yesterday every few hours and it gets boring.
Nice to know we who supported the Kickstarter campaign will be gifted with a delivery months after people who didn't. Kinda makes me ferl like an ass for spending that much money on it.
Don't be a Dick now, you guys made possible all this, and opened the possibility for more wakfu content. You are gonna get your items and everything you were offered, but kickstarter is not a store you go to buy new stuff.
Just so you know I've bought both seasons before supporting the kickstarter at the very start, when the only reward would have been a season 1 bluray with english dub. I speak french, I couldn't care less. And now I've bought the OVAs because I think giving a 1 month early access deserved it's 20€.

I see no reason to give that stuff away for free, not with that attitude.

I'll gladly do the fansubs for nothing in return except maybe stop calling me a teasing prick.

If the rips are so hard to come by now it's mainly because all the people who usually provided them are disgusted with the overall spoiled brat attitude.

Done with the drama, on to the fansubs.
it's nice to see another person doing the subs.

>stop calling me a teasing prick.
Well, I'll gladly stop calling you that, in return for stop calling us spoiled brats.

We bought these episodes, except Ankama fucks us with them. We deserve them. And now, you, people with the DVDs have one chance to become better than that bloody company: give us the rips, and you will be remembered forever. Well, until the novemeber at least. And I called you "teasing pricks", because that was your behaviour: "Oh, look, I have the dvds, but I won't give it to you, even though I know you want them! Na-na-na-na!"

Every time a publishing company, dvd/br makers, printing company fucks up, the Internet is there, to make things right. They set up a paywall? We'll torrent that shit. Early content access for extra cash? Well, now it's early for everybody. The game no longer works, since the producent stopped caring? Patch is already in the making.

So, one more time: you can do better than others. That is, in essence, our call: do better.
kickstarter is not a store you go to buy new stuff.

Or maybe it should, hm? How hard would it be to set up a handy-dandy download system for backers, hm? They released the dvds, so they might as well release the digital content.
>Or maybe it should, hm?
No, they've already got those. They're called stores. Kickstarter is for crowdfunding. I'm sorry if you misunderstood the purpose of Kickstarter and thought it was a fancy pre-order system, but it's not.
Exchanging currency for products is what ot is even if you give it a fancy name.
Does the Ruel really transformed?
Not the anon you're complaining to but ...

>except Ankama fucks us with them
You realize the reason you don't have those OVAs yet as a backer is because Ankama decided NOT to fuck you with the shipping costs, even if you lived in the middle of Nowheristan, and pay for them from their own allet. This of course, means shipping everything at once or it would have been even more prohibitively expensive than it already is, which anyone whith the shadow of a common sense should have realised by the time they pledged. The Blu-rays aren't ready yet, hence the rest of the package has to wait too, nothing to do with Ankama trying to have allegorical intercourse with you.

>We deserve them
You do, and guess what, you WILL have them. There is however no signed contract that you deserve, and must have them RIGHT NOW. Those were funded by France 3 and the team started working on them way before the kickstarter campaign even began. Therefore, the kickstarter campaign should not interfere with the french-specific release schedule of an independent project, which brings me to ...

> How hard would it be to set up a handy-dandy download system for backers
This is a DVD release for the french market that was planned way before the kickstarter, there is no reason the details and conditions should be changed, especially since it was funded by France 3 and they're therefore the ones who decide what gets released, as well as how and when.
The kickstarter campaign merely funded the extra english dub for these OVAs, and as of today this dub hasn't been released and, most importantly, probably doesn't even exist yet (there's a reason they postponed the delivery by 3 months). So yeah, no one is getting anything that you funded before you, get it in your brains. What people like Suricatessen are getting is a product that has nothing to do with the kickstarter.
I have a little question regarding the OVAs
I heard that Elely is going to fuse with Rubilax, is that true? If it is could you maybe provide a screenshot? :3 I am really interested in seeing that ^^
Kickstarter is a pre-order system, as >>230785 said.

>Ankama decided NOT to fuck you with the shipping costs,

Hm. Remind me, once more, what is the cost of shipping something on-line?

Actually, scratch that. I was about to respond to all your flawed reasoning, but it only now struck me: you know suspiciously enough details about the whole thing for a simple anon. How much do they pay you for repeating "No, calm down, you don't need things you need. Please wait for another kickstarter update which will happen somewhere between now and never."?
>give us the rips, and you will be remembered forever
Are you fucking kidding me? Nobody's going to care in a month. It's a goddamn cartoon, nobody's dying over it.

>you know suspiciously enough details about the whole thing for a simple anon
Is it really that fucking hard to read Kickstarter updates? You idiots sound like you throw money at people randomly then act surprised when you don't get what you expect and people don't bow to you. Did your parents never say no to you or something?

Seriously, Suricatessen, don't bother. This fandom has gone to shit and deserves to wallow in it.
Don't discourage Suricatessen, he's doing splendid work translating the OVAs. Once we finally get the dvd/tv rips we will need translators.

>This fandom has gone to shit

Well, with that depressing and negative attitude you are certainly an example of that.
thank you so much for the fansubs X3
I will get my DVDs this week or next and even though I understand French very well, I prefer if I have a fansub too, so I could make sure I got everything right ^^
>Hm. Remind me, once more, what is the cost of shipping something on-line?

I suggest you read the whole post before replying next time, in this case, the third paragraph.
That's true. Can't post spoilery screencaps anymore as they all end up on Tumblr untagged (posted by people who don't even have the OVAs...)

At this pace, the rips should be subbed as soon as they come out. I'm already halfway through the first OVA and done with the huge infodump they do at the beginning. Can't wait to have more fighting and less lines.

Also, it doesn't matter how much drama you guys manage to create, I'll do those subs no matter what, mainly because they're intended at people who do matter to me. Of course in the end, everyone gets them.

You're welcome!
1. aww okay x'D but thanks for the info UuU seems like I have to wait to see this till I get my own DVDs xD

2. we can't say it often enough, this is really really nice of you x3
will you post this subs somewhere before the rips are online or will you wait for those?
I'll put them online as soon as they're done, so people who've bought the DVD can use them. Then they should also work with the DVDrip or TVrip when it comes out and if they don't, anyone's free to post a corrected version. I'm also fine with people doing hardsub versions. Whatever really.
>At this pace, the rips should be subbed as soon as they come out. I'm already halfway through the first OVA and done with the huge infodump they do at the beginning. Can't wait to have more fighting and less lines.
>Also, it doesn't matter how much drama you guys manage to create, I'll do those subs no matter what, mainly because they're intended at people who do matter to me. Of course in the end, everyone gets them.

And that's how you do it. Suri, we love you and salute to you. Keep it up, you're the shining star.

... We still need someone to rip the dvds though. Well, off to another forum.
>Kickstarter is a pre-order system, as >230785 said.
No. There is a reason the things you get for investing are called Rewards, and not Products, and why the backer interface is not set up like a marketplace. These are things that the people who make the project will give you in gratitude for what you contributed, if the project succeeds. These do not have to be directly created by the project, or even directly related to the project at all.

I point you to this:

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you'll continue to think of it as a pre-order system or a store or whatever. But most Kickstarter users will continue to laugh at you for your obstinate denial of what you're actually engaging in, and you will get no sympathy for your anguish over the fact that you are not getting your expected results from the platform since they are absolutely not what the platform is intended for.
That article just warns people of the risks involved in crowdfunding, that they shouldn't be as eager to spend their money as they would at a store due to those risks. Ankama however is an established company and the Wakfu kickstarter was laid out as a shop: they offered products (relevant to the project) for a price on a market. Even that article itself calls the stuff on kickstarter "products". Since the word store implies products on site I'd rather call it a shop or something, but nevertheless, the principles apply: there's a product offered for a price on a market.
>Ankama however is an established company
Which is why, if what they wanted to do was a store with preorders, they could have easily done it. The fact that they chose not to is evidence that they needed funding, not simple preorders. They could have easily just put it on Amazon if all they wanted was preorders.
Ok, I don't see how that is relevant, that doesn't change the fact that they sold products at a marketplace. The fact that the products were sold on KS is irrelevant. Girl scouts might need funds so they take donations, but might ask some of the members to set up stalls or go door to door to sell cookies or something. We don't call their stalls or other exploits "crowdfunding mcguffins". A stall is a stall and a shop is a shop. All business transactions, including the kickstarter, are made in order to make a profit either in the moment or in the future.
>The fact that the products were sold on KS is irrelevant.
That's my point. The products weren't sold on KS, and KS isn't a market place. You donated to a campaign, and you will eventually receive rewards for having done so, once the project is completed. You did not buy products in a marketplace even though you really want to believe you did because believing that gives you the right to complain about the fact that Kickstarter isn't Amazon.
How are they not sold on KS? They gave us a list of products in the form of pledges for sale, we pick one and pay for it. It's not that different from amazon except that it's like ordering a pizza which they make after the order. What you're saying is that if I called a pizzeria and make an order for home delivery it's not a transaction.
>They gave us a list of products in the form of pledges for sale
No, they gave you a list of rewards for donating to their campaign. I'm sorry you misunderstood and thought "pledge" meant "buy" and "reward" meant "product" despite the fact that the spelling is different.
It's not a donation if I recieve something in exchange.
It's called a pledge because up until the project is funded I might get it refunded. After the project is funded it's a payment.
Did we or did we not pay a certain sum of money for certain sets of products which had different amounts of money, a price, asked in order to acquire them?
Also this from "Accountability on kickstarter":
"Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill."
meaning that they are obligated to bring us our merchandise per normal market laws pretty much.
They are not however required to get it to you before they do ANYTHING ELSE EVER. They just have to get it to you eventually. These are not the normal merchandise or market laws, and I think if you were to be perfectly honest, you KNOW that's the case--you're just being a little shit because you want to play Veruca Salt on this whole matter.
The debate was over wheter KS is a shop or marketplace and wheter transactions are made through the site. Not wheter they're liable to bring it before the stated date. I'm not trying to debate the rip stuff. Your ad hominems are nice tho.
Subs progress as of today morning : 34 minutes out of 44 (first ova)
Cool! Thanks a lot!
>Did we or did we not pay a certain sum of money for certain sets of products which had different amounts of money, a price, asked in order to acquire them?
More or less. A store wouldn't let you pay more than the established price, or donate without asking for a counterpart. I've done both things on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites.

It's kind of like when you support a charity and they send you a Christmas card at the end of the year. You didn't buy the Christmas card, even if you wouldn't have gotten it without giving them money. The difference with Kickstarter is that the rewards/gifts are usually more useful and you get to choose them. But they still have to "price" them so they don't actually lose money sending gifts to people who donate almost nothing.
Ergo, for profit marketplace.
Blah, blah, blah.

So, where are the rips?
OVA1 100% subbed


thank you very much for your effort
it helps me alot because I don't french that well to understand everything
save file
image:141397605200.jpg(32kB , 642x642 , er123.jpg)
>uploading subtitles without video
That's some grade A degradation right there
I only have a mobile phone access with 2Gb a month so yeah, it makes sense to do the subbing while waiting for anyone else to do the ripping.
You done good, Suri.
Now we wait.
My bad then. What country is it anyway? Even for mobile, 2Gb seems to little
Thanks for taking up doing the subs.

I know some of you guys are frustrated waiting to see the OVAs, but don't lash out at people that have access to it. Especially the one translating it when no one else has stepped up with rips or subs at this point besides them. Just give it some time. Though it is fair to say these subs are trivial to have at this point seeing as people who probably need English subtitles don't have access to purchasing the DVD. I'm not even sure if FNAC offers international shipping. But then that's dealing with import taxes and a long shipping process.
I wasn't really lashing, just thought that the reason for this was "piracy is bad, we must support Ankama!" bs that has been posted here and on 4chan's /co/
France obviously ;)
For what it's worth, my mobile plan has 125Mb a month (Canada). I did pick the cheapest I could find, though.
Not to sound like ass, but why mobile though? Don't you have any stationary device? I'm just curious
Yeah, I do have to admit that though. This attitude did kind of culminate in threads and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I still think a lot of the problem is how this DVD was slated for release so far ahead of when it's going to air and be available for people who backed the Kickstarter. So it leaves a lot of people anticipating it in the dark, and then having to worry about spoilers and not able to see it. Back when the show was airing, usually the issue would be subs taking time when raws were already readily available, so having this particular issue now is jarring.
Away for work, regular Internet in 2 weeks. That does give me lots of time to do the subs tho ;)
One of the main reason I'm doing the subs is cause I don't think you would have them ever otherwise. And I know a lot of english fans I want to share the ovas with asap
Ah, got it

By the way, when does it air? I can record off 480p France 3 livestream
>OVA/Special episodes premier in France 15, 22 and 29th of November on the France 3 channel. This was officially announced in the last Dofus magazine (#42).
Eh, someone will probably upload a rip by then
Fnac offers internationall shipping and is actually very fast with it
they ship to some countries and the maximum of days you have to wait is 5
bad thing is that they are actually able to ship worldwide, but are not offering that option for DVDs? I would recommend asking if is still possibl to ship it to where you live ;3
for shipping costs for the OVAs you have to look at the "Produits Techniques"-sections and I think that DVDs are option"II" since I had to pay 12€ for shipping
Just so you know, some MKV rips are currently being uploaded on 4chan.
The subs were done on a direct MKV rip from the DVD so I can't guarantee they will work with anything else than that (but they should).
To solve those issues for sure we could use hardsubs and yes, feel free to use my subs to do them (not like you need permission but still, I'm fine with that).
And of course if there's mistakes in the subs (there will be, I'm not perfect), feel free to correct them!

As for ETAs: OVA2 should be subbed on Friday night, then if I keep that pace of 3 days per OVA, OVA3 on next tuesday or wednesday, depending. I'll keep you posted.
Lastly I highly recommend you do not watch the OVAs unsubbed. Without the story, the finale is just a shiny fight, when it's supposed to be more than that.

But then, you do what you want ;)
Any plans on dem part 2 subs?
You mean other than the ETA posted right above your post?
Apparently for some people subs won't be helpful enough ^^
Suricatessen is a beacon of light in what has become a spoiled and whiny fanbase. I swear some people think Kickstarter is just a storefront to buy swag.
Much obliged. First special was pretty neat. Can't wait to see the rest!
Definition of purchase: To obtain in exchange for money or its equivalent; buy.
It might not be "just" a storefront, but ankama's KS was a place where you could buy things for a price.
You purchased a dub. Any swag is incidental and not the primary focus of the Kickstarter.
Sharkman Jhones
In my opinion, when you donate to a Kickstarter, you are not buying anything, you are investing. Perhaps you are rewarded or reimbursed for your money in some way, but you are not purchasing, you are providing funding for something to be made.
If I donate a pen to you and you donate money back to me it's still a purchase.
This is not a matter of opinion, it's an economical fact as the definiton says.
Not to mention even the definition of investment is as follows: An asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future.
Sharkman Jhones
I guess then I'll amend it to say "providing capital" rather than investing. We haven't really had it happen yet, but one of these days a major Kickstarter is gonna get funded then totally fall on it's ass and everybody's gonna lose out.

Technically, giving money to a Kickstarter isn't a guarantee of seeing the final product, nor is it guaranteed that everybody who donates gets anything at all.
Yes, but any company on Kickstarter is legally bound to either provide goods or a refund. Once again from Accountability on Kickstarter:
Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This [https://ksr-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/creator-responsibility.png] is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

You're perfectly able to sue. Getting hoaxed is one thing, but taking no action is another.

Even if you "provide capital" if you get something in return it is not a donation, it's a purchase.
If I donate money "back" to you there was no obligation, thus no purchase. By your definition, every time you do something nice for someone and they eventually do something in return, you made a purchase. You have to realize that money going from one person to another can take various forms, especially in the eye of the law, that's why we have different words for it. Just like the very basic act of killing someone can be punished as several different crimes even though the end result is the same for the victim.
Yes, but note that it doesn't say when, which is what people are pissed about: not that their rewards (which is not supposed to be the main focus of KS) do not exist, but that they're getting said rewards later than they want. Kickstarter doesn't have any rule on that, nor should it, because the people who fund Kickstarter are not buyers they are donations who happen to get some bonuses on the side.
We are talking about pledges on KS with actual products in them, not hugs or kisses. Pledges which the company IS legally bound to provide. It's not a donation it's a purchase.
I'm still not debating the DVD rips. People have to stop pretending that KS isn't a marketplace where goods are being sold in the form of pledges that is all I'm saying.
Yes, I agree they are not obligated to bring products before time is due, but for the love of god stop making uneducated excuses as to why. They are purchases not donations, not investments and not "provisions of capital".
You trade value for value. Money for product.
The goods are secondary to the primary goal of creating a dub. Learn some patience, it builds character.
I'll spell this out for you:
I don't care when I'm getting the products as long as I get them when the company has promised me; that would be December/January. I do not consider myself entitled to get any merchandise until that date or should they change the date, some other time period.

I am only trying to raise the point that the transactions that are taking place in KS are purchases. Exchanges of value for value. It doesn't matter wheter the dub is the primary point or not. Even if I were to sell my posessions on ebay saying that I'm going to buy a house with the money does not mean it's not a transaction. KS is a marketplace: like an online supermarket with loads of more or less new companies trying to get on their feet. Companies that are providing products in an order system to fund future profits. The orders themselves are called pledges that generally consist of differently priced sets of products while also accepting outright donations, that's money for nothing in return. Since the transactions are order based there's more risk for the buyer in wheter or not they'll get their products, mostly due to the fact that they're new companies with no previous market experience.

Once again. Don't care about DVD rips. Value for value is not a donation. Marketplace.
The only patience I'm starting to lose is the patience in trying to explain very simple economic facts.
Then stop it, faggot. No one cares about you or your economics, this is a wakfu thread.
>Asking people to stop caring about Wakfu so they can talk about Wakfu that isn't here yet, but is in France

Nah, if this is all the conversation we get during these times then I'll be happy to oblige.

At least it's better than your post with no content about anything other that a tautology and ad hominems.
It's fansubs time

OVA1 : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=47066558576351250988 (updated with minor fixes)
OVA2 : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=87600741896325095598

Fantastic. The hero we need but don't deserve.
Thanks! This shall be a day long remembered.
save file
image:141429303200.png(1.69MB , 1920x1080 , 1362340078404.png)
Reminder that Eva wears pink panties
Subs attack

OVA1: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00063083386506992239
OVA2: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=12113434738547616148
OVA3: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=68261360844945799849

Thank you
So, in the OVAs, kerubim reveals he is the brother of ush, and that they were both fathered by their god. However, in the dofus series, it didn't seem to be the case at all. At best, kerubim's relationship with ecaflip was that of a caring master and its rebellious student, ecaflip having made kerubim his favorite due to the egg bluff. Was the story recounted in the series just modified for jori or is it retcon or what? Are there any untranslated sources that confirm the relationship? Is the ecaflip god that fathered kerubim the same god as the one in kerubim's stories?

Also how come the OVAs are this early? Were they leaked?

Pretty hyped for villain yugo to be a thing. For some reason it seems the most reasonable person in the world of twelve is adamai even though he was pretty unreasonable before these OVAs.
Didn't it bother anyone else that the sadida people warmly welcomed back yugo and pinpin despite the fact they had very nearly destroyed the world and the sadida kingdom on their own?
>Also how come the OVAs are this early? Were they leaked?
They were supposed to air at the end of October with a simultaneous DVD release. France 3 moved the airing dates back to November, but FNAC started selling the DVDs anyway on the earlier date. Someone ordered them and ripped them.

>Didn't it bother anyone else that the sadida people *spoilers*?
They just rid the world of the most important threat it has known these past 200 years, a few years after saving your entire religion from extinction. How could you not want them to give you babies? The risk doesn't matter once the deed is done and they accomplished something so important.

Regarding Kerub, according to his comic he is an orphan raised in Ecaflip's temple. I don't recall anything in the cartoon contradicting that, we just never hear about his family. It's revealed in the Dofus MMO that he's the son of Ecaflip, which of course makes him Ush's brother. As for your last question, there is only one Ecaflip god, so yes, obviously.

Based on what people are saying here, why is everyone so forgiving of Adamai in season 2 based on the logic being applied to Yugo here? Under that standard, it was Adamai's insistance on using the Eliacube and the Dofus that also nearly allowed Qilby to destroy the planet and enslave the remainder of the Eliatrope race.

In short answer, neither of the brothers are 'villainous' really. What we have are two kids with a lot of responsibility towards their people and no real way of being able or knowing how to live up to it. They have fragments of their lineage, but every time they actually meet a mentor or someone that could really help give them guidance they either die (Phaeris and Grougalorogran) or turn out to be genocidal Darwinists (Qilby). I'm actually curious why Baltazaar doesn't step up and help. Since he and Glip were the Loremasters of the Eliatrope Council,his assistance to Yugo and Adamai would be invaluable in helping them understand the nature of their powers and their capabilities in regards to artifacts concerning their races
The gods can change, though, just like goultard became the iop god during pinpin's absence.. Isn't ush the wakfu-era ecaflip god anyway?
To be fair, Adamai has an excuse as the first to want to attempt to use these powerful tools. Once it's revealed how dangerous they are (Nox doesn't count because the cube wasn't used for evil: evil was used for the cube, in his case), Adamai learns his lesson while Yugo learns nothing at all. As I said, Adamai wasn't exactly reasonable during S02, but at least it can be brushed up to him being a child. Yugo, meanwhile, has to be excused by both his apparent age (reminder that he's actually older than he appears) and an inability or unwillingness to learn (i.e. stupidity). On top of that, he could have asked what Adamai's plan was since Adamai was adamant that he wasn't abandoning anybody despite not handing the dofus over.

In the end, the ones that are the most at fault are the adults as well as Amalia and Eva, who should know much better. Amalia still has the excuse that she was recently rescued but the others can't be afforded any such benefit.
I don't think Yugo's decision is so much stupid as it is desperate. Pinpin has once again picked a fight beyond his scale and Yugo is desperate to save his friend. If he does nothing, he a cold, selfish person willing to let his friends die, which isn't in line with his character at all. However, in this case, desperation has put him in a place where he has no choice but to use power he can't handle and all this Adamai has just learned apparently at the word of a mystery woman we know nothing about yet. Maybe the new uncut episode will give us more information. If nothing else, we certainly have the makings of a meaty new story arc on our hands.
I wouldn't say Yugo would have been cold and selfish if he had decided not to help Grovy, as it was pointed out more than once in the episode that *Grovy chose to fight Ogrest on his own*. Ruel and Amalia, who weren't initially on Yugo's side, weren't being cold and selfish when they showed hesitance to help. They could have, however, chosen to say something else instead of either parroting what Armand, a character the viewerbase is probably not supposed to like said and whatever it is Ruel said. Nobody tried to comfort Eva over the fact that she had unknowingly encouraged her fiance and the father of her children to basically commit suicide either, so I think the scene was intentionally framed so the viewer would side with Yugo and Eva without a doubt even though Adamai and Armand had very good points. You had Eva basically the only one emoting while everyone else's expressions could basically be summed up as ":/" and then Yugo steps in his with his power of friendship speech.

So while I don't think ANYBODY would have been cold and selfish for not wanting to risk the safety of an entire planet for ONE person, I don't think Ankama did a good enough job conveying that so that the viewer would be more inclined to side with Yugo.

It also likely doesn't help that Adamai is not a very popular character so a lot of diehard Yugo fans wouldn't see a problem when Yugo threatened to attack his own brother just because he couldn't accept the choice he was making and could only believe he was being impersonated.

Because in season 2 they hadn't fully understood what the cube was capable of (not time travel that's for sure) back then and Adamai probably felt that in the hands of an eliatrope nothing could go wrong.
But Otomai confirmed the lady's claim, which means Adamai is entirely in the right this time. Also, wasn't Yugo squarely against sacrifying the world for a loved one before? [spoiler]Hint: Nox
Right? Yugo's definitely not as far gone as Nox/Qilby/Harebourg were but people claiming there's no parallel to be drawn there are either stupid or can't accept that Yugo is capable of making questionable choices.
There's definitely a parallel but it's not really the same either. Nox and Qilby knew the consequences and didn't care about anyone else suffering. Yugo went knowing things could go wrong and doing his best not to directly oppose Ogrest with the Eliatrope Dofus so that he would not, in fact, harm anyone in the process. He took a chance, but he did not actually sacrifice anyone for his goal.
Oh I won't say the choice wasn't a bad one. But calling Yugo a villain at this point is too far. He's a young man who made a very big mistake and managed to luck out of it, but it has cost him his sibling bond as a result. This is also an excellent demonstration of what happens as people grow older. Sometimes you find yourself sharply diverged with someone you love and that leads to hurt if not handled well, as Adamai is clearly feeling betrayed by his best friend/family. How Yugo will make amends for this and when/if the bond between him and his brother can be fixed is a story I'd like to see told
I certainly hope the bound will not be fixed so easily. Adamai is no stranger to the power of tools like the dofus and the eliacube. Neither is yugo. That yugo insisted on using the dofus without even discussing alternatives - preferring to fight his own brother and accuse him of being a fake rather than talking, disregarding the safety of the world itself, shouldn't be forgiven by simple words.

Adamai did right, a priori, to join the people who say they're trying to help the world (he put his money where his mouth was, while yugo put all his money on Nox).

Yugo isn't truly a villain yet but his actions fell barely short of villainous. I'm looking forward to another set of ovas or a new season to more sharply shape this image. A new event or two pushing him to once again disregard everything in favor of his allies. That could make quite a nice role reversal.

Already the part where everyone gave yugo their dofus was pretty shaky but if the brothers reconcile, I'd be sorely disappointed.

Also, he didn't almost kill the world because he lost his brother - he lost his brother because he almost killed the world. The difference is pretty significant.
It shouldn't be easily fixed, this is true. This is actually an awesome set up for the kind of mature storytelling that Tot was talking about taking these characters to. Even with these previews, we can see that the clear cut waters of good and evil are becoming clouded, allies are clashing and things have been left for the worse from where they started. In short, we're leaving the realm of Wakfu being just another kid show. I want to see Yugo become a man at last, to try and win Amalia and even become a father himself. How do you deal with having a link between two powerful kingdoms and not having everyone else looking sideways at you? How do you heal a wound so deep and personal, that you're willing to give up your closest bond to see your friends through safely? How do you look at the prospect of a life where you may very well end up outliving everyone that loves you and that you love? How do you forge a fresh nation from a multitude of children and virtually nothing else? Heady stuff to be sure. I'll be curious to see where Adamai's path leads him as well and what will happen when the two brothers meet again. Knowing Tot and co. it's sure to be epic.
>thinking Yugo is somehow a villain because he took on Ogrest

The world was going to be destroyed either way thanks to Ogrest. He just risked a more immediate end for the possibility of saving the world. Seems like the only reasonable choice to me, rather than sitting back and twiddling your thumbs while the world ends.
Otomai beat Ogrest. Yugo just went berserk to avenge his friend and possibly killed thousands in the process. It did nothing more to help Otomai than if he just flew around until he was done.

Not to mention putting a meteorite into space without thinking it would have to fall down at one point.

Yugo does feel awful about it in the end (mainly because it hurt Adamai), but everyone will praise him regardless. The lack of consequences is the one main flaw in what was otherwise some great writing of grey morality and protagonists doing mistakes.
Ogrest wasn't going to destroy the world, though. At least not for the coming thousand years at this rate. There was no real reason to use the dofus at all if the point was to pull pinpin out of the mess. He could have just TP'd himself and pinpin somewhere on the planet after leaving ogrest in space and he could have used the terrain to fight instead of the dofus' power. Moreover, he only really needed the increased speed/sight/hearing/whatever to complete his goal, he didn't need to actually fight. Even then, Otomai winning was pretty much a deus ex. Quite frankly, the gambit was ecaflip-with-ouginak-card tier stupid since Otomai was the only real hope to get ogrest back Ogrest had already defeated the 12 gods simultaneously at one point, too. Thinking a god and a dofus-powered kid would be enough is pure hubris. Instead, pulling back and grabbing the other gods along with using otomai would have been a lot more sane.

At least I absolutely loved how every 5 seconds everyone was saying "Adamai was right!", it hints at more serious consequences happening later on.
Plan B : send Ogrest to the shukrute right away. Problem solved.
To be fair, Yugo couldn't make a portal to the shukrut at this point. Goultard isn't exactly xelor-tier smart and only pinpin knew he was in the shukrut at this point. Though they could have jettisoned him to a god's dimension (e.g. ecaflip's) for maximum trolling.
Did you even watch the first two OVAs where Ogrest's Chaos had reached a tipping point and the Sadida people were just barely save from annihilation? Shit was going down, and it was getting ugly on the World of Twelve.
Just because he started crying harder for a day doesn't mean he was going to cry harder for the rest of time, and apparently only the sadida kingdom was in danger. Again, it would have taken a shitload of time before ogrest became a real danger to the entire world.
Ogrest has been a real danger to the entire world for TWO HUNDRED YEARS already. He's still crying after two goddamn centuries. He WOULD have flooded the planet eventually.
"Eventually" meaning in thousands of years, i.e. there's literally no reason to jump the gun. It's cool that they go rid of Ogrest but there was no reason it had to be now, so conversely there's little reason to celebrate with all the damage the fight has done.
So apparently the KS funded episode is going to be a preview of season 3 (or episode 1 of season 3, not totally clear).

What are your hopes and dreams for season 3?
I'm pining my hopes on yugo becoming the main villain. He and the gang go on the usual adventure but he keeps making dubious or clearly qilby/noxesque choices and the gang starts leaving him one by one, rejoining adamai's group and mounting their plan to counter yugo. Midseason fight with early leavers v.s. the remaining yugo group. Big end fight with everybody v.s. yugo powered by 12 dofus. Bonus points for bringing a few gods and important figures into the fray.
Lady Echo and her group of Ne'er Do Wells reveal their utlimate ploit is to Cleanse the WOT of all other races save for the Dragons and the Eliatropes as the 'better seeds' to sow the Earth. Yugo must make a choice between fighting for a race to which he belongs, but which is all but alien to him in this life and fighting to protect the people he cares for. Much conflict with Adamai. Continues to try and make the right choices but still makes mistakes and does his best to overcome. Possible hints of brotherly reconciliation at the end. And for godsakes, have him finally reach adulthood and stop pussyfooting around with it.
save file
image:141539989700.png(69kB , 768x205 , Tangomango 3 fnac.png)
So fucking hyped.
It would be kind of cool if season 3 was about the BoT and a newer generation group that included Eley and Flopin. Initially, their goals/plots are different but by then the end they converge together. I dunno, i think it would be someting different to do. Speaking of which, i would love if Ankama tried a plot that wasn't "we need to get/collect the dofuses for x." Seems like it's too much of a go to lately.
save file
image:141600379800.jpg(1.03MB , 805x1194 , tangomango_3_aux_librairies__by_adrianfd-d86dz5g.jpg)
Looks like it's going to incorporate some season 2 stuff.
I'm kind of hoping it's just a kind of outro that shows glimpses of their future adventures after the comic. Not that I don't like the Brotherhood, but I prefer this to be their own thing.
So, Special episode 3 is airing/has aired today, depending on the time you see this. Any kind FrenchAnons recorded it or got any info?

I haven't kept up that much in the thread so are there any fansubbed versions of the first two yet?
We've had the 3 specials, even with subs, for the past month.
Are they going to translate the later tomes? Also, speaking of tomes, is tome 3 out already?
FNAC has it on preorder for Nov. 28.

Volumes 1 and 2 were supposed to be translated thanks to the Kicksarter, they didn't mention the rest.
In Defense of the King- A Wakfu Specials essay

Strap yourselves in, I'm gonna get long winded here.

So, I've finally had a chance to sit down and watch all of the special episodes. Having read your reviews and those of other people, I expected to see a drastic shift in Yugo's development as a character. From a kind, honest person who wants to help everyone he can to a self concerned maniac just barely verging on the heroic mostly due to flimsy writing. Having watched everything, I can honestly say- These Yugo= Super villain arguments aren't really holding up.

Starting with episode 1. The major blame people are laying against Yugo is that he's allowing jealousy to cloud his mind and denying innocent people a chance at a better life by refusing to aid them with the 2 Dofuses that Count Harebourg appropriated from Joris and Company. Hearing about Frigost, I expected to see a people barely clinging to existence in a frozen waste, with only the good Count keeping them afloat via his selfless plan to force a girl who's never met him to be his bride in order to allow their kingdoms to utilize what he's apparently rightfully stolen (Gee... Thanks Vizinni...). Now Yugo is clearly not on board with this from the get go and it's easy to understand why. If we're going to make assumptions regarding his thoughts and feelings, the woman that he's been in love with for some time is now being forced, mostly at her brother's insistence, to be shipped off to another country on the whim of what is essentially a terrorist when in all honesty, if he really gave a shit (and this goes out to the other kingdoms as well) they would be there trying to help their fellow nobles find a solution, if only to ensure the peace and stability of the 12 kingdoms, which has worked VERY well from what we've seen. And Harbourg should want to do this for no tradeoff. Number 1, it really bolsters his whole 'selfless ruler' position by showing an enlightened stance of not thinking of the world in just the terms of his own kingdom (which is all he ever does, right to the bitter end). 2, it would give him a chance to make a huge impression on his paramour and receive the good graces of the royal family, as well as the Brotherhood. Yugo might not like it still, but then he would have no real ground to stand on and hey, he doesn't have to like everyone or want to be buddy buddy with the guy trying to take his girl. Armand was certainly less than courteous when he and Tristepin first met and that resentment has lasted to this day. Secondly, Harebourg has stolen the relics of his people, which he had already entrusted to the care of others. Now he wants to use them to force his friend/love interest into marriage, knowing she can't possibly refuse him, as the Sadida Kingdom has decided the Eliatrope Dofus are the only option left to keep their kingdom from drowning. But after hearing the decision of Amalia, Yugo goes to ruminate. Adamai seems to suggest that his brother should fight for his lady's hand (We've never really talked about your feelings for her man...) and Yugo's primary concerns are both his appearance (I feel your pain. Being short blows) and not that he's losing Amalia (although it's clear from his face he's dying inside about it), but that she's been relegated to a bargaining chip by her own people. Still, Joris tells him that the Queen has made her choice and he must respect it. Silently, Yugo acquiesces.

The trip to Frigost is mostly reminiscent of the old days of being on the road with the Brotherhood, antics from Ruel and the Percedal Family, yet Yugo and Amalia are very subdued. It's obvious they're both thinking about what's coming at the end of the trip, but they don't really want to talk about it and what can Yugo really say? She's made her choice, he has to respect it.

At last we arrive at Frigost and meet the Count. He appears with much flourish and cuts a dash, obviously looking to impress. Yugo finally meets his competition and is not pleased, comparing Harebourg's style and appearance to a previous foe. Amalia immediately apologizes to the Count and calls Yugo out for rudeness. Harebourg then gives them a big hit of Handsome Face and takes them on the grand tour. And we learn that Frigost is hardly a frozen hell at all. The Count is so good, he's practically pulled a Santa Claus and made a North Pole of the place. They have temperature regulation, massive greenhouses for food and plants, tons of water and they live in a fairly isolated space which seems more or less unapproachable save from direct invitation. And the population is relatively small, so no one appears to go without. During this time, the Count also indulges in a Qilby-esque level of arrogance, stating that they're going to make a kingdom so awesome they'll be better than the selfish gods themselves (the same 10 who died trying to save their creation rather than leave it to be destroyed by Ogrest). The crown jewel of the kingdom will be to use the Dofus, not for a method of producing shelter, food, heat or water which Frigost already has, but to use them to pull the Sadida Kingdom and Frigost away from the corrupt and terrible world to form the ultimate gated community, from which Frigost and Sadida can sneer in contempt at their lessers. At this point Yugo states, some things are better left as is. He knows no one is above anyone else in this world and can see right through the Count's veneer of civility to the rot and hubris in his inner mind. He also calls Harebourg out on the selfishness of his designs, saying that he will never allow his people's treasures to be used to allow others to be placed at higher priority. Harebourg scoffs and blows him off, first insinuating that Yugo is being selfish and doesn't care about the Sadida people (Yugo and the Brotherhood were the only ones to come when the kingdom called) saying that Yugo will do what he wants and that he will have everything he desires, one way or another...

The fight commences, but Yugo is stopped from engaging his foe when Amalia puts herself between them telling Yugo that this is her choice and he must stop, his guard completely drops and the Count spirits her off, leaving the rest of the Brotherhood to his guards (who do not look like nice folk at all...)
The Percedal children then take to the scene and do a very handy job of taking out the lesser mooks before head honcho Shadow threatens to kill their parents, the kids power down and the grinning garbage pile takes them to be disposed of in a melting chamber, which contains vast amounts of whole trees. The kids ask why the trees are being burned like this, where Shadow responds 'how else do you think we're going to power our stuff?' Hearing this, Yugo surmises that resources and Amalia alone were the Count's sole interest in involving them in his schemes in any fashion, which the captain of the guard and confident to the Count confirms with a chuckle. The Count will have his desire and the resources of his bride's kingdom, the people themselves can suck it. And this is another point that comes across more in the Count's initial introduction to the Brotherhood, a desire to have Amalia see Frigost as her real home, become a part of Frigost. To abandon her identity and become a part of the Count's realm rather than a true joint venture between two equal peoples. There is only going to be Frigost at the end of the day. Sadida is just a wood pile to be burned for comfort.

God Mode Pinpin saves the kids from disaster and Eva sends Yugo, the fastest member of the group, to stop the nuptials. Yugo blows down the door and finally reveals the true scope of the Count's plan, which he never denies, because that doesn't change his feelings for Amalia. She cracks him one, because as the arrogant Harebourg doesn't understand, this venture was for her people, whom he has just insulted en masse. The Count then encases his 'beloved' bride in ice to control her and assert his dominance. Classy as fuck. Yugo and the Count have their fight, during which the Count still tries to convince the Eliatrope King to ally with him, trying to shift the blame for the destruction of Sadida onto him if he doesn't. Yugo still refuses, again not because Frigost is desperate or he hates Harebourg, but because Harebourg's hubris and selfishness will only spell a slow death for the Sadida kingdom as they are deforested to death over time, as well as cutting Amalia off from her people. The Count then tells Yugo that HE will instead be the one to lose everything instead and slashes the crap out of our tiny hero. Yugo is only saved from the death blow via a warning from Amalia, which the Count takes a a betrayal and responds by blasting directly at her to punish her for defying him twice. And people say YUGO is the violent one in this equation??? The same guy who made sure to clear the entire chamber of bystanders before engaging the Count? Our hero gets in the way and diverts the beam and also gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome: 'I always wanted to rescue a princess...' Time hasn't really changed Amalia for him. She'll always be the Princess he first met, stubborn and adventurous, much like himself and he loves her for those qualities, while the Count... Can't really offer an explanation beyond I want her. The rest of the Brotherhood appears and tries to deal with the situation, but the Count is still beyond them, until Amalia steps in to settle matters herself. The one person who hasn't gotten much of a voice in any of this, finally gets her own say. After thoroughly trashing the Count, she even gives him some leeway by saying that she can respect his intent to a degree, but his methods are atrocious and that Yugo, not he, should be the one to decide how his people's relics are used. The Count pathetically calls Yugo a brat and tries to argue that he'll never be able to rule (because he's not selfish enough like the Count) and Amalia thumps his ass again, saying the Count will never be a 10th of the kind of ruler that Yugo will be. At this, Harebourg comes down from his rage/madness/passion and gives a small smile. He's recognized that even beyond his schemes, he has lost. If Amalia were free to choose as her heart willed, she would choose Yugo, not him. And so he departs quietly, regaining some of the dignity he has squandered this day.

Next major area of concern is Mount Dragon. And this is where I think the real problem with Yugo is coming from. Every other episode becomes tainted by a few VERY ardent Adamai supporters because of what occurs here retroactively. In simple terms, Pinpin the Super Iop has just saved the Sadida kingdom by turning it into a mountain and lifting it above the flooding caused by Ogrest. Problem solved!! The Eliatrope Dofus aren't even needed any longer!! But there's another issue yet. Pinpin really DOESN'T want to become the new Iop. He's terrified of his power and that he's going to have people beating down his door left and right to solve their problems when all he wants is to chill with his baby and their babies (ooh baby!) So, good hearted simpleton that he is, Pinpin has decided to pull Ogrest off the planet like a rotten tooth and then he can chill, because after all, Ogrest is the BIG problem in Wakfu, both in and out of game. Stomp him and everyone wins. And then Pinpin learns the hard way that Ogrest is not going to be tossed aside by one newly empowered god. At this point, Adamai and crew return from the Wind Kingdom and Yugo and the Crispin family from the Ecaflip Dimension. Eva is sobbing and terrified that she has inadvertently sent the father of her children to die at the hands of a monster. Most of the Brotherhood and Armand admit that no one told him to go and that this is the consequence of his choice. So Eva then looks to Yugo, the guy with perhaps the softest heart on the whole planet and begs him to help. Yugo agrees to use the Dofus to only go and fetch Tristepin back. Adamai refuses to yield. Based on the information he's received from Lady Echo, he doesn't want to risk even letting the 12 Dofus get near one another, lest cataclysm be the the result. Yugo argues that the planet is already suffering from the abuse of such power and that perhaps they can do something. Adamai refuses again and Yugo, who's been beaten to shit twice and under severe stress in the last few days wonders if maybe that goddamn shape shifter Sipho got into the ranks again and takes a swing. He then demands Adamai verify himself, which Ad does, but is supremely offended that his brother thinks he might be a shape shifter, given that they just got played by one earlier.... Wait a sec.. Yugo apologizes for his rashness and begs his brother to help. Adamai rebuffs him again, with the sound point of what good is saving Pinpin just to kill his family with the fallout from the Dofus? But is it any kinder to leave Eva a widow and the children without a father? He then takes off to sulk. Eva begs Yugo to help and Yugo says he'll be right back...

The brothers confront each other again and Adamai still won't budge. Neither will Yugo. 2 stubborn warriors are now positioned against each other and the result is what one would expect. Yugo claims the upper hand and regains the last Dofus and Adamai throws down the final Gauntlet: If Yugo uses the Dofus, that's it. They're officially DONE. Choose your Friend or Choose your Brother. Not the World. Bros or Friends. But for Yugo, Pinpin is his brother as much as Adamai, Grougal or Chibi. As he told Qilby many years ago: This world is mine. Yugo would go for ANY of the Brotherhood. Just like he went after Adamai when Qilby leashed him to Anathar, even knowing it would kill him. Adamai, for whatever reason, still sees the Brotherhood as separate from his family. It's not hard to imagine why. He keeps getting left out while Yugo gets dragged off. He hasn't been able to form the bonds that his brother has. He likes the Brotherhood, but they're not blood. In the end, they don't matter, save for Yugo.

Using the Dofus, Yugo and Otomai decide to head to Mt Zinit to bring Pinpin home. And here the first wrench in the plan occurs: Pinpin refuses to leave. Yugo tries again telling him that they can't possibly match this foe by themselves to which Pinpin responds that he's a god and can beat anything. That is some grade A arrogance right there. People kept lobbing this at Yugo, but he tells Pinpin twice- Dude, we need to GTFO. Like NOW. Pinpin instead tells Yugo to run interference, stating that he'll deal with the up close and personal, leaving Otomai free to dislodge the Primordial Dofus from Ogrest's gullet. What follows is actually a pretty smart battle for being run by Pinpin. Yugo basically stays back and uses a light show to distract Ogrest so that Pinpin can get close. So far, the Dofus are being utilized very carefully, which is good. Otomai makes his way inside Ogrest, plan is working. Suddenly, Ogrest begins to get wise and tries to go after Yugo, perhaps realizing he just got duped. From the moment Yugo even blocks the first punch, he realizes that Otomai, Adamai and Lady Echo's theory was right: Matching 2 such huge powers is INCREDIBLY destructive. So he thinks on his feet and takes the fight the one place that the repercussions will be constrained: Space. One might ask, why not the Blank dimension? Good idea, except a major problem: The Eliacube is the only way in or out and that's with Balthazaar in Mist. Why not Shukrute? Yugo cannot visualize it and cannot communicate with Goultard to do so. Straight up is readily available, so he uses it. The fight continues and the primordial dragons enter the fray. At this point, Yugo is running out of gas, but Pinpin is still going. No word on Otomai. The sheer numbers of the dragons prove to be too much to focus on in addition to Ogrest and Pinpin loses an arm from a flyby attack. Yugo finally out and out LOSES it and divebombs Ogrest before moving on to carve some dragon hides. Pinpin recovers and can see that this is racking the stability of the Zinit and causing it to break apart and shower the planet. The damage caused from the meteorites isn't really an issue, because as we're shown, most of them land on empty land, or in Sadida's case, sink into the ocean. But what's the real concern is the Zinit itself. This actually recalls the movie Deep Impact which essentially deals with the same problem. In the end, the heroes realize they can only make a choice between 2 asteroids and take out the larger by detonating their rocket on it. The smaller gets through, but the devastation is far, far less than just letting ol' big momma drop down. Otomai manages to pull through before Ogrest can kill our heroes and Goultard gives the residents of Shukrute their greatest wish, total destruction via massive burning space rock. In the end, our heroes return to Sadida and Adamai decides to put his lot in with the Forgotten Brotherhood.

At this point, most people are crying foul on Yugo for the destruction that's come from all this, but looking at his overall actions throughout the specials, it doesn't add up

1.) At some point, he and his brother entrust the Eliatrope Dofus to Bonta for Safekeeping. This is a good move as it keeps them away from the only 2 beings who can use them and shows that Yugo and Adamai are willing to trust other nations with the security of their treasures.

2.) It is the actions of the Forgotten Brotherhood that disrupt that balance, when they forcibly steal them from the Crispin family in the second episode. Harebourg has his own designs, as does Ush. Echo and Sipho remain unreadable at this stage.

3.) When Harebourg tries to force Yugo to be a conduit for his kingdom, Yugo tells him no, not out of jealousy, but that the power of such items isn't meant to be used for hubris, which is all the Count's plan boiled down to

4.) Ush seems content to merely be destructive to spite his old man. Even when Crispin and Atcham try to reach out and be a family, he rebuffs them like a petulant child saying they're NOT family, even though yes they are. He tells Yugo that it is HIS actions and those of his friends that make them the villains of this tale, but when asked as to why, Ush will only answer but ONE question. This is after saying he doesn't have to say shit. Must not be a very good reason if you can't be bothered to say a single fucking word in defense of your group, whose actions have begun this weirdness.

5.) Echo seems to be the one with the most concrete idea of what the master plan is, saying the the Brotherhood stole the Dofus to keep them from being used. But that doesn't add up as the only 2 beings who COULD use them gave them away on their own accord and showed no interest in using them at all prior to the Sadida Kingdom's emergency. Yugo even says arriving in Sadida that using the Dofus like this is dangerous and he doesn't like it. This is in the company of close friends and his love interest, before he's aware of the theft and Harebourg problem.

6.) In the end, when he finally does use them, he cedes multiple times to Adamai's position throughout the fight and acknowledges he should never have tried this.

On the issue of the ending being treated with kids gloves and rainbows, I think this is actually unfair as we do again have a bittersweet ending on our hands

The sweet:
Eva and Percedal finally have their wedding and become husband and wife. Much rejoicing
Yugo and Amalia acknowledge their feelings for one another and Amalia accepts Yugo for who he is, not based on just his appearance
Ogrest is reverted to his non-destructive form. The primordial Dofus go back to the Dragons they belong with. The Eliatrope Dofus are given to Goultard, the best person possible to defend perhaps ANYTHING.
Sadida is safe from devastation

The bittersweet
The unity of the Eliatrope kingdom is shattered with the feud between Adamai and Yugo
Adamai has defected to the Forgotten Brotherhood
Ush, Echo and Sipho are still at large and completely free to act.
They now have a being on their team capable of utilizing Eliatrope magi-tech. Shown multiple times to be the most dangerous stuff around

For the most part, I'd say that this was in no way shape or form intended as a conclusion, merely a pause before the greatest of storms erupts on the World of Twelve . Ruel states that all brothers feud and make up, but the last time an Eliatrope feuded with his brothers and sisters, near extinction and exodus was the result. The fallout from this HAS to be acknowledged, there's no way not to. The Eli0tropes I agree were a dumb way to try and display a consequence, but I believe that has more to do with wanting to put a new class in the game more than anything.

And in the end, I believe Yugo held to the same course he always has throughout the show. He's still got bucket loads of compassion and heroism and still sticks by his friends as he always has. He makes his choices and owns them, which the villains do not do. For a 19 year old, he doesn't do half bad, but recovering from mistakes and learning from experience is all part of getting older. I actually think the writers deserve credit here, as they've created a villain so fucking sinister, that she was literally turned a huge portion of the fanbase against Wakfu's most heroic character almost overnight. She's also discovered the best method to attack and break the Brotherhood: She sent Adamai back loaded with maybes. With Yugo, there would be no way to sow doubt to make him falter in his belief in his friends and family. But Adamai in all his delicious loneliness and abandonment, here was a target she could beat. And she played Yugo against him perfectly. Bond villain level strategy.

Looking ahead, my hope is that the new Special continues this trend. Yugo and Adamai reach maturity and meet again. Lady Echo continues to weave her webs against the Brother Kings and the World of Twelve prepares for a clash unlike any before.
Yes I realize it's very douchey to use multiple replies to myself to get my point across, but I couldn't really think of a way to mince words here. Sorry folks :(
You could use pastebin.

Shit. That never occurred to me. Not much point now I guess :(
Pastebin link if preferred http://pastebin.com/hKtJK9q5
So it turns out that #3 takes place after season 2, and that page is a look back at their adventures with the Brotherhood.

That was another great read, and the fact that there's hope for more makes my day.
So is Cleophee hanging out with them in the comic or is she inexplicably gone?
Apparently she dropped off somewhere, you can just barely see her on the flashback page and she's never mentioned anywhere.
Response to first three posts:
You say nobody can come in unless invited like it's a good thing. How do they trade with outsiders? How do you expect them to get the resources they need without trade? You say amalia was forced to be married off but that was established it wasn't true (you also backpedal later and admit it was her decision). You say yugo et al. care about sadida kingdom since they were the only ones to show up to the summon but actually they only really care about amalia. You say that frigost is not a frozen hell and thus harebourg only wants trees and dofus because why not when in reality he's the only reason the place is habitable at all. Descenbre a shit. You also note later that he needs trees in order to "power his shit" when in reality, it's the way he found to maintain the place's temperature above nothing. You also pretend that he's shifting the blame when saying yugo would be dooming the sadida kingdom by interrupting the alliance but that is not true. The sadida kingdom is on the verge of destruction due to ogrest and he's offering to lift it up where ogrest can't damage it any further. No other solutions were known at this point and time was short.

You dislike that harebourg calls the gods arrogant, but descenbre, which was appointed by xelor to protect his month, was the one who locked the place in eternal frost. The gods never intervened. It's obvious why harebourg dislikes them. Harebourg only resorted to violence when all other avenues were gone. He could have had his knights kill the brotherhood at any time, but he wanted to keep them alive. If it weren't for the kids' bullshit, the whole thing would have developed without incidents. Yugo, on the other hand, tried to start a fight every 5 seconds for no reason.

So now you have harebourg who's done his best since the dofus era to keep his people alive and ogrest starts crying more than usual suddenly. At this rate, not only is the place doomed to a frozen death, if he managed to find a permanent solution to the problem, ogrest would just drown them. It's as harebourg says: if you can't prioritize, you are not fit to rule. In this case, harebourg's top priority is obviously his people and so he devised a plan to save his people while achieving minimal casualties. It's not his fault that he doesn't have secret gods as adventure pals.

The information adamai obtained from echo was also confirmed by otomai. Otomai was also present all the way through the shapeshifter affair and thus can verify that adamai is adamai. Moreover, there are plenty more ways to confirm or deny the hypothesis beside TRYING TO KILL HIM OUTRIGHT.
Is it kinder to leave eva a widow or risk the destruction of the entire world?
Adamai's ultimatum makes sense: if yugo is so irrational that he doesn't give a crap about the world and refuses to listen to reason or even offer a single valid counter-argument, there's really no choice than to play by his rules, especially on a matter of such great importance. That's why as a last resort he made it about him or pinpin rather than the world and pinpin.
You say he was being stubborn but he's a iop, he can't think by design. Yugo on the other hand could have TP'd him the fuck away anytime. Instead he decided to do what he was warned time and again not to do. TPing mt zinit up is fine, the problem is that he's both been told time and again AND HAS NOTICED first hand the destruction caused by the clash of the two powers and yet he still decided to go ahead and go head to head with ogrest. Again, it's entirely on yugo. You say small meteors that don't hit people don't cause damage but that's bullshit. Arable land becomes unpracticable, trees die causing desertification and increasing the destructiveness of landslides, the heat would cause forest fires, upon landing in the seas the impact would create large waves that would turn into tsunamis, and an abundance of small rocks causes dust to rise up and get trapped in the atmosphere, killing the dinosaurs. Not only that, but the TPing of mt zinit into shukrut is a complete deus ex machina.

It's the principle that counts, not the end result, and in the end, yugo was nox 2.0. Good intentions, horrible execution. Just like nox merely wanted to save his family's life, yugo merely wanted to save pinpin. While nox didn't care for the lives of the rest of the world, yugo also didn't care that he was probably going to destroy the world. Just like nox abused the power of the eliacube without truly understanding it, yugo abused the power of the 12 dofus without truly understanding them. The parallel is stupidly tight. The only difference is that yugo was supposed to be the good guy while nox had no such pretentions.

They don't have to worry about attack or invasion. Frigost can literally set the rules for how they want to do things trade wise as they are in a perfect position to do it. With Harebourg's tech, they can be comfortable and survive the harsh conditions, while an opposing force is gonna have a lot more trouble. They don't have to worry about war or aggression, because their kingdome is set in such a barren place, the weather alone would do most rivals in.

Amalia is asking for help for her people. the Brotherhood shows up. No questions. No talk of trade. They show up and the king goes from there. Caring about Amalia and her family doesn't make it bad. Secondly, Harebourg does NOTHING BUT BRAG the entire time they meet him about how awesome he's made Frigost and how well they're doing. His whole showing is to impress Amalia with how awesome he's made his home and that he's powerful enough to do the same for her if she'll join him. His central conceit is that he thinks that ONLY his and his bride's kingdoms are worth using the Dofus to power and take out of the world. Everyone else can stay down in the dirty dirty dirt and fuck themselves and also the gods don't care. MAYBE BECAUSE THEY GOT FUCKING WIPED BY OGREST CENTURIES BEFORE!!? That is the man being a selfish prick. PERIOD. And on top of that, he's going to pressure the guy that he STOLE FROM, to make the whole thing happen. And don't try to give me that line of shit of the guards weren't going to do anything. Those salty bastards were sinister as fuck and ready to go. Head man even tells Yugo, hey, when my boss comes to torture your punk ass, best to just knuckle under and take it. Shadow also confirms those massive furnaces run EVERYTHING, not just temperature control. Mind that he's doing this while preparing to off a couple of six year olds. Like a nice man. Finally Yugo isn't dooming anyone to death here from stopping the wedding. Harebourg's kingdom is shown to be PERFECTLY FINE when they arrive. The countryside they move through is also perfectly fine. Sadida is suffering the most from Ogrest, and everyone else who's outside of there says: fuck em. They be fine. Fuck em. That's the only reason this wedding is going off. Sadida is desperate for the Dofu and no one else is doing anything.
As for The Adamai incident, I'm not justifying Yugo attacking his brother, but he's under a shitload of stress and has been attacked left and right non-stop for the last few days. He's on edge and his brother is just saying 'NO'. Not, there's a back up plan, not there's a better solution. Just that Pinpin has to die because he made a choice to try and remove what everyone has been complaining is the biggest problem in the world and doing nothing about.

When the gauntlet finally drops, Adamai tells Yugo to choose Friends or Family. That's a shitty choice to lay in front of him, because for Yugo, his friends are his family. They're the only reason he was able to find Adamai again and understand his destiny. They've gone with him through thick and thin and good and bad and Adamai is just saying, we can lose this one. He's not worth it. If it was Yugo up there getting beaten to a pulp, is that the same thing? And I stand that Pinpin was being stubborn. Being a Iop has shit to do with shit. He's not robot. He's capable of strategy and thinking clearly. He's always been too damn stubborn to know when not to pick a fight. As for just TP'ing him out, I'm pretty sure a resistant god is going to give Yugo a shitload of trouble if not merely negating his powers outright due to his divine power.

As for the meteoroids, watch those scenes again. All that debris falls away into unpopulated regions, characters are viewing at a distance, or it's sailing over their heads off to some other plain. Sadida takes hits because it just became a mountain and is up high to take direct strikes.

The Sukrute issue shouldn't be a problem though. Goultard went there with all the divine power of his dad and having that link with pinpin to pull off that final trick was a good play. Pinpin didn't even still have the bulk of his power back, Goultard did and used the link between himself and Pinpin to create a solution. Wakfu has been all about the heroes creating impossible solutions or having them happen. Let's not play dumb and pretend that the last seasons were all blood and tears and cold hard reality.

Finally, a SHITLOAD of viewers justified Nox and empathized with him like crazy. It's part of why he endures as a character after all this time. If he had won in the first season, everything would have the reset button hit and nothing would matter. And when he lost, he didn't care about the murder he committed. Yugo meanwhile ceded to Adamai's position and admitted multiple times his brother was in the right and HE was the fuck up. If he hadn't been lucky, things could have been worse and he realizes that in the end, which is why he puts the Dofus out of his reach so they won't be abused by him again
That's a little disappointing although I think we could agree that adding a character in the last part of trilogy is unwise.
Yeah, mentioning some "off-screen" adventures is one thing, but having a character from them join the story unintroduced all of a sudden would have been weird if you consider the comics on their own.
How the hell do you want them to trade when traders have to risk their lives to get anywhere near frigost? I said nothing about invasions but it is clear they can't even get out of the town proper without getting rekt by northern cracklers anyway.

>Caring about Amalia and her family doesn't make it bad.
It makes you a backpedaler.

>ONLY his and his bride's kingdoms are worth using the Dofus to power and take out of the world.
Nope. He was going to give the dofus to yugo after yugo had done his magic mountain flying trick.

>The knights
The knights are the knights and they didn't do shit until the kids started attacking.

There seems to be a missing phrase before this sentence. Assuming you're implying the gods didn't help frigost because they're dead, for one they're not dead and for two, frigost getting iced was a dofus-era event. It happened long before ogrest. Beside, is it also not a fact that Iop was a selfish cunt? Instead of keeping to his duty, he decided to delegate because he didn't feel like it. You can't be more selfish than that.

>Harebourg's kingdom is shown to be PERFECTLY FINE when they arrive.
Except the part where it's dying from the weather and they're barely hanging on due to harebourg's inventions. Harebourg wasn't even the mayor of frigost in the dofus era yet he still worked for the benefit of his fellows. When he got defrosted in the wakfu era, he could've just abandoned his people but he didn't. He stayed and continued to work for the benefit of his people. It's clear he's not egoistical and not acting purely in his best interest. Contrary to yugo. Also, not only is it false that he stole the dofus from yugo, the dofus was not in possession of anyone for safekeeping purposes. The wa wabbit was most likely trying to use it to crush the lenald himself.

Yugo was not under "a shitload of stress" and hadn't been attacked "left and right". He fought once (against harebourg) and that's it. It wasn't even a real fight, more like a snowball fight. His brother didn't just "say no", he explained his entire position rationally. The one who "just said no" was yugo.
Again, since yugo refuses to listen to reason and logic, the only choice left to adamai is to play the family v.s. friend (which according to you is equivalent to family v.s. family). There is nothing shitty about it. On the other hand, wanting to doom the world for a single person (which would be dead anyway if the world was destroyed) is really shitty. Not wanting to listen to reason is also really shitty.

The landing point of the meteorites is never shown. However, the sadidas were panicking quite a bit about their tree. But that doesn't matter since it has nothing to do with my point.

Finally, nox was very regretful when he realized all the people he killed was for nothing. He planned to reset everything which is how he justified his action - just like yugo justified his actions by pretending he was totally not going to touch ogrest. It wasn't even a single bit subtle. Compare with yugo who, beside saying "hitler was right!" several times doesn't show any emotion and doesn't seem to care about the damage he's caused. Pay attention next time.
Amalia invited her friends and asked them to help. They came. This was after diplomatic envoys to the other 12 kingdoms had failed. In the end, it fell to the emissary of Bonta and 5 people to have the Sadida kjingdom get help when they called. Yugo and Co care about Sadida. They've cared enough to now have saved it twice and asked for nothing. This, they're only doing it for one person is nonsense. They're doing it for the representative of the entire kingdom making a request on their behalf.

Trade can be instigated and Frigost can make preparations to bring traders in. Trade doesn't just blindly have to happen by chance. Frigost has shown the technilogical capacity to handle such things if they want to have trade agreements.

No Harebourg wasn't. The agreement was to exchange his the Dofus for his wife as a dowry, which he had no intention of doing and told Yugo as much before the fight broke out.

The guards didn't have to do anything but sit and mock their prisoners that their boss permafrosted untilt e Count came to make them talk imprison them, expel them, or kill them outright. Fuck

Don't try to bring all that dofus stuff in now then when looking into the Wakfu era as seen here, they're CLEARLY thriving. The nobility are all well off to afford rich trappings and a big wedding. The greenhouse has people gathering food and hanging out by man-made ponds.

Harebourg is just like Qilby who wanted to take off with his people in a big rocket and didn't give a shit if the planet got wasted. Except Harebourg just wants to float above everyone next to his Sadida neighbors slash woodpile. The Count loves his Kingdom, but it's just as selfish to try and use the power of a resource that you've stolen to try and take them out of the planet and say screw everybody. Yugo is trying to use the Dofus to help Sadida as he promised. the Count has no intention of giving those up. They're too valuable to him. But they're not his to decide what to do with. Yugo had them hidden at some point and Joris and Bonta by extension were privy to that. It comes up in the very next episode. It was how the Dofus were taken, when Joris tried to recover them for Sadida. The Forgotten Bros jumped them and split them up and made off like bandits, while the Count added living beings to his frozen heroes collection. and the Elaitrope Dofus are not the cawwot Dofus, which the Wabbits possess. The Wabbits couldn't use an Eliatrope Dofus anyway.

So you're just gonna ignore the chaos brawl in the Ecaflip Dimension and JUST count the Harebourg fight? Don't make me laugh.... And were you not watching either of those?? Yugo expended a lot of power against some very powerful enemies and came back to Sadida ragged and tired after the others re-joined.

Adamai's position was based on theory and the word of a complete stranger that he met once. Otomai can also guess that the theory is sound, but not absolute. And the rest of the Brotherhood is just supposed to treat his word as gospel. This isn't up for debate. The stranger told me and this is what we HAVE to do. That would be pretty fucking suspicious to anyone and it's clear that the Forgotten Brotherhood are not meant to be taken as good guys. They need to try something to at least get him home and Adamai isn't willing to even try getting close. Yugo asked Adamai to reconsider and Adamai wouldn't back down or offer an alternative. Just that he wasn't going to let go and also that he was pissed at his brother. His attitude has darkened considerably at this stage and not unduly, but being mad at Yugo doesn't mean he should give up on trying to help Pinpin. The Dfous gave them an in to get near a monster that required Dofus/God level strength to even approach. What's the back up? where's the plan? Adamai says I won't abandon anyone, but he has nothing else to offer and doesn't want to try anything remotely with the objects that can work given the time crunch they're under. Sitting still and pouting isn't making him the better man here. Neither brother has a good solution, but that was why this was supposed to be a 'dark story'. They were only gonna come to an ugly place once they started dealing with the Forgotten Brotherhood and the Avatar of Pure Chaos and this was it.

Nox wasn't sad about the killing. He was furious the Eliacube 'lied' to him and that his machine had failed. He did recover himself shortly before porting away, but he makes no apologies to Sadida. His only real confession comes to Alibert and he's trying to alleviate some of the guilt he's feeling by explaining why his murder is okay or will hopefully be understood.

Yugo tried to avoid Ogrest on world and did so. In space, away from the planet, he should have some freedom, but only when he actually tries to physically fight after Pinpin loses his arm does he sees that doesn't work in space either. Pinpin alerts him and he immediately stops, only to have Ogrest clobber him.

The meteors are never the real issue in the whole thing. they're just the harbingers of the Zinit which is the real problem looking at their landing siter, from what you can see, they all land in non-populous points, becaus thanks to Ogrest before hand, the world population is way down from the first flood. This is actually a blessing since a smaller population gives the meteors less targets hand life to destroy and the Sadida had shelters and drills for emergencies like this. It's not a bad idea to assume other cities would as well in case of an emergency.

Yugo is VERY regretful or you don't read emotion well. The only ones truly satisfied after the battle are Pinpin and Goultard and they're dumb as rocks. Yugo even states that Adamai would say they've endangered the world after Goultard tries to call a pure victory, which Goultard also agrees is right.

Watch those moments again. His face shows that every time he admits to Adamai's position. It's a mix of sadness and 'oh my God what have I done?'

Back at you buddy
>Yugo and Co care about Sadida.
Nope. As they noted themselves, they only care because amalia called.

>Frigost has shown the technilogical capacity to handle such things if they want to have trade agreements.

>which he had no intention of doing and told Yugo as much before the fight broke out.
Lolno again. He said he was going to give the dofus once yugo agrees to his plan. It's not like there would be much of a choice anyway: how do you prevent a dofus-powered eliatrope from fleeing?

>The guards didn't have to do anything but sit and mock their prisoners that their boss permafrosted untilt e Count came
Which is exactly what they did until an enemy showed up. I know the idea that bodyguards should prevent enemies from going after their boss sounds outrageous but still.

>Don't try to bring all that dofus stuff in now then when looking into the Wakfu era as seen here, they're CLEARLY thriving.
Just because you want to ignore facts in the lore doesn't make them go away.

>Except Harebourg just wants to float
I.e. save his people, which if he was actually selfish he could've simply abandoned without going through the effort of collecting dofus and tricking yugo into using it for his people's benefit.

>The Count loves his Kingdom,
It's not even his kingdom.
>the Count has no intention of giving those up.
[citation needed]

>So you're just gonna ignore the chaos brawl in the Ecaflip Dimension
Wow, 1 real fight (which was more a competition than a fight) and a snowball fight. Sure is "being attacked left and right" in here.

>And the rest of the Brotherhood is just supposed to treat his word as gospel.
Yes, because when the wellbeing of the entire world is in the balance and two people tell you what you're doing is most likely going to destroy it, you should just ignore the warnings and go at it. I bet you encourage the US to spam nukes all over the world because it totally won't make it an inhabitable wasteland too, it's just a theory.

>They need to try something to at least get him home
Like TPing him back? Trying to contact a god? Trying to use the kid's telepathy backward? Asking echo et al. for help? Nah, fuck that, let's just detonate a few thousand nukes. I'm sure nobody will mind.

>Adamai isn't willing to even try getting close.
Maybe if yugo didn't try to kill adamai, adamai would have had the time to expose his plan.

>Nox wasn't sad about the killing.
He explicitly was.

>but he makes no apologies to Sadida
Yes, because that's totally what being sad about killing means, and the trees were totally the most important casualties. Fuck human lives, who cares, trees 4 lyfe.

>Yugo tried to avoid Ogrest on world and did so.
Meanwhile, Nox could've reset all damage he had done if he had succeeded. He also would've succeeded if it weren't for dofus era harbourg's antics.

>The meteors are never the real issue in the whole thing.
>they all land in non-populous points
You keep ignoring my points and throwing red herrings around like it will make the points go away. Stop it.

>Yugo is VERY regretful or you don't read emotion well.
Oh the irony. Nox, on the other hand, was actually regretful.

The fact of the matter is that yugo pulled a Nox. Nox was a villain <-> Yugo was the ova's villain.
save file
image:142019307600.png(1.92MB , 1280x719 , Welsh Shedar.png)

>Hi everyone,

>Here's a link about one of our series that never saw the light of day : //youtube.com/watch?v=PK5q0oGRzTUyoutube thumb

>This was a big shock for me since I had worked a lot on this projct and was particularly pleased with it. On a side note, it was supposed to be 26 episodes of 26 minutes.
>A first, non conclusive episode, with nothing to do with this trailer was worked on back then by Ankama's japanese team. Incidentally, it's because of this impossibility to work well together that we decided to close the studio. This, by the way, allowed some of my former japanese employees to poach some of my Flash animators and take over our animation pipeline for their own productions. At least this aborted series allowed us to see some japaneses take inspiration from what we did in France... a big first.

>All this dates back from 2011-2012 and bringing this trailer up again today feels kinda wierd. First because the style hasn't aged at all imho, but also because it echoes the Dofus movie we're currently working on.
>We had huge ambitions on this universe, and the idea was to buildup a framework over several decades. This series was supposed to be a followup to the Dofus movies trilogy and connect, through some of the immortal characters, to the Wakfu series.
>Back then, France Television chose to commission us for a series composed of standalone episodes, rather than a story driven one, and we delivered Kerub's Treasures.
>When I think about what it should have been, it akes me cry.

>This was the end of the year's mandatory nostalgia moment, I wish you all a terrific New Year's Eve dinner and plenty of creative projects for 2015.
Shame. That looked really good.
I probably missed Netflix dub talk, but I wanted to chime in with my own thoughts
I checked out the Wakfu spanish dub. Since LatAm doesn't have english options, couldn't check that out.

And I'm surprised! Pleasantly so! The voices are amazingly similar to their french counterparts, to the point where it seems like its the originals speaking Spanish.
The downside being that they don't have any energy in their acting. They're pretty flat reads in the end which is disappointing, considering how energetic the french acting was.

Also, the theme song is shitty.

And that looks amazing. Fuck.
>Simone was a boy in the original series idea

Huh. K.
save file
image:142185924300.jpg(1.93MB , 1379x2109 , 003.jpg)
Hey guys, i'm scanning "dofus monster : le chevalier noire" someone want it ? i can help for translating
The (now defunct) comics team has it on file already, so it wouldn't be necessary to rescan it for them. They don't share raws, though, so it's up to you if you want to post your own copy somewhere.
what about the translated version ? can i get it ?
The translation was never finished.
ok, anyway i can help if you want to finish it
>Meanwhile, Nox could've reset all damage he had done if he had succeeded. He also would've succeeded if it weren't for dofus era harbourg's antics.

What antics?
His work on the water clock I think, combined with nox's efforts, allowed N to pass through a timeslip into the wakfu era, thereby depleting the eliacube completely.

That looked epic! Also, cute ecaflip gal.
save file
image:142912003200.png(16kB , 609x212 , Xa drops the S3 bomb.png)
Freak out.
Noice, is that what Mir is going to be working on?
save file
image:142915361700.png(148kB , 299x296 , 590cf5524ec7573fd722a7894b8e3e4c.png)
save file
image:142915397000.jpg(49kB , 587x392 , 1335835020169.jpg)
save file
image:142985729200.png(74kB , 322x406 , 112.png)
So apparently Ogrest is on Steam. How odd.
I really want the story on how he got the dofus and ended up crying forever.
The Sneaky Tiki
Netflix is officially godtier aren't they?
They are getting there. Some of their stuff is rather bumpy but I think its going well. If they put out a call for Original kids stuff I've got a few I want to toss their way.
Netflix is mostly a tremendous failure in Europe and France in particular, since TV is free alongside your internet subscription to begin with, so you don't want to pay extra for netflix to begin with.
This deal has high chances to end sour for both side.
Doesn't like, 9% of the entire world population have a Netflix subscription?
Sharkman Jhones

That wouldn't stop the majority of subscribers from being Americans, though. I mean, we aren't China, but we are a pretty populous country, and Netflix has been slowly expanding outward for other things.
Alright. I wouldn't call Netflix a big failure though. Especially given how its the leading premium streaming service worldwide.

If anything, Wakfu would be giving it a big push in the EU zone.
save file
video:143463310000.webm(2.93MB , 640x360 , DOFUS le film - Livre I _ Julith - Teaser#2 - YouTube [360p].webm)
Let's get some hype up in here.

Dofus movie teaser 2:
//youtube.com/watch?v=6rztQ0GKQ4cyoutube thumb

Wakfu Season 3 confirmed:

More animation rumors:
- a 52-episode Krosmaster series animated in 3D (13 minutes per episode)
- short series of other Ankama franchises such as City Hall, Maliki and Abraca.
Surprised to see that actually. Though I won't put too much into the rumors because even if they are true they'd probably be a bit into the future and thus uncertain by nature.
These guys wrote a review of the Dofus movie preview at Annecy:

Translation by an anon on 4chan:

Movie starts with an introduction to present the universe to those that don't know it: two opposed forces, two white eggs white and black with magic powers, a man and a woman fight in a pure fantasy universe. They end teaming up, admitting their love despite all this. But the evil Julith betrais her husband... Nonetheless, the story in the movie happens much later, taking focus on various characters, mainly two kids and an old man. The kid, who isn't human, really no one in this universe know what he is, wants to get a signature of a famous boufball player and will have to overcome his homely jobs and prohibitions. This lets the public know the main characters. All this would have come out perfectly if Julith hadn't come back, and she hadn't fought the group of heroes that had just settled.

Then, we see that the old man has more powers than we could imagine, and the kid has a destiny.

I have to admit I was troubled by the introduction sequence. Very fast, a bit confusing, it didn't seem to work out for me who isn't a specialist in this stuff. In fact, I personaly didn't understand the entrance to this universe and I think it's bad that Ankama didn't use the time to explain everything before starting. So I continued the course of the story with pleasure but the feeling of not beeing understanding everything, of beeing in front of a story that wants to open itself to everyone but is planned for the players.

That being said, I have to recognize the qualities of the movie: the animation (in flash) was really well odne, and some transitions quite dynamic, the characters have potential and the humor is pleasant. The action scene at the end is really well done.

Finally I'm curious of the final result, and without a doubt I'll go watch the movie as soon as it airs. Nonetheless, I'll have to immerse myself a bit more about it...
I do wonder why they are not renaming the whole franchise Wakfu - the name is far more known now than Dofus.
Whose the odd-nosed mouse girl? New species?
save file
image:143519021700.jpg(58kB , 480x489 , Bakara 02.jpg)
Because the Dofus game started this whole thing and the movie is happening in the Dofus era not the Wakfu era.

>Whose the odd-nosed mouse girl? New species?
I think the ears are just part of her uniform.
save file
image:143548282300.jpg(69kB , 532x540 , Julith 01.jpg)
Some big spoilers about the movie from 4chan

Joris is black because he is possessed by the spirit of the ebony dofus.

His real eye color is blue and he is the son of 2 gods or witches who used to battle because one of them wants bonta destroyed.

His mother, Julith is a crazy bitch who wants the spirit sucked out of him.

Kerub defends him in magical over the top looking armor and does well until he has a giant hole trough his body.

They (somehow the worlds best Boufbowl player and a bonta princess are there to tag along because the guy loves the princess and the princess thinks she can defend or help joris) escape via magical portal but they leave joris's girlfriend behind with the evil murderbitch

Also joris is overpowered an can defeat anyone at Boufbowl.
>villain is an evil mom
>more of brainy beauty falling for the lecherous moron


That is an era? I thought Dofus was the "allspark cube" of this universe, aka the local MacGuffin.
save file
image:143587338300.jpg(31kB , 704x400 , Dofus26.mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2014.11.06_19.55.03].jpg)
The mmorpg Dofus is set before the mmorpg Wakfu. And thus, the series Dofus is before Wakfu.
And if I can recall correctly, the big moment where Dofus switched over to Wakfu, is Ogrest's Chaos.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
In the hope of attracting more contributors, I reorganized and shortened the Krosmoz Wiki's homepage and clarified the Community Portal (and added some new information to it). I'd like to hear your opinions on the changes, even if you don't intend to participate. Most notably, what do you think of the new layout for the news, and do you think the latest changes are worth having on the front page?


Also, if you have other ideas to encourage people to join in the effort, I'll take them. (And as usual, if there's specific content you want me to cover, I'm taking requests.)
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image:144197942300.jpg(207kB , 369x575 , DOFUS Monster Moon cover.jpg)
A new DOFUS Monster is releasing today for Moon. It coincides with a new Dofus patch, so this video gives a good preview of the premise:
//youtube.com/watch?v=or5qMffnn3syoutube thumb

I'll post the first few pages from the Ankama Shop preview.
save file
image:144197954300.png(478kB , 963x751 , prev3.png)
Captain LeChouque won't have tea without his favorite spoon.
save file
image:144197958000.png(612kB , 960x749 , prev4.png)
Captain LeChouque likes his tea just so.
save file
image:144197968000.png(646kB , 961x750 , prev5.png)
Moon has developed language and wits, and doesn't want to be sold in Amakna, if they even survive until then.
save file
image:144197991200.png(633kB , 968x749 , prev6.png)
Kaponor, on the other hand, seems to have only developed language. Moon probably steals the keys to the cage on the next page.

And that's it for the preview. The artist is Gorobeï, the author is Nykko.
Does anyone have more than the first two Wakfu artbooks? If possible, please share.
save file
image:144224271700.jpg(67kB , 630x924 , movie poster 2.jpg)
New movie poster.
I still don't know, even after two seasons, who the pinocchio-like guy is, or why he is so important (and powerful). For a time I even suspected he was the villain in season 2. What species is he, anyway? Is he some important NPC from the games (that I never played)?
He's basically the new Goultard. Super powerful, near-immortal, appears in every product they can cram him in...

His species and origins, and the reason he's so powerful, are unknown but we will likely find out more in the movie. You can watch his childhood in the Dofus series. He joins the BoT's quest in the WAKFU Manga. He's an emissary for Bonta, where he still operates Kerub's shop.
Ah, thanks.
Yeah, I saw him in CHerubim's series, and the new movie too, but it also doesn't explain who he is.
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image:144373182100.jpg(71kB , 913x698 , 1443726008769.jpg)
Movie website is up.
Hopefully translations are going down in this thread ==> http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/76285141/
T4 was here
The movies/ova is on Netflix now.
And they were awesome but...
Where did that worldending crybaby come for?
Have I missed something?
save file
image:144433820400.jpg(103kB , 1920x1080 , Ogrest-by_studio_ghibli.mkv_snapshot_01.26_[2015.10.08_14.01.29].jpg)
Go watch Ogrest. It should explain the stuff you just mentioned.
T4 was here
It did.
Now if could find a safe download of the comic in english then I'd be set.
T4 was here
Like this(?)
save file
image:144519752000.jpg(186kB , 950x476 , Krosmaster3.jpg)
This could be me soon because I tried the online game it was really fun...
T4 was here
By the way.
If any of you want the toys/Krosmaster board game, they are on sale now on here:
Just so you know.
save file
image:144576720300.jpg(102kB , 1023x1460 , CSJtHweUcAA19LK.jpg)
Miniaturemarket had them on sale too recently. I am guessing they did not sell well.
save file
image:144577382400.jpg(21kB , 744x1054 , Brisé.JPG)
LOL! The french are not squemish about the stuff they put on the cards of a kids' game. :D
save file
image:144587559800.png(228kB , 320x447 , 98-[wakfu-tcg]-faveur-de-la-deesse-pandawa.png)
I wouldn't call the TCG a kids' game. The rules are pretty complex for new players and there's tons of corner cases addressed in 70 pages of tournament rules.
save file
image:144621875500.jpg(222kB , 384x600 , Couv_243882.jpg)
Ogrest 2 is released today.
T4 was here
In english?
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image:144719612600.png(283kB , 500x494 , tumblr_inline_neqnke61MV1t1qkge.png)
save file
image:144760385500.jpg(151kB , 950x531 , 1447503880763.jpg)
Bakara is a entirely new class called the Huppermages.
Some huge news got posted about basically everything on the French sites:

My summarized translation here:
save file
image:144790253000.jpg(77kB , 1280x720 , Dofus10.mkv_snapshot_10.43_[2014.10.28_22.22.38].jpg)
All this news makes me so happy.
>Note that season 3 will only feature 13 episodes of 26 minutes but will be expanded if it does well.
Neat, but I hope they don't end on a cliffhanger, like they usually do halfway through.
save file
image:144907565700.png(665kB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2015-11-18-16h13m21s167.png)
The full movie trailer is out!

//youtube.com/watch?v=5nnJUXdSqlwyoutube thumb
save file
image:144915838200.jpg(136kB , 1273x700 , Dofus subs.jpg)
I had some time to spare, so I did a quick sub of the trailer.

save file
image:144993866500.png(1.02MB , 1000x617 , Loli bitch in a food porn scene.png)
Ankama is doing a advent calendar with fan made animtion for the Dofus movie

I liked these two to best
save file
image:144993892500.png(999kB , 1000x617 , That's just a street where they play musicals. Those girls are all uhhh ... dancers ... yeah just artists ... nothing shady goin)
Also some pics from the Dofus movie calendar. Any props goes to the guy who posted it on 4chan /co/.
Today's advent video is really good.

//youtube.com/watch?v=J6-hQtTolbAyoutube thumb
Voice actors getting hyped for the movie's launch.

//youtube.com/watch?v=9GhaCTpL4Ngyoutube thumb
Wakfu "Franga" release date (not sure if you already knew)

6th of May 2016

save file
image:145497394000.png(1.59MB , 1280x720 , 720p torrent.png)
A 720p torrent of Kerub's Bazaar just came up on t411. Not fully seeded yet but I don't think it's an upscale, so might be worth keeping an eye on it (you'll need an account to download it). Includes French CC.

I had the chance to watch the movie last night (no spoilers although you're clearly asking for it) and damn, that shit was good. It has some flaws, like a little too much humor mixed in with parts that I feel should have been more serious (one scene made me shed a couple tears and laugh all at once, and while they might have wanted to lighten up the mood, I feel it just made it weird and cut short to the emotion), but I'd recommend it anytime to a Wakfu or Dofus fan. Solid animation, generally good humor, very nice eye candy (fight scenes), PLOT TWISTS I never saw coming, and lots of silly innuendo like panty throwing and crotch shots.

I'd be hard pressed to put a content rating on it with all the violence and innuendo, but it's absolutely more mature than Kerub's Bazaar and Wakfu. I don't feel like they made the movie all that approachable to outsiders unfortunately, but that's hard to gauge when I've known the franchise for years. The humor got across well judging by the audience's reaction, but I can only assume that some parts (and especially words or names) left people confused. They quickly start throwing around names like Bonta, Brakmar and Ecaflip, and things like Boufbowl and Huppermages, with little to no explanation. It's not immediately obvious why there's eyes in the walls of Joris's room, and while you soon realize the house is alive, they never mention the fact that it's actually a demon.

I thought the pacing was a bit off the mark although the story in general I have no complaints about. I felt like they packed a lot of scenes into those 100 minutes (not filler, just enough development that they could have made two slightly shorter films) and by the time they actually set out for the Ivory Dofus I was wondering how much of the story would be kept for the rest of the hypothetical trilogy. But the movie turned out to completely wrap the story so that it wouldn't matter if they don't make another, which is good since they apparently didn't do great in France.

Over all, I'd give 9/10 or more if you're familiar with Dofus. Probably less if you know nothing about it.

For people in or near Florida, I heard the movie is coming to a festival in Miami, so keep your eyes peeled.

P. S. Atcham did not disappoint.