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"Are we ... dead?"

... Now this is probably a terribly silly thing, but I keep thinking about a scenario in which they both actually died, after what happened (The Avatar's protective air shield collapsed, creating the spirit portal around their solidified corpses - making their figures faintly visible from both sides, but also keeping them out of reach for everyone).
And now they're bound to wander around as ghosts/spirits, eternally 'tied' to one another since... that spirit energy bubble Korra forced around themselves transcended along with their souls into the afterlife (or put differenlty the spirit world) ... or something along those lines - I'm not the best at story telling, which is the reason why I'm trying to bring this to you guys here...

I suppose I'm just conjuring this up to dream of backing up my Korvira shippings...
I could see that, had they had a couple more episodes exploring the idea of how Kuvira was what Korra could have been had she let bitterness and her broken spirit run her life.
Sharkman Jhones
Well, one has to ask how dead they are.

Are they stuck in a sort of soulless limbo but they gotta go on a quest to come back to life?

Are they well and truly dead, as in they gotta start planning funerals and scouring the Earth Kingdom for Korra's replacement?*

*(If any)

The difference could mean them wandering the Spirit world forced to work together and find a way to come back to life versus just plain wandering.
The spirit world is not an afterlife.
It's strongly implied that everyone reincarnates.

And if they were ghosts/spirits they would be able to go back through the portal anytime now.

Also, how the fuck would Asami have died?
Sharkman Jhones

Going by what the OP said, Asami's probably fine and just as worried as everybody else outside in Republic City.

It's Korra and Kuvira who're stuck.
Then how did Korra manage to walk hand in hand with Asami if she was merely a ghost and from the physical world to the spirit world?
Sharkman Jhones

Um...I'm not sure you fully read the OP's post. It's an AU scenario in which Korra and Kuvira actually die in the blast and now they're spirits that're bound together, trapped in the Spirit World. It's an alternate universe, I think we can presume the celebration at the end doesn't go the same way. Hell, given Asami's line of being unable to handle losing Korra the same day she lost her dad, we can presume it's a pretty dark one for her.