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No screencap for this OP. I think this gif made by the korranews tumblr will suffice perfectly. We all remember that first image of Korra's stunningly toned back released back in 2010, and at the end of this day her animated story will come to an end. Comics post finale are said to be in the works ala the ATLA comics that are ongoing.

Kuvria's Evil Big O and her army are moving in on Republic City. It's up to Korra, her Krew, and the rest of her allies to stop her. And ultimately up to Korra to restore Balance to the Earth Kingdom. IT'S SHOWTIME!

ONLINE RELEASE ON NICK.COM at 12 MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD US TIME, 9PM PACIFIC. If you live outside the US, the korranews tumblr has alternatives for you here in their masterpost http://korranews.tumblr.com/post/105299566675/here-it-is-the-final-masterpost-the-one-hour

Amazon, itunes, and the usual suspect will have digital VOD copies live at their usual ~3AM EST time. Nicktoons will air the last 4 episodes in a single block Friday night at 9PM EST.

What a wild ride this show has been, let's all take in its conclusion and enjoy our collective emotional deaths.

One last thing: FUCK NICKELODEON.
Sounds promising.
Personally, I'm looking forward to some good fights: the season 3 finale delivered, and I have no doubt this will too.
So is it airing tonight or Friday midnight also it's playing super late on Nicktoons comparatively to normal premier stuff.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

It's going live on Nick.com at Midnight EST tonight. Approximately 2 hours I'm making this post.
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...okay then.
i cannot believe they did it lol
>that filename
Does someone die?
Hiroshi does
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I uh, don't think I liked book 4.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine




BISEXUAL, please. Let's not erase that!
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

I was actually shooting for the Community clip there, you know the one but yes agreed and understood. I'm still in a bit of a tizzy after that intense finale :P
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Kuvira was pretty garbage.
You can blame Nick in part for that but yeah, on the whole not that great, especially coming after the heels of 3. Not even as good as Book 1, though at least still better than Book 2.
Man, I'm not happy for what its effect is going to be on the fandom. I'm pretty ambivalent about the pairing but for a disturbing number of people that's like admitting I'm a proud member of the Westboro Baptist Church. Not to mention all the "die for our ship" types.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

All I care about is if Korra is happy. And she looked darn tootin' happy enough for my tastes.
Agreed. Only really good episode was the Zaheer one.
Actually I thought Kuvira was one of the stronger points of the book, if a bit underused, which basically were my feelings towards Korra this season. It felt like it became the legend of literally everyone else BUT Korra.
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video:141896943700.webm(2.93MB , 1209x680 , yuri everafter.webm)
She has some good moments but on the whole she was a shallow villain and any attempts at making her more morally grey were incredibly tell-not-showy or too late to be any good.
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And now, the pièce de résistance
Looks like this series' Zutarans got their wish this time. So it goes. Hopefully they learn to grow up and become more like Kataang than Soriku fans.
Is that the chick in second to OP? Wonder how long it was since they caught it.
I bet they changed it for the online audience and the one going to nicktoons will be like how Wruzicka described it.
>Looks like this series' Zutarans got their wish this time.
>I don't like this ship
>Therefore its Zutara.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

She's going on a trip and this time Asami is going with her. So Korra and Asami into the wilds comic when?
Actually Korra got a pretty good amount of screentime with the PTSD subplot. It's Mako and Asami who I thought both got shafted severely. In hindsight they should've been fused into one person from the getgo, male or female I don't care. Mako was a potentially great character squandered by terrible execution and unceremoniously dumped to the side afterwards, and likewise Asami was a waste of a character whose continued existence on the team was never really validated beyond being a backdrop plot device (and I guess now the vehicle for the show's Token Romance). Better to have a single fully realized character than two half-fleshed out ones.

I think ultimately it's the fact that the show runs in a mini-season format rather than a pair of 24-episode long seasons that caused all these problems, since the change in pacing means there are more characters than there is time to properly develop. Overall we had maybe 1.5/4 decent villains this time around.
That was more of a comment on the shippers themselves than the ship (shippees?).
You can't deny that the communities have similar levels of toxicity though. I used to be really gungho over it but spending time in Korrasami fan communities and wading through their creepiness turned that around so now I'm just lukewarm on it. I still think the two make sense for each other and it sends a good message to people who aren't really fans of the show, but at the same I really don't want all those Korrasami shippers to feel validated for their abusive behavior, like harassing voice actors for characters they don't like, people who enjoy pairings they don't like, or even fellow shippers who don't have their goggles strapped on tightly enough.
>abusive behavior, like harassing voice actors for characters they don't like, people who enjoy pairings they don't like, or even fellow shippers who don't have their goggles strapped on tightly enough.

Yeah, that shit don't fly no matter what reasoning.
Oh that would be interesting.
Its airing at 10 PM on Nicktoons, those who can handle it will be the only ones seeing it.
Not to mention the irony of them giving Bryke the finger because they're convinced the only reason Bryke is defending Mako/Dave is because he's their Mary Sue, which is hilarious considering they eat up any fanfic where Asami gets turned into a blatant Mary Sue herself. These people are a tidal wave of batshit. I couldn't even admit to enjoying Kopal without pissing some of them off, which is rich given how common they like to throw the homophobe card at het fans.
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I'm probably gonna get tl;dr with this and it's not directed at you personally and I know there are plenty of good Korrasami shippers out there who don't do what I'm about to talk about, but this is basically why I consider Korrasami to be LOK's Zutara in a way.

Disclaimer one: I do not ship Makorra. I was rooting for Korra being single at the end. This is coming from someone who is a Korra fan first and foremost.

Disclaimer two: I do not consider Korrasami to be Zutara 2.0 because it is a queer ship and you guys were just ~crazy idiots~ for ever thinking it could happen, my problem lies solely with the fans and their attitudes towards the ship and the characters.

Disclaimer three: I am aware that there are gross attitudes to be found with all shipping fandoms, but unfortunately it really shone (if you want to use that word) and stuck with the Korrasami fandom.

Disclaimer four: If you never did anything that I'm about to go into, this doesn't apply to you. Bless you and I truly hope you are pleased with how Bryke handled it and I hope you are happy, especially if you're a bi/gay girl.

So this was only two years ago, but back during books 1 and 2 it was actually a very, very hard time in the fandom if you were a Korra fan. She was constantly criticized and picked apart, she was never good enough. She was stupid, selfish, lazy,a bully, a thug, a whore, a bitch, a cunt. She was a 17 year old girl who had the weight of the world on her shoulders but had spent 13 years of her life locked away from everyone else thrown into a very tumultuous time. Nothing she did was good enough for the fandom. Nothing a *17 year old girl who had little to no worldly experience* was good enough. She had flaws and they shone through, she did stupid, rash things, and they were what made her a realistic character, but the fandom didn't want *that* kind of realistic character. I guess they wanted one whose flaws only showed through for one episode so we could learn a weekly lesson or something, then disappear until they were needed again. That didn't happen with Korra, because that's not how actual human beings work. So, Korra would make realistic, human mistakes and the fandom would absolutely destroy her over that. And as someone who was about Korra's age when the show initially started, who was so damn happy that someone like ME was the hero for once, seeing the way the fandom treated her was absolutely heartbreaking. A teenage girl just trying to do her best to do her job, and people shat on her for it.

Then Asami comes in. Sweet, pretty, conventionally attractive Asami whose actual worse crime (imo) was being so damn boring makes her entrance. People are initially actually not on her side because of the obvious Makorra being set up and society is so used to pitting women against each other, but there's nothing TOO bad. The fandom can just tell though, this isn't going to end well.

THEN there's episode 5, an episode that will probably go down in infamy in the Avatar fandom. Korra, again, fucks up and makes a very stupid mistake and THAT seemed to be the part where her and her show's downfall with the fandom actually began. Nobody actually came out of that episode looking good for the fandom except Asami.

So the fandom was basically caving in five episodes into the season. Nobody liked the main characters for a number of reasons, some of which I'm sure were actually valid (because you know, you can't help if you don't like a character). 'Whorra' is an irresponsible lazy cunt who would rather chase boys than work on her airbending, Bolin is a retarded crybaby, and Mako is literally the worst thing since Hitler. There's nobody in this show to root for! Oh, but there's Asami! Sweet, innocent (incredibly wealthy) Asami who lost a parent to a firebender, which clearly means she carries the most emotional scars but by God, she does not let them show. Actually, she doesn't let a lot of things show. Because Asami wasn't supposed to last past book 1 and when the writers changed their minds about this they literally had no plan for her character. But that's a different topic altogether.

Anyway, the fandom had found its savior, and she was just conveniently lacking in enough personality to make it INCREDIBLY easy to project onto. In a dark time that was what the fandom thought was Bryke's poor writing, Asami was a beacon of hope, she was a way to *fix* things. She was a way to *fix* Korra.

Cue fanfic, fanart, all this content being made about Asami being the better person than Korra. She's smarter and more competent, but she's such a saint, she'll take the time to educate brutish, stupid Korra and because she's just so damn generous, she'll fuck her too! Because you know, Korra is still a stupid bitch who can't do anything right, but we still need to see her fucked and dominated. We need to see her be taught a lesson. And you know, this shit wasn't limited to just 4chan. You expect that stuff on 4chan. But then you go onto places like tumblr and you see fanart of Korra naked and tied up and Asami kneeling over her with her electric glove saying "prepared to be ~equalized~" while smirking sensually. There's fanart of Korra actually *not knowing how to ice skate and Asami having to teach her*. There's meta about how Asami should have taught Korra how hard it was to live as a non-bender (because you know, ASAMI HAD IT THE HARDEST). There's meta about Asami teaching Korra, the Avatar, how to fight. And let's not forget all the fanart of Asami *beating Korra up*, even though Korra hadn't done a damn thing to Asami to warrant that sort of reaction. But Asami was the fandom's favorite and voicebox, and they hated Korra, so they needed to see her be punished by the better girl, but because Korra is the main character she's automatically the prize so you know, make sure to throw in something about Asami fucking her with her electric glove.

So no, it's not the Zutara because it's an impossible ship, it's the Zutara because the characters are twisted around into something unrecognizable while at the time spitting on what made them (or at least in Korra's case) such good characters in the first place. It's when you take Korra and make her into the braindead, incompetent weak prize to be won by the amazing and incredible Asami.

I know people probably won't believe me when I say I don't ship Korra with anyone else, but there are reasons to dislike Korrasmi besides "it's not my ship". Some of us have been in this for Korra and only Korra from the beginning, and to see the creators throw a bone to the part of the fandom where a lot of them have literally no respect for Korra, it stings.
And PS: again, if you actually like Korrasami for the actual characters presented in the show, then this isn't about you. You're great, stay golden and I really do hope you're happy.
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image:141897821800.gif(287kB , 480x360 , v06N8.gif)
10/10 post. And I mean that sincerely as an ex-Korrasami fan who jumped ship around season 2 once I got fed up with the community's vile behavior.
Pretty much how Korra ended:

//youtube.com/watch?v=QHpuPXKOwUIyoutube thumb
person you replied to.

you cool.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
I kept up with the show via what you might call ‘cultural osmosis’ (and partially ‘Tumblr osmosis’ thanks to K-Y-H-U/iahfy) so I was sorta kinda rooting for Korrasami to end up canon as a result. Wouldn’t have mattered much if it didn’t, but I’m damn happy it did.

We now have canonically bisexual women—one of which is both the lead character and non-white!—in a Western animated series. (Not sure if people consider Asami non-white, but if so, double bonus.) Between this and Clarence, representation for non-straight characters in non-adult programming is getting better.

Also, >>118864 is a 10/10 post and God bless ya for it.
Personally? Although I can see the criticisms for Korra and Asami getting together, I found that the two underwent enough development over the course of the show to make them more interesting characters, and they had far better chemistry than either had with Mako.

Basically I don't have a problem with it, if only (unlike Zutara) it actually has a grounded basis in the show rather than the whole "they're invading each other's personal space, they must want to bang rather than fight!" mentality of Zutarans.
>Not sure if people consider Asami non-white, but if so, double bonus.
She looks overtly Asian/Japanese to me aside from the eye color. If anyone mistakes her for a white person then it's their own fault for being too damn Eurocentric. Then again Tumblr has a serious problem with talking about shit they don't even understand in the name of "progress", so...
So.. Korra is gonna go the rest of her life being detached from her past lives? Is nobody gonna bring this up? Did they themselves forget? I know she got Raava back, but that's not the same as reestablishing a spiritual connection with her past forms.
>.. Korra is gonna go the rest of her life being detached from her past lives?
Yep, like Wan she's the first Avatar of a new cycle.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Ah, okay then. Cool beans, two bi non-white women—leading characters no less—in Western animation.
Changing the subject to something non-Korrasami related...

>I became a dictator because my parents didn't want me and I felt vulnerable.

Really? That's the reason you're going for? Not "I had to deal with a continent-wide bloodbath for three years with almost no back up" or "my parents were violently murdered by Sozinist firebenders right in front of me (a little cliche perhaps, but better than this)"?

I'm glad that they ended the conflict with Kuvira with her seeing the error of her ways and seeking to make amends, but they could have done so much more with her backstory and motivation, it feels really incomplete.

>Maybe they intentionally left it incomplete

... great, now I want a Kuvira comic, and I know that'll never happen!
Even without the recap episode they had a decent amount of time to insert at least a token line here or there to that effect. Bryke really dropped the ball on writing Kuvira, and the entire season suffers as a result.
Also, after this episode, I feel that I am correct in my hunch that Nuclear by Mike Oldfield really fit's Kuvira's character.
*fits* why did I put an apostrophe there?
Zelda's not bad but I think her voice acting contributed to it. She made Kuvira sound clownishly villainous at points and overly sinister in scenes where it wasn't appropriate.
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image:141899156200.png(965kB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-12-19-05h24m17s13.png)
What an ambiguous as fuck ending.

I mean, we are not given any rock solid closure on "who Korra will be shipped with" question. It could be LESBIANS IN MY KIDS' SHOW, or it could be "Korra saw Asami as someone who suffered a whole lot and needed a good friend to spend time with on a much needed trip to the wilderness". And, it could be both. I go with Makorra, personally, but YOU are free to go with the LESBIANS route. I won't get mad over other people's OPINIONS.

Having said all that, the resolution to the battle was perfect, and the fights were perfect. Korra's character development throughout the 4 seasons was perfect as well. She is now a very balanced and understanding individual.

Pic related is what I wanted, and I got it.
//youtube.com/watch?v=53rCO8BsKwUyoutube thumb

The song that kicks in during those final moments. It is what it is. It as as deliberate as possible without having them snog. Time for Korra and Asami to have that "date" in the Spirit World.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>It as as deliberate as possible without having them snog.

Seriously, it was as subtle as a sledgehammer. Also I wish they could've kissed but I'm fine with what we got. Any progress is good progress.
Mister Twister
I won't get MAD over your opinions, as promised!
Indeed, many see this as "the first" and as a very strong step into a realm that hasn't had anything like this with a Main Character. This will change things for the better. Coming years with be an interesting time for animated shows.

Thank you.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
This was a very "Plato's Stepchildren" situation seeing how closely they kept this to their chest.
I would've rather she been altogether single than gotten back with Mako. Not every show has to end with the main character in a romantic relationship for them to live happily ever after. An ambiguous Lyn/Florina end would've been the most optimal, but whatever.
Hey wait a minute...

>Wu, while no longer the Earth King, implied that he'd be working with the Avatar in the future, likely helping keep the newly independent Earth States stable.
>Kuvira will likely be tasked with bringing in remnant units of her army and also keeping the Earth States stable as amends for her actions.
>Wu sang about how he still found Kuvira attractive, even though she tried to kill him.

They're going to end up together, aren't they?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Word is comics are in the works though a long time coming. I could see it.
Hopefully not written by Gene Yang though. Most of them were pretty terrible and only salvaged by Gurihiru's art.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
If he didn't have anything to do with this show probably not.
>Mako's role in The Legend of Korra

//youtube.com/watch?v=d2GWJC5N3Twyoutube thumb
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image:141901142400.gif(1.80MB , 540x304 , tumblr_ngtju2uMnp1ro0n55o6_1280.gif)
So how'd we feel about this part? I admit I was uncomfortable at Korra going "I had to suffer" because no, she didn't have to go through all that, and she was already a compassionate person (see: her reaction to Tarrlok's story about him and his brother, apologizing to her cousins for pretty much killing their father) and I'm seeing a lot of "Her character had to be broken and battered in order to develop and that's messed up" but....I can't find it in me to agree with it. I wonder if it's my kneejerk, in-denial, I don't -want- that to be the case even if it is, but I read it as Korra finding meaning through her suffering just as Aang did. Aang didn't have to go through what he did either, but if you can find something through your suffering, more power to you.

I also see a lot of "Korra's become humbled" which I'm also reluctant to agree with. She was still aggressive as ever in taking actions like taking Baatar Jr hostage, determined not to let Kuvira take Republic City the way she did Zhaofu, and her fight with Kuvira in general. I'd like to think her enthusiasm with fighting and bending was never a "flaw" to begin with, and if we had more episodes, we'd get more of her fighting not just final bosses, but criminals and enemies like the Triple Triad too. Plus the video game seems to suggest her fighting spirit is a good thing, too...
Yeah, honestly I thought Korra humbled down perfectly fine after Book 1. I don't think why people even feel the need to think she still needs to go through character development over that. Her rashness in Book 2 which is the other biggest thing people complain about had more to do with it being a personal/familial issue than arrogance.
Honestly Koora's personal ending felt like Bryke caved in to the fandom's demands in terms of character arc and who she ended up with.
Me neither. A lot of it reminded me too on the nose of /co/ creepazoids demanding she should be punished for being a STRONG WOMYN a la Taming of the Shrew when it wasn't even really her major character flaw. Of all people, why pander to ''4Chan'' and the more unreasonable Tumblrites when they were willing to take a stand on the skin lighting and coloration debates? At the least they didn't base their characterization off of The Abuse Cycle either, which a lot of more, ahem, devoted yurishippers seem to take as bible for some bizarre reason, even though it revolves around demeaning and killing off 50% of their OTP.
Book 3 > 1 > 4 > 2

Any questions? No? Glad we're all in agreement. Moving on.
1 > 2 > 3 > 4 for me.

Ha, that's kind of funny if sad.
Seconded, although I'd put it more around 3 >>> 1 > 4>= 2. For all its lows book 2 also had more highs than 4 (dat evil Varrick), which was more consistent but rarely above mediocre.
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image:141902159500.png(32kB , 506x615 , 1418942417280.png)
>mfw the state of the fandom
All in all, I still think the original Avatar series was much better. I prefer the art and character designs of Korra, and I appreciate that it was able to tackle some difficult topics such as trauma with the right tact necessary, but none of the villains even came close to the quality of the ones in The Last Airbender, and aside from Korra herself the Krew felt really shallow in comparison to Aang's companions.
Not that Korra was bad mind you, just that it never quite lived up to the expectations of the original series. While some of it is probably Nick's fault, overall the writing quality didn't feel as strong, even if it successfully matured.
I think had the creators had known how long the series was gonna go from day 1 like they did with ATLA, this would have been infinitely better.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Agreed. I think that was one of Korra’s big issues: whereas ATLA had a defined "endgame" (the Avatar vs. the Fire Lord), Korra kinda had to go season-by-season in that regard.
I prefer Korra as a character over Aang but yeah I think ATLA wins out.
Yeah, p much.
3 > 1 > 4 > 2
The finally had so many problems its difficult to know where to start pointing out what's wrong.

Spirit cannon fired at building the avatar was in, only Baatar Jr is injured despite being surrounded by people who weren't injured. That's way too convenient.

In the fights against the colossus what happened to all of Kuvira's mecha suit soldiers? They're shown being near Kuvira but as soon as team Avatar attack they all disappear.

Why doesn't Kuvira have any of her war blimps or airplanes protect the colossus? Huge parts of Kuvira's army just disappear if they cause a problem for the writers.

Why doesn't Korra go into the avatar state when first fighting the colossus? Seriously her avatar powers would have made knocking it down much easier. It's like the writer keep forgetting about the avatar state.

before they hear about the plasma saws why are they using the humming bird suits rather than biplanes and bombs? Given that Asami makes these biplanes and they're at her company you'd think there'd be some lying around.

Isn't Varrick from the Southern Water Tribe? If so why did he grow up on a farm (something not found in the south pole) with an ostrich horse (an Earth Kingdom animal)?

Why not just attach the plasma saw to a regular mech and cut at hole at the bottom of the colossus? If you can break the legs the colossus won't be able to move.

Why doesn't Kuvira just shoot Future industries as soon as she hears that this is the source of the electrical disturbance? There's no need for her to get closer to it.

Must have been great being Mako during the colossus fights as no one expects you to attack it. During the second fight he even disappeared until a hole was created.

Why does Korra exit the Avatar state during the colossus battle and just stand around looking at it? Did she get bored attacking it?

How does Kuvira know they're cutting in? She doesn't know what the hummingbird suits are for. They could have been flying bombs.

Why doesn't Korra keep refreezing the colossus until Asami and Hiroshi are done? Korra got the water from a lake so it's not like it would ever run out. Also Korra was able to use the ice to prevent the colossus from hitting everyone so she could have used it to save Hiroshi.

Why is there a hollow cavity large enough for 5 people in stand in a circle inside the colossus' leg? If it's for maintenance then it only needs to be large enough for 1 or 2 people.

Why doesn't Korra enter the Avatar state when inside the colossus? Then she'd be able to fly rather than having to climb a huge ladder.

Why does Korra go to fight Kuvira? Disabling the colossus' power source would prevent it from moving/aiming and disabling the weapon would prevent Kuvira from using it; both of which would render Kuvira almost powerless and unable to escape. Remember they don't know about Kuvira's override so they have no reason to attack her.

Why doesn't Korra fight Kuvira in the Avatar state? She was able to use it earlier without any problems and her PTSD was meant to have been fixed by talking to Zaheer.

Why doesn't Mako stand near the escape hatch before charging up his lightning so he can quickly escape?

Good thing that giant spirit vine Mako zapped didn't create an explosion that would blow up the whole city or everyone in the colossus, even when Varrick blew up the smaller vines it created a blast that blew up train cars and bridges to pieces.

How is Korra stopping the spirit weapon, when did she learn how to do this, and why didn't she do it sooner?

When after being poisoned did Korra feel like she wasn't in control? Her problems were being unable to fight and the Dark Avatar showing up everywhere. Korra was always in control of her life as she was able to travel where she wanted and fight who she wanted.

Why does Kuvira just give up? She has a large army at her command is popular among her soldiers. She could easily have said that the Earth Empire won't accept anyone as their ruler and remained its ruler. After all it's not like Korra said that Kuvira had to surrender control of the Earth Empire or stand trial. I suspect Bryke had Kuvira just give up after a 3 minute talk so that there'd be no one to stop Wu becoming Earth King.

Why does Wu think the Earth Kingdom would be better as separate states? This is just like when Korra kept the spirit portals open despite no one asking for it and there was no discussion as to whether this was a good idea.

When did Korra become more compassionate after her suffering?

And we never find out what the Dark Avatar that Korra kept seeing had to do with anything.

But on the plus side at least the spirits didn't decide to help Korra after saying that they wouldn't get involved with a human war.
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image:141904049700.jpg(75kB , 749x541 , 134230562156.jpg)
You are bad at watching TV.
No I'm good at thinking, something that Bryke doesn't do during the final battles (especially season 2).
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image:141904211700.png(114kB , 467x554 , 1418761170332.png)
You couldn't wait a week or two for the fandom to cool down before starting this shit back up?
No, you're not good at thinking either. You're just suffering from the Dunning Kruger effect in regards to thinking.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
I was 100% on-board with this finale right through to the end. The fight scenes were epic, the heroic moments were heroic, and the resolution was satisfying. Korra and Tenzin were standing by the bay, overlooking the city, and reflecting on all the events of the series. It was the perfect point to wrap up the show. And then Asami showed up and my smile vanished. "No," I said, "don't send Tenzin away! I don't like this ship, and I don't want to deal with the backlash of even hinting that it's actually happening! Tenzin earned this final moment!"

I was 100% on-board with this finale right through to the end, but the end left me with a sour taste in my mouth.
Sooo what is this whole thing about they apparently changed the ending?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

If you believe Tumblr, the original animatics for the ending scene didn't have Korra and Asami holding hands and looking at each other in the way they did.
They probably had them scisorring eachother to act as a censor decoy.

>"how about them just holding hands?"
Now I'm imagining Korra and Asami doing some sort of scissoring crabwalk into the spirit portal.
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image:141904557900.png(228kB , 500x333 , tumblr_ngv2hrUQcs1qez005o1_500.png)
Okay, I laughed.
I'm less bothered by the ship itself (biggest problem being that Asami is a dull cipher of a character lacking in any real depth, but it's not like a lot of other side characters don't have the same too) and more the fact that by pandering to that crowd the writers are in effect rewarding its significant percentage of bratty assholes for their abhorrent behavior, and that they'll only be encouraged to continue acting that way in the future.
God, that bit was so cringeworthy and OOC. Feels like some of the writing took a bad hit in the last episode.
Maybe leaving off at just them planning on the "Vacation date" but then maybe the creators added these bits in themselves and crushed it.

"Eh just going on a vacation together is too vague, needs more,"

"hand holding?"

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I'll just leave this here.
>suggesting Wu/Korra
What the fuck
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>Linked on his Facebook

stop spiking the football, I don't think it can take much more.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Spiking? I think we've reached Randy Moss territory now

//youtube.com/watch?v=5dmqGg6Ccvwyoutube thumb
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
All hand wringing aside I think we can all agree that Jeremy Zuckerman's music has been the #1 consistent deliverer of quality during Korra's run? Dude fucking nailed it time and time again. He uploaded the last 3 minutes of the series finale last night and it's fucking eargasmic https://soundcloud.com/jeremy-zuckerman/the-legend-of-korra

Something about Korra's musical motif gets me in the feels every time it's played. I think it's a compliment of the highest order when you tell a musician that their music moved you emotionally.
ANY end result would've been pandering to a degree.
Yeah, it's like when Andrew Hussie stopped accepting reader submissions for Homestuck. At a certain point, you have enough fans that every possible direction the story could take is something one contingent of them wants to happen. At that point, you will always be "pandering" to at least one group of them, but there's also no point in listening to "what the fans want" since at that point the fans want everything. So just write what you want to write and let the ones who guessed it feel special if they want to.

Personally, I suspect it went like this: Korrasami was not on Bryke's radar at first, and then they started hearing about it louder and louder from the fandom. They started kicking back and forth the ideas of it, and decided to go with an ending that heavily implied it, because clearly there was enough support from what had already happened to justify it in the minds of the audience, and it gave them a chance to make a milestone in children's television. I *don't* think they did it solely to pander to the audience, though. I think they heard the audience's idea and decided "Yeah. That could work. And we had already decided Mako wasn't endgame material anyway, so there's nothing standing in the way."
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
I strongly doubt Bryke did anything to placate fandom loudmouths. After season three of ATLA I feel I can pretty safely say that that would be out of character for them. It's possible that it hadn't occurred to them before fandom started asking for it, but I would be very surprised if they put that in - likely against heavy resistance on the network's side - if it wasn't what they thought would be best for the series.
> Korra and Asami walk into a spirit portal together holding hands and looking at each other.
> slight implication of a romantic attraction pulled off by the brilliant trolls of our time.
> Makes Mako look like a cuck.

I wonder what he would think of this.
>My two most recent girlfriends are making out right now.
>Not sure how to feel about this.
Where were you on the historic occasion a nonsensical, crack ship from Tumblr built up steam and was actually forced into being "canon" - sparking the inevitable debates on Fox News and orgasmic cries lauding it all throughout the internet?

i was eating ramen, actually. I will never forget the historic day.
*sheds single tear, forming another spirit portal*
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>forced into being "canon"

Prove it.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
That is a fine piece and speaks of why this was so important to some if not many of this ship. There is little that shows a strong relationship that one can use to relate to those kids searching for who they are.

This also goes out to a girl who near the beginning of this season was tormented about coming out and being a fan of this pairing to the point of attempting suicide. I hope this has helped her a bit as well.

They kept the lid on this one super tight, kudos to them and those who also knew but also had to stay quiet.
>crack ship
that word sure lost meaning, huh
It happened. There's my proof.
It's there to please the Tumblr fanbase he surrounds himself with daily. If a person completely alien of the fanbase is sat down and shown this, they'd have a million questions and objections, or at best, just see it as innocent friendship. It makes sense and exists only to the people who shipped it from day 1.

The most romantic thing Korra and Asami ever did for one another was, uh.. not be mean to each other? Talk? Idk.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>It's there to please the Tumblr fanbase he surrounds himself with daily.

Prove it.
Hey, at least the Asami's "I like Korra" line doesn't feel so random anymore.
>The most romantic thing Korra and Asami ever did for one another was, uh.. not be mean to each other? Talk? Idk.
Literally all she did with her other potential love interest.
>Those witchesThat Tumblr stole my peniscorrupted my story!
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image:141908010300.jpg(53kB , 640x375 , tumblr_ngv1rj9nw71s6fa8co1_1280.jpg)
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Wonder if he told the brothers Walker about the ending and that is why the cut off the Vlogs, and didn't mention and of the moments they got giddy about after Book 3's first episode.

Maybe they'll do a special of the last few and talk about what the big development means for children animation going forward.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Actually, there were a number of relationship flags and signals; they were just disregarded because everyone assumed that it would never fly at Nick.
It's not so much as the signals as it was... when did Korra and Asami last have a meaningful conversation? Where was the point we were supposed to really realize (BEFORE the finale) that there was something else going on between them? Last time they had something that could actually be considered a heart-to-heart was in book 3 and it was basically "that drama with Mako was silly, I'm glad we're friends now". The dramatic hand touch happened three years ago and Korra honestly did not look like she gave a shit about Asami at that part. The letters were brought up once then dropped. They talked in Remembrances but did that really mean anything?

Like Asami says she can't imagine her life without Korra in it? When did she feel that way and what sort of effect did it have on her character? Mako (not honestly starting shit but he is pretty much the only member of the Krew Korra has had some personal effect on) says Korra made him more selfless and it shows. He started out as some street punk and now he's a detective protecting royalty. Asami started out sweet, she met Korra and... she's still the same. Well except now she has NO parents but you know, judging from how she acted in those last few minutes you'd have no idea she gave a shit about Hiroshi.

I would be a lot more lenient towards Bryke on this because it's a gay relationship and all if, according to Wruzicka(sp), they hadn't changed the ending. Korra and Asami just deciding to go on a vacation together and disappearing into the portals would leave things ambiguous enough that you could think that yeah, maybe something WAS going to happen between them. Then you get the hand-holding and eye-gazing and it's like wait, when the hell did they reach that point? They couldn't have had Asami be the one yelling Korra's name and having a dramatic tense moment where she and Jinora locked gazes and she shook her head? They couldn't have just given her a bigger parent in general, or have Korra actually acknowledge her existence not just because Mako and Bolin weren't available to do a scene? Or hell, they could have had Asami in Mako's part during Korra's trip to Zaheer.

So now we have Korrasamis pointing and screaming at things like the letters and the blush, but where the hell is Korra and Asami's version of, say, Katara and Aang's talk on the day of the black sun (minus the kiss obviously)? Like I said earlier, where was the point I was supposed to realize that there was something DEEPER going on here?

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade (I doubt I could!), but the more I think about it the more I think there weren't any real solid hints not necessarily because of Nick's meddling. And I don't think Bryke were trying to pull a fast one on us by laying down some hints of a reconciliation between Makorra just for him to say he'll always be there for Korra and leave it at that.

That said that tumblr user who wrote that plant meta must be pleased, lol.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
A lot of that was just them being around each other and growing together in that manner. Some kinda see it in Asami's gradual demeanor change through Book 3 in the latter episodes her seeming more concerned and thinking deeply about things dealing with Korra.

Also the way things were phrased both with Asami's reaction during reunion and Korra's apology for being gone so long in the finale. That maybe something started or they talked about starting before she left for the SWT for what was just supposed to be a few weeks recovery.
Single Korra wouldn't.
Actually Korra's attraction to Asami is perfectly believable enough to me and they did well with making it work on her end. The scenes like her blushing, wanting a girlfriend, and trusting her feelings to Asami, sure. She's definitely been crushing on her even as early as Book 1 with gushing about how pretty she is. But on the other hand nothing happened in the series that would merit Asami feeling particularly close to Korra that her other friends wouldn't do, barring commiserating about being Mako's ex. And while a lot of the Korrasami scenes that keep getting cited are legit a lot of others definitely aren't. It's just them showing basic courtesy to each other or literally having physical proximity in a scene. Nothing that Bolin wouldn't do. Like, the fact that Korra and Asami praised each other's skills in the sand dunes doesn't mean squat. They would've done the exact same thing in latter Book 1 or Book 2. In hindsight, considering how they showed Korrasami happening in the end I wish it WAS genuine shipteasing.

In particular I think the biggest problem is that Asami never had much of a character to the very end. She's always been this nice sweet girl who's smart and understanding and also capable of fighting, but not having any personality beyond that. Where's her flaws? Where's her character development? Sure she has bad things happen to her, but the worst you could say about her is that she's a little naive and even then it's treated as yet another sign of how kind and trusting she is. It makes her a convenient relationship partner in a way because she's so idealized, but at the same time she has very little depth aside from the extremely miniscule subplot with Hiroshi, which was a nice attempt but too little too late. That's probably why she's such a popular target for being turned into a Mary Sue by fans (regardless of the pairing; it's most common in Korrasami fics but I've seen it in lots of other pairings too where she "fixes" Mako or villains with her wonderfulness). She's a shell that Bryke had numerous opportunities to flesh out but never actually bothered doing beyond making her serve as a convenient plot device who could've just as well been replaced with one of Su's sons. Keep in mind I don't actually dislike Asami. I'm more disappointed in the writers for doing a bad job with her and not letting her get to be a good character.

If the ending was a matter of Korra impulsively acting on her crush, Asami being receptive to it, and their "vacation" being like a first date, that's fine and perfectly in character. It's a normal young adult interaction that they can use the comics to show developing into a genuine relationship. But if their limited interactions somehow meant that Asami and her are true soulmates forever and ever (as Asami's "can't live without you line" implies) then it feels like the two got strangled by the red string as the result of too much last-minute telling and not enough showing. I'm glad the show went more lowkey about romance in general after Books 1 and 2 because it means no more romantic plot tumors being forced down our throats, but at the same time they also left the Korrasami relationship significantly underdeveloped as a result. Maybe it was due to their fear of the network censors, but it's more likely just weak writing, as the rest of the finale and a lot of Book 4 in general showed.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its there they just went with a lot more of show rather than tell to get some of the point across. Its those nuances that people have been using to indicate where things have been between Korra and Asami.
You know what I'm reminded of? Klaine fans from Glee. Their ship is the canon one and they're the biggest shipping fandom, but for some reason they act more in common with Harmonians even though they have no reason to.
Yeah, besides, like the previous poster indicated, it just seems more like a "hey maybe we should try having a relationship. we're already friends, so its worth a shot" than an actual "I love you marry me and lets be together forever."

Cos in the end, it was still just holding hands.
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image:141911312500.png(43kB , 500x176 , large[1])
Also, comics confirmed.
I thought they actually didn't like Bryke.

What is this from?
Probably Avatar wiki but iunno if it's legit. It's believable since the series has been a cash cow for them so of course they're not going to ditch the universe just because the show's over but I'm waiting til I get it from a more reputable sauce.
Could be them but haven't they always registered for sites like these separately under their full names?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yes. I’m 99.9999999% sure it’s a bullshit comment from YouTube or whatever.
Yeah, I guess I don't have anything against the two getting together, it just doesn't deserve to be endgame from a narrative standpoint (yet). The fact that they'd even get away with pairing up at all is cool though.
I also recall that Bryan or Mike said during the IGN interview back in Septemberish that there were no current plans for a Korra comic. I could be remembering it wrong, or they might have said it during their AMA on the wiki.
No, there really were not. The single only meaningful thing I can think of was Korra writing her letter to Asami, which came off as a trust issue only another girl could understand. Not romantic in the slightest to anyone not rabidly shipping them already.

Come on people, seriously? I honestly don't give a fuck about this pairing or any other pairing, but don't pretend like this anything but a cheap backup plan the creator did to go out with a bang and undo attention.

Hey guys, "Bryke" here. Sokka had three cocks canonically, also, Bumi is gay.
The letter thing could go either way, the thing is it was only brought up once, Korra's answer as to why was basically "I don't know" and then never mentioned again. Like she could have said instead she felt Asami would understand better or something and they could have gotten away with that.

It doesn't reflect badly on Korrasami but I think it does on Bryke, but since it's a queer ship people are going to cover their ears and ignore any valid criticisms.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Heh Asami ditched the gloves she usually has with that outfit.
I agree on the letter thing being not very romantic but I think the scene where they reunited as well as the scene at the beginning of Book 3 were pretty teasy. That's it though. Aside from those two scenes, very little was shipworthy. Those two are valid enough to make it more than a mere crackship, but nearly all the other "evidence" Korrasami fans like to bring up is absolutely people reading too much into it.

I actually wish the characters got more shipping fodder together in hindsight because as it is, the pairing did not fall together very organically. It's even more like >>118955 Klaine in that regard, in that a ton of people were expecting them to pair up meta-wise but the actual execution to get the two hooking up in-universe ends up being disappointingly lacking.
>Come on people, seriously? I honestly don't give a fuck about this pairing or any other pairing, but don't pretend like this anything but a cheap backup plan the creator did to go out with a bang and undo attention.
Seriously guys, if I have chosen to be cynical about something, I damned well expect everyone else to be just as cynical as me about it, and to praise me for my jaded coolguyism.
Forget about Korrasami, why is nobody annoyed by how Bolin/Opal has been handled? It's not nearly as high-profile but it also embodies a lot of the problems with the ship. They went from a mild bit of flirting to suddenly Bolin swearing up and down that he'd do anything including risk dying to keep her love, even though they've never been shown interacting in a way together to make his feelings for her seem genuine since. Everything about that relationship suffered from all tell-no-show as well, even with the more blatant shipteasing.
Opal rocked WAY too hard to just have em hook up and halt all personal development.

>since it's a queer ship people are going to cover their ears and ignore any valid criticisms.
Its a rare enough occurance as it is - it probably deserves a bit of leeway.
>They went from a mild bit of flirting to suddenly Bolin swearing up and down that he'd do anything including risk dying to keep her love
Uh I assume like Kai and Jinora they started dating during the timeskip.
No shit, but it doesn't excuse the lack of onscreen development and is again a huge matter of telling rather than showing.
Minor characters' subplots are often less fleshed out than main characters': Film at 11.
>minor character
Is the cynicism unwarranted? Because this ending merits A LOT of cynicism.
All my other points stand; in fact, most people on here seem to agree with it.
People keep talking about the clumsy way in which Korrasami got together but it isn't even the worst offender. The finale certainly was nice to look and sure it was something to be hype over when it first came out but man, the writing throughout it was just embarassing. The more I think about it the more I'm disappointed by it all. You can't even justify it with things like seasonal constraints. Korra talking about deserving to go through the wringer was borderline offensive and every single thing that had to do with Kuvira was even more terrible from a writing standpoint. "Mommy and daddy left me so I'm going to be the new Hitler" is the kind of characterization mistake even up-and-coming fanfiction writers learned to stop committing anymore. And I don't think I need to explain how the writing for Baatar Jr. was garbage all season long.
Opal is a minor character. Bolin is a reasonably important recurring character. A relationship between a minor character and a recurring character is a very minor arc. A plotline like that gets occasional reminders that the recurring character has a girlfriend, a cameo here and there from said girlfriend, and then a wedding episode a few seasons later. That is just how TV works. You don't see full details on everything.
I actually found Kuvira's motivations kind of interesting, I just wish they didn't wait until the last episode to, you know, explain them.

Like we heard from Su she was an orphan but that's it, we had no fucking idea how that came to be or how Kuvira felt about it until her breakdown. Because when Kuvira said she wouldn't abandoned the EK like her parents abandoned HER and it's like shit, did her parents actually do that? Because that makes it a lot more interesting as opposed to them dying and leaving Kuvira alone. Then she basically gets adopted by Su and gets an overzealous sense of patriotism instilled in her and fills the void her parents left. Like if they just foreshadowed this a lot better she'd be a lot more compelling villain. It's a really damn cliche plot (parental issues AGAIN) but it would have been something. And IA about Baatar jr, he was literally just there to make the conflict with Kuvira more dramatic for the Beifongs (though last I checked the show was called the Legend of Korra, not the Legend of the Beifongs so why the hell is their family drama being shoved in my face).

And yep, 100% agreed on Korra saying she NEEDED to suffer to understand how an orphan felt (Korra, honey, YOU KNOW TWO ORPHANS) and to learn compassion. Like she forgave Tarrlok for everything he did to her and expressed regret over having to kill Tarrlok, was that not compassion? And why the fuck did she apologize to Asami for leaving for three years? She doesn't owe anybody and apology for that and holy shit it just left a really bad taste in my mouth.
Also this is incredibly random and I can really understand why they didn't do this but it feels ridiculous they basically had a giant gun in the show but wouldn't do normal handguns. Like it'll be weird if we get another Avatar series set in the far future and they still won't have firearms of some kind after this.
My knowledge of munitions history is a bit weak but I think China did have develop their firecrackers into bombs and I think cannons even. Maybe miniaturizing them into bullets just never came to them, even if they were perfectly capable of developing the technology.
Mmm, you could argue that Asami is also a minor character due how little plot relevance she had compared to the rest of the cast. But that's kind of a separate issue.
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image:141916540200.jpg(621kB , 1920x1080 , air11-710.jpg)

Hmm, back in the season one finale they had a cannon-ish thing they had for helping multiple firebenders aim their flame at people over longer distance, I'd imagine that Bataar probably used that as an inspiration when designing a means of making the energy blasts more accurate (doesn't really explain the rifling though...).

I'd imagine that if, IF, the show was to come back in some form in a couple of years (though it looks doubtful at the moment) they probably could had a subplot involving people designing handheld versions of the Spirit Gun. After all, they would technically be laser weapons and would thusly be protected against Standards and Practices in ways that regular weapons usually aren't (Batman: the Animated Series had to use their pseudo-1940s setting as justification for why regular guns existed, rather than the cops and gangsters being armed with rayguns).
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image:141917231100.jpg(57kB , 500x430 , tumblr_lw9aa8obxw1r1nmpao1_500.jpg)
We jump past modern area into a steam punk future star wars thing, and closer to the original Avatar pitch material.
Sorry for the off-topic comment here, but did the fan art thread disappear? I can't see it.
I would think there would be less benefit to funding the development of firearms in a universe where you can get entire armies of people who can call up elemental fire. It would have to be another non-bender separatist movement like Amon's, I think, to really push for the development of personal firearms.

My hope is that we get an additional two series focusing on the next two Avatars (to complete the cycle if anything), even though that's kind of unrealistic at this point.

As you say, the modern era should be by-passed, which is good as Bryke said they couldn't imagine an Avatar show working in the modern day. But, if the post-Korra Avatar (who'd be Earth Kingdom... or whatever the name of the post-Kuvira continent is called) were based in a near future, they could go for a cyberpunk kinda dealie. Think Akira or Ghost in the Shell but with magic. They could have a subplot involving spiritual activity on the Moon due to Yue getting annoyed at lunar mining. Or something.

The final-final Avatar show should cap off with a Fire Nation Avatar in a post-apocalyptic setting where society has collapsed, returning the franchise to it's fantasy roots with combination of left-over supertech and more overt magical stuff. Like Fist of the North Star or something.
>My hope is that we get an additional two series focusing on the next two Avatars (to complete the cycle if anything), even though that's kind of unrealistic at this point.
Bryke officially don't work for Nick anymore so I dunno' what the odds are with this happening. Maybe if they wait a few years before starting again instead of just asking for the next series NOW like they basically did with LOK, it could work.

Alternatively they could let someone new run the show, which I don't know how to feel about it. If Nick's choosing who the series could end up in the hands of people who are happy to churn out generic kiddie action shows that follow an enemy of the week formula and don't really go anywhere.
Probably mods jumping the gun because the most recent post was by Shitposter-kun who got their other thread deleted.
The only people I want working on a new Avatar show are the people who brought us the original series and LoK. Mike and Bryan are no longer working for Nickelodeon and I'm sure they're probably not coming back, given how badly the network treated their shows. A:tLA and LoK were the best shows to come out of Nick since...I don't know, ever! They were groundbreaking in terms of character development, storytelling and animation. Yet Nick treated the show like their proverbial red-haired step child. They refused to market the show in any way, constantly screwed with the schedule and never really made any moves to capitalize on the the devout fan base. If I were either Mike or Bryan, I would never come back no matter what I was offered.
Sadly, the show is property of Viacom, so they have total freedom to do it without them.

Or if they want to work on it again, they'd have to go back.
And this is also why I don't like the idea of Nick continuing the series unless they put someone in charge who was actually passionate about it, and like you said given their treatment of the shows they're more likely to find someone who's willing to bend over and do what Nick wants.

So basically I hope we're all looking forward to the next Avatar series being set in their take on the early 2000s with lots of pop culture references and the protagonist being a 12 year old boy whose some sort of disturbing combination of Meelo and Kai and voiced by Tara Strong, a plucky animal/spirit sidekick voiced by Tom Kenny and character design by Butch Hartman.
Oh yeah, I know. I've been reading comics long enough to know how these things work. There might be a stellar creative team that sticks with book for an epic run, but whoever takes over next can completely wreck things. If you need an example then just look at any given Wonder Woman run. I'd also rather never have an Avatar series ever again than have a shitty one.
So, out of morbid curiosity (I guess) I wandered over to AvatarSpirit.net, a place I hadn't been to since the movie came out. I wanted to see what people thought of the ending. The first goddamn thread at the top of the board is a post from a self-professed Christian fundy who thought the ending was "too over" and kept this person from enjoying the show. What the ACTUAL fuck?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think there are enough people that grew up with the show and that are now either starting to get into the business or are already in it that could take the seat and steer this into a new series.

Though I want a series based around a bunch of benders set in the current setting maybe not the immediate but say some ten to twenty years later with Korra nearing or in her Prime. Idea being some kid that gets crap back home isn't that good at their element and decides to prove their worth by challenging the Avatar and with a ragtag bunch of friends they set off to Republic city to help the kid prove their worth.
AFAIK Bryke don't want to do anymore Avatar at all, at least for the near future. I can see why since it's all they've been doing for the last ten or so years, and they want to branch out before they get too "typecast" I guess.
The post I saw from them a while back suggested that they don't want to do Avatar again just yet, but that they do intend to revisit it eventually.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea there is that FLCL meets Peanuts that is being thought up.
Pretty sure this has been debunked by now but I just noticed 'Assami', ha.
>Yea there is that FLCL meets Peanuts that is being thought up.
Oooh! Colour me intrigued. Any links?

I think I've mentioned before that a holiday from Avatar (at least for a while) would probably do Bryke some good. 12 years in the same universe is enough to burn anyone out, and I think we saw a lot of that burnout manifest in Korra. I'd actually prefer to see what kinds of ideas they cooked up on the side.
Okay, now Mike and Bryan have officially confirmed it's canon on their tumblrs. And both posts have been respectfully blocked.
What about the comics?
by whom?
They said on the wiki AMA there were no plans for Korra comics.
So that "bryke" post was a load of shit like everyone suspected then. Oh well.
So. No comics, then.
Oh, me, just because I didn't need to see it flooding my dash after things had started to calm down after a few days, haha. The arguing and everything was stressing me out.
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image:141929948100.png(245kB , 501x426 , rf Qwark wow.png)

Copy+pasting my reaction form regular /co/:

Well, shoot my dog and call me Sally!
See >>119020

Never mind that unless you were in some sort of special kind of denial if you thought it wasn't canon.
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image:141929966900.jpg(46kB , 449x604 , 134042837278.jpg)
It's the Avatar fandom, what don't they argue about?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Least that clears up their part of that interview where "some won't like it" And they'd been thinking about it since Book 1, will I be dipped.
>But as we got close to finishing the finale, the thought struck me: How do I know we can’t openly depict that? No one ever explicitly said so. It was just another assumption based on a paradigm that marginalizes non-heterosexual people. If we want to see that paradigm evolve, we need to take a stand against it. And I didn’t want to look back in 20 years and think, “Man, we could have fought harder for that.” Mike and I talked it over and decided it was important to be unambiguous about the intended relationship.

>We approached the network and while they were supportive there was a limit to how far we could go with it, as just about every article I read accurately deduced.

Interesting. Nickelodeon actually supported the decision. Very encouraging to hear.
Yeah. But when you think about it, the way they supported it wasn't that surprising--Hollywood tends to be quite liberal and accepting of alternative lifestyles in private. Their decisions not to support homosexuality on children's TV isn't motivated by ideology, but by fears of what the reaction from sponsors and from middle America are. If anything, their lack of support comes more from underestimating the tolerance of John Q. Public than from thinking gay relationships are icky.

So yeah, I can totally see Nickelodeon being like "We think that's neat, but obviously we can't let you actually show them kissing or going on dates on screen."
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
And now that we've reached this point the question now will be "why not show them go out, why not show them kiss like every other couple." Good strides were made here. The question has been elevated.
Still, Nick could have easily demanded them to scrap the final scene altogether. Or make Makorra canon instead, but instead, left the heavy implications of Korrasami.

Nick has acknowledged the gay and lesbian lifestyle in the past, too.


Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And there’s also overseas licensing to worry about. Some countries won’t license or air a show/movie if it has gay characters in it, so the ‘gayness’ is either toned down to the point of non-existence or simply removed altogether to keep the show ‘safe’ for overseas markets.

Nick took a big risk in even letting what we got make it to air, all things considered. They could’ve forced the crew to end the show right after the last lines.
pretty clever of them to throw in some last minute lesbians. the extra brownie points made most everyone forget how halfassed the Kuvira A plot actually was
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Add Varney to that as she's apparently quite giddy about finally being about to talk about it.
Hurrah, confirmation! Good to see that he addressed the "caving to fans" criticism I've seen bandied about here and elsewhere too.
This just makes me sorta hate the fact that the comics have to be such a big deal.

Avatar is like, the most comic-ready established franchise ever. You could chronicle so many events from so many past lives, its amazing. It doesn't even have to be serialized, it could just be individual books about moments.

I really want this universe to continue, guys.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
It could easy if Nick wasn't such a bumbler and gave a bit more of a care. Dunno if they expected this reaction to be getting as big as it is either.
This is getting quite a bit of press. The Guardian being the most recent to chime in.
No love for those metal orbs Kuvire used? Some of the best bending in the whole series.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

That was a pretty killer innovation to mech controlling. Meteor Control. Pliable suckers.
No I am not going to wait a week so that you can pretend that the finale had no flaws.

Beside I didn't even point out that the colossus would collapse under its own weight or that due to the way it walked everyone in the colossus would suffer violent motion sickness. 20th Century Boys knew how to build a giant robot.

If I suffered from the Dunning Kruger effect you'd be able to point out how I was wrong. The fact that you cannot suggest that you are suffering from the Dunning Kruger effect that and are refusing to accept the many legitimate flaws in the finale.

Seriously the fight scenes made Korra look like a complete idiot.
>pretend that the finale had no flaws.
Nothing has no flaws.
Its just everything is absolutely horrible under your logic.
>If I suffered from the Dunning Kruger effect you'd be able to point out how I was wrong.
Dozens of us have pointed out at great length how every single question you ask is based on your own stupidity and obstinance rather than actual problems.

That's the thing here: no one thinks LOK was flawless. They just think your arguments are all ridiculous nitpicks that are either explained very clearly in the text, or don't matter. None of the issues you have brought up in your entire tenure here really gets down to the meat of the problems with the series, they all just overfocus on tangible details that aren't even erroneous in the first place because you don't understand enough about film theory or even about how stories work to understand the ACTUAL reasons you had problems with scenes.

Even when you recognize that a scene doesn't work, you don't understand WHY it doesn't work. You are trying so hard to be a super smart critic, but I get the strong impression you have never even GLANCED at a book on narrative or film theory, or even read a review by an actual critic (rather than a reviewer).
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image:141940238300.jpg(1.23MB , 1347x1200 , 1419399065061.jpg)
The buttmad is strong on this one.
This may just be me, but I feel that the whole Korrasami thing was a diversion. Instead of us questioning their shitty writing, plot holes and how bad some characters were handled. The fandom is riding the "Korrasami is canon ship" and shoving it down our throats with fan art or whatnot. We're also tearing ourselves apart on how it did or didn't make sense and how out of the blue it was.
I'm disappointing at the fandom :(
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I don’t think anyone would deny Korra had faults—to do so would be insanity. But the wave of one huge moment in Western animation is enough to drown out the complaints…for now, anyway.
This. Also, with that kind of shitposting you can basically tear down everyhting, even the best episodes of ATLA (including the book 2 finale, hated by many when it first aired, now the fandom's sacred cow).
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>they all just overfocus on tangible details that aren't even erroneous in the first place because you don't understand enough about film theory or even about how stories work to understand the ACTUAL reasons you had problems with scenes

Further reading on this point: https://filmcrithulk.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/hulk-essay-your-ass-tangible-details-and-the-nature-of-criticism/
too bad you can tell that's exactly why they did it

Korra was pretty much irrelevant outside of hardcore fan circles for a long time after season 2 shat the bed, and they didn't win many back with 3. if it didn't end with barely implied lesbians in the last ten seconds it would've passed like a fart in the wind

All your post is made irrelevant simply by the fact that Korra was already the most reblogged show of 2014 before the finale. Also, it's been followed and reviewed by some of the most prominent websites (Wall St. Journal, the Av Club, the Escapist, IGN, CBR, and most of the main online comic/animation community/sources), while ATLA didn't have any of that while it was airing.
Also, most popular subreddit, top sales on Itunes and Amazon (on par with shows like GOT), and probably stuff I'm forgetting.

But please, don't make facts get in the way and keep whining.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Don’t forget how they needed approval from Nick to get the ending in there (which means people can’t really pretend the last two minutes are some shit Bryke slipped into the show at the last possible second for ‘pandering’ purposes). But noooooooooo, let’s pretend they put together four seasons of Korra just to get attention for the bisexual women holding hands. While we’re at it, let’s insult everyone’s intelligence even further and suggest Bryke made Korra a non-white woman specifically to pander to ‘the black people’!

If this line of discussion were any stupider, a one-celled amoeba would look at this shit and do…the amoeba equivalent of a facepalm or something.
So, it's confimerd Su and Varrick met each other when they were part of the circus. I wonder if he's in the picture and we didn't notice because we were too busy looking for red lotus members.
He's likely one of the clowns like Su with the makeup. Really we could have a whole catalog of stuff just filling in the blanks with her travels. As well as a whole thing of Korra being Jedi Master in getting the Earth Nations together as a Unified Republic. Which I say is going to be a hard going for at least the next twenty years.
Or lowly dung sweeper with big ideas whom Su encouraged to chase his dreams. I wonder when Ms.Moon became part of his group.
Thanks for the further reading. It showed that the other poster had no idea what 'tangible details' actually means. Hint: it doesn't refer to plot holes or idiotic decisions by the characters.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
Awesome Finale AMV by the guy who made the Book 3 Finale AMV that blew up in popularity at the end of the summer

//youtube.com/watch?v=Th7lk09K6bYyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=XbFMFp2B_LYyoutube thumb
Makorra has been Zutara all along, and few even noticed.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Again I like this idea but I want a team within the Korra era watching the effects of say ten to twenty years into her prime as Avatar as they work to shape the Earth Kingdom the way Aang shaped and built the United Republic.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
Pretty sweet AMV spanning all 4 Korra Books, a little heavy on the effects for my tastes but still good

//youtube.com/watch?v=LqjjkChjAGQyoutube thumb
Nobody cares.
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image:142076396400.png(145kB , 444x250 , Zhu Li and Varrick.png)
Wait, this is a thing that happened? I'm more interested in getting back to watching now.
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image:142076672800.png(124kB , 444x250 , Varrick_and_Zhu_Li_kiss.png)
Where have you been?
Look who won.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Pretty surprised Korra Alone won over all of those live action series episodes. Maybe Hannibal and Breaking Bad splitting the vote worked in Korra's favor?

My god that site design is still fucking brutal. A nightmare to navigate.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
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image:142120138000.jpg(225kB , 600x1639 , let_s_go_on_a_vacation__by_booter_freak-d8dl3la.jpg)
Booter Freak strikes again!

Unsure where to post this. What happened to our art general thread?
I used to call it the 'happy trail.'

Now its nothing more than a trail of tears.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
We've might have heard this before but here is the Korra Suite in video form! The ending gets me every time ;_;

//youtube.com/watch?v=9FeGSmKqivYyoutube thumb
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Book one of Korra is back on Netflix.
>Anonymous Asked: I love the Legend of Korra, but I feel like Nick screwed it over. Do you think it would it have thrived on Toonami?

>Doubtful. Also, think about this- is it really “Screwing over” a show to spend the money to produce several seasons, even when it doesn’t perform as well as other shows on your network? We don’t think so.

Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Though part of the reason it didn't preform so well is because they stuck it in a terrible time slot. They are doing the same to Ninja Turtles now.

Though on the Digital side of things sales were always strong.
Another sweet musical Korra cover http://youtu.be/g1wNKgzIn5M

The last audio cue will probably remain my favorite bit of music from Korra. It's so fucking good.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
//youtube.com/watch?v=KZwzY2rVkdgyoutube thumb

You might remember an ATLA video setting the Finale to How Far We've Come made shortly after it aired. It's been deleted for years. Here is another youtube user's spin on Korra as a whole using the same song.