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This week we have on queue the penultimate episode of The Legend of Korra. Productionn of the 2 part finale has been wrapped up and it's in the can being delivered to the digital distributors as we speak!

With last Week's Operation: Beifong being a successful mission, Opal has finally been reunited with her emancipated family and the mission netted a new defector in Zhu Li who wound up being the bearer of bad news. Kuvira has her ire set on Republic City and the United Republic of Nations. With a frighteningly powerful spirit laser now in Kuvira's possession how will Team Avatar and its allies work to stop her?

Check it out at 12 Noon EST Friday 12/12 on Nick.com (free with ads), the Nick mobile App (free with ads). Amazon Video around 3AM EST. Also Available on Google Play, Xbox Video, and iTunes! $1.99 per episode, $2.99 for HD, Season passes go for $21.99 SD and $29.99 HD.
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I'm ready.
Well itunes and amazon chose a good time to change their release schedule with zero warning.
Yea nobody is happy about this.
"This city isn't worth sacrificing our life together." ...so I'll kill you?

She was covering so that Korra and co. didn't expect the attack, right?
Because the only other way to interpret that is that she was unwilling to give up the United Republic, and she is so full of herself that she thinks that life without her is going to be so miserable for Junior that killing him would be a mercy.
Before I watch what time did Amazon and Itunes have it up? Do they have to wait until Nick uploads it first now?

I waited til 4:30 before giving up and passing out. Nick had it up just before 10. Not sure about amazon etc.
I doubt those guards in the outpost made it.

There was really no time for them to get clear so... yeah, Kuvira's the one character in the Avatar franchise with the personal highest bodycount at this point, if you take the battleships and stuff into account.

That said, I really enjoyed that episode. Seemed that they fit a lot of story into the running time without it feeling rushed at all.
Meelo going away though would be great, everytime he shows up it's like someone trying to apply the handbrake to the scene, making them loose momentum. Seriously, with everything that happened in the episode did we really have to have Korra justifying not having Meelo around due to his erratic farting? Really?
Korra threatening to take Baatar Jr. away from Kuvira forever would have had more impact if their feeling for each other had been evident throughout the entire series, not just one episode.

Also notice how Kuvira checked that the avatar was with Baatar Jr. before attacking.

Predictions for next episode:

Everyone will have somehow survived being hit by the spirit cannon because they're main characters.

Baatar Jr. will betray Kuvira because Korra can't defeat the colossus without him.

Republic City won't have surrendered even though they're still in the same position and Kuvira could simply send another negotiator to give them surrender terms.
Its there they just aren't hanging off each other. He wouldn't up and leave his family for nothing.
I guess she was trying to make him understand from his own perspective why him going wouldn't be a good idea, she's always been so gentle with the airkids I couldn't see Korra just saying "no you can't go because you could die". But yeah I agree it felt out of place and I don't know who the hell kept telling Bryke there needed to be more Meelo.
Anybody else audibly groan when they saw the giant robot? No? Just me? Are we really doing Season 2 stuff again? Is Rita Repulsa gonna throw her staff and turn Korra into another giant so they can battle it out in the bay again? Go Go Power Rangers, doo doo doooododo!~

Anyway at least the people who were complaining about the limitations of a rail cannon have their answer now. And it makes sense, I just wish it wouldn't have been another fucking humanoid giant shooting purple lasers. Maybe a nice giant super zeppelin/flying fortress with a cannon attached. Bitches love zeppelins.

PS: That "we're gonna keep you away from Kuvira" torture scheme was weak and nonsensical. So it's something I'd definitely expect Korra to come up with. That Bataar Jr. fell for it just shows how much of a pussy he is.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its going with Anime hence the Gaint Robo and using Love as a weapon.
Actually I figured Korra was going to find a way into the mech or just scale it herself and fight Kuvira at the top. Korra can't even go blue spirit giant again, she needs harmonic convergence for that.

>PS: That "we're gonna keep you away from Kuvira" torture scheme was weak and nonsensical. So it's something I'd definitely expect Korra to come up with. That Bataar Jr. fell for it just shows how much of a pussy he is.
And if Korra stuck to her threats of violence people would be calling her a bully who hasn't changed since book 1 (though who am I kidding people probably still are calling her that). That Baatar fell for it so quickly is a bit eyebrow raising, but I can understand why it would scare him. Korra basically told him she was going to keep him hostage for as long as she could and it's not like she isn't lacking in the resources to have him locked up isolated somewhere and have the key thrown away.

It's a pretty scary threat and I thought Korra was great in how she delivered it.
I actually thought this was kind of a weak epsiode.
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Man, that was a 23 minute episode that felt like 45. A good 45. That episode had lots to lay on the viewer and the pacing made it extremely palatable. Now all the pieces are in play for the Main Event and we're left with a doozy of a cliffhanger to mull over before the Series Finale.

CAST IN THE NAME OF BENDERS, YE NOT GUILTY. BIG O! SHOWTIME! Though the CGI was pretty wonky I humbly accept our new steel overlord. I know Kuvira had to be building something bigger than that spirit railgun with all the metal from Zaofu's domes. I was 50/50 on Giant Zeppelin or Giant Robot. Giant Robot it is! I loved its introduction and the reinforcing that Kuvira is a stone cold bitch murdering those helpless mook soldiers. The deep brass motif the Track Team gave it added to its menace factor. Kuvira controlling the gun using some metalbending Pacific Rim shit was cool.

Korra leading a successful kidnapping mission that goes so well it wound up confusing both the antagonists and her allies? Whoa dude. Then to top it off Korra shows her inner Kuvira to Bataar and by jove that worked (for the moment) since he knows at the snap of her fingers Korra can have him chilling with Zaheer in Parts Unknown, basically becoming an unperson.

Zhu Li having her little moment with Varrick that just alllllmost became a crowning heartwarming moment but Varrick's gonna Varrick and he Varrick'd himself. Maybe in the finale. Embrace your feelings you eccentric goof!

Fucking hell man, next week it's all over. I'm filled with equal parts excitement and dread. I just hope we end with a triumphul and badass Korra. The poison robbed her of that moment in the Book 3 finale, her power in the Avatar State back then was scary powerful. I want Kuvira to shit her pants in fear of her.

Picture of Finn Balor unrelated
Yeah, I don't know if it's because of the voice acting or what but every time Kuvira claimed to love Baatar it came off as blatant posturing. Sigh, Kuvira is still a terrible villain. Better than Unalaq but not by much. Aside from her being a black mark though everything else about this episode was pretty sweet.
>smiles contentedly when hugging him even though he can't see it
>asks if he's injured before anything else
>says "I love you" with tears in her eyes after she fired when no one could hear her

Like I told /co/, she's not a bitch, just cray-cray.
>Sigh, Kuvira is still a terrible villain.
I don't get what makes her terrible.
I'm just not feeling her, yknow?
Seems a bit... generic villain stuff.
I'm amazed they didn't show any survivors of the first fort struck by the bot. Normally when something happens like this they go out of their way to show survivors being taken care of and avoid implied massacres. Gutsy move, even with the move to digital-only. Also, glad Meelo got told. Kid has been nothing but annoying this season.

Still though maybe it's the /m/-fag in me but the design of the giant suit seems pretty impractical and overall kinda ugly-looking. I was hoping for something more steampunk in line with the rest of the show or at least pseudo-pragmatic like the earlier Metal Gears than the weird Tetsujin-Eva hybrid we got, but then again the mech designs in this show were never particularly good, especially not the Big Daddy knockoffs.
I don't know, having the gall to fire on him like that was pretty ballsy even despite her lack of character depth.
I know they can only fit so much in and I'm glad Bolin got a lot of serious storylines after getting shafted badly in the first two books, but is anyone else disappointed by Mako and Asami's constant marginalization from the plot? The two have gotten some decent characterization/worldbuilding scenes here and there, but so far Mako's been too busy playing babbysitter for Wu and pretty much everything Asami was working on is now kaput.

If the two of them were cut out of the story entirely nothing much would have changed. I guess the same kinda goes for Book 3 to a lesser extent. As for trying to fix it next episode, unless Bryke pulls a whammy on us it seems rather late for them to come up with something big to do in the final battle aside from corny Power of Friendship/Love type bullshit.

They did at least have her appear to be somewhat hesitant before firing (asking if they injured him etc.), that and the moment she had with him earlier in the episode showed that she did actually care for him... it's just that it would have been nicer to have MORE moments like that between them to make them seem more like an actual couple.

I mean, I know that Kuvira's probably been trying to keep up a strong persona, and thus only seems to show her affection for Bataar in private... it just seems like a wasted opportunity, much like them suddenly dropping P'li's backstory on us minutes before her head exploded.

Could have done with more references throughout the season, or even the beginning of their relationship in season three. As such it seems that with Kuvira's we are getting a lot of... the edges of characterisation, but not the whole picture. Like, what made her go from wanting to bring peace to being comfortable with using blackmail to get even conflict-free regions under her control.
I can believe Baatar being that head over heels for her due to brainwashing or just being a clingy and weak-willed person by nature, but up until now Kuvira's relationship with Baatar always came off as some sort of political ploy on her end where she was using him for his money/name/resources/whatever. Every time she's saying something "affectionate" to Baatar she still does it in that haughty voice of hers, and nothing in the show convinced me otherwise. I just figured it was supposed to be that way with the implication that she's being insincere and Baatar is either that dumb or under her thrall to suckle her asshole. But no, apparently it's supposed to be unironic, so either the voice actor or the voice director screwed up. I would've been happy enough with the former, since if they're going to paint Kuvira as a childishly puppy-kicking villain early on they may as well have let her go all the way and graduate into becoming a full Machiavelli bastard.

I dunno, I really liked the episode first time watching it but the more I think about this episode the more mediocre it seems. It's like the writers were vacillating on how to depict Kuvira and by the time they figured it out it's too late and they've already got eight episodes' worth of the opposite to deal with. I guess it boils down to there being two villains this season, her and Korra's internal struggle, and with the time constraints they didn't have time to do both proper justice and she got the shaft given that PTSD subplots are extremely tricky to pull off by nature.
I thought that the PTSD plot was well handled, it's just that the series could have done with more episodes to flesh out the villains more. ...Yeah, the clipshow didn't help matters at all.
That, and I keep feeling the slashed budget had a part of that as well.
For all intents and purposes we LOST an episode on a needless clipshow, as entertaining as the tail end of it might've been.
Yeah, my point was between Kuvira and Korra's PTSD, one of them had to go so the other could be done well, and it obviously shows. Personally I have no problem with the PTSD storyline, I'm just disappointed that the writing for Kuvira had to suffer as much as it did for it to get that way.
I have no problem with the giant mech. The metal obviously comes from Zaofu, and the way Kuvira controls it is both creative and cool as fuck.
The whole 8th episode thing still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Way to screw over a show that's already controversial as it is with its fanbase, nick.
I tend to agree with the idea that this was fronted by one Veep who may still be there but is woefully outnumbered by those that hate a Narrative driven show like this. I mean Korra since development was dragged out for a year (during which they tried to convince the creators to make her a dude) Extended their short Mini to a full episode 20 season, which was then cut back to 12 and then Book 2 was ordered in the Middle of Book 1 production which lead to it being shoddy in places (though I actually enjoy most of it that isn't the core story)

Then we get into the wonders of Scheduling that has been the Bane of Books 3 and 4. (Released on Amazon and aired on Nick but not Itunes like the other two books because Nick pulled it from there. Then cut from the Online "see it only on Nick" THEN shifted back to Online and then Online Only for most the rest of that Books run) And now we get Book 4 that has been rushed to the finish to the surprise of the creators who had been told it was scheduled for the usual Spring/Summer '15 but then surprised it was going to be Online only just a month later.

With as much an ass Nick has been about this its a miracle the show finished at all.
It was ridiculous that the giant mech was bigger by both mass and volume than the tanks, power armors, smaller mechs and bender infantry of both sides combined. It feels like the only reason it was so big was because the writers/animators wanted to have the superweapon look decently sized on its forearm... if it had been a chest cannon, the mech could have been a little more believably sized.

Design wise, it looked like an under-designed Pacific Rim Jaeger that needed a couple more revisions to look great. I do like how Kuvira pilots it.
Remember Zaofu's domes covered small skyscrapers.
I'm surprised they managed to complete it with the domes (since I assume they were the final piece needed) in just what, a month?
Sharkman Jhones

It makes you wonder how much easier industrial metalworking is in a world where metalbending is a thing. No welding, no fabricating. If you have good steel to work with, you just use it.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Looking at those orbs surrounding Kuvira and thinking back on the dance performance they were practicing back in book 3. I wonder if the Mech is being moved via synchronized bending and others are in parts of the mech bending in step with Kuvira's motions.

That was one sick looking Command Bridge.
Is Korra going to get sequel comics like the original series did?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Unknown at this point. They've been pretty quiet about the series end.
Speaking of animators it looks terrible, and sticks out like a sore thumb from everything else.
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The noodle scene was the best.
They probably cut out a lot of Mako's screentime as a bone to the fans because they know people don't like him. I have mixed feelings about that because I think the more noble duty as a writer is to rehabilitate him so that (reasonable) people no longer have an excuse to hate him, though I appreciate that they did try a little of it last season. As for Asami it has to do with the fact that she was never meant to stay on beyond the first six episodes of the show. It's already hard enough for the other characters to get their share of plot activity what with the way the seasons are structured and Nick being assholes.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Crew took a liking to Asami for a variety of reasons hence they've tried to expand her role. Most of the problems probably come from Nick seesawing on that first season order and then ordering the second part in the middle and it just didn't turn out well.

Mako could have used some more friendship development.
>They probably cut out a lot of Mako's screentime as a bone to the fans because they know people don't like him.
I really don't know where this sort of thing comes from because Bryke have never really done anything as major as not focusing on a main character because the fanbase didn't like them.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think its more he was setup to have a purpose and after that purpose was resolved with that breakup. There wasn't much left to do with him except keep him as a cop. Mixed idea about what they could have done with him in book 3. Healing the rift sooner would have let him be in it more but his standoffish nature for the book allowed the healing their rift to have a bit more impact as both made their peace and moved on from their past.
To be fair I don't think any major character in the original series was as widely despised as Mako was. People were so butthurt they were even calling David Faustino a shit to his face because they were so butthurt. And they weren't sure if the show was even going to go beyond Books 3 and 4, which by the time they were greenlit and they could even get to writing storylines for them Mako's dismal reputation had already become common knowledge.
Well the answer to that isn't to not focus on Mako, it's to tell the fandom to grow up and to not harass David over what happened which is basically what Bryke did (if in nicer terms).
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Huh kept thinking that guns mounted design reminded me of something, its even the right beam color. Kuvira kinda looks like Megs too.
Nice little promo.
I have to facepalm every time Baatar Jr. does that moronic GRRRRR sound. They sure picked a bad voice actor for him, and I'm sure after the latest episode it has more to do with him just being incompetent than poor direction.
He sounds a bit like one of the hellbender guys.
//youtube.com/watch?v=vNlMwK-HyRwyoutube thumb
He could have left his family because he wanted to help the Earth Kingdom after it collapsed. Something his family opposed getting involved with.

Baatar Jr's could have had non-romantic reasons for helping Kuvira, just like all the metal benders who left Zhaofu and joined Kuvira in a 3 year long war.

Bryke seems fine with the villains killing people, it's the heroes who can't kill; ever.

The problem I had with the PTSD subplot was that Bryke dragged it out too long. They could have ended it in the swamp with Korra being healed by removing the metal, then started a new arc about stopping Kuvira. Instead Bryke dragged out Korra's PTSD so they could have Korra lose to Kuvira and bring back Zaheer (along with having the spirits trap people in pods for no reason).

It would have to be less than that. Zhaofu fell, Korra returned to Republic City, Opal started her rescue plan after learning her family had been captured, then Kuvira invaded a week later.

If you assume that Zhu Li didn't know about the Collosus because it was built after she left then Baatra Jr. designed and built it in under a week.

They included Tanho.

Telling your fans that they're wrong for hating a character for legitimate reasons just makes things worse because it will turn Mako into the writer's pet. He'd reach Westly Crush levels of hatred if Bryke ever tried that. Bryke was right to not focus on Mako and to wait for people to hate him less. Unfortunately once the hatred died down they didn't know what to do with him.
>Telling your fans that they're wrong for hating a character for legitimate reasons
What, don't tell me you think "Mako is a violently abusive boyfriend", "Mako is the biggest Mary Sue in Avatar", "Mako is in the way of my OTP and if you like him at all you are a homophobe", and "David Faustino voiced Mako who I hate, therefore due to guilt by association David deserves to be called nasty names" are legitimate criticisms now? There's a mile of difference between what's going on with Mako and Wesley.
I have to agree with the anon above me, what are the things Mako has actually DONE to earn some of the things said about him and David?
Nothing for the VA, not his fault Mako has been written to be largely dismissive of Asami. Which in turn makes him look worse. Since he clearly bounced between them both a few times. Heck his Cousin and Grandma call him out on that. He could have been something but it was a bad idea setting him with Korra from the start.

Whole show was a mess, really nothing thought up in Book 1 would have worked past then including that relationship.
His grandma and cousin just say it was messed up which Mako accepted, they didn't say anything that implied he was abusive or anything like what the fandom has said about him.

>not his fault Mako has been written to be largely dismissive of Asami
Uh... when, in book 1? That aired two years ago and took place over three years ago in the show? People are still clinging to that even when he and Asami are great friends now and are over what happened?

Eh not so much great friends as friendly acquaintances. Didn't seem like they don't really get together that much from the way she talked in the first episode of Book 4.

Their attitude toward him seems to come out of that he acts like he's a ladies man and being a player is okay. He's never really had a moment where he's apologized for being a bit of a louse, least to Asami and maybe not even Korra unless you kinda count the breakup. While the other two did apologize for their actions.
>Eh not so much great friends as friendly acquaintances.
Please, no, they're friends. After all they've been through how the hell do you think they're still at acquaintances level? Do he and Asami need to make matching friendship bracelets for each other?

>Their attitude toward him seems to come out of that he acts like he's a ladies man and being a player is okay.
One: Mako has never acted like a lady's man. It's been said as a joke occasionally but he isn't. He hasn't even dated another girl since he and Korra broke up *three years ago*.

Two: he is not a player and never was a player, he was an 18 year old emotionally stunted kid who developed feelings for two girls at the same time and handled it badly. When someone in the show calls him a player they're either joking or they're dumb enough to think he actually is a player (see: Wu).

>He's never really had a moment where he's apologized for being a bit of a louse
Please go and rewatch Rememberances and the part with the breakup with Asami.
Did you even watch the show? Bolin is far more guilty of being a lady's man than Mako ever was.
Gundam Wing! God that takes me back. Also, yay for GanXingba making another video (even if it is just a short audio swap)!
I forget, who's Korra supposed to be here again?
To the fan's there's no difference between Mako and Wesley, as they hate both of them and feel that they make the show worse. Though they do hate them for different reasons.

I heard that the problem was that Asami was originally going to be a villain and after episode 6 she would leave Team Avatar, ending her relationship with Mako. However when Bryke decided that Asami wasn't going to be a villain they forgot to end her relationship with Mako before Mako started a relationship with Korra. The result was Mako effectively cheating on Asami with Korra, which annoyed a lot of people.

>Please go and rewatch Rememberances and the part with the breakup with Asami.

How about watching the actual episode, which didn't feature two guys telling you what was meant to be going on. Without the explanation it's almost impossible to figure out what this scene is meant to mean or even if it has any signicance.
>Without the explanation it's almost impossible to figure out what this scene is meant to mean or even if it has any signicance.
Actually plenty of people figured it out. That's why there have been so many arguments over it.
People have been saying it since the day Book 1 ended. Only the most stubborn Mako haters (of which there are sadly quite a few) refused to believe it until Remembrances passive-aggressively shoved it in their faces.