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AKA Nickelodeon cutting Avatar off at the knees part 28

From Bryan's Tumblr:

>A few preemptive words about Episode 408, “Remembrances”…

>In a couple hours the eighth chapter of Korra Book 4 will be released online, and I suppose, if you are none the wiser, a few minutes into it you will feel duped and yell at your screen, “Hey! This is a crummy clips episode!” And that is (almost) exactly what it is––except we all worked really hard to make sure at the very least it isn’t crummy. I’m here to explain why we ended up having to do one. Sometime around a year and a half ago we were similarly duped on a large scale. We got the news from the higher-ups that our Book 4 budget was getting slashed, almost to the tune of an entire episode’s budget. We had two options: 1) let go a significant number of crew members several weeks early, or 2) make a clips episode. We never considered the first option. We weren’t going to do that to our crew, and even if we were callous enough to do so, we never would have been able to finish the season without them. But having grown up on TV in the ’80s and ’90s, we all dread clips episodes, where characters sit around saying, “Remember that time when…” and leftover footage is reheated for no one’s enjoyment. Anyone who suffered through TNG’s “Shades of Gray” knows what I’m talking about.

>Anime fans know this is a common occurrence in Japanese series as well. In fact, as Mike hung his head in disappointment at our fate, I remembered how one of my favorite anime series, Samurai Champloo, made what I thought was a really awesome and clever clips episode. They mixed about 5 minutes of new footage in with the old, and set up a context where the characters would be reflecting on past events while narrating over them, offering new insights or at least providing some humor. I pitched this angle to Mike and he agreed this was the best way to turn this big old lemon into some lemonade.

>Back on Avatar, we had something that functioned as a sort of clips episode, though it was all new animation and really hard to make, Episode 317, “The Ember Island Players.” Our heroes went to a play where they saw themselves and their tales performed by actors on stage. It was simultaneously a reckoning for the characters before they headed into the denouement, and a lighthearted romp where we got to poke fun at our own show before things got really serious in the remaining episodes. Korra’s “Remembrances” ended up serving the same function, albeit with old footage instead of a newly animated play. There is about 5 minutes of new footage, wonderfully animated by Studio Mir, and a bunch of funny and touching narration from the characters. There are also some fun chibi heads and other treats in there to spice up the old footage.

>What started out as a reluctant chore ended up being a really fun episode to make, and in the end I truly love it. Mike did an awesome job directing it and storyboarding all the chibi hilarity, as well as overseeing the wonderful script by Josh Hamilton, Katie Mattila, and Tim Hedrick. Joaquim Dos Santos, Ryu Ki Hyun, and Lauren Montgomery drew fantastic storyboards for the new footage (particularly Lauren’s insane Varrick posing). Lots of other folks worked their tails off on this one, namely Amaris Calvin, our animatics editor; Christie Tseng, our character designer who drew and colored all of the final chibi art; Matt Gadbois, our After Effects editor; and Chris Hink, our final picture editor. Last but not least, Aran Tanchum and Vinny Guisetti on foley, Benjamin Wynn on sound design, and a stellar new score with all your favorite hits by Jeremy Zuckerman. And plenty of other fine folks I’m forgetting!

>So now you know what it is and why it happened. I hope you do end up enjoying it after all, especially as a last lighthearted, nostalgic romp before POOP. GETS. REAL. And then the series is done.

>Love, Bryan

Get fucked Appa's gigantic cock, Nick.

Anyways, Check it out at 12 Noon EST Friday 11/21 on Nick.com (free with ads), the Nick mobile App (free with ads). Amazon Video around 3AM EST. Also Available on Google Play, Xbox Video, and iTunes! $1.99 per episode, $2.99 for HD, Season passes go for $21.99 SD and $29.99 HD.

We've made it through worse shit fellow Avatar fans, this will be the last fuck you from Nick before we can enjoy the conclusion of Korra's story. Let's take a bite of the Silver Sandwich, shall we?
Did anyone else see that image on their dash and the huge wall of text from Bryan and think something like, "holy crap they're actually gonna do it"? And I'm not even Korrasami or in on any ships.

That said it was really good of Bryan to try to calm things down. Nick can go step on a lego though.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Saw earlier that Varney and Gabriel were doing some line recording. Kinda odd as I could have sworn show audio had been finished last spring, maybe that was just Book 3.
Wow, fuck Nick with an Equalist truncheon.
How does this affect the writing?
Mister Twister
Does this mean Cartoon Network is currently a better animation channel?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I give them about equal footing with Disney as neither are as sporadic in their treatment of shows as Nick. Though that has been a habitual problem with Nick for decades now. Part of that being they are terrible at getting physical merchandise into the market.

I'm really reluctant to pitch anything to Nick anymore that I really care about wanting to see work.
CN got rid of Young Justice, Green Lantern, and Sym-bionic Titan all of which had great writing.
Nick allowed LoK to continue, despite having not-so great writing right from the start and still continues this trend despite the fact that budget shouldn't affect the script and pace of the story you are putting down on paper unless you can no longer afford paper and pencils.

CN got rid of those three because girls were watching, toys wouldn't sell since movie toys weren't selling, and CN couldn't think of a way to have a cartoon that has monsters of the day, military, robots, and other worlds have toys.
Nick allowed LoK to continue because...well we don't know. It's ratings were apparently good despite dropping all the way to the finale. But they were having it out with LoK since over a year and a half ago before Book 2 aired and we watched Book 2 and try not to talk about Book 2 too much.

CN allowed Over the Garden Wall to exist.
CN allowed Bread Winners to exist.

>[CN] allowed Bread Winners to exist.
I mean Nick in place of CN
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Show which even its creators were surprised they picked up. But seeing their recent choice at the SDCC pitch auditions. I can't say I'm that surprised.
Well that was... certainly an episode.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
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image:141656175100.gif(85kB , 75x88 , mysides.gif)
>Varrick's story

Well fucking done, show staff.

Very much. Best part.

The recapped version of the season two finale benefitted from the lack of benefit... as it made it hilarious.
Less meta than I expected, but the last part was awesome.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Hope Asami with tea spawns a whole bunch of Mad Hatter stuff. People really need to lighten up over the show.
Not too certain I understand what you mean by the first part of your post.

If anything this will make it worse since Asami is bringing warm tea to the person who lived in the South Pole all her life and can regulate her body temperature using 2 of her powers. If they take it that way, which some might.
And others will see the Toph and Iroh exchange that, although Toph/Korra can pour her own tea it is because the other wants to do it that shows something more.
Though Mako, Bolin, and Korra got "parts" to them with Wu+family, Varrick, and Tenzin+Asami, it doesn't help that Asami is just there for another person.

I'm also not too keen on how Tenzin and others keep piling things on Korra. Even Tenzin's talk with her about how he is proud of her maturity seems to fall short when his involvement stunted and curtailed Korra's development almost compelling her to act like she did in Books 1 and 2 for several scenes. Yet he and the likes of Mako and Asami look Korra in the eyes and say "Well why didn't you..." or "How could you..." when the lot of them turned away or failed Korra.
Bryke's explanation does make this episode seem less awful. Personally I hated everything except Varrick's mover plot which was hilarious.

Though I didn't understand why Korra thinks the Kuvira thing is going to get worse? She doesn't know about the spirit vines and from her prespective Kuvira has already accomplished all her goals.
I think she just has a gut feeling. She's probably not alone in thinking that.
They put book 1 eps right next to book 2 eps and that really put into perspective just how much i loved the visuals on the former and hated them on the latter.

Except for Beginnings.
I loved those.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Just something fun and quirky instead of focusing in and bitching endlessly about it being a clips episode.

But yea its going to be fielded as Asami looking for an excuse to see Korra, Can't say there might have been a reason to them picking that image to diffuse the double barrel situation of Clip Show anger and Nick acting like Masami was going to make a comeback
I blame the Jews.
I'm starting to believe you maybe correct.
Something seriously needs to be done about this whole thing, the Jews ruin everything they touch.
I personally know from experience as I'm Jewish myself.
Surprised we got that bit of real talk on the situation.
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image:141663312600.png(6kB , 530x592 , Questions.PNG)
Glad Asami is getting more dialogue. She desperately needs to become more than just a satellite character who exists to further others. Though like a rational person I wouldn't be quick to take it as anything more than just that.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

If anything, Book 4 has been pawing at the loose end of Hiroshi and Asami reconciling, perhaps leading to a mini-redemption arc for him? Father and Daughter combining their wits to help save the day? I'm interested in where that might go.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Giant Mech or something? Kuvira had them dismantling the shield domes after her victory so she's making some kinda massive death weapon with the super vines.
>dat dig at Unalaq's character

It's clear even they realize nobody liked Unalaq. I personally liked his design and character, but... yeah..
Season 2 in general.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea they've admitted that Book 2 was a slog for them and in the end they weren't too happy with some of the points. Still, Evil Kite with a Phone.
I just love how Henry Rollins was laughing his ass off.
That guy's awesome.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

they know what people are reading into this. Still surprised as I thought they'd said recording was finished months ago. Some Fallout style Epilogue action? Hey least neither of them seem to die which is positive and was something someone feared happening going into next episode.
Voice acting always comes back in post-production, mostly for fight scenes.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
So Chapter 9 preview with Basement Bender I've heard some talk that Asami may get spirit nabbed even possibly absconded away with to the Spirit World.
People actually ever thought Asami had a chance of dying? What the fuck.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
People thinking "since she wasn't that important" that she could be the "oh shit Kuvira means business" death catalyst after Bolin escaped.

Though it does look like she might get snagged by the spirits since Korra and company are running about looking for someone and getting kinda freaked.
SJW types would then scream endlessly about her being "stuffed in the fridge" (actually, that's a pretty valid complaint now that I think about it) or how it's homophobicly "burying your gays" over something that's not even close to canon yet.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its how some thought they could go with it if they were going the way of a "deathbed confession" more or less. But if it was that route I don't think neither of those ladies would be doing pictures while they wrap up the series work.

We've got a few more weeks for whatever to happen, happens. If Nick doesn't stretch this out airing each part separately since they don't have to bother with scheduling.
>deathbed confession
Eh I have more faith in Bryke's writng abilities than to think they would go that route.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea not with them being that open about the recording session. Something is going to start rolling come next episode. Finale is on the 19th of December. So we've got time.
Why would the spirits abduct her when they can just talk to Korra? That twist just seems like a cheap way to try and make Asami more relevant to the plot.
Korrasami shippers nonsense.
Cuz you're dealing with a particularly unreasonable Korrasamist here. They subscribe to the "two round half-spheres in the same image, Half Life 3 fucking confirmed" school of delusion.
Yeah it's kinda fanfic tier. I really hope they do better than that. They've just found something potentially interesting for Asami that doesn't make her a satellite to some other character's plotline and I'd hate for her to be squandered like that. And since everyone else is bringing it up, all these Korrasami fanwanks being thrown about are guilty of the same BS. Her being used as a romantic accessory to Korra or having things happen to her for the sake of causing Korra womanpain is still bad character writing no matter how "progressive" it might be.
Mister Twister
The best clip show episode ever made.
Someone hasn't seen the second episode of the Clerks Animated Series.
"I'm Dante and I'm the biggest idiot ever."
Mister Twister
Sorry, but nothing can possibly beat "It's just a mover, don't think about it too much".

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