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Kuvira has come a-knockin at the gates of Zaofu, and she brought her entire frickin' army! How will Su greet the Great Uniter after her threatening words back in Republic City?

Korra reached a milestone on her road to recovery during her time with Toph in the Great Swamp. She removed the remains of the metallic poison Zaheer afflicted her with and she reconnected with Air Siblings that love her like a big sister. Ikki informed Korra of Kuvira's plans and they're making their way to Zaofu on the back of Pepper. How will the Avatar deal with her first major external conflict in over three years?

Check it out at 12 Noon EST Friday 10/31 on Nick.com (free with ads), the Nick mobile App (free with ads). Amazon Video around 3AM EST. Also Available on Google Play, Xbox Video, and iTunes! $1.99 per episode, $2.99 for HD, Season passes go for $21.99 SD and $29.99 HD.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!
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Welp, we found out what Varrick's intending to use the vines for, and it pretty much as expected.

Nice character moments all around, as well as a neat action scene. Good to see that the emotional growth Korra's undergone since Book Three seems to be sticking as well.

Now to want and see people trying to justify Kuvira's actions, now that she's heading rapidly into the terrority previously occupied by the dude in my linked picture.
Looks like Kuvira is going to be a generic villain with no real redeeming qualities after all. I also predict that Zhu Li will later return to Varric and Kuvira will somehow use the spirit weapon to be able to fight Korra because without it Korra will beat Kuvira in under a minute.

Also how was Suyin expecting Republic City to get their army to Zaofu when the only way to get there is through the Earth Empire? Was she really expecting the Earth Empire to just let another army march across their land?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Wonder if Asami will continue getting development. Kuvira seems to be on a path Similar to Revan started down the path because nobody else would act and then went too far.. Maybe Korra can bring her back from being to extreme.

Kuvira is cool and all?
And props to good ol Zeldie Wills for making every line of hers send chills down my spine?

I don't think she's the least bit engaging as a character compared to the villains from books 1 and 3.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I'm unsure at this juncture. The revelation that Su has raised her since she was a child leads me to believe that her family may have perished in a bandit raid of some sort and that fuels her want to institute the authority she wishes.
Man, does Baatar Jr. have to be so card-carryingly evil?
That stuff with Asami and her dad teared me up.

That is all.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Bataar Jr. strikes me as a butthurt "YEAH TAKE THAT MOM. NEENER." guy with parental issues. He wound up being the biggest world-damaging faggot out of the litter of the Beifong clan. His brother Huan is an Emo metalbending sclutpist with green highlights in his hair and his head up his own ass, and even HE is not a fan of Bataar Jr.
Wonder if this is a result of Suyin's overly open approach to life and her parenting methods? Even if I'm not one of the people who ever thought she was actually evil in the previous season I'd consider myself one of many who thought the narrative was a little biased in letting her off easy versus Lin so it would be an interesting form of karma that avoids being too overhanded.
She did feel like an accessory through most of Book 3 so I'm glad they found something that could make for an interesting subplot for her and give her a chance to develop.
I have a feeling his attitude might be Kuvira's doing, in that she planted ideas in his mind that he'd never flourish in Zaofu, he was being intentionally held back by his parents, etc.
I did appreciate how they developed her relationship with Korra at least.
But true, something like this holds much more emotional gravitas. It was kind of a shocker to see Sato all aged in prison.
Is nobody gonna say anything about the CGI fight.

It was surprisingly well done?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
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Lotta good pneumatic punching and kicking.
Good coreography, a little weird since there's obviously more frames than in the hand-drawn animation.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

It worked pretty good , better than some anime mech action. The animators blended them together well. Hope they get a chance to do a similar project in the future.
Welp. Kuvira went from being a realistic and solid character to blatantly evil in a matter of.. like, three minutes. That has to be a record.. behind Unalaq wanting to destroy the world and turning into a Power Rangers monster that is.
You're blind and deaf if you think she's showing anything different from the previous episodes.
She was having that problem earlier too. Unless they have a plot twist explaining her actions, if they wanted her to be a more convincing villain she should've been shown to at least believe in her actions like Zaheer and even Amon did, rather than being a "I'm aware that everything I'm doing is evil and admitting I'm lying to people like Bolin since all my claims of the higher moral ground are obviously bullshit".
She's been like this since day one. Episode one? Whatever.
The CGI could be much better but it was a pretty fun fight.
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I don't know, I thought that they showed, via flashback and from what little we saw in the previous season, that she started out with good intentions, but they quickly snowballed when it appeared that no one else was willing to step up and do something.

Could do with a touch more to fill in the gap between "I'm going to get rid of the bandits and make Ba Sing Se a beacon of progress like Zaofu!" to "Anything other than accepting my complete control will get you sent to a prison camp!" though.

Like, I can see someone going down this slope, but we need a touch more to go on than a fiance with issues with his mum and a bunch of rich assholes egging her on. Maybe the aforementioned theory of her parents getting killed by bandits giving her a some kind of complex where, to her, the only way people can be safe is if they do exactly what she says.

Y'know, like the Justice Lords over in the DCAU (not in Injustice though, those guys are psychos).

On a related note... how long until she fixes the "Secret Project" to an airship and decides to do her Ozai impression on those who'd oppose her?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think that will depend on Zhu Li
Speaking of which, poor Zhu Li.
>I don't know, I thought that they showed, via flashback and from what little we saw in the previous season, that she started out with good intentions, but they quickly snowballed when it appeared that no one else was willing to step up and do something.
Yeah this is why I'm so confused at people being like, "ugh of COURSE Kuvira is a shallow one-dimensional villain why did I expect anything different". In the flashback she came off as anything BUT power hungry and I hope they do explore where it all changed for her.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think part of that is that aside from whatever her past is that she ran into some really bad characters around the mid point of her mission and that is when she decided that stabilization wouldn't cut it. Hell epically true seeing they were planning on putting in a puppet government with Wu in charge.

That could be what did it. She was tasked on finding the heir and it turned out to be him. She argued that he was in no way fit to be king and her pleas were ignored in favor of reestablishing the royal line, with some "advising" by the United government.

I do like there is barely any counter to Kuvira's argument other than she might be a bit extreme. She's feeling a lot like Megatronus where the core argument was right but his want for power blinded him to a peaceful end. Lets hope Korra can help her see a path to peace and this conflict doesn't wage on for millennia.
Yeah, to hell with Kuvira advancing army and Asami's parental issues. The was Zhu Li's episode.
From the ship-tease moment, to her mech-suit battle, to her having "the thing" done to Varric.
The power armor battle was great. Lots of VOTOMs influences in that fight.
Varrick, ya DOUCHE.

Eh. Better than what some anime's done with it.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Kicking and punching and stuff, though when going up against a trained Bender shit got hard for them. Some still bitch that they've got Mechs yet still no firearms. I think it makes combat more interesting than them shooting that each other for most of a fight.
Zhu Li is still loyal to Varrick and is doing this to help him. I stake my balls on it.
Oh yeah totally.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Neat tidbit, that battle was storyboarded by Will Ruzicka whose tumblr profile proclaims:

>I like drawing Women in Glasses, Nudity, Robots, Fighting, and any combination of those things together.

He was offered the chance to board 3 out of 4 of them. Not bad if you ask me.

Kidding aside, that was a great scene. The end product was friggin' awesome.
A decent number of Sunrise series could really learn from it.
What language is Kuvira's name supposed to be anyway?
Apparently Hindi, means "courageous woman".
Why do I want an "excuse me, princess" joke so much

so much
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I can see Mako doing that with Wu.
Ten bucks says its Varrik to Kuvira.
I'd say it's way too obscure.

Never gonna happen.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Its a trap
A lot of people seem to be viewing Su Lin negatively for refusing to help stabilise the Earth Kingdom and instead remaining safe in her city, then complaining when the new Earth Empire tries to invade her city. The argument seems to be that it was her own fault for not trying to gain influence in the new Earth Kingdom, which was intent on recapturing everywhere in the Earth Kingdom.

I felt that Su's claim that she didn't want to be a conqueror wasn't that valid given that she could have turned the Earth Kingdom over to the Earth King when she was done.
I think it's actually pretty fair to call Su selfish in this case, tbh.
Since we first met her in S3, she was a person completely stuck up her own ass and disconnected from the rest of the world in almost every sense. All she cared about was her city and her immediate family; it wasn't until Opal was in direct danger that she acted in some way.

She bitched and moaned about the Earth Queen and the unnecessity of monarchies, then as soon as the Earth Queen is gone and she has a real chance to prove her point, she once again does nothing. Even after Raiko, Tenzin and Kuvira herself plead with her to do something.
Su is like one of those hypocrite rich elites who love to talk fireside politics but never lift a finger to do anything.

I dunno, her character's never really settled all too well with me and I'm glad she and her two hunky sons are getting captured next episode.

To be fair she did actually have a point regarding how anyone who sets out to enforce order from outside each individual province would just come off as being a conquerer or invader... Like, She had the right idea to a degree, the problem is that Kuvira had a point too, in that order HAD to be brought back in some manner.

I think that Su was just assuming it would sort itself out, with each state eventually stablising on their own... even though that's being more than a smidge overly optimistic. Not all the states in the former Earth Kingdom had the resources to rebuild themselves into seperate city states like Zaofu, so help from the outside was the ONLY option in a lot of cases...

So yeah, both Kuvira and Su had part of the right idea, but the situation was so complicated that neither is entirely right either.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Hence Korra having to be brought back into the fray to sort out the mess and get some kinda balance going. I think Kuvira will survive and some kinda peace will be worked out. Also hope United Government gets an earful for thinking a puppet king and international advisers was a good idea.
Yeah, cos I mean, so far the lesson's been "Your antagonists haven't been ONE HUNDRED Percent wrong" maybe this'll finally drive that point home?
I just realized something.
How many western animated programmes are there with a 90% adult cast?

And why do I get the feeling that's one of the many factors Nickelodeon/Advertisers downgraded it to digital-only?
Any of the DC or Marvel animated adaptations for one.

But I can assume an animated drama starring some 21 year olds that hasn't had a shit ton of comic and toy lines for decades can certainly not have the same impact for advertisers as much as a bunch of characters on an action show that does.

I keep thinking how it was the lack of advertisers that made them put it up online.
They obviously knew it wasn't gonna attract their core demo and their Nick advertisers weren't gonna be going for that (and I'm sure it didn't have the lowest numbers on their network) so they weren't gonna take the hit money-wise.

I dunno. Does the show benefit from being Digital-Only?
However, I believe that either Bryke or some other producer did say that Nickelodeon at one point had a rule that shows with human casts had to have the lead/viewpoint character be children themselves.

The unwritten rule for children's programming is that the cast should be a few years older than the target audience. So shows aimed at preteens should have teenage leads, shows aimed at eight year olds should have preteen leads, etc.
Well maybe that's why they were trying to give the Airbender kids some focus.

That felt weird to concentrate on given that its after 3 seasons of people in their late teens and political-ish drama.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Show does well on digital, always has. In part because those older demographics don't like being chained to a television schedule and prefer on demand entertainment.

Any idea what's gonna happen next ep?
Su and Sons attempt to take out Kuvira and fail and end up captured. I think Bataar Sr will then concede to Kuvira and join the Earth Empire in order to save Su and his sons. Korra will head back to Republic City near the end to find out what the hell is going on on their end and Bolin will escape and be on the run for a couple of episodes.
I've seen that claim a lot about Korra but is there any numerical proof to substantiate that?
Too lazy to look for the links but I remember good sales from google and amazon too.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea Shows always been a solid full season purchase.
Huh. Wonder if its enough to rival its TV income.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Book 1 made Bank as soon at it was up on Itunes and Book 2 even with its split reception was no slouch in sales. So its got the ability to make a solid profit. Just advertisers and those that want the channel itself to thrive bitch about the lack of profit to them.

But now they've been going digital with '12 Turtles too now so maybe whomever was having it out during the Book 3 run with this erratic flipping from Digital and Cable to Cable only back to only Digital. Finally got a shot at doing what they've been attempting to do for years and that is get part of the older demographics that have been going with digital services last few years.

While maybe no more Avatar for a few years while they chill with other projects maybe we can get some action shows on a Digital Service.
>But now they've been going digital with '12 Turtles too
What, do they WANT their channel to be nothing but teen sitcoms and spongebob??
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
If they can make a profit without showing the show and just selling toys they will. Its on the Friday 8:00 Slot now are a premier. Though for some reason it went into Hiatus with like three more Horror episodes left to air. Their schedule is just as bad as Korra's.