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First bit of news on the comics since the new boards.
The Rift's Library cover is out.
Haha! Respect the environment or you will immediately get a giant metal monster up your bum! Sideways!
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Taang goggles, ENGAGED!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Book 3 Korra shows that EVERYONE has a Bastard in the Earth Kingdom
I'm sorry, Toph turns out to be a bit of a slut who sleeps around when she gets older and gets knocked up by two different dudes in a casual fashion.

Oh and she's also a bad mother. Geeze everyone is turning out to be a bad parent in this series.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
And those are just the ones we know about so far. I think its more to show the burdens places upon them at a young age really damaging their ability to have a well connected family. Heck that is showing a lot to have rubbed off on Tenzen. I think it might be part of Kataras remorse as well.
I think saying they're bad parents is kind of going overboard, the problem is the only time we get to see their kids actually talk about their relationship with their parents they only talk about the bad parts, which chances are were practically nonexistent compared to the good ones. Aang wasn't a terrible father, Kya and Bumi definitely don't hate him, and his error in accidentally favoring Tenzin is realistic for him, but when those two characters were introduced we had little time to get to know them before whoops, daddy issues. Same thing with Toph. Her laissez-faire attitude towards Lin and Su is very in-character for her, and chances are it wasn't because she didn't care about them, more like it's because she was scared of repeating the same mistake her parents made.
Su Jin has dark hair, greenish-amber eyes and dark skin. Who’s HER father?
I really hope this doesn't send the Avatar SJW into a tizzy over how Bryke are slutshaming or attacking single motherhood or anything. Because they haven't made any moral judgement on Toph for that. And well, you know, unless you're wealthy/high class/otherwise have the privilege to afford the lack of a second breadwinner, single motherhood (or fatherhood for that matter) frankly isn't fun or glamorous.
So far nobody has reacted negatively to that, you're more likely to see wank over Toph turning out to not be a great parent herself.
People in the fandom do seem concerned that the characters might have human flaws to them and aren't 100% perfect all the time, aren't they?

Seen the same kind of crap in the Wonder Woman fandom, who get all in a tizz whenever someone associated with her ever acts in an even slightly morally grey manner.
Because god forbid writers portray a woman, nonwhite, LGBT, or any other character from a non-privileged group by American standards as a fully fleshed out character complete with flaws, instead of making them a one-dimensional Mary Sue stock character with no depth whatsoever. Truly the writers are the worst.
Been the slog with Korra from the start. If she's as flawed as Korra then they'll get really angry.
>Because god forbid writers portray a woman, nonwhite, LGBT, or any other character from a non-privileged group by American standards as a fully fleshed out character complete with flaws, instead of making them a one-dimensional Mary Sue stock character with no depth whatsoever
I mean is it any surprise Asami is the fandom favorite?
There is nothing to Asami.
People feel bad for Asami because she gets fucked over, both in and out of universe
I dunno, I'd say the tides have shifted pretty heavily in her favor when it comes to the fans, unless you consider having such a vocal and obnoxious fanbase as itself a way of being fucked over.
I mean for an Avatar character, Asami doesn't get THAT fucked over. The only continuous bad thing that happens to her is that she can't get rid of her feelings for a guy who sucks at handling relationships.

Unless by 'fucked over' they mean she doesn't have a prominent role and actual character depth, because they'd be right about that.
Well her company which has a lot of personal value to her did kinda go down the shitter and she got made into a puppet of Varrick's last season, which is pretty bad.
>her company which has a lot of personal value to her did kinda go down the shitter
And Varrick goes and saves it and we haven't heard anything from book 3 saying things got bad again. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her blimp they're using to get to Ba Sing Se.

>she got made into a puppet of Varrick's last season
So did like everyone else.
Varrick steals Asami's weapons to ruin her company, then saves her company from bankruptcy by buying a controlling interest in her company. So Varrick causes huge problems for Asami and possible now owns her company.

Also unless other companies are willing to buy things from Asami her company will face the same problems it did in the book 2.
Varrick did mention how he saved her company in Book 2 as one of the few good things he did.
Kind of makes you wonder if he still has a controlling stake, being a fugitive and all... I'd imagine that he'd still have control via proxy companies or something.
The preview for the next Avatar comic is up. Short version? Toph meets her dad for the first time in years, and he's an ASS.
Wonder if that's her reason for keeping the dads out of her daughters' lives. Or maybe she was never in a relationship with them at all and sought them out purely as breeding stock.
My guess is that either Toph had a falling out with the dads, or she just felt that with her power and wealth she didn't really see the point of getting married if she didn't want to. Or maybe she fell out with them BECAUSE she didn't need them around if she didn't want them there, I dunno.

Still think that it's weird that we've gotten to the point where discussing Toph's sex life is apparently a valid point of interest for the fandom.
The fandom's primary passtime has always been shipping, talking about a character's sex life is a natural, though perverted, extension of that.

Also, we've kid of ran the well dry for now about bastards, incest and moost of the internets other go to sources of Avatar related sex discussion/jokes.
I read the comic book, and Lao isn't nearly as much of an ass as Satoru’s uncle.
Where can I buy all the comics at a reasonable price (Amazon, DarkHorse, etc.)?

And where is this from? //youtube.com/watch?v=1-jSZtZ-4F4youtube thumb

I've also watched the pilot episode somewhere on YouTube.

I'm having a hard time finding every material that is canon to the series, it's just confusing. Aside from the comics, is there anything else I should be looking for?
Sharkman Jhones

For the most part? No. You've got the series and the comics and that's...that's about it. Most of the kids books and the like are (presumably) non-canon and aren't ever referenced anywhere, even if they had been.

Also, that's Escape from the Spirit World, it was an online game off Nickelodeon's website that was brought over to the Book 2 DVD set.

And if you have Prime Shipping or at least buy over 25 bucks of stuff, I'd recommend Amazon and buying the compiled trade paperbacks. Otherwise, scour Barnes and Noble or whatever book store, online or brick and mortar, that you can think of.

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