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Jurassic Park/World franchiseAnonymous
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It's recently surprised me when it shouldn't have to have found fake porn of this chick from the two newest Jurassic World movies.

But, anyway. Isabella Sermon's now my favorite Jurassic chick since Bryce got fat or whatever.
How many of these fucking films have they made by this point?
None of them are even as good as the first one, which is often the case with these drawn out movie franchises.
3 Jurassic parks, 3 Jurassic worlds. I think. And yeah, none of them are as good as the first. They fall into the same trap as most slasher/horror movies: they don't know how to give you more than what they are, so it's just the same thing over and over, with bigger production values and a rehashed plot.

Jurassic World at least mixed up the status quo with the dinosaurs being released into the wild.
It's (somewhat) preferable in a way that directors are choosing to make sequel trilogies (e.g. Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Star Wars, etc.) over remakes.
Didn't terminator basically make a reboot, where they started over again from earlier events with the excuse of time travel.
Sarah Connor saves Kyle Reese when he comes back because she's a girl boss that got raised by the Arnie terminator and John Connor is a nanomachine terminator as the final boss of the film.
Also alternate timeline with a different AI that uses different robots and the humans sent back a woman who is a biologically-modified supersoldier instead of a normal squaddie.
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The new Terminator trilogy feels like it rebooted itself two or three times.

I'm just waiting for them to connect the franchise with the Matrix in a crossover movie like Alien VS Predator or something. Or simply adapt RoboCop Versus The Terminator into a movie.